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Jan. 7, 1947.
Filed Oct. l'l, 1945
Í’aten'tecll jan. 7, 1947
Clarence D. Curtis and Don P. Grañlin,
Hattiesburg, Miss.
Application October 11, 1943, Serial No. 505,742
5 Claims.
(Cl. 273-39)
This invention relates to game devices.
It is the principal object of the invention to
provide a bowling game which is simple, easy
characteristics, its resistance to wear and because
it is little affected by moisture.
The alley space is divided into a main alley
and inexpensive to construct, which is so ar
shown at 20 occupying the major part of the
ranged that the bowling pins are located adja
width, and a starting alley 2| and extending
cent the starting position to be accessible for set
substantially parallel thereto and located at one
ting up by the player himself, and which affords
side thereof. The alleys are separated by a par
ample opportunity for the development of indi
tition 22 which extends from the starting posi
vidual skill so that it prolongs and retains the
tion toward the remote end, leaving suñîcient
interest of the player.
10 space in the starting alley to provide for free
It is also an object to provide such a game in
throw of the ball through the latter space, the
which the ball is directed in free travel toward
ball being represented on its proper scale at 23.
a deñecting and turning guide which is provided
The pin space in the main alley is located ad
with a movable part that is varîably deflected by
jacent the starting end or players position so that
the force of the ball so that the direction of re
it is accessible for the player himself. As shown
turn of the ball toward the pins may be controlled
the space may be marked with suitable indexing.
by the degree of force with which the ball is ini
spots 25 showing the positions for the pins. Im
tially thrown.
mediately to the rear of the pin space the table
Other objects and advantages will be apparent
is formed with a pit 26 into Which the balls
from` the following description, the accompany 20 and the pins may fall when they are- hit. The
ing drawing and the appended claims.
space is closed by an upstanding wall 21 so that
In the drawing:
the balls and pins are properly retained in this
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the game device con
pit and thus immediately accessible to the player
structed in accordance with the present inven
for resetting.
Means are provided at the remote end of the
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal view substantially onl
alleys for turning and deñecting the ball in a sub
the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;
stantially horizonta1 plane so that when thrown
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view on the line 3_3
up the starting alley it returns in the main alley
of Fig. 1;
in a direction toward the pins. This means em
Fig. 4 is a broken cross sectional view on a 30 bodies a construction of guide for receiving the
larger 'scale lookingl toward the guide construc
tion at the remote end of the alley;
Fig. 5 is a broken plan view with the top cover
removed and `also showing the construction of
the ñxed and movable portions of the guide;
Fig. 6 is a detailed plan view of the ñxed guide
element; and
Fig. 7„is a detailed plan view of the movable
guide element.
Referring to the drawing which discloses a pre
ferred embodiment of the invention, the device
comprises a main frame I0 to which are pivotally
ball as it comes from the starting alley and grad
ually and progressively deilecting the same in a
horizontal plane, ultimately reversing its direc
tion and causing its return toward the pins. This
construction comprises a plurality of spaced
strips 30 which are of variable length, and which
stand lengthwise against the remote end of the
alley and forward ends projecting forward by
variable amounts. On _the upper surface of the
40 numbers 30 there is positioned the initial or fixed
guide element shown at 32. This element is
formed with an arcuately curved guide face 33,
the shape of the face being such as to provide
secured the legs Il so that upon foldingthe legs
inwardly the entire structure may be collapsed
initially a very slight curvature with the curva
to a flat position for ready transport and pack 45 ture progressively increasing so that the ball is
ing. When set up the legs engage against fixed
gradually and progressively turned in direction as
stops I 2 to thereby provide a ñrm and substantial
it passes thereover. The guide portion 32 may
support for the device.
be conveniently supported on the strips 33 by
The iloor of the allays is provided by wood
mean-s of nailing or glueing the same thereto.
pieces l5 which may be suitably made up of pine 50
The guide also incorporates a ñnal or movable
ñooring of convenient size, and above which there
portion 35. This portion is of less arcuate length
is positioned a layer of linoleum felt I6, serving
than the ñxed portion, but has a shorter radius
as a support for a bottom sheet I 1 of compressed
wood such as Masonite or the like, such material
of curvature to provide for imparting a substan
tially equal deflection to the ball. It will be clear
being preferred because of its smooth surface 55 from Fig. 5 that the fixed guide 32 provides for
tion, it is to be understood that the invention is
not limited to this precise form of apparatus, and
that changes may be made therein without de
parting from the scope of the invention which is
imparting a deflection to the ball of the order
of 90°, while the remaining portion of the guide
imparts the additional deflection to the ball, rep
resenting approximately the same or an even
greater angular deflection.
Movable guide portion 35 is hingedly connected
to the fixed guide portion 32 by means of hinge
31 fastened. to the adjacent ends of the two
guides, the hingeA pin being preferably recessedr
below the outer surface of the guides so that it
will not objectionably obstruct the passage of
the ball. At its opposite end, movable guide por“
defined in the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
1. A bowling game of the character described
comprising a main alley for receiving the bowl
ing pins at one end thereof», a starting alley sub
stantially parallel to and located at one side of
said main alley, said starting alley having a
starting position at the same end as that which
receives the bowling pins, means to separate said
tion 35 is supported by a strip 38 which carries
alleys at the starting end thereof, curved hori
a pair of spaced contact members 39 thereon
which are adapted to slide over the‘surfac'e 'oflthe' 15 zontally' extended guide means at the remote end
of said alleys for receiving the bowling ball from
alley. Suitable elements for this purposev are
said starting. alley and deñecting the same in a
metal glides of the chair leg type.
horizontal plane and returning the same to said
The movable guide element 35 is arranged to
main' alley, said guide means having an initial
be resiliently supported so as to be variably de'
flected in response to the‘energy with which it is 20 fixed portion and final movable portion, hinge
means for! adjustablîyf connecting adà]l acente'ndsï of
engaged bythe ball. For thisv purpose; a tensions`
s'aidï ñxed- and- movable' guide portions; av sup
spring 40 is fastenedto thelrear, of; the guide 35~
porting'member for said-- movable guide portionV
adjacent the hinge 31,î the other end‘. being fas
resting uponrthe ñoor of said alley and'- movable
tenedstoañxed part- of the'A frame. A stop 4l"is
provided‘on the frame for limiting the forward 25 thereover with reducedf'frictional contact-for sup-‘
porting theîfree'endïof said member»infspa‘cedirìe-`
travel of the guide under the actionrof the spring.
lation abovethe floor of. said alley, and resilient
Itïwillîbe seen that with the` structure thus de'
means for yieldably. urgingsaid movable portion
scribed, the entire guide structureincluding the
forwardly against-the force- of saidlball andino--l
ñxed and movable parts fisraised .above` the levelv
of the’alley.l and issolocated. that its center is> 30 viding for variable displacement thereof about
saidA hinge means- dependent upon the'en'ergy of
substantially - opposite the .centerE of the ball;
motion of the ball.
Inxorderto provide a .smooth continuous ¿cover2`. A bowling-game1 of the>` character- describedv
ing> against .which vthe ball may engage, astripof
a main alleyv adapted> to receive the’
fabric issecured .to thel endof the movable guide
asvshown at 45; the fabric `extendingía'cross the. 35 bowling pins at one end-thereof, asta'rting» alley
substantially parallel tol and'located at one side
hinge connection, over the fiX'edguide andalon'g
of saidmainalley andïhaving a starting position
the adjacent >sideoflthe starting alley, being pref
the same end as that which receives'ïs'aidlbowl
erably llooped. over .the outer 'end o'fïtheliframe ¿and
ing» pins, means to separatei said'- alleysï aïtï the
fastened` tothe. outside as shownï at 46: This
forms asmooth'iand continuous. engaging surface 40 starting end thereof, acurvedv horizontally ex
tended guide member at- the remote endfofA said
for theball ïwhereveitit may strike the .wallëof‘the
alley for receiving the ball from said’startin'g alley
alley or guide members.'`andy deñecting and Areturning the saine to» said
In »order to 'prevent the possi-ble‘íescap'e ofîth'e'
mainalleyl to` strike the pinssaid` guide member
ball over the top of the alley, a top cover 'member
having an initial ñxed portion and a ñnal portion
50ïis providedat .the ¿remote endïof th‘eïa-lleyg‘ such
movableinïresponse` tov contact» ofî the~ball,~ a
cover. being-YV shaped». ini general conformity "withz
hinge connection _between saidî portions 'ofI the
thefshape of ’.’the guide members;N It iis `:positioned
guid'eimember, resilient’meansï'for-yieldably h'old
above theÈ level of :theY guide :members ïasf‘shown ini
ing said movable portion against the alctionßof
Fig..l 4; .and above the> normal4 Alevel >i of! the `balls>
s'aidvballA providing forv variablemovement there
whenzthey are onthelfloor'ofthe alley. »It'prefere
of` to »variablÍyv deflect' saidb'all» dependent 'Y upo'n‘V
ably. overhangs the-guide members :aushortfdis-l
the energy of 'motionthereofg arid-a flexible sur
tance ' ras ' indicated. in ~ dotted' lines‘ïin-` Fig.' 1,` „the
facel~ coveringI material extending" continuously
overhang » 55| assuring. against» thegballl jumping
over saidïfix'edïï andi movable guide portionsI` and
out >of .the alley regardless ofthe ¿force -with ¿which
it Lis ` thrown.
In the playing of fthe game the :player manually?
throws the ball'ïinto lthe starting alley with-a
free `throw since-the alleyv4 is substantially'wider
55 across y said ï hinge connection formingY al» smooth
andv continuous» engaging" surface for'y contact
with said ball.
3. A bowling# game ofthe character'described
comprising a main alley adapted to receive” the
than‘the` diameterof» the-'ball'. The~ballfthenfen~
gages the guide at azpoint 'dependingupon the'di 60 bowling-pins at -o'ne` end thereof,` a-startingf alley
substantially »para-llelïto’ andlocated--at >one sidè'of
rectionl in> which it is yinitially thrown,v and icon
said'ïm‘ain‘»Y alleyl and iliaîvirig- a; startingi‘poïsition lat"
tinuing -arourui the nxed'guide' portion engages
the ’same endï as th'atwhich receivessaid bowling
the movable-guide portion.> There’itleffects'ia
variable deflection » ofV the Vmovable ïguide por-tionï
pins, means to‘separatev said alleys at thestarting
depending- upon the‘iorce whichï vit ï'hasf-at!` that
time, and isfaccordi’ngiy deflected` in yavvariablel
member“ atethe r*remote-'end 'ofr` said alley 'for re'
endït-hereofj :afcurved horizbnt'all'y 'extended guide
ceivingvthe ball -from' said starting-alley anddee’
and returning the sam’eto said ma'inalley'
the pins. Because of the'rvariablev ~factor> thus'l
to strike the 'pinsf saidguide ’member'l?a'vin‘g'an
introduced, the game has substantial interestY and
provides> for considerable"development-‘of findi 70 initial `fixed portion' and" a` `iìnal‘p‘o'rtion 'movable
in response tocontact lof ’the ball,- resilient ¿means
vidualskill in determining the proper anglefandr
for' yieldably holdingsaidmovable portion 'against
forcent-throw of the ballsfin order to‘seCure'the
th'e'actioni of sai‘drbîall providing>~ fori variable
best results in knocking over ‘the-pins.«
movement" thereof "to lvariably'deflect ’saidb'all de#
While the formof apparatus-herein described
constitutesa preferred ‘embodiment ofthe inven's` 75 pendent upon the; energy of >motion thereof;v andl
directionback-toward thefpin position to engage
5. A bowling game of the character described
a flexible surface covering material of fabric ex
comprising a main alley adapted to receive the
tending continuously »over said fixed and movable
bowling pins at one end thereof, a starting alley
guide portions and adapted to contact said ball.
substantially parallel ¿to and located at one side
4. A bowling game of the character described
comprising a main >alley .adapted to receive the 5 of said main alley and having a starting position
at the same end as that which receives said .bowl
bowling pins'at one end thereof, a starting alley
substantially parallel .to and >located at one side f ' ing pins, means to separate said alleys at the
starting end thereof, a lcurved horizontally ex
of said main alley and having a starting posi
tended guide member at the remote end of said
tion at the same end as that which receives said
bowling pins, means to separate said' alleys at 10 alley for receiving the ball from said starting alley
and deflecting and returning the same to said
the starting end thereof,v a curved horizontally
main alley to strike the pins, said guide member
extendedy guide member vat @the remote end of said
having _an initial ñxed portion and a final por
alley for receiving the ball from said starting alleyv
tion movable in response lto `Contact of the ball,
and deflecting and returning the same to said `
main alley to strike the pins, said guide member 15 resilient means for yieldably holding said mov
able portion against .the action of said -ball pro
having an initial íixed portion »and a final por
viding for variable movement thereof to Variably
-tion movable in response to contact of the ball,
deñect said ball Idependent upon the energy of
resilient means for yieldably holding said mov
' motion thereof, and an overlying covering mem
able portion against the action ofsaid ball pro
viding for variable movement thereof .to variably 20 ber spaced .above said guide members and project
ing forwardly thereof with a limited overhang to
deflect said ball dependent upon the energy of
normally be clear of contact with the ball
motion thereof, and means for supporting said
throughout its engagement with said guide.
both portions >of said guide member above the
level of said alleys leaving a substantial clear
ance therebetween and in position substantially
.opposite the center of said ball.
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