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Jan. 7, 1947.
Filed March 15, 1945
-A. M Jordan;
Patented Jan. 7_, 1947
' 2,413,831
Arthur M. Jordan, Pinelawn, N. Y.
Application March 15, 1945, Serial No. 582,844
1 Claim.
(01. 272-31)
32 friotionally against the track 2?. Animal ?g
ures 34 are carried by the posts 39 in the fashion
of carousels. A pulley 35 is rigid with the lower
end of the center post 24, and a belt 36 is trained
This invention relates to toys or amusement
devices, and aims to provide a novel, entertaining
and compact and unitary miniature amusement
park toy for children, the entire combination
thereabout and about a pulley 3'! on the post 53.
A second pulley it on the post I3 has a belt Ill
being actuated by a portable electric motor.
Another object of the invention is the provision
of such a toy amusement park device which is
simple in construction ‘and operation and at the
same time inexpensive in cost of manufacture.
The above and other objects will become ap
trained thereabout which, through an idler 39.
also passes about a pulley M3 on the shaft 42 of
the Ferris wheel. The whole is driven by an elec—
tric motor 45 whose pulley d5 is connected by ‘a
belt M with the pulley 43 on the other endof
parent in the following description, wherein char~
the shaft 42.
acters of reference refer to like-numbered parts
It is obvious from the above description that
in the accompanying drawing. It is to be noted
energization of the electric motor 46 causes si
that the drawing is intended for the purpose
of illustration only, and it is neither intended nor 15 multaneous operation of the Ferris wheel, the
race cars It, the airplanes l8, and the carousel
desired to limit the invention necessarily to the
23. As the carousel turns, the ?gures 34 alter
speci?c details of construction shown excepting
nately move up and down, as is apparent, thus
insofar as they may be deemed essential to the
simulating a modern full-size carousel. The
Referring brie?y to vthe drawing, Fig. l is a 20 motor need not, of course, be applied as shown,
as it may be applied at any point in the device
plan View of the device.
where its energy may be utilized to actuate the
various elements of the combination.
The device as set forth constitutes an ex~
Fig. 2 is an elevational view of one of the"
elements of the device.
, Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral
lil indicates a base having mounted thereon a 25 tremely entertaining toy for children, and as
circular platform ll having a peripheral run~
previously mentioned, it can be manufactured
way I2 thereon. A post I3 extends rotatably up
ward through the center of the platform _I l, and
has a plurality of radial rods [4 extending out
ward therefrom, below the upper end of the
post. Secured to the extremity of each rod M
spirit or scope of the invention.
I claim:
A miniature carousel comprising a base hav
is a miniature car I5 Whose wheels ride on the
runway l2.
Obviously, modi?cations in form and struc
ture may be made without departing from the
ing a platform at the top thereof, said platform
tremities thereof miniature airplanes I8 are sus
having a, cam-shaped endless track on the periph
eral edge thereof, a post rotatably mounted axi
ally in said base and platform, a horizontal'disc
secured to the top of said post, a second hori
zontal disc secured to said post intermediate its
A disc or the like It is ?xed at or near the
upper extremity of the post [3, and shorter rods
ll extend outward therefrom, and on the ex
On an extension I?) of the platform or base
height, said discs having vertically aligned spaced
H), a miniature Ferris wheel 20 is mounted, the 40 openings therethrough, ‘vertical rods slidably
cars thereof being shown at 2!.
On another
extension 22 of the base iii, a miniature carousel
23 is mounted, having a rotatable post 24 pro
vided with a disc or the like 25 on its upper end
and mounted in the base 26.
mounted in said aligned openings, said rods hav
ing wheels at their lower extremities riding on
said track, collars on said rods above said wheels,
coiled springs surrounding said rods between
A cam-like track _ 45 said collars and said second disc, said rods hav
2'! is provided around the upper surface of the
ing animal ?gures provided thereon between said
base 26, and a second disc 28 is ?xed to the post
discs, said ?gures being so positioned with re
24 intermediate its height. Spaced holes 29 are
spect to said second disc as to'substantially con
provided through the disc'25, and similar and
tact the same when the respective rods of said
aligned holes are provided through the disc 28. 50 ?gures are positioned in the troughs of said track
Vertical posts 30 are slidably mounted in each
thereby causing said ?gures during rotation of
pair of aligned holes, and at their lower extremi
said post to simulate jumping animals using said
ties are wheels or casters 32 having collars 3i
second disc as a floor, and means for rotating
?xed thereabove to the posts 30. Between the
said post.
collars 3i and the disc 28 coiled springs-33 sur 55
round the posts at and normally urges the wheels
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