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Jan. 7, 1947.
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i ~
ispnmnsretm v25, 1946,-SerialNo. 649,918
This invention relates to improvements in dof-v ,
proceeds when taken in connection with
fer comb oscillating mechanism; of cardingm'a; _ scription
the accompanying drawings, in whichf
chines, and consists of theiconstructiony, com-g,
binations ‘ and arrangements? hereinafter eit-_v
‘ Figure 1 is an elevation of the exit end of a
carding machine and showing our ‘invention ap
plied, thereto;
In a carding‘ machinev there ‘is a_ rotating,
doi?ng cylinder for stripping the ?bers from the
Figure 2 is an isometric view of the adjustable '
main cylinder ofvthe cardingmachine and .an , member mounted on the driving wheel nd con
nectable to the connecting rod for imparting
oscillating comb is provided for stripping “these
oscillation to the do?er comb shaft;
?bers from .the do?lng cylinder in the form or a,
10. Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical 'sectiolilal viewv v
web which is passed through
trumpet, vformed ,
taken substantially along the line 3-; in Fig
into a sliver, and then through'a suitablecoiling
ure 1:
mechanismand deposited into a can. This comb
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken ‘substantially .
oscillates in a set location in the carding ‘mas,
along vthe line 4-4 in Figure 1;
chine-and the doifer cylinder rotates. pastthe
5 is a top plan view looking do i on top
comb. The average ‘comb makes about eight' 15', of Figure
Figure 1;
‘ 1
hundred oscillations .per minute and in ordinary
Figure 6 is a‘ vertical sectional view taken; sub
‘comb boxes heretofore employed
stantially along the line 6-4 in Figure 1;
sive wear and as these boxes‘ are thereis execs-1]
?lled with. oil,’
‘Figure? is a top plan view of the lower portion
a great amount of oil is consumed, the oilleaks
out and does damage to the fibers and requires
of Figure 5 and showing the same on an ieniarged
frequent cleaning, and as the wear increases in‘ n
Referring more speci?cally to the vdrawings,
the comb box, it creates a vibration in the comb
‘I This vibration causes an uneven strokev
the numerals Ill and l I indicate the'slde rames
of a carding machine which has a doii'ezi, cylinder
of the'eomb and, consequently; impairs the e?i- i. 25 ‘I!
usually covered by a hood i3 and rotatably
ciency of the comb‘in stripping'the ?bers o? the
mounted on a shaft I 4 and driven in a suitable
do?ing cylinder.
This unevenirunning of the.
manner to rotate along with shaft “J; This
comb shaft also creates su?icient ‘vibration to
doifer cylinder has a plurality of conventional
cause a ?ipping motion in the drive belt which
80 teeth I5 thereon which remove the fibers; from
will shortii‘rihthe life of the drive belt..
the main cylinder of the carding machine“. The
It is an obiect of‘ this invention to‘provide im- . carding machine also has a trumpet l8 through
proved means for oscillating: a comb shaft in a
which the silver I1 is passed and it is then fpassed
cardinggmachine wherein a crank is placed on
between rollers l8 and I9 and up to a .suitable
the comb shaft and this is connected by, a con
coiling mechanism 253 ‘and deposited into a con
necting rod to a driven wheel andthe. point of 7-35
ventional, can 2|.
connection of the crank to the'iconnectinglrod is
adjustable and also the point of connection of
the connecting rod to the wheel is adjustable to»
All of this mechanism is conventional as well
as a conventional rotary-shaft 23. driven by a
suitable V-belt 24 and having a V-pulley 25
vary the stroke of the do?ercombas desired. .
thereon on which is mounted a V-belt 26 for
It is therefore an objector thisinvention ‘to
provide an oscillating mechanism_.yfor a doffer
comb which will last much longer than the-pres- .
ent comb box and by whichthev stroke. of the
doi‘fer comb can be adjusted to suit various con
It is another object of this invention, to pro
vide an oscillating mechanism'for a doifer; comb which eliminates the use of _a boxv?lled with oiL.v -
thus saving much oil, eliminating rapidwear of
the parts, and providing a simple and e?lcient
mechanism for accomplishing oscillation of the
doiier comb shaft.
Some of the'objects of the invention having
been stated, other objects will appear as the .de
driving a comb to be presently described. Qn top
. of frames l0 and II we mount gooseneck mem
bers comprising a horizontal portion 30 {which
is bolted to the top of frames I ll and I].
portion 30 has‘an uprising portion 3| and an
elevated horizontal portion 32. ‘Each oi‘the por
tions 32 has a horizontally disposed hole there
through in which is mounted the reduced‘, ends
33 and 34 of a comb shaft 35. This comb shaft
35 has a plurality of arms 36 thereon and on the
outer end of. same is fixedly [secured a doffer
comb 31.
The reduced portion 34 of shaft 35 nearest the
observer in Figures 1 and 2 has secured thereon
by means of a split bearing 40 a lever 4| having
‘a plurality of holes 42 therein in any one of which
mounted, said bra'cket having an arcuate slot
is adapted to be mounted a shouldered stud bolt
43 on which is mounted a roller bearing 43 whicn
is surrounded by an end portion 45 of a connect
therein and a screw mounted in said pulley and
penetrating said slot for adjusting the position
of said bracket with relation to said pulley therebv
46 has an annular portion 41 having a similar 5 to regulate the length'g'of stroke of the oscillating
ing rod 46. The other end of the connecting rod
roller bearing therein, mounted on a similar stud
doifer comb‘.
, afdii‘ig-machine havin'gValdo?er cyl
bolt 48 which is threadably secured in a; bracket
‘=~-n erhanéda doifer comb'fa' plurality of arms
49 in the same manner in'which stud bolt-T 43 is
secured in lever 4!. This stud bolt is internally
threaded to receive a bolt 50 to confine that end':‘._
of the connecting rod on the bolt 48.
secured to the doffer comb, a doiier shaft secured
,to the other end of said arms, a bearing bracket
mounted- on each side of the carding machine and
said doffer shaft is mounted for oscil
The bracket 49 has a pin 52 extending‘ inwards
therefrom which is adapted to ?t into a_=hole:53
latiomzonei’rend'fof the do?er shaft extending out
om vassociated bearing‘bracket, a lever
a pulley
49 54
28 is mounted._
having one‘ end‘niounted on the extending end of
center is the pin 52 and slidably penetrating thi , , ,
theqjdoj?er shaft, a connecting rod adjustably
slot is a bolt 56 which is threadably secured in a
connected to the free end of said lever, a bearing
secured ta amuprising portion iof'fsaid {bearing
threadedlhole 59 in the pulley 54. The pulley
' '
54 is rotatably mounted on a stud bolt 57‘ threads, _
ciated with Lathe;"e'xi'iendingv end of
ably mounted in the upstanding portion 5'yl came
t_,;;a pulley mounted on'said bear
s riven by theamachine for imparting
nearest gooseneck member to the observer'uin
Figures 1 and 2; Mounted on this ‘bolt 5‘! i538?
roller bearing 58, and on this rollerv bearing'i58
is mounted ‘the pulley 54,
o the pulley, a bracket mounted on the
"“ outer face of saidpulley and having-a pin extend
fronrgion which ._the other ‘end of said
‘ ‘‘
‘is, pivotally mounted; said pulley
It is thus seen that coarse adjustment of the,
lengthof the'stroke of the do?er comb 31 can‘,
be obtained by‘ placing bolt 45 in any one-Moi
‘ in 0) Saidbracket oscillatablypenetrat
l M
the holes 42 in lever M while minute adjustment 6
of the length of stroke can‘be accomplished loyal-3,0
loosening bolt 56, slightly moving bracket 49, on
aid bracket;having’v an arcuate slot
, whose.,_aqenter_ is saidripi'vot‘ pin‘, a screw
rablmmoun-ted in theipulle‘y and extending
thi‘, gh _sa_id_~;slot, wherebysithe-"bracket can be
its’ pivot pin 52, thus giving the desired length"
of stroke with one. or two adjustments.
ccentrically disposed: hole therein and
g I itsepilyot and the‘iscrew ‘driven home
irrIsaid slot to hold the,bracketeinwadjusted posi~
tion, thereby: to;;regulate the-length ofswinging
It'isthus seen that we have'provided means,
for-oscillating a doifer comb in a carding'fma7
chine in which av gear box ?lled with oil iselimi; 35 movement imparted to saidwle‘vericonne'cted to
the exteridin end of thefdo?e'r sha'ftarid thus
nated and where the parts are easily accessible
for adjustment and said partsv are sturdy in ‘con-3 ,,;regula_ting
struction and not liable to wear out easily, and
‘a length of reciprocatory-movement
v‘'imparte(l, t
accomplishing the desired result, and eliminating
all of the defects of the old style comb box hereto}, ;_
fore used for imparting oscillatory motion-to ‘the .
Wdo?er. comb. e, v; u.-: .1 I‘ 1 1, Y,
rig-E machine; having; a , doi‘fer- shaft
; nib mountedelthereonya‘ pair of
t’ extending. ,;unwardly vfrom the
“e carding-‘machine, sa'iddoifer
'shaft“‘ifhavlng~._ extensions-U‘ thereon rotatably
mounted in',‘sa_id'., racketa'oneof said extensions
been set forth a preferred embodiment of the ‘in’ .
vention, and although specific terms areem d5 proiecting out rdly a substantialdistance be
yoridfthe' o
' f itsas'sociatedbracket. a lever
ployed, they are used in a generic and descrip;
having‘ one end mounted on, the extending end
tive sense only, and not for purposes oflimita
In the drawings and specification therefh'as,
of said ldofle‘fj ‘shaft, awheelirotatably mounted
tion, the scope of the invention being definedi
the claims.
on "said bearingibr'hcket associatedwith the ex
,. A,
tended end; ofsaid'doi‘fer shzlift,v means‘ driven by
We claim:
1. A carding'machine having an osciilatable‘~-vv the~?7ma‘chine :fo driving the ‘wheel; a bracket
.pivotally- ‘o ‘te ’ n the, exterior ofsaid wheel
‘comb shaft provided with a plurality of arms e___x,-':_
mar uate slot thereinwhose center
tending therefrom and having a comb mounted._
on the
a doifer
outer cylinder
ends of of
for machine
removing a web of fiber ‘therefrom, a bearing ~_,
_ mounted near each end of said do?er shaft and 1
in which the 'doifer shaft is mounted for oscilla-e,
tion, one end oi" the do?er shaft extending 0134..., .
wardly beyond its bearing, a crank arm mountedvv
on the extending end of the do?er shaft, a con
necting rod adjustably connected to the freeend e
is the'Tfplac'e fw ere the bracket is pivotally
mounted’ t' ‘*exterior’ surface-[of saidewheel.
a bolt thread ‘ply mounted‘ in 'thetexteriorsuriace
of saidi'l-l'v'tlie l'andpenetratingsaid'slot whereby
the v'positfo'riiof'the{brackefcan he ‘ adjusted rela
tive ito‘fsaid whée?’fsaid bracket‘having extend
ing outwardlyl therefrom ‘a ‘ ‘bearing Spin, . I a. :con- _
necting rodzhaving’fone end? thereof; mounted for
f‘ ds‘cillationf'on fs'aid bearing pin; the‘lever mounted
of the crank arm mounted on said doffer shaft, a! 1 I_ on the do?er shaft having a plurality of holes in
rotatable pulley mounted for rotation on the bear-y, i.‘ , its outer end,»'an'd}>means forioscillatably connect
ing bracket which supports one end of the doffer .. ing thegothe'ri'tend of said connecting rod to the
shaft, means driven by the carding machine,..torf
imparting rotation to the pulley. an adjustable
bracket pivotally mounted on the ,pulley ‘and;
having a pin extending therefrom'on which the2
other end of said connecting rod is‘ pivtit'ally,v , ,
outeraendi'of saidf'lever mounted'on the extended
end of the 'doflerzshaft.‘
: Y' \
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