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PatentedjJeni 7, 194? ~
ul'rs s‘m'rss PATENT, oasis
Jean Mercler, New York, N. Y.
Application May 24, 1944, SerialNo. smote
2 (Claims. , (Cl. 285-123)
internally threaded end portion, which engages
the thread of the end portion 2a of the pipe 22.
Said collar 3 is provided with a plurality of tiles
One of the objects of my invention is to provide
a coupling which comprises respective pipe mem
bars, or a pipe member and a coupling head,
which are connected so as to provide a leak
tisht joint.
The member 2 has a thick and substantially non»
deformable wall. A collar 3 is provided with. an
My invention relates to a new and improved
or grooves ill, by means of which said collar 3 can
be screwed into position by means of a pipe
wrench, with considerable force. The
d is
rigid and it is provided with a trustee epic
ternal wall to. The angle of wall
.r'ith th
Another object is to provide a coupling wherein
‘the connected pipe members are held securely
against considerable longitudinal force.
longitudinal axis of the tube 9 is
Another ohject of my invention is to provide
an improved coupling,
. whose wall is t“
or to co
ring t is made of hard metal. so
connecting a tube
and deformable, to another
ahead which has a thicln and
Irma-hie wall.
wall istodeformed
bite into the
by enlarging
wall of ti
Said pipe i may he s
15 of pipe l.
dither closets
to provide a coupling which
he disassemhled without deforming the thin
walled tube; to maintain the sealing members in
sealing condition upon the thln=walled tu‘ce when
it is uncoupled ‘from the coupling-head or other
tube; to provide a coupling which will be resistant
to vibration; and to provide :1, coupling which has
three longitudinal seetions, one section taking up
‘ of brass or other alloy which is s
material of the ring 6. The waif. o
' can be made of ‘any material.
' ‘i is made of copper, lead,
other suitable material which cap
under high pressure. Said gasket
. longitudinally split end portion
portion ‘lo. the
slits.ring ‘5 may have one o};
vibration, a second section being a sealing sec»
tion, a third section holding the coupled parts 25 abuts
.Tne the
3 has a frusto=conlcal
well do1' - -
against outward longitudinal movement.
‘ Other objects oi my invention will he stated
in the annexed description and drawing which
illustrate preferred embodiments thereof.
Fig. l is a longitudinal sectional view which
illustrates one embodiment of my invention. This
of the‘ split end portion ‘la.
The an.
abutting end-walls with the common longitudinal
axis of members i and 2, is oozes“. Adjacent
the frusto-conical Wall to of the rims the gasket
so ring
7 may initially be iormed with a itustc
conical wall which initially abuts
illustrates. a part of the coupling head 2.
conical wall to. If desired, the initial shape of
Figs. 2 and 3 are respective longitudinal sec
the continuous body of the ring l, at the right
tional views which illustrate respective dl?erent
the split end portion lot, can be cylindrical. ‘
embodiments oi’ my invention. The coupling 35 of
In such case, the gasket ring l will be ?nally do»
head '2 is symmetrical and a pipe line of any
length can be secured by connecting a series of . formed into the shape shown in Fig. l; by its»;
tubes and coupling-heads.
Without limiting the ?eld of use of the lnven“ _
longitudinal pressure which is exerted by the
clamping collar s.
tion, it is particularly intended for use in con 40 The pipe 2 is formed with a frusto-conical seat
S, and in the assembled coupling, a portion of the
meeting the pipes of a pipe line or system, which
ring 6 abuts said frusto-conlcal seat S.
is used to transmit liquids under high pressure,
In order to complete the coupling between the
such as a pressure of spoons. per square inch
l and 2, said pipes are assembled while the
or more. Such pipe systems are used extensively
in the hydraulic control-systems of airplanes, and US pipe 1 is in its initial cylindrical shape. The rings
8 and ‘I are assembled between the pipe i and the
for other purposes.
clamping collar 3. When the clamping collar 3
Fig. 1 shows a thin-walled pipe 5 and a pipe
is tightened by screwing the same upon the thread
or coupling-head 2. The inner end 5 of the pipe
I is initially of cylindrical contour, and of the
of the end portion 2a, the gasket ring l is de
same diameter as the body of the pipe i. As an 60 formed and compressed, so that it forms a ?uid
example, the wall of the thin-walled pipe or tube
I can be of stainless steel, whose thickness is one
millimeter. The internal dlameter‘of such tube
I is ten millimeters. The pipe or coupling-head
2 is provided with a threaded end portion 2a.
tight seal.
' ,
The slitted portion of the gasket ring ‘7 absorbs
all vibration, so that the unslitted sealing portion
of gasket ring ‘l is not a?ected- by vibration.
This is particularly important if the tube ! has
a thin an i easily deformable wall. In such case,
reference numeral 6b, and in Fig.‘ 2, the biting
edge of the hard ring 8 is designated by the ref
the tube i will break at the sealing portion of the
gasket ring, where a maximum stress exists, un
erence numeral 8a.
less the vibration is suiiiciently absorbed in a part
Fig. 3 shows a biting ring it, which has a
of the gasket ring which is spaced from its seal 5 biting edge llla. Fig. 3 also shows a gasket ring
ing portion.
II, made of lead or other material which can be
deformed under high pressure, and shaped differ
As an example, in using the above-mentioned
thin-walled stainless steel tube, the total length
of the gasket ring I is about twelve millimeters,
ently from the gasket ring ‘I of Figs. 1 and 2. The
biting ring It is provided with an annular recess,
adjacent its biting edge Ma. The assembly of
that is, slightly in excess of the internal diameter
of the tube i. In such illustrative example, the
the embodiment of Fig. 3 is the same as above
gasket , ring ‘I is made of Duralumin, and’ the
‘ described.
length ‘of the slitted part ‘la is four millimeters.
I have disclosed preferred embodiments of my
Fig. 1 shows the parts of the device in their ?nal
invention, but it is clear that numerous changes
assembled position. In such position, the edge 15 and omissions and additions can be made without
6b of the collar 5 which is close to or which abuts
departing from its scope. The invention also cov—
the ?ared external wall of the pipe 9, bites into
ers sub-combinations of the‘ complete combina~
said external wall, thus providing’ a strong me
tions disclosed herein.
chanical connection between the collar 5 and the
For convenience, pipe 2 is designated as the '
pipe i. After the collar 3 has been tightened into 20 outer pipe, and pipe l is designated as the inner
its ?nal position, a suitable tool can be introduced
pipe, and collar 5 is designated as the holding
through the pipe 2, in order to enlarge the end
1 collar. The portion of pipe 8 which is located
portion 5 of» the pipe I. ‘This enlargement of said
inwardly of clamping collar 3, is designated as its
end portion 5 bends the material of the wall of
coupling-portion. As shown in Fig. 2, the inven
the pipe i along a continuous transverse circular 25 tion is not limited to the type of coupling in which
line, at the edge 5b of the collar e. The edge 6?)
part of one pipe is located inwardly of the asso
then bites into the material of the pipe I, and this
ciated pipe.
connection, together with the enlarged ?ared
In each embodiment, the holding collar abuts
shape of the end-portion 5, acts as a positive stop,
the outer wall of said coupling-portion, between
to prevent the pipe I from being forced longitu 30 the tip of the transversely enlarged end-portion
dinally out or assembled position, by the pressure
5 and the other end of inner pipe I .
of the ?uid or other longitudinal force. That is,
when the parts are assembled and tightened as
. The invention is not limited to a transversely
continuous holding collar, or to a transversely
continuous gasket collar, or to a transversely con-.
shown in Fig. l, the frusto-conical wall 3a and the
abutting end-wall of the split end-portion ‘Ia,
prevent the gasket ring from being'forced longi
tudinally outwardly from the collar 3. Since the
35 tinuous enlargement 5.
gasket ring ‘I is made of copper or lead or alu
relative to the pipes.
In one aspect of my invention, the member. 6
or 8 .or I II is a holding member which is held ?xed
minum alloy, which is deformed only under high
The pipe I has a transverse member, namely,
pressure, said gasket ring acts as a stop to prevent 40 the enlargement 5 or other means, which hold said
the rigid collar 6 from being forced longitudinally
pipe I relative to an end-face of said holding
to the left of its assembled position.‘ The trans- '
member 6 or 8 or III, to prevent said pipe I from
verse enlargement of the coupling end-portion 5
being longitudinally displaced under the pressure
of pipe I begins directly at edge db or closely ad
of ?uid, gaseous or liquid, in the pipe line.
jacent thereto. This applies to the other embodi-' 45
In Figs. 1 and 2, the maximum transverse di
a'meter of enlargement 5 exceeds the internal di
I thus provide three main mechanical fun'c-'
ameter of pipe 2. In Fig. 3, the internal diame
tions, at longitudinally spaced respective parts at
ter of pipe 2 exceeds the maximum transverse
the coupling. The vibration is absorbed, ‘either
diameter of enlargement 5. Hence, in the em:
wholly or in major part, at the portion ‘la. The‘
bodiment of Fig. 3, the pipe I may be deformed or
sealing e?ect and possibly the absorption of some
it may be shaped initially with the enlargement
of the vibration, are produced at the unslitted part
5, prior to assembling the parts of the joint or
of gasket ring ‘I. The longitudinal mechanism
coupling. The collar 3 can hold the holding col
. holding elfect is produced at the edge 6b of the
lar or member directly in ?xed position, or
collar 6, so that no longitudinal force, or at least 55
no objectionable longitudinal 'force, is imposed
upon the gasket ring ‘I.
In the embodiment of Fig. 2, the pipe ,2 is pro
vided with a frusto-conical seat S, the direction
through the member ‘I.
As an example, when the collar 3 is unscrewed,
in the embodiment of Fig. 1, the collar 6 and the
gasket ring ‘I remain assembled as a sub-unit with
the pipe I. Due to the small angle of wall 611 with
' of whose taper is opposite to the direction of taper 60 the axial direction, the gasket ring ‘I is held in
of said seat S in Fig. 1. The ring 6 is replaced by
sealing position, without creeping or slipping
from said sealing position. After the coupling ’
has been disassembled, it can be re-assemblecl, all
located. This provides additional resistance
without imposing objectionable stress upon the
against longitudinal separation between the pipes 65 thin-walled tube. The same advantages speci?ed
a ring 8 which has an annular circumferential
groove 9 in which the enlarged end portion 5 is
I and 2.
In the embodiment of Fig. 2, the collar 3 has
' herein apply to all the embodiments.
'In Fig. 2, I prefer that the diameter ‘of the wall
portion 8b of the collar 8, should be slightly less
common longitudinal axis of the pipes I and 2.
than the normal external diameter of the cylin
This abutting end-wall of the collar 3 abuts a cor 70 drical part of tubecl, and greater than the nor
responding end-wall of the slitted portion ‘Ia of
mal internal diameter of said tube I.
the gasket ring I.
For convenience, the member 2 may be desig
The assembly of the embodiment of Fig. 2 is
nated as a pipe or as a pipe-member, in de?ning
the same as the assembly of Fig. 1. In Fig. 1,
the invention in one ‘or more claims, since member
the biting edge of the collar 6 is designated by the 75 2 may be a pipe or a coupling head.
an annular end-wall which is perpendicular to the
I claim:
1. A pipe-coupling which comprises a pipe and
a pipe-member which is assembled with said pipe,
an outer rigid collar which is longitudinally mov
able relative to said pipe and said pipe-member,
means operative to hold said outer collar ?xed to‘
said pipe-member, an inner rigid collar' located
intermediate said outer collar and the outer wall
of said pipe, said inner collar abutting the outer
wall of said pipe at only a single edge of said inner
2. In combination with an outer pipe and an
inner pipe, av coupling-part of said inner pipe be
ing located in said outer pipe, the end-portion of
said coupling-part having a transverse enlarge-'
merit, a rigid clamping collar, said outer pipe hav
ing an external thread, said clamping collar hav
ing an internal thread which engages said exte'r- ' nal thread, said clamping collar surrounding said
coupling-part, a rigid holding collar which ?ts
substantially snugly in said clamping collar, said
collar, said pipe having an enlargement adjacent
said edge, said enlargement being located to op
pose the longitudinal movement of said pipe away
from said pipe-member, said inner collar having a
rigid holding collar abutting the outer wall of said
inner pipe only at the end of said holding collar
which is adjacent said enlargement, a gasket col
being spaced longitudinally from said inner col
said gasket collar, said gasket collar and said
lar which has an outer wall which abuts the inner
wall which abuts a Wall of said pipe-member, a 15 wall of said holding collar, said‘ gasket collar also
'gasket, a part of said gasket being located inter
having an inner wall which abuts the outer wall
of said inner pipe, said clamping collar having a
mediate and abutting said inner collarxand said
outer wall of said pipe, another part of said gasket
transverse wall which abuts a transverse wall of
.lar in a direction away from said pipe-member, 20 holding collar being located longitudinally be
said outer collar having a transverse wall which
tween said abutting transverse walls and said en
abuts a transverse wall of said other part of said
largement, said end-wall of said outer pipe be;
gasket, said outer collar longitudinally forcing
said inner collar and said gasket towards said
pipe-member when said outer collar is moved lon
gitudinally towards said pipe-member, said outer
collar holding said abutting walls of said inner
collar and of said pipe-member in abutting rela
tion, said other part of said gasket being more
easily compressible than the ?rst-mentioned part 30
of said gasket.
ing located longitudinally between said transverse
enlargement and the end of said holding collar
which is adjacent said enlargement, said clamp
ing collar holding said gasket collar under longi
tudinal pressure.
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