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Jan. 7,1947Q
' “IQ-RR “AL
Filed Sept. 13, 1945'
4 2,414,017
Patented Jan. 7, 1947 '
OOLLAPSIBLE coul- sao c
mild]! September 1:. 1545, Serial No. cums
scum. (cl. zso-sa')
Our invention relates to collapsible golf bag
carriers of the type used by.v golfers for carrying’
‘its upper end, said backbone member is provided
with-strap holder and strap 8 for securing the
bag. to the member. This means for securing
the golf bagto the backbone member 8 can be
oi- any suitable construction. Said backbone
the golf bag and clubs'over the golr course as‘ they play the game.
Among the salient objects of our invention
are: to provide a carrier upon. which the golf
bag can be secured‘in position and easily moved ,
- member 0, is hinged at ll, so thatit can be folded
down into the position shown in Fig. 4, when the
from place to place and which can be left stand
‘carrier is collapsed into its. smallest compass, .
v with a slide sleeve II to be moved down over the
the clubs therein are accessible; to provide a 10 'joint for holding'said handle portion i’ in opera- 7 '
ing with the golf bag in upright position so that
carrier which is collapsible with the golf bag in
place therein, whereby the carrier, golf bag and
tlve position. A hand grip I: is’shown on the
outer end of said handle portion.
clubs all in the bag can be placed in‘ an auto-'
' Mounted on said backbone i, is a pivot block
mobile and‘ will take up a minimum of space;v
“not ‘angular form, as indicated. and secured
to provide a wheeledlcarrier with the wheels 15 in adjusted position by means of a set screw it.
mounted on the outer ends of diverging members,
Pivotally connected to the angle sides of said
pivotally connected at their adjacent ends to a
block it ‘are two ansularly positioned leg mem-
common backbone, whereby as the outerends of
said diverging members and the wheels thereon
hers I], it, having at their outer ends carrier
wheels l8, I6, as shown, said wheels being posi
are raised they move. upwardly and inwardly zo tioned rearwardly Of the backbone I, when in op
toward and close to said backbone in collapsed
erative position, as indicated.
position; ,to provide in connection with ‘diverging
wheel-carrying members, a backbone or median
member which is jointed and foldable from a
Also mounted on said backbone member 6, is
another angle block i1, adapted to slide up and
down thereon, with a spring lip or latch it for
handle-forming member to collapsed position‘; 25 holding it in its down position, resting against
and, in general, to provide a simple,v practical
a stop,.here shown as a screw head- It. In order
and economical collapsible golf bag carrier of
to raise said block l‘l, it is only necessary to
the character referred to and which can .be
depress the down end of said lip or latch, into
collapsed without removing the bag from the’ i
carrier proper.
In order to fully describe our invention, we have
shown on the accompanying sheet of drawings
one practical embodiment thereof, which we will
now describe.
p backbone mem
a recess provided therefor in the
30 her, as will be understood,‘ whereupon said pivot
block I‘! can be moved upwardly ‘on said back
bone member. Two brace members, 20, iii, are
shown pivotally connected at their lower ends. as
at 2|, II, to the members it, It; and at their
Figure 1 is a side elevation of‘a collapsible 35 upper ends, said brace members are pivotally
connected to the angle sides of said block ll, as
a golf bag indicated in light broken lines, and
clearly shown, at 2i‘ so that as said block I‘! is
the carrier wheels partially raised in light broken
released and moved upwardly, on saidbackbone,
_ said brace members pull the leg members I5, I 5,
Figure 2 is a front elevation of the carrier, 4o. upwardly with their wheels, into the positions
showing the wheels raised in folded form or posi
indicated in Figs. 2 and 3.
In order to hold said pivot block i ‘I, and said
golf bag carrier, embodying our invention, with
Figure 3 is. a front elevation of'rthe carrier in"
collapsed position;
leg members, wheels and brace members in this
raised or collapsed position, a second spring latch
Figure 4 is a fragmentary view of the handle 65 22 can be provided in the upper vposition on said
portion, folded down as when collapsed; ‘
backbone ‘member 6, as indicated in Fig.- 3. This
Figure 5 is an enlarged fragmentary view in
or other means for holding the members in the
perspective, showing certain details of construc
folded or collapsed positions can be used.
tion and arrangement.
Thus it will be seen that we have here a col
Referring now in detail to the drawing, the 50 lapsible golf bag holder and carrier which can
invention as here shown includes a main member
be easily and quickly opened out for use from
or backbone 8‘, provided at its lower end with a
the folded or collapsed position shown in Fig. 3,
foot or support ‘I for the lower end of a ‘golf’
bag, with strap holder and strap 8. for securing
the lower end of the bag to the backbone.
to the operating condition. as shown in Fig. 1. '
At “tolltirvliillethe'bagfromthecarrierinorder-tov
collapse the same. when collapsed, as indicated
in Figs.;3 ‘and 4, with the handle portion 8' folded
down, in the rear of the bag, said carrier, bag
and all can be conveniently put into an automo
bile and requires comparatively small space.
We do not limit the invention to the details of
construction shown and described for explana
tory purposes. except as we may be limited by
the hereto appended claims.
4. A collapsible carrier for golf bags and the
like, a backbone member. means thereon for sup
porting the thing to be carried lengthwise there
of, a pivot block mounted on said oackbone mem
ber and having its opposite sides at diverging
angles, two leg members pivotally connected to
said opposite sides and diverging therefrom and
having carrier wheels at their outer ends, a sec
ond pivot block slidably mounted on said back
10 bone above said first pivot block and having its
We claim:
oppositelsides at diverging angles, brace members
1. A collapsible golf bag carrier including a cen
pivotally connected on said opposite sides and
tral backbone member having means for securing
at their lower ends pivotally connected to said leg
a golf bag thereto. lengthwise thereof, and hav
members, whereby as said second pivot block is
ing its upper end formed into a handle, a pair of
diverging leg members pivotally connected to said 15 moved up and down on said backbone, said leg
members move upwardly and downwardly in the
backbone member and diverging therefrom rear
planes of said opposite sides of said pivot block
wardly and each having a carrier wheel on its
and to and from said backbone member, and
outer end, brace members pivotally connected at
means for holding said leg members and said
their lower ends to said diverging members inter
mediate their ends and at their upper ends piv 20 brace members in operating positions and in col
lapsed positions.
otally and slidably connected with said backbone
5. In a collapsible carrier apparatus of the
member to slide up and down thereon, whereby
character referred to, a backbone member, two
to collapse with said diverging members as said
pivot'blocks secured thereon, one above the other,
diverging members are raised upwardly and in
25 the upper one being slidable on said backbone,
wardly toward said backbone member.
both of said pivot blocks having their opposite
2. In a golf bag carrier, a backbone having
sides at diverging angles, in diverging planes, two
means for attaching a golf bag thereto length
leg members pivotally connected at their corre
wise thereof. a pair of diverging leg members
sponding ends to said pivot block, on said diverg
pivotally connected to said backbone member at
their attached ends and having carrier wheels 30 ing sides, whereby said leg members extend in
opposite diverging directions rearwardly oi.’ said
mounted on their outer ends, rearwardly of said
‘backbone, carrier wheels on the outer ends of
backbone member, brace members pivotally con
said leg members, brace members pivotally con
nected at their lower ends to said diverging mem
nected with the upper pivot block on its opposite
bers and at their upper ends pivotally connected
to said backbone member and movable upwardly 35 diverging sides and at their lower ends pivotally
connected with said leg members, intermediate
and downwardly thereon, whereby said diverging
members and said brace members can be raised
their ends, and latch means on said backbone for
upwardly and inwardly to said backbone member
holding said slidable pivot block in adjusted po-l
in collapsed condition.
backbone member provided at its lower end with a
bag support, and with strap means for securing
a bag to said backbone lengthwise thereof, a pivot
block on said backbone, two diverging leg mem
main backbone member having an extended han
3. A collapsible golf bag carrier including a
6. A collapsible golf bag carrier including a
dle portion, two rearwardly diverging wheel-sup
porting legs connected pivotally at their converg
ing ends to said backbone member, with wheels
bers pivotally connected to said pivot block at 45 on their free rearwardly extending ends, a pair
of pivoted brace members connected at their lower
their attached ends and provided with carrier
ends to said wheel-supporting legs, intermediate
wheels at their outer, free ends. a second pivot
their ends, and at their upper ends pivotally and
block slidably mounted on said backbone. above
slidablylconnected with said backbone member,
said ?rst pivot block, brace members pivotally
connected at their lower ends to said diverging 60 whereby said legs and said brace members can
be folded upwardly and inwardly together around
‘ leg members and at their upper ends to said sec
said backbone, substantially in the manner, indi
ond pivot block to move therewith, and latch
means on said backbone for holding said second
pivot block in different positions of adjustment
from operative position to collapsed condition.
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