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Jan; 7',‘ 1947.
Filed April 16, 1945
BY 641/4404 .
Patented Jan. 7, 1947
James L. Fouch, Inglewood, Calif. _
Application April 16, 1945, Serial No. 588,589
9 Claims.
(o1. 248-185)
My invention relates to a pivotal supporting ,
means and more particularly to a pivotal sup
porting means for electrical apparatus. An im
Fig. 4: is a face view of a resilient element
comprised in the invention.
Fig; 5 is ‘,an edge view of said element.
My invention comprises in its generic aspect,
portant object of the invention is to provide
simple and novel means to support and hold the 5 a body that may be supported at suitable and
convenient height by any desirable means, as a.
apparatus in different adjusted positions.
standard, the body ‘being an integral unit and
Another object is to provide a microphone sup
formed to receive and pivot a- head to which the
port that may be adjusted to different pivoted
electrical or other instrument is adapted to be.
positions and upon release held in such positions.
A further object of the invention is to provide ll) connected in any approved ‘manner so that
movement of said instrument includes movement
a simple support for electrical instruments, as
of the head, which is frictionally associated with
microphones, spot lights, and many other vde
said body whereby said instrument will be held in
vices, in which a minimum of parts compose the
a selected position of adjustment.
structure, in which the assembly provide sub'-‘
In a more speci?c sense and referring more in
stantially a unitary .body in which close inter
detail to the drawing, the invention is shown as
action of the elements thereof contribute to a
comprising a head 8, provided with a longitudi
ready and easy relative adjustment and in which
nal, vertica1 slot 9, de?ned by spaced side walls
the movement or adjustment is resisted, where-‘
50, and spaced end walls II and H’, that inter~
by a set position is insured against disturbance
20 iorly are curved, the wall ll ’ extending through
by accidental or involuntary forces.
out the depth of the head 8 and terminating in
Still another object of the invention is to pro
a projection or nose l2, for purposes presently
vide a simple device of this character which is
relatively small and compact, and in which a
selected axial position may be maintained ‘by
appearing, and the wall ll being tapered and
being of ‘less depth than said head, also for a
simple means that exert a frictional pressure
purpose hereinafter set out.
against the pivoting part of the structure, with
out entering into the integrality of the device,
The interior of the side of the longitudinal
walls l0 intermediate their extent is provided
with opposed l and alined, inwardly directed
which therefore requires for its accommodation
grooves 13, that are rounding at the bottom and
no machining, no ?tting and no weakening of
30 form substantially semi-circular bearing seats
structural parts to adapt it to use.
M. The said head 8, as described, is associated
My invention also has for its objects to pro
with a body member 15 that may be provided
vide such means that are positive in operation,
centrally or substantially‘ centrally thereof with
convenient in use, easily installed in a working
a trunnion ll that may be secured to said body
position and easily disconnected there-from, eco
nomical of manufacture, relatively simple and 35, l5 by a threaded means, as a screw Hi. It will
be obvious, however, that this trunnion may com
of general superiority and serviceability.
pose- an integral ‘part‘of the body l5, thereby
The invention also comprises novel details of
eliminating the connecting screw l8. This trun
construction and novel combinations and ar
nion l1 extends into the grooves l3‘ and seats
rangements of parts, which will more fully ap-'
pear in the course of the following description. 40, on the opposed bearing surfaces l4 formed in
the bottom of the grooves in the head 8, which
However, the drawing merely shows and the fol
is thereby operable pivotally.
lowing description merely described one embodi
ment of the present invention, which is given
walls of the grooves l3 are interposed perforated
by way of illustration or example only.
dished disks or spring washers ,30 for exerting
In the drawing, like reference characters desig 45. pressure on said ends and frictionally resisting
nate similar parts in the‘ several views. 4 .
the tilting or pivoting movement of said head
Fig. 1 is side elevation, partly‘ in section, of
8, it being ‘understood that the‘head 8 with the
an embodiment of my invention, taken on the
offset line l-I of Fig. 2.
electrical instrument attached thereto in any
5,0 wise,_ is the pivoting or'movable element of the
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of said embodiment
unit, whilezthe,bodymemberv I5 is the stationary
taken‘ on the line 2-2 of Fig. l, with the cover
part. .T'heupper part of the body I5 is formed
with outwardly curving ends 19 and 29 corre-‘
spondingto the interiorly curved end walls H
Fig. 3 is a cross section taken on the line 3-3
°.f Fig.1;
The curving end 29, as shown, extends beyond
the vertical line or portion 20 of the body [5,
on said head substantially engaging one side of
said pivot member to hold said cylindrical sur
faces engaged with the other side of said pivot
which line forms a stop, When engaging the pro
jection or nose l2, for limiting the pivotal move
ments of the head in one direction. The out
wardly curving end I9 is continuous with an
inwardly curving portion 2| in an end of the
3. A joint comprising a stationary body, a mov
able member, the upper portion of said stationary
body being received in said movable member, a
pivot on said stationary body, said movable mem
ber having'lateral grooves and cylindrical bear
portion 2| serves to limit the pivotal movement
of the head 8 about the trunnion I‘! in a direc 10 ing surfaces for receiving the ends of said pivot,
means in said grooves engaging the ends of said
tion opposite to that which is limited by the
nose I2.
pivot to resist pivotal movement of said movable
member, and means to hold the cylindrical bear
It is believed clear without further illustration
ing surfaces of said movable member engaged
that the spring washer 30 may be symmetrical or
with a surface of said pivot.
irregular in shape, and that it need not have a
4. A hinge device including a ?xed body mem
hole 3| in the center, as shown. If the hole 3| is
ber, and a movable member adapted to receive
used, it may, of course, be symmetrical 'or any _
irregular shape that is justified. The word
and hold an instrument, said movable member
having a slot extending therethrough for receiv
“washer” in this description and in the here
unto appended claims shall be understood to in 20 ing the upper portion of said ?xed body member
and provided-with opposed grooves terminating at
clude these variations. The only essential char
their bottoms in rounding bearing surfaces, said
acteristic of the Washer is that it be resilient
?xed body member provided with a trunnion ex
and that it be disposed to resist tilting of the
tending at the ends thereof into said grooves and
head 8.
The head 8 is provided with a cap or bonnet 22 25 engaging said bearing surfaces to pivot said mov
able member, a plate secured to said movable
that may be secured to and cover the entire area
member to hold same in engagement with said
of the top of said head by screws or other means
bearing surfaces, said plate having a chamber to
that pass through a flange 23, extending at right
receive a side or" the upper part of said ?xed body
angles from the bonnet, which is a centrally raised
member as said ?xed body member is tiltably
portion and is hollowed as at 24, to a width sub
moved, and frictional means engaging the trun
stantially equal to the width or thickness of the
nion to resist pivotal movement thereof.
body l5. The flange 23 serves to hold the trun
5. Means for supporting an instrument-carry
nion H in its bearings in the body l5, and the
body and immediately therebelow. This curving
bonnet or cap is arranged to pass over the upper
ing body comprising a ?xed member provided
end of the body 15 during its pivoting movement.
The body 55 is provided with a bore 25 that
extends diagonally therethrough from a threaded
nipple 2t‘ and through the curving end 29 at the
top of the body IS. The nipple 26 may be em
ployed for connecting to a conduit, not shown,
for electrical wires, not shown, that are arranged
to pass through said diagonal bore 25, through a
portion of the slot 9 in the head 8, and through a
cutout or aperture 2'! in the ?ange 23 of the
bonnet 22. The body I 5 is supported in any suit
able manner and at any desirable height by a
standard 28.
While I have illustrated and described what
I now regardas the preferred embodiment of my
invention, the construction is, of course, subject
with a trunnion, said body having a slot for re
to modi?cations without departing from the spirit
and scope of my invention. I, therefore, do not
wish to restrict myself to the particular form of
ceiving the upper end of said ?xed member, and
said slot provided with grooves terminating at
the bottoms thereof in bearing surfaces for the
ends of said trunnions, a plate secured to said
body and engaging the ends of said trunnion at
the surface thereof to hold the bearing surfaces
of said body engaged with the bottom of said
trunnion thereby pivotally to connect said body
to said ?xedmember, and said ?xed member pro
vided with a diagonal bore extending there
through to receive conductor wires.
6. A support comprising a ?xed body having a
pivot, a head having a slot to receive the upper
part of said body and provided with bearing sur
faces to engage said pivot and pivotally mount
said head, means to connect said head and said
bearing surfaces with said pivot including a plate
having a recess to receive a portion of the body
as the head is pivoted about said pivot member,
and dished washers engaging the ends of said
sire to‘avail myself of all modifications that may
pivot and the walls of the slot in said head to
fall within the scope of the appended claims.
resist pivotal movement of said head.
Having thus described my invention, what I
'7. A device of the character referred to com
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
prising a ?xed member, and a movable member
1. A support comprising a stationary body hav
adapted to hold an instrument, said movable
ing a pivot member, a slotted head ?tting over
said body and provided with lateral bearing sur 60 member having a slot extending therethrough for
receiving a portion of said ?xed member and pro
faces, the ends of said pivotmember being re
vided with opposed grooves having cylindrical
ceived on said bearing surfaces and means en
bottom bearing surfaces, said ?xed member hav
gaging the top of said pivot member to hold said
bearing surfaces on the bottom of said pivot 65 ing a cylindrical recess concentric with said bot
tom bearing surfaces of the movable member, a
trunnion in said cylindrical recess extending at
2. A support comprising a body member hav
the ends thereof into said grooves and engaging
ing a pivot member, a slotted head ?tting over
the cylindrical bearing surfaces thereof, means
the top of said body member and provided with
to secure said trunnion in the cylindrical recess
lateral grooves having cylindrical surfaces in the
70 of said ?xed member, and a plate secured to said
bottoms thereof forming ‘bearings, the ends of
movable member to hold the bearing surfaces
construction illustrated and described, but de
said pivot member extending into and-on said
thereof in engagement with the ends of said.
bearings, friction means between the ends of said
pivot member and said grooves to maintain the
8. A device of the character referred to com
head in any position of adjustment, and'means 75 prising a ?xed member and a movable member
adapted to hold an instrument, said movable
member having an opening therethrough for re
ceiving the upper end of said ?xed member and
provided with opposed grooves having cylindrical
bearing surfaces, said ?xed member having a
cylindrical recess concentric with the bearing sur
movable members being provided with mutually
co-operating means to limit the movability of
‘said movable member.
9. A device of the character referred to, com
prising a stationary body, a pivot member carried
thereby, a head provided with opposed open
ended recesses forming bearings, said pivot mem
ber extending into said recesses and journaling
faces of said movable member, a trunnion in said
cylindrical recess extending at the end thereof
in said bearings, and means securable to the head
into said grooves and engaging the cylindrical
bearing surfaces thereof, means to secure said 10 for engaging the upper side of said pivot mem
her to hold the pivot member in said head en~
trunnion in said recess, and a plate secured to
gaged with said bearings.
said movable member to hold the bearing surfaces
thereof engaging said trunnion, said ?xed and
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