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Jm'14’1947' I
5. wt. FLEMING
Filed March 20, 1945
Patented Jan. 14, 1947 '
Samuel William Calderwood Fleming,
Strathaven, Scotland
Application March 20, 1945, Serial No. 583,805
In Great Britain February 28, 1944
3 Claims. (Cl. 122-166)
This invention relates to steam boilers of the
so-called vertical type, that is to say steam boilers
whose internal components are built inside a shell
structure the main axis of which is vertical.
The invention is especially intended for appli
cation to small-output steam boilers such for ex
ample as would be used for the propulsion of
small steam ships and for auxiliary purposes on
large ships.
shell portion lc but connected with the chamber
3 by an internal ?ue 9, and an uptake Illa, lllb
provided on the shell exterior in register with
the chamber 3. The arrangement is such that the
hot products sweep across the water tubes in
their ?ow from the ?ue around the annular com
bustion chamber to the uptake. The shell has
slightly domed top plate I I.
In the example, the downcomer 2 is cylindrical
The object of this invention is to provide a 10 and is set eccentrically in the shell I so that as
water-tube steam boiler of the type stated which
hereinafter more fully explained, the cross-sec
will be simple in construction and e?‘icient in
tional area of the combustion chamber 3 gradually
use and which can be designed for any given
reduces as between the vicinity of the ?ue 9 and
small output to have reduced overall dimensions
the vicinity of the uptake. The arrangement is
rendering such a boiler suitable for installations 15 such that the rate of reduction in cross-section
in places where space is an important considera
corresponds to the estimated reduction in volume
of the products in the chamber as they lose their
' Another object is to provide a water-tube steam
heat, so that there will be substantial uniformity
boiler in which an internal ?ue leads from the
in the speed of the hot products through the
furnace into an annular combustion chamber at 20 chamber.
one side thereof, an uptake for the hot products
The smokebox portion l?b of the uptake is built
from the chamber is arranged at the side of the
on the shell portion lb about midway of the
chamber opposite the fine and an internal down~
height of the shell. The chamber forming the
comer between water spaces respectively above
furnace 'l is built into the bottom of the shell,
and below the chamber is oiTset in relation thereto
being roughly hemispherical in form. ‘The in
so that the cross-sectional area of the chamber
ternal ?ue 9, which may be elliptical, as Fig. 3
reduces between the ?ue side thereof and the
' shows, or cylindrical, is arranged in the same
uptake side thereof. The arrangement is such
central vertical plane 13-13 (Fig; 2) as the uptake
that the hot products sweep with substantially
and is built at an upward and outward inclina
uniform speed across water tubes extending be 30 tion at the side opposite the uptake between the
tween said water spaces in the ?ow of such prod
furnace chamber top and the lower-of the two
ucts from the ?ue around the annular combus»
horizontal tube-plates 4 and 5. The down»
tion chamber to the uptake.
comer 2 is a vertical-axis cylinder extending from
The invention will now be described by way of
one tube-plate .to the other and having its axis
example with reference to the accompanying
offset from the boiler shell axis A—A towards the
drawing, in which
uptake. Thus, the annular passage constitut
ing the combustion chamber 3 formed by the
according to the invention, the section being on
downcomer cylinder 2 and intermediate shell por
the line I-~I of Fig. 3.
tion l b at the sides and by the tube-plates 4 and 5
Figs. 2 and 3 are fragmentary sections on the 40 at the top and bottom varies gradually in cross
lines II-—II and III-III of Fig. 1 respectively.
sectional area from a maximum above the flue
The steam boiler shown is of the so-called
to a minimum beside the uptake. The water
vertical type, that is’ to say its internal com
tubes 6 in the combustion chamber are arranged
Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of a steam boiler
ponents are built inside a cylindrical shell la. lb
and lo the axis A—A of which is vertical. v The
therein as two banks of short straight vertical
tubes, and these include a suitable proportion
said components comprise an internal downcomer
of stay tubes, all the tubes being equal in length
2, an annular passage within the intermediate
and being connected, in usual manner, at their
shell portion lb forming a combustion chamber
top and bottom ends to the tube-plates, being
3 (Fig. 3) for the hot products between the down
insertable and withdrawable through the upper
comer 2 and the shell, said chamber being bounded 50 tube-plate ll. Each of the two banks of tubes
top and bottom by tube-plates 4 and 5, respec
extends in an are (as viewed in plan, Figs. 2 and 3)
tively, upcomers in the form of water tubes 8
from one side of the ?ue 9 to the uptake. Between
extending through the chamber 3 from tube
the lower tube-plate 5 and the furnace top there
plate to tube-plate, a furnace 1 separated from
is the lower water space 8. The hemispherical
the chamber 3 by a water space 8 within the lower 55 form of the furnace chamber surmounts an
annular pocket 8a as the lowest portion of the
lower water space. Between the upper tube
plate 4 and the boiler top H, the upper shell
portion la encloses a drumlike water and steam
space [2,
The annular passage, in view of its function
as the combustion chamber 3, is lined around the
downcomer '2 in proximity to the ?uelf; with fire
bricks l'3 that-are'held in place by adjacent water
tubes 6; and the chamber 3 is lined around the
shell portion lb by ?rebricks l4. These bricks l'éi ‘
are held by bolts Ma to the portion lb, which vis
a casing composed of detachable plates flange
which the steam generated has practically un
restricted discharge.
I claim:
l. A steam boiler comprising an outer shell
structure, an internal downcomer, an annular
passage forming a combustion chamber for the
hot products between said downcomer and the
shell structure, tube-plates secure'dto said shell
‘structure and arranged to bound said chamber .
top and bottom, upoomers in the form of water
tubes extending through said chamber from one
of said tube-plates to the other, a furnace sepa
rated from said chamber by a water space, an
jointed together (Fig. 3).
The upper tube-plate 4 is stayed by gussets ‘l 5
above the ?ue 9.
internal ?ue connecting said furnace with said
chamber, and an uptake provided on the shell
In the shell there is a mandoor 16 above the
upper tube-plate and there is also a mandoor ll’
‘downcomer being offset from the axis of said shell
. The boiler would have the usual mountings,
space, an internal flue connecting said furnace
structure in register with said chamber, said
structure so that the cross-sectional area of said
below the lower tube-plate, so that the ‘interior ‘ chamber ‘reduces between the vicinity of said
of the boiler is all accessible for cleaning, inspec~ 20 ?uid and the vicinity of said uptake.
tion and repair. The refractory bricks i ii and the
2. A steam b'oi'ler of the type having a vertical
cylindrical shell structure, comprising an internal
plating of the casing I b, being removable, permit
cleaning of- the ?resurfaces of the ‘tubes and tube
downcomer formed ‘as a vertical cylinder, an
annular passage forming a combustion chamber
plates. Likewise, the front plating Hie oi‘ the
smokebox is removable.
25 for the hot products between said downcomer
At the lowest points of the lower water space S,
and said shell structure, tube-plates secured vto
that is on the annular pocket 8a, there are ?tted
said shell structure and arranged to beundsaid
a blow-down valve ISand a wash-out plug ! by
chamber top and bottom, .upco'mer‘s in the fer-in
of water tubes extending through said chamber
virtue of which latter the boiler interior can be
completely ‘drained of all water and sediment 30 from one of said tube-plates to the ‘other, a fur
after cleaning.
nace separated from said chamber by a water
including a stop-valve (not shown) on the steam
with said chamber, ‘and an uptake ‘provided on
the shell structure in register with said chamber,
steam collector 2|, and a feed-water check-valve 35 the cylindrical downcomer being eccentric to said
(also not 'shown) on the feed inlet facing 22.
shell structure so that the cross-sectional area
The feted-water‘in the example is led from the
of said chamber reduces between the vicinity of
inlet 22 by a pipe 23 through the lower water
said ?ue and the vicinity of said uptake.
outlet ‘facing 20, which is ?tted with the usual
space 8 to the downcomer 2. The pipe 23 rises up
3. A steam boiler comprising a shell structure
one side of the downcomer and spreads in arcuate 40 composed of an upper portion enclosing a water
perforated arms 24 around part of. the inner
and~steam space, a lower portion enclosing a
periphery of the downcomer top end.
‘It will be noted that'the wall of the furnace ‘i
abuts against a cylindrical soleplate ‘la extending
beyond the annular pocket 8a to provide the sup
port of the boiler shell and to serve as an ashpit
below the ?rebars 25 of the furnace.
In use of the boiler, the water from the per
forated arms .24 ?ows down the downcomer
cylinder 2 into the lower water space 8, whence
it rises through the vwater tubes 5 to the water
and-steam space l2 above, returning downwards
with still incoming feed water and continuing to
circulate in this way. The hot products from the
furnace 1 pass up the ?ue 9 into the combustion
chamber 3 along which they sweep horizontally
in both directions amongst the water tubes to
the uptake l0, into which they are guided by
curved plating 2B.
The ef?ciency of the boiler is due largely to
the arrangement whereby the hot products sweep
at right angles across the water tubes and the
arrangement of short straight vertical tubes from
water space and an intermediate cylindrical cas
ing, upper and lower tube-plates forming the bot
tom and top of said spaces respectively, a cylin
drical internal downcomer interconnecting said
spaces and forming with said tube-"plates and
intermediate casing a combustion chamber that
extends round said downcomer, upcomers in the
form of water tubes extending through'said cham
ber from one of said tube-plates to the other, a
furnace built into the bottom of said lower por
tion of the shell structure, an internal ?uid lead
ing from said furnace through the lower of said
tube-plates into said chamber, ‘and an uptake
for products from said chamber, said uptake
being arranged at a side of said chamber opposite
said ?ue and said'downcomer being eccentric to
said casing so that the cross-sectional area'of ‘said
chamber reduces between the ?ue side of said
chamber and the uptake side thereof.
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