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Jan. 14, 1947,
Filed May 18, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Jan. 14, 1947.
2,414,162v '
Filed May 18, 1943
2 ‘Sheets-Sheet 2
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.‘2I‘.l l/a
Patented Jan. 14,1947
Eldred O. Morton, Mans?eld, Ohio, assignor to
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East Pitts
burgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application May 18, 1943, Serial No. 487,440
1 Claim.
(Cl. 219-37)
This invention relates to heating apparatus
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the supporting
member which carries the controls and wiring for
the surface cooking units; and
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2, illustrating
and particularly to an electric cooking range, and
it has for an object to provide an improved de
vice of the character set forth.
Electric cooking ranges, in addition to an oven, (Ex a modi?cation of the invention.
The range illustrated in Fig. 1 includes a body
include a plurality of electric surface cooking
I ll having the usual oven and service drawers and
units carried in the top or platform of the range
a top or platform H provided with holes 12 for
for heating food in pots, pans and the like. The
the reception of surface cooking units l3. The
surface units are individually connected to a
source of electricity by means of controls, such '10 range body I!) and platform II are preferably
made of sheet metal, the exposed surfaces being
as switches, which are adjustable to vary the heat
provided with a protective coating of enamel to
output of the surface units. The controls and the
provide a pleasing appearance.
wiring therefor are usually installed on the range
As shown particularly in Fig. 2, the margin of
body while it is moving on an assembly conveyor,
the platform at each of the holes 12 is o?set
so that the time required to install the wiring
downwardly, as indicated at If, to provide a ledge
and controls is a major factor in determining the
on which the surface unit is supported. Each
maximum speed at which the conveyor can be
surface unit comprises one or more coiled metal
sheathed heating elements l5 secured to a sup
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide an improved range which may be readily 20 porting spider Hi to provide a grid on which the
cooking vessels are supported. The grid is sup
assembled and wired ef?ciently and in a mini
ported in its platform opening by means of a
mum amount of time.
?anged ring l'l having lugs IS on which the
In accordance with the teaching of my inven
spider it rests. The flange of the ring I‘! rests
tion, the assembly of the range is facilitated by
on the ledge M of the platform to support the
installing the surface unit controls and the wir
upper surface of the surface unit above the top
ing therefor on a subplatform or supporting
surface of the platform I I.
member at a station separate from the assem
bly conveyor, the platform with the controls and
wiring thereon being placed on the range body
as a complete unit.
The surface units are preferably of the plug
in type and may be like that disclosed in my 00
This arrangement has the 30 pending application Serial No. 454,398, ?led on
advantage that the controls and wiring can be
installed with ease on the supporting member at
benches designed for the convenience of the work
ers, resulting in increased e?iciency, and at the
same time permitting the range conveyor to be
speeded up since a minimum of time is required
to complete wiring of the range while on the con
veyor. This arrangement has the further ad
vantage of facilitating servicing of the range
when repair or replacement of the controls or 40
August 11, 1942, and assigned to the assignee of
the present invention. Ends I5 of the sheathed
Wiring is needed, since the supporting member
may be readily removed from the range provid
for cleaning by merely swinging the unit up
wardly out of the platform, the mentioned con
tacts being separated by this movement.
Energization of the surface units is controlled
by any suitable means, such as switches 22, which
ing ready access to all of the wiring and con
heating elements are bent outwardly, as shown
in Fig. 2, and provided with suitable electrical
contacts adapted to detachably engage electrical
contacts mounted within a terminal block 2|,
supported beneath the platform, when the sur
face unit is disposed in operative position in the
range platform. It will be understood that each
surface unit is readily removable from the range
These and other objects are effected by my in
are adjusted by means of knobs 23.
vention as will be apparent from the following
In accordance with my invention, I mount the
description and claim taken in connection with
switches and the wiring connecting the surface
the accompanying drawings, forming a part of
units to a source of electricity on a subplatform or
this application, in which:
Fig. 1 is an exploded view, in perspective, of 50 panel 24 which is placed on the range body after
the wiring and switches have been installed on
an electric range made in accordance ‘with the
the subplatform, thus substantially reducing the
present invention and illustrating the manner
time required to wire the range on the assembly
of assembling the range;
conveyor. The subplatform is substantially co
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the upper
65 extensive with the surface cooking area of the
portion of the range in assembled condition;
range and is mounted on the range body in spaced
relation beneath the platform H.
The subplatform 24 is provided with openings
the ?ange 41. The switch-operating shafts 21
extend through suitable openings provided in the
inclined front of the main platform, the knobs
23 being secured thereto after the main platform
25 of a size to receive the terminal blocks 2| and
located so that when the subplatform is installed >
on the range the terminal blocks are positioned
to receive the terminal ends of the surface units.
has been secured to the range body.
While the surface units may be provided with
removable re?ector pans as shown in my men
The blocks 2! are preferably supported bystraps
tioned copending application, in the embodiment
26 struck-out from the platform in forming the
herein illustrated, the subplatform is provided
openings 25.
10 with shallow recesses 58 underlying the platform
As shown particularly in Figs. 1 and 2, the
openings E2 to re?ect heat from the units up
front edge of the subplatform 24 and of the main
wardly and also to catch any spillage falling
platform I l is inclined to the vertical to facilitate
through the grid-like surface units. These re
reading of indicia on the knobs 23. Theswitches
cesses may be readily cleaned by removing the
22 are mounted on the under surface of the in 15 surface units.
clined portion of the subplatform‘withitheiroper
While in the preferred embodiment the switch
ating shafts 21 extending forwardly. ,
es 22 have been shown mounted on the front
The terminal blocks 28 and ‘switches ‘22 are
of the range, if desired, these switches may be
mounted on the subplatform at a bench separate
mounted at the rear, as shown in Fig. 4. To this
from the assembly conveyor and are connected 20 end, an extension 49 is formed along the rear edge
‘by conductors 28 strung on the under surface'of
of vthe subplatform and carries .the‘switches 22
the subplatform by means-of-insulating blocks v29,
:and Min .a position so ,thattheir operating shafts
bolted or otherwise vsecured to the platform.
'21 project through .the'backsplasheron the-range
Supplyconductors 3 I extending-from the switches
platform. Except for this difference and-the
necessary change in the location .of .the :wiring,
this form of the invention is identical- with-the
to the rear of the range-arestrung on the sub
platform v‘by means 10f insulator blocks 32. The
‘supplyconduotors 3| are preferably provided with
?rst embodiment.
suitable means, such as loops 33, ‘for ‘ready con
nection to terminal "screws of a terminal block 39,
shown by broken lines in Fig. v2, carried by the
forms, it willrbe obvious tothose skilledintheart
30 that itisnotso limited, but is susceptible of var
range 'body - at a location,- convenient to the loops
ious other changes andamodi?cations without-de
parting from the spirit ‘thereof, ~.and vI desire,
therefore, that only such limitations .shall :be
placed thereupon as .are speci?oallylset ‘forth in
'33. Main ‘electrical ~le~adsr30a for supplying elec
tricity to the heating elements aregcarried on the
‘back of the range ‘body 'and connected to the
terminal screws of this-block.
The range may also be provided with a deep
well cooker ‘~34 including ‘a heating element .35
While I have shown my invention in several
35 the appended ‘claim.
Whatl claim is:
An - electric range comprising :a :range body, :a
‘carried ‘by easing structure ~36» in which a remov
top platform having a plurality of openings r_,to
able pot 315and~cover 38 are-received. Thecasing
-receive surface heating-units, .-a,~pl11rality of sur
‘structure 36 is ‘received in-an-opening39in the 40 .f ace heating’ units. mounted; 0H1 saidplatformgand
subplatform'and is provided withsa plurality .of
disposed; in said openings; asubpiatformdisposed
abutmentrlugs 4i adaptedito'rest on-vavflange 112
beneath said top platform,.arswitchiforeachrof
formed around ‘the opening. v ~Screws~43 extend
saidisurface unitsimountedaon said-.subplatform,
ingthroughthe flangesecurethe casing structure
inaplace. A switch *44 and wiring é?therefor are 45 a terminalsblock Sforeachof said :surface units
"mounted on said isubplatformlajdjacentv thesur
provided for the cooker .134 and are installed before
ffa'ce -uriit '- in such" position ‘I that the surface unit
assembling the subplatform to the range’body.
*r'naybe-‘connected thereto as- it is5=moved into-po
When assembled in theranvgesthe cooker is acces
sition "in' its opening‘ ini the top"platformfelectrig
sible through an >opening~~46 in ‘the. main .plat
form EH.‘
50 cal‘conductors' extendingt‘fromeafch switch: to the
After thewiring, . controls, terminal receptacles
‘associated “terminal ‘block and .mounted on said
and‘ cooker have been ' mounted’ on the subplat
form, it'isvbrought to the range-body, which, as
‘mentioned, is usuall-ylmovingalong-a conveyor,
.subplatform, and supply conductors mounted . on
said subpla'tfo'rmandextendingffroma common 7
?ange; 41 provided on “the range lbody vH]. The
.point to .all.-of .said. switches, :vsaid .subplatform,
r said, switches,§said terminal blocks, andthe, con
‘ductors. carried by the. subplatform being adapted
‘supply ‘conductors vit! »m_ay > then~be . connected . to
to. be. assembled as .a subassembly-remete from, the
"and secured in- the position shownqin Fig.3 .to. a
the terminal block- 39.
The-main:platform I l . is
then'placed- over and conceals the subplatform
being secured‘in place in'any.suitablemannento 60
rangelbody an'd'then to'.be..attac11edas—'a unitor
subassemblyg on saidrangebody;
_ .
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