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Jan. 14, 1947.‘
Filed Oct._ 9, 1944
Patented Jan. 14, 1947
2,414,171 '
Richard M; Scharif, Clayton, Mo., assignor to
Gerber Plastic Company, St. Louis, Mo., a cor
poration of Missouri
Application October 9, 1944, Serial No. 557,758 _
1 Claim. (Cl. 220-21)
This invention relates in general to certain new
and useful improvements in beverage bottle cases.
The present invention has for its primary 0bject the provision of a unlquely designed unitary
2 integrally connected
tlonf' as at a, and likewise
along the bottom margins to the upper face of
the bottom wall 3 in the formation of a plurality
of bottle receiving compartments or pockets p
beverage bottle case or container molded as an 5
the region of each partition-intersection
integral or unitary structure from suitable plastic
a, the bottom wall 3 is provided with a circular
It is a further Object of the present invention
aperture 6, which extends up through the bot
tom wall 3 and the partitions 4, 5, are likewise
to provide a beverage bottle case or container
cut away or relieved, as at b, b’, in the forma
which is extremely rugged and durable and is rel- 10 tion of a four-way opening 1 between each of the
high impact strength and so designed as to pro- 15 bottom wall 3. In addition, an inverted recess 8
age due to accident 01‘ mishandling.
It is another object of the present invention
to provide a unitary or “one-piece" beverage bot-
into the material forming each partition connec
tion a during the molding process for saving
material and improving the curing characteris
tic case or container which is substantially wa- 20 ties of the molded ease or container,
terproof and will, therefore, not swell or rot or
Eel-med upon the outer faces of the end walls
otherwise deteriorate under conditions of actual ‘ z, 2', midway between the corners of the case A,
and adjacent
the upper margin
Numerous other objects, advantages and inherwardly
and downwardly
curved thereof,
handles are
9, pref
ent functions of the present invention will be- 25 erehly each having a plurality of arcuate de
come apparent as the same is more fully under-
' pressions i0 upon its inner face for conformlng
stood from the following descrlptlon whlch taken
Wlth the accompanying drawing, discloses a Prevferred form of the present invention-
to the ?ngers of the person carrying the case A,
and, at its midway, each handle is provided with
a central web II which extends inwardly and
In the drawings (One Sheet)— 30 becomes an integral continuation of the central
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a beverage bottle
longitudinal partitions 4. Preferably, though not
case constructed in accordance with and em-
necessarily, the end walls 2, 2' of the case A are
bodyine the present invention:
cut away below the handles 9 in the formation of
Fig- 2 is a top plan view of the beverage bottle
side wall apertures l3 which, in conjunction with
35 the apertures 6 of the bottom wall 3, provide for
Fig- 3 is a longitudinal Sectional View of the
complete and free drainage of any water which
beverage bottle case taken along lines 3—3 of
may tend to accumulate in the bottom of the
F1g~2; and '
Fig. 4 is an end elevational Vimv of the bevel"
age bottle eese-
case A.
Also formed integrally upon the outer
faces of the end ‘walls 2, 2', adjacent the corners
40 of the case A, are vertical ribs I 4 which project
outwardly from the outer face of the end walls
2, 2', for a distance slightly greater than the dis
tance of outward projection of the handles 9 go
as to act as abutment members and protect t e
45 {113M185
9 h0g1 gage broken or damaged when
iece” strlucture molded ofoplastic material. The
9 cases are 5 ac e Ease A unitarily comprises four rectangularly ar-
Formgd upon_ the, uPper face of‘ the bottc'm
ranged endwise connected side walls |’ y,- and
wall .3, concentric wlthln each of the pockets 1),
end walls 2, 2', integrally connected along their 50 isaclrcular upstandmg bead l5 adapted to loosely
lower margins by a bottom wall 3 and above the
engage the bottom of the bottles and Steady
bottom wall 3 the container is provided with a
them when in the case or contamer- It may be
plurality of longitudinal partitions 4 and transverse vertical partitions 5,al1integrally connected
stated in this connection that the bead l5 may. if
desired, ‘be Omitted, and If employed Should be
to each other at their several points of intersec- 55 provided'with a plurality of radial channels, as
at It, to allow for drainage of any water which
?cations in the form, construction, arrangement,
may accumulate therein.
The case or container A, designed as above described, may be molded in a single unitary operation from a suitable plastic mix containing 5
and combination of the several parts of beverage
bottle cases may be made and substituted for
those herein shown and described without de
parting from the nature and principle of my in
long shredded ?brous material which results in
a container having extremely high impact '
strength. It will also be apparent that beverage
bottle containers, constructed in accordance with
the present invention, are extremely light-weight 10
and, therefore, can be much more easily handled
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
A one-piece molded plastic beverage bottle case
comprising four rigid side walls integrally con
nected at their ends and a rigid bottom wall in
by delivery men and other persons connected with
" tegrally connected " to the lower margins of the
the handling. sale and distribution of carbonated
side walls, a plurality of cell-forming partitions
beverages. Beverage bottle cases, constructed in
integrally connected with the side and bot-mum
accordance With the Present invention, will drain 15 walls and integrally interconnected with each
freely 50 that there Will never be any ‘Water 0.1‘
other, said partitions being cut away in the regions _
111°15'31" in the cases- Finally, by reason of the?
of interconnection therebetween in the provision
use of molded materials, the beverage bottle case 7
of a four-way drainage aperture, and an aperture
is entirely Waterproof and will not Swen’ mt 01'
formed in and extending through the bottom wall
deteriorate, as will the conventional wooden cases, 20 beneath and communicating withv each of said
when continuously subjected to the damp, wet
drainage apertures_
conditions ordinarily encountered in actual use.
It should be understood that changes and modi-
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