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Jan. 14, T947'.
2,414,179 '
Filed Feb. 1, 1944
Fig/î E27/¿omas
/// ///////
Patented Jan. 14, 1947
V ‘y
Frank E. Thomas, Chicago, Ill.
A Application February l, 1944, Serial No. 520,607
`5 Claims.
(c1. ‘1c-11s)
This invention appertains to an animated toy,
- producing animation in the said iigures, as well
as producing a resultant tonal effect.
the woodchopper are brought to bear _on the
same or are brought in contact with the same,
intermittently, as will be seen from the explana
tion following in the description.
Within this bole 5 is mounted a tube 9 which
has a small tooth portion I0 bent ov'er from its
One object of my invention is to provide a
upper portion in order to act as a stop for the
and is especially directed `to a structure com
prising a gravity operated‘actuating tape mech
anism-which actuates a figure simultaneously
gravity operated actuating mechanism, which op
counterweight I5 when it is raised, in order to
allow its dropping to animate the Figures 6 and 1.
At the upper portion a pivot II is mounted in
which an idler pulley I2 is secured to operate
rotatably, and to support thereon the tape or
belting I3 which has its lower end I4 secured to
erates in a ñuid lilled cylinder provided with ad
justable exhaust means `so as to enable one to
vary the rate of drop, or the gravitational veloc
ity of the weight mechanism.
Another object of my invention is to provide
tonal effects in one or morefiigures mounted on
ears on the counterweight I5. The belting I3
for a considerable lengththereof, is provided with
openings 32 of suñicient dimension in'order‘to
react with the toothed extensions 3l and 4U, re
the toy.
spectively, and cause the saine `to be‘tripped thus
a winding44 means for winding the said belt or
tape actuating mechanism simultaneously with
the said winding action producing animation and
e Another object `of my invention is to provide
actuating on their respective pivots, thefigures
extension means on the said ligure which are,4
adapted to be tripped by openings in the said
6 and 'I providing animation and sound elïects as
indicated by the dotted lines.
, tape, belting, or conveyer actuating mechanism.
The tubing 9 is preferably held in place by
pins 33V which are driven into the bole 0f the
tree in order to conñne the tubing 9 and prevent
25 motion thereof. The belting I3 is wound about
Other objects, features and advantages resi
dent in my` invention will become apparent from
reference to the accompanying drawing in con
nection with the ensuing description, in which
‘an idler roll 26 mounted on pivot 25 and in turn
secured or fastened by rivet means 43 to the
drum 21 of `the spool-like ß structure 28. The
like numerals are used to designate like parts,
and in which:
Fig. 1 represents a perspective view of my in
Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal cross-sec
tion taken on a median line of Figure 1.
spool 28 is secured to the axle `‘l2 and rotates
At the lower end of the tubing and
Within the hole I6 on the top of the casing 4 is
mounted a bushing Il, provided with a small ori
ñce I8, which connects with an enlarged threaded
opening I9, and has a perpendicularly commu
30 therewith.
Fig. 3 is a transverse cross-sectional view look
ing inthe direction 3-3 of Figure 2.
, Referring, more particularly, to Figure 1, 5 des
`ignates the bole of a` tree which is, preferably,
hollow in order t0 permit the mounting of suit
able actuating mechanism therein,l 6 represents
the figure of a woodpecker, whereas l, gener
. ally, designates the figure of a woodchopper, 40
while 4, generally, designates a case on which the
tree bole 5 is mounted >and in which suitable
nicating lateral oriiice 20.
The threaded portion .
I9 is adapted to receive a screw 22 having a con
ically pointed portion 23 to permit adjustment
to various positions, being held in adjustment
by virtue of the lock nut 2 I .
The opening Zlin the case 4, provides acces
sibility‘to the adjustment of the lock nut 2| and
the screw 22. The conical portion 23 is: adapted
to be adjustedso as to restrict `or enlarge the
auxiliary mechanism is mounted in order to
communicating oriñces I8 and 20, respectively,
translate `the motion of the handle element 29 to
produce actuation, as will be ,elucidated herein 45 so as to permit the air in the tube Sto be ex
after in the description.
Referring, to Figures 2 and 3,'it will be noted
pelled by the descending weight I5 either more
rapidly or more slowly. The said valve mech
anism providing a controlling action to the gravi..
that the bole of the tree 5 is hollow, and is pro
tational elîect of the weight I5 in its descent.
vided with an opening 8, and an enlarged section
near its base designated 4I in order that it may 50 The ligure 'I of the woodchopper is mounted on
a bell crank lever having an extension 38, and a
look like a natural tree and also to furnish space
:bent extension 39 being articulately pivoted at
in which to assemble the added mechanism nec..
36, the tooth 4U being adapted to oscillate when
essary. The tree bole is, preferably, made up of
tripped by the holes 32 in the conveyer I3, and
a highly resonant material so as to produce sound
when the beak of the Woodpecker and the ax of 55 thus pendulate within the conñnement of the
solid and dotted lines indicated, thus actuating
ing, a hollow resonant element, at least one iig
ure pivotally mounted on the said hollow resonant
element and provided with toothed trip means,
counterweighted tape means provided with slot
ted engaging means adapted to trip intermit
tently the said toothed trip means, causing a
portion of the said ligure to strike the said hol
low resonant element, and fluid resistance means
the ax 35 to the full and dotted lines, whence it
will produce a resounding and harmonious eiîect
when contacting the portion 4| of the bole 5. In
like manner, the tooth 3| which is integrally
mounted on the ligure 6 and which in turn is
pivoted at the point 30 will cause the beak 34
of the figure 6 to contact the resonant bole of
the tree 5„and thus` cause an additional sounding
associated with the .said >rcounterweighted tape
eiîect. The arrangement may :be so positioned 10 means adapted- to varyrthe descent Ófßthe coun
that the action of the beak 34 and the ax 35 will
terweighted element.
be intermittent or will occur simultaneously. V
3. A toy of the character described compris
It will be noted, that I provide a clearance 31
ing, a hollow resonant element, at least one iig
in the top of the case 4 and a clearance 'opening
ure pivotally mounted on the said hollow resonant
44 in the bole 5 in order to provide ample clear 15 element and provided with toothed trip means,
ance for the movement of the iiguresî ‘and '1
Ycounteriiìeighted tape means provided with slot
when animation occurs.
ted' engaging means adapted to trip intermittent
The operation of the toy is rather simple, The
ly the said toothed trip means, causing a portion
handle of the toy 29 is- grasped in the hand and
of the said iigure to strike the said hollow reso
as seen in Figure 1, is rotated counter-clockwise 20 nant element, and adjustable ifluid resistance
'1(as‘viewed in Figures‘l ¿and 2) in order to cause
¿thevveight l5 to rise tothe top »untillt contacts
means associated withïthefsa'id »counterïweiglited
tape means adapted 'to` vary the.~ descent ofthe
"the -stop tooth l I) within the tube Yil. In doi-ng so,
.the conveyer belt I3 _is wound upon the-drum
’ 'Y
4. A `toy of the »character described 'compris
¿i2-Tof the spool'28, «and at the same time the 25 ing, a hollow base element, -'a"hollow»resonant
openings 32 _cause the animation of the iigures
element mounted `on the said 'base element; at
' tend 1 with their resultant tonal effects. when
the weight is has reached the ton-the handle 2s
` least one'ñgure pivotally'mountedon the said
resonant element and provided withtoothed 'trip
"is released and the weight allowed to'drop; »its
means, counterweighted tape means provided with
gradual descent according to the ï'adjustment of» 30 slotted engaging’means -adapted to trip inter
lthejoriñces >I8 and 2U respectively, thus’causes
mittently the said toothed trip means during
additional animation'and tonal effects toY be pro
duce-d ¿by the ñgures until the-weight reaches the
_downward movement ¿of the` tape, causing a'ïpor
tien of the seid _ngure to strike the saidi‘he'llow
top of" the bushing `I'l whence- the same cycle of y
resonant element, adjustable ¿fluid vresistance
operation may be repeated. Thefoperation of my
35 means associated with the said counterweighted
toyr is _believed to furnish great Yamusement and
tape means adapted-'to `varythe Vdescent of the
-counterweighted element, vdrum means rotatably
r¿pleasure/to youngsters, providing the »animation
and ‘sound effects `hereinbeforey expounded.
` Altho `I have herein> disclosed Üa structure for
providing animation-to two ñgures,V itis ¿under
stood that more than --two ñgures may be utilized,
lif’ it should be «so'desiredg Aand if mounted ïin the
`pat-h of travel ‘of the actuating-beltingor member
- i3, Yanimation to many other figures may be sup
plied; _inasmuch as> my herein disclosure is sus-4
‘cept'i-ble of _many Vmodiiìcations, alterations 4and
>‘improv'ementsQI hereby reserve the'l-right to all
l'such modiñcations, alterations'and improvements
"which come within the scope Iand spirit fof my
invention, within the'disclosure i-n--the accompany
'ing drawing, aswell as -within the purview Aof «the
' foregoing Adescriptionf'my invention to beïliniited
~lonly by the subjoined claims.
Having thus disclosed Aand revealed my inven
mounted in the said hollow base elementl >and se
cured-to the free end ofthe said -counterweig-hted
tape means, >andmotivating means associated with
the said 7drum Lmeans.
5. A toy of the V«cl'iaracter described-compris
ing, a vhollow *base element, ahollow'resonant
element mounted “on vt-he saidbase element, at
least »one ligure lpivotally-mounted»onïtheA said
resonant velement Varid-provided, withï toothedïtrip
means, counterweighted »tape means providedïwith
slotted engaging means adapted ïto tripfinter
rvmittently Athe 'said toothed `trip ~`means -`‘during
50 downward movement of theV tape, causing-a `por
tion -of «the said> ñgure- tol'strikeï the vsaidiîhollow
resonant element, Vîadiustable -fluld Yresistance
meansv associated 'fwithïlthe- said counterwei'ghted
tape means adaptedto vary'the -descentïòf the
tion what-'I claim as nove1 and desire tol secure » ‘ counterweighïted element, drum ïmeans 'rotatably
A“by Letters Patent is:
"1.'A toy of the character Vdescribed compris
mountedA in the -said ‘hollow base elementfand
secured to the free endof-the ‘said’ counterweight
-`ing, a hollow resonant element, at least one fig
ed tape means, motivatingmeans associated with
ure pivotally mounted on the said hollow resonant
the said drum >meansïi'afnd a second 'l?igure ?piv
element and provided with toothed trip means, 60 otally mounted on »said base element -?andf¿pro-
and count‘erweighted `tape means provided vwith
slotted engaging means adapted to trip intermit
ï-te'ntly the said toothed trip means, causing a por
tion >of the said-ligure to strike the-said -hollow
vresonant element.
V2. Aïto'y ‘of the -character'descrlbed compris
vided with toothed’ trip means adapted tobe -in
-termitte'ntly Ios'cillated vbythe “slotted »engaging
means ‘of the _said counterweigfhted tape"means,
causing a portion »ofïthe‘ saidïsécondaiigureito
` strike- the said hollow»resonant'element »
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