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Jan. 14, 1947.
' " 2,414,230'
Filed Jan. 14, 1944
' Y
Cf/HRL E5 E. Jo/f/vso/v
_` We@
Patented Jan. 14, 1947
Charles E. ll’ohnson, Memphis, Tenn.
Application January 14, 1944, Serial No. 518,276
1 claim. (Cl. S12-73)
This invention relates to a holder and dispenser
for tooth picks, and particularly to such a holder
in which the tooth picks may be readily placed
will protect the undispensed tooth picks against
from the following specification upon reference
to the accompanying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of the preferred
form of the holder.
Fig. 2 is a side elevation thereof; and
Figs. 3 and 4 are fragmentary sectional ele
unsanitary handling.
vations, showing respective modiñcations which
and which will dispense single tooth picks with
a minimum of jamming or packing and which
may be made in the head without departing
Tooth picks are usually about two and one
from the spirit of my invention.
half inches in length, vary roughly around one
Referring now to the drawing, in which the
tenth of an inch in mid diameter and are ta 10
various parts are indicated by numerals:
pered at both ends for a substantial portion of _
The holder comprises a barrel portion Il, hav
ing a bottom head I3 and a top head I5.4 One
of these heads, here indicated as the top l5, is
are grasped near the middle so as not to disturb
this parallelism, a bunch may be removed from 15 made removable for filling purposes, the head
and the barrel having complementary threads Il.
the package and inserted endwise into a suit
The barrel H is preferably a hollow prism,
ably shaped container. In many cases also
their length. They are usually sold in pack
ages in which they lie parallel, and Vprovided they
round bundles are sold which are adapted as they
which may be a cylinder, and is here so shown.
It may be of metal glass, plastic or other de
are to such placing. Their pointed 'ends permit
ready passage through an opening in the holder 20 sired, or obtainable, material, though preferably
the material is transparent so that the content
for expulsion, but tend, with very little provo
may be observed. Conveniently the barrel may
cation, toward point concentration and engage
be some one and one-half inches inside diameter
ment of several at one time with the discharge
and should be some three and one-half inches
opening, causing jamming if the hole be made
small enough for discharge of one only, or greater 25 deep, this being some one inch more than the
length of the usual tooth pick.
jamming if larger, or in the latter event, equally
The top head of the holder has a central aper
unwanted dispensing of several at one time
ture~ i9 which is of suñiciet size to permit dis
should jamming not occur, sanitary requirements
requiring that those not needed or wanted be
thrown away.
The objects of the invention are:
To provide a holder in which a bundle of tooth
picks may be placed at one time and thereafter
be loosely held;
To provide such a holder which has a height
or length suiliciently in excess of the length of
pensing tooth picks singly, but too small to per
mit passage of more than one at a time, a hole
one-eighth inch in diameter being a satisfac
tory size. A portion 15A of the head immedi
ately around the aperture I9 is substantially ñat,
to avoid any tendency to concentrate the points
of the tooth picks toward the hole, this flattened
portion having an areal diameter roughly half
that of the head. Surrounding this area the
the ordinary tooth pick to permit substantial 1on
head may be provided with an inwardly pro
gitudinal movement of the tooth picks loosely
jecting cylindrical shoulder section 15B» from the
disposed within the holder, such excess length 40 inner end of which a connecting portion 15C of
being preferably between one quarter and one
the head extends outward to the barrel, this
half the tooth pick length, whereby an expelling
latter portion -being ilat or even very shallowly
throw may be made;
inwardly dished.
To provide a holder which is apertured to
'I’he heads |5D and 15E, shown respectively in
freely pass a single tooth pick only at one time; 45 Figs. 3 and 4, include the same ilat areal sec
To provide a holder in which the apertured dis
tions around the apertures IBD, ISE, respectively,
pensing head is substantially flat and at right
and there function as does the head l5. In Fig.
angles to the length of the barrel in a zone
3 the head around the area is domed toward
around the dispensing opening whereby side
the barrel, whereas in Fig._4, the entire head is
thrust tending to effect concentration of sev 50 fiat.
eral of the picks and jamming in the hole is
To fill the holder, the removable head is taken
ofi and a bundle or bale of tooth picks suiiîcient
The means by which the foregoing and other
to loosely fill the barrel is placed therein and
objects are accomplished, and the manner of
the head replaced. In dispensing, the barrel I3
their accomplishment, will readily be understood 55 is held in the hand and the mass of tooth picks
therein thrown by hand movement toward the
apertured head. One only of the tooth picks
should enter the hole I9, or 19D, or 19E, and be
projected partially or entirely therethrough, this
ybeing promoted by the tendency of the picks to
' remain in parallelism while resting on the bot
tom, and of the points to retain the spacing made
by the larger mid diameters of the picks, the flat
surface around the hole having no tendency to
concentrate the points, and rejecting the re,-V
mainder without crowding them together, or
jamming the one being ejected.
I claim:
A tooth pick container and. dispenser»A compris
ing a receptacle open at its upper end and a
head removably secured thereon, said head in
cluding a flat disc portion of about one half head
diameter, centrally apertured to provide a dis
pensing opening of diameter to freely pass a sin
gle tooth pick only, an annular inwardly stepped
shoulder around said disc portion, and an an
nular disc extending therefrom to the surround
ingl wall of said receptacle, said annular disc
beingy inwardly dished. to restrain shift of said
tooth picks toward said central disc and dis
pensing opening.
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