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I live in Znamensk

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 I live in Znamensk, which is situated in the north of the Astrakhan Region. Astrakhan region borders on Volgograd region in the north and north-west, Kazakhstan - in the east, Republic Kalmykiya in the west. It's washed by the Caspian Sea in the south. It's situated on the Caspian plain. The nature is very different. In region it's possible to see such rare and the most beautiful birds in the world as a curly pelican, a swan-shipun, a big white heron, a pheasant, a flamingo and many others. You can see a seal, a wild boar, and a relic antelope here. There are 230 kinds of waterfowls here. Underwater world of this region is very rich. You can seer sazan, perch, pike, cat-fish, carp, sturgeon, thorn, starlet here. You can fish in any season. To protect the animals in 1998 a special reserve was built. It's called "Sands of Berly". The climate is continental. Summers are hot, springs and autumns are warm and wild. This region is mainly agricultural. People grow rice, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers, onions, carrots, melons and watermelons. "The Museum of a water-melon" was opened in 2006 in Kamyzyak. You can see all kinds of famous water-melons of the region.
The region is rich in salt and gas.
The machine-building, fishing and canning industries are highly developed. So I'd like to tell you some interesting facts about this large and interesting place.
The Great Russian River Volga flows through the region. One of its tributaries is the Akhtuba. This river has its legend. Once upon a time there lived a rich man. He had a pretty daughter called Tuba. She was in love with a beautiful young man, but her father didn't like him and didn't want them to marry. So Tuba decided to kill herself. She went up to the hill and through herself down. The Gods changed her into a beautiful river. When her father knew about it he drowned in tears and cried: "Ah, Tuba, Tuba!" And since that time the river has been called the Akhtuba.
There is a mountain in the region. It's the highest point of the region. It's situated near the lake Baskunchak. Around the mountain the state reserve was founded in 1997. It's 18,000 hectares. It's called-the Big Bogdo. It is 152, 5 m. The Big Bogdo has some names: "Sacred Mountain", "Singing Mountain", etc. Many years ago a chapel was at the top of this mountain. This mountain was sacred. People believed that a soul of a dead giant-Tragan Abugan lived there. They thought he drove unbelievers away with horrible sounds. In fact the wind made this mountain singing. The Small Bogdo is 30 m high. It's 40 km from the Big Bogdo.
The foundation of the mountain is a monolit of salt.
There is one legends of formation of the mountain. Once upon a time there lived two epic heros: a father and a son. There weren't any hills in the steppe. One day the epic heros came back from the Urals. They decided to bring some big stones to their homeland. The way was difficult. A young epic hero was tired. He went to sleep and suddenly he died. Having buried his son, the father went home. He wanted to bring this big stone home. Going along a salt lake, he wanted to take a pinch of salt into his mouth. But as soon as he wanted to take some salt, pile of stones was made on him. The epic hero fell and the land became red. And now it's red too. And now we have the Bid Bogdo and the Small Bogdo.
There are a lot of other sights in this region.
So welcome to this region, I'm sure you'll like it!
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