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Meet Tiny.
He lives in the English forest.
He is funny and kind.
He is smart and merry.
Tiny can speak and read English.
He likes to write fairy tales and poems.
Tiny has got a lot of friends.
Tiny likes to play chess with his friends.
Tiny swims on Mondays.
He listens to music on Tuesdays.
He writes fairy tales on Wednesdays.
He draws funny pictures on Thursdays.
He reads fairy tales on Fridays.
He plays computer games on Saturdays.
He watches TV on Sundays.
His name is Tiny.
He is a pupil.
He goes to Green School.
He lives in the English forest.
He is kind and energetic.
His favourite season is summer.
He likes jam, sweets and cakes.
His favourite boy's name is Jim.
His favourite girl's name is Jill.
His favourite holiday is Christmas.
He likes to play with his friends.
He can write fairy tales and poems.
Tiny is a gnome.
He lives in a fairy tale forest.
He looks like a boy.
He looks very nice.
He has very big ears.
His eyes are kind.
He always smiles.
He often plays jokes.
He writes fairy tales for his friends.
He likes ice cream, cakes, sweets, chocolate and jam.
He has a sweet tooth.
He likes to play computer games, listen to music, ride his scooter and roller skate.
Tiny goes to bed at 9 p.m. and he gets up very early.
In the morning Tiny is very busy.
After breakfast Tiny goes to school.
He is a good student.
At 1 p.m. Tiny usually has his lunch.
In the afternoon he waters his flowers and cleans his house.
Sometimes he blows bubbles.
At half past two Tiny does his homework.
Evenings are very busy, too.
Tiny has got many friends and they visit him in the evening.
Tiny is hospitable.
His friends usually listen to Tiny's new fairy tales,
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