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 The Orthodox population of the Urals Verkhoturye and contiguous regions of Russia has long since revered the name of St. Simeon the Holy, who did wonders in Verkhoturye. According to the legend, a nobleman Simeon left his native land in European Russia and settled in the village Merkushino in the vicinity of Verkhoturye. St. Michael Archangel Church St. Michael Archangel Church The interior of St. Michael the Archangel Church The iconostasis of St. Michael
the Archangel Church The reliquary of the father of Constantine in
St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral The iconostasis of St. Michael the Archangel Church Holy water
September 12, 1704, with the blessing of Metropolitan of Tobolsk Philotheus was committed transfer the relics of the righteous Simeon Verkhoturye of the temple in honor of the Archangel Michael in Verkhoturye monastery in the name of St. Nicholas. On this day the Church celebrates the second memory of the holy righteous Simeon Verkhoturye. The gates of the monastery of St Nicolas
Simeon, the son of noble parents, was born outside of Siberia in the early XVII century. A nobleman by birth, he despised all worldly honors, went from Russia to the Urals in Siberia and arrived in Verkhoturye region. But the saint is not settled in the city Verhoturie, because he avoided the madding crowd, and the city Verhoturie was known then as a trading place where it was difficult to keep a low profile, as desired St. Simeon. So he stopped in Merkushine in the village, which lagged behind Verkhoturie miles at fifty. The whole nature of the place it a holy man to thinking about God and the hermit works. He did not live in the village Merkushine, but often left it, walked in the surrounding villages and hamlets or seclusion somewhere on the banks of the river tours, indulging in various deeds and prayer conversation with the Creator. A firm by his faith in God, he gave an example to all pious life. He was engaged in sewing coats with stripes, and thus got food for myself and helping others. At times, the righteous Simeon retired to a secluded spot on the river tours, ten miles from Merkushina, and here engaged in angling the fish. And until now indicate a place on the right bank. Simeon sat there under a spreading spruce on the stone, which exists to this day. So busy was sacred: in winter time -
sewing coats in the summer -
fishing. Often, even when the work in the house of a peasant's been completely finished, Simeon secretly left the house. For this he condemned, but the saint in his usual patiently endured all the criticism. Then realize that the holy man does so in order to evade payment for their work. St. Simeon steadily visited temple in the name of God, Archangel Michael, a former village Merkushine. All he treated kindly, trying to serve all, help everybody. St. Simeon was very abstemious, he loved solitude, purity differed not only physical but also mental, all cherished a love unfeigned. It had worked righteous Simeon and even before they reach old age, with faith went to the gentlemen who, as a true and faithful servant, served every day of your life. His death was followed by a blissful about 1642 honor his body was buried in Merkushine near the church in the name of St. Michael Archangel Heavenly Powers. Not a lot of news about the selfless life of this righteous man came to us, but clearly every thing they say about the pious life of St. Simeon healing that abundant stream flow forth from the relics of this great saint for more than three centuries. Humble in his lifetime, Simeon did not like the glorification of human, avoiding vain glory of this world. Therefore the memory of it was already beginning to disappear, but God did not want to forget was on earth the one who has forgotten all earthly things for Him. In 1692 noticed that the coffin of the righteous Simeon began to rise from the earth. All were amazed at the phenomenon, but grew even more surprised when the board through rasschelivshiesya coffin saw the incorrupt remains. And yet there was no man who could remember the name of a righteous man, whose coffin was so wonderful be. All residents were surprised this extraordinary phenomenon, and thanked the Lord are true servants. Soon awed veneration of the relics of these newly increased still more when they were committed to working miracles. The book is about the life of Simeon Verkhoturskij and his miracles.
1. Menaion December. Part2. -
Moscow, Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, 2002. 2. The Life and Miracles of St. righteous Simeon Verkhoturye miracle worker. -
Ekaterinburg, Publisher Novo
Tikhvinsk Nunnery, 2004. 
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