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Parametr Hable and violet displacement

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The analysis of displacement of length of a wave of radiation of close located stars leads to an establishment of violet displacement which is caused by acceleration of photons ЭМИ at an input in a gravitational field of a star of the Sun. Then the
It was found out that a large quantity close located stars already on a way to the
Sun, with escalating speed, and under Hubble's law – accident VAO is inevitable.
Rafael M. Ibragimov VAO Manley Mountains, fort True (Alma-Ata) I speak
: «Hubble's Parameter, is a measure of delay of a velocity of light
the Universe on ~74 km/s for 1 мпс
its ways. Actually, this
effect also leads to the extragalactic red to displacement. Other is not given and moreover, conducts to absurdities».
Hubble's law (the law total expansion of galaxies), the empirical law, establishes dependence
between distance to galaxy D and its beam speed Vr, Doppler defined by means of effect:
D=Vr/H, - where H – Hubble's "constant". Actually, Hubble's law leads to some, paradoxical
enough, at first sight, to consequences. First of all, return extrapolation of vectors of speeds
inevitably leads to concept of "Big Bang" during quite concrete moment of time and in a
concrete point of space. Further, the extremity of a velocity of light does final our Universe -
Rmax=C/H, where Rmax – the greatest possible settlement removal under Hubble's law. For
these reasons, the overwhelming majority of the most popular cosmological scenarios of
evolution of the Universe became with caution on these consequences. Further, we give reason
for an alternative variant of Cosmology when the velocity of light in the Universe is slowed
down, both on a current of world time, and at an exit from a field of gravitation of a star of a
source and it is accelerated at an input in the field of gravitation of a star of the detector of the
observer [
Violet displacement of star objects.
Let's construct, following Hubble,
distribution of beam speeds on displacement of
length of a wave from stars - Zl, in the nearest
vicinity of the Sun (d <20ps), but thus we will use
the modern data on a huge file of close located
stars, presented in the catalog [
Gliese Catalog
Thus we believe that for these distances the basic
contribution to displacement from beam speeds,
instead of ERD. Moreover we consider that for
observable stars the condition symmetric
distribution on sphere and as with fact use that average beam speed of their movement
concerning the Sun < ±~50 km/sec. And so, as a result we have laws (see schedule 1) is met: for
a distance r > ~6 пс stars leave from the sun (under Hubble's law), and here for distances r < ~6
пс observable stars f
in the Sun direction under the law of violet displacement of the Author. Actually, the constructed diagram «beam speed of stars – a distance» unequivocally
specifies in virtual character violet displacement as at such movement observable stars would be
for a long time in the Sun vicinity. But they aren't present, and consequently also Hubble's red
displacement so, virtually, by a rule of an induction and common sense!
Check on reliability of violet displacement.
It is necessary to note some uncertainty on the
schedule which is brought by beam speeds of stars
concerning the Sun, and fundamental (key)
character of the law of Hubble demands more
convincing proof of its virtuality. For achievement
of this purpose we will use laws of great numbers,
namely: in atlas Gliese Catalog the data on
displacement of length of a wave + is presented a distance for ~ 700 star objects that is quite
enough for an exception of influence of beam speeds by their summation on intervals in 1/2
parsecs. On schedule 2 results of calculation t
he averaged
virtual speeds of stars concerning the
Sun, as distance function are presented. It is possible to see that violet displacement of length of
a wave which defines virtual speed of stars in the Sun direction, has high enough degree of
reliability to a distance ~6 parsec, and the acceleration parameter is equal and = -8*10
on 1 mps to a way of photons. With the further increase in a distance the boundary region where
displacements of length of a wave practically aren’t present is observed.
Violet displacement in the field of planets of solar system. Let's consider abnormal acceleration «pioneer 10, 11»: It is established [
] that at an exit of space
vehicles from solar system their braking with
acceleration a
= - 8,2*10
is observed,
thus, the braking parameter is equal H = - 84,5
km/sec on 1 mps to a way of photons! It is possible
to see that values H it is almost equal to Hubble's
H parameter, but with a return sign that will be
coordinated with virtual character of braking of
devices similar to stars. In area of group of planets,
to a belt of asteroids, it is Mars, the Earth, Venus
and Mercury abnormal acceleration, apparently, small
Expansion of a zone of a correctness of effect of Doppler.
For an establishment of the nature of virtuality of displacement from close located stars
we will consider more in detail a conclusion of effect of Doppler. And so, it is possible to come
to a conclusion that displacement of length of wave EMR z=
, at
beam speed of a source
≠0, It is equivalent to change of a velocity of light, at a motionless source v=0, and, is fair
identity →
≅ Δ
. Thus, at delay of a velocity of light it is had as a result red displacement of length of a
wave, and at acceleration violet displacement from a motionless source. This property EMR is
equivalent to displacement of length of a wave at source movement, but at a constant velocity of
light, that is - to effect of Doppler. Actually, the established property of equivalence breaks a
postulate on a constancy of a velocity of light of Einstein, but, doesn't deny the influence fact on
parameters of photons EMR of fields of gravitation, both a source star, and a detector star. Thus,
have established that violet displacement is caused by increase in speed of photons EMR, at
occurrence in a star gravitational field! Moreover [3], established dynamic properties EMR
reflect gravitational properties of photons - at an exit from a star field there is a braking process
(for an example: red displacement of quasars - Z <10). And the nature of red extragalactic displacement (ERD), as a matter of fact, is concluded
in delay of speed EMR and consequently, Hubble's parameter is a measure of loss of speed of
photons for 1 мрс their ways (H = ~ 74 km/sek/mps). Obviously as that if speed EMR in the
Universe is slowed down on a current of world time also Hubble's parameter as decreases, or,
increases in process of removal in the past. And Universe expansion and the more so accelerated
is from crafty! In these properties EMR, as virtuality of movements of star objects also consists
in area a mega parsec (Hubble's law, H = +74 km/sec/mps), and in area a parsec (violet
displacement of the Author, H =-8*10
km/sec/mps). Supplements the present conclusions
abnormal delay of space vehicles «pioneer 10, 11», Hp = - 84,5 km/sec/mps.
Other possibilities of experimental proofs of dynamic properties EMR. As it was marked above, at a conclusion of the law of Doppler equal displacement, both
frequencies of a signal, and lengths of a wave, from a moving source with relative speed Δ
v, it is
possible to receive and change of speed of distribution of a signal c ± (
v), at a motionless
source. Thus, the elegant formula - c=
λ which connects key parameters ЭМИ, wil
l be
transformed to the formula not smaller beauty [
]: c
λ ≡ c
where the index «0»
designates parameters of a source of radiation, and other are parameters EMR measured on the
detector of the observer. This identity will easily be transformed to t
erms of displacement,
namely: (1+Z
) * (1+Zс) = (1+Z
) ≡
(1+Ze), provided that Planck's constant a constant. It is
obvious, what except Zc the remained displacement are measured by tool Astronomy with
sufficient reliability and consequently, on the present
for Astronomy there is no problem for the
answer to interesting questions - Zc≠0 and Z
Ze?! Check of reliability of the established properties of photons EMR can be spent to areas of
planets of solar system thus: onboard the space vehicle, type «pioneer» it is necessary to
establish equipment on measurement of displacement of frequency of the accepted control
signal. And if this displacement appears identically equal to displacement of frequency of the
accepted signal from the device thereby will dynamic properties ЭМИ are established.
Moreover, the big distances will allow to spend and direct measurement of speed of distribution
of photons both in a direction from the Earth, and in a return orientation that is equivalent to
experiences of Majkelsona and Morli at modern interpretation of the physical nature of Vacuum.
And so, we will draw conclusions. Established above property ЭМИ do absolutely unacceptable trivial representation about
photons as electromagnetic quanta of energy transferred from a source to the detector in an
invariable kind (it is supposed only by change of length of a wave on effect of Doppler). Such
backward representation about EMR became possible owing to refusal of the physical nature of
vacuum, as environments possessing quite certain properties which are defined, including, and
measurement of dynamic parameters of photons. In particular it is true at studying of star objects
in the Universe, presented in this work. Actually, refusal of the physical nature of vacuum also has led to the whole cascade of
mystifications in the physicist of the XX-th century which are fixed and extend adherents of
masons: 1. The central place, of course, occupies a postulate on a constancy of a velocity of light
of [
A. E.
] 2. E. Hubble's law, instead of rational treatment about delay of a velocity of light, the
illogical treatment about t
he scattering
star objects from the Sun is accepted. And it despite
existence, already at that time, stars with violet displacement of length of a wave [
]. 3. A particle neutrino, postulated by Pauli for the sake of rescue of the law of
conservation of energy at β
- n
eutron disintegration. And further tens grades neutrino +
antineutrino, in the absence of their confident identification that has essentially complicated
construction of successful physics of elementary particles have followed. Where it was easier to
extend idea about energy of communication of making elements, thus: if Δ
e <0 the particle is
stable and if Δ
e> 0 the particle is as table and breaks up to stable elements in time proportional
e/e. And surplus of energy is absorbed by the vacuum environment, wit
h indemnification
negative energy [
4. A black hole. Now only the lazy doesn't maintain this fixed idea, despite negative result
of its attempt of detection in close supernovae Tiho Brage. Supervision have shown that in the
rest we have a star of spectral class G, at all to a neutron which is in “stabilization" stage. Such
scenario of "explosion" supernovae is Most possible: before formation process we have a star in
weight M, radius R and density p, and after a star of a smaller spectral class with weight M
radius R
<R, but about density P
> P. Here in the course of increase in density of a star also
there is a liberation of energy of communication in the form of fireworks SUPERNOVAE [
]. It
at all "explosion", and expression from a star of radiant energy. And this scenario of formation, in
the absence of a black hole, finds the indirect acknowledgement in powerful illumination from
within practically all rests Sn.
Wine state farm
, fort True
, 07.10.2011.
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