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Student: Akhmedzhanov Amir
Class: 10”C” Project supervisor: Dzhaspenova R.T.
Krasnyi Yar 2010
Dear listeners
I’d like to present you a project on “ Problems of the youth: generation gap”. The aim of this project is to demonstrate problems of young people and analysis of reasons of these problems.
Youth is a very important period in the life of man. This is the time when a person discovers the world and tries to determine the place in the universe. Young people face a lot of problems which are very important for them and don’t differ much from those that once their parents had to deal with. At the same time every generation is unique. It differs from the one that preceded it in its experience, ideals and a system of values. The adults always say that the young are not what they were. These words are repeated from generation to generation. To some extent they are true, because every new generation grows up quicker, enjoys more freedom. It is better educated and benefits from the results of the technological progress of the time. ii
I am not a child any more
! Can you understand that
Young people of today do not directly accept standarts of their parents, who believe that they are right because they are older. The adults don’t want their values to be questioned. The young on the other hand cannot accept the values of their “fathers”.
Can’t you turn it down?!!
All these differences generate a generation gap when the young and adults do not understand one another. As a rule the adults, dissatisfied with their own lives, teach the young how to live. Unfortunately, the adults apply old standarts to the new way of life. They cannot leave behind their “good old days”. This burden is very heavy. They think that the world is going down hill. They gloomily look ahead unable to understand the optimism of their children who want to pave their own way in life. At your age I was much more serious and responsible!
… but I’m going out with my classmates. Everyone will make fun of me for going home so early!
The majority of the young people do not want to live in the past. They have their own ideals. They want to overcome their own difficulties without looking back. I think the parents will never understand their children. And children, in their turn, shock their parents with their dress, language, behaviour.
But sometimes the situation is different. The young people share information and experience with their parents. I think that is not bad, especially when the adults really try to understand what is going on in the lives of their children. I am fifteen. I’m a ten
student. In our English lessons we discussed the problem of the generation gap. From our talks I understood that my classmates also have some problems like any teenager at this age. They say that the most important problem in their relations with their parents is misunderstanding. Their parents don’t understand that except studies their children have a lot of other interests.
Parents aren’t always happy with their marks at school. Every day they nag about their homework and don’t believe when they say they have already done it. All they want is to see their children learning something. And they get very angry when children play computer games or watch TV for a long time, as they think. My classmates complain: “Always studying. We almost don’t have time to enjoy our childhood.”
As for me I don’t have such an urging problem with my studies. But it doesn’t mean that everything is all right in my life. My parents don’t understand that I can’t always get only excellent and good marks. That’s why I sometimes can’t avoid arguments with my parents. However I believe my classmates realize without good education it is not easy to be successful in life. They can do well at school if they are not lazy. We can’t live in constant arguments with our parents. We should solve these problems. Some of my classmates prefer to solve all their problems peacefully. They say the best tactics is not to contradict parents, because there is no use of it. It is not always necessary that parents should know that you disagree with them. The others doubt that generation gap can be bridged, because of the differences in interests and values. But I think that some compromises from both sides are possible.Tolerance is the only way to bridge the gap of the generations. Moreover, when people start to cope with problems they become stronger and more experienced. I do not think that life without problems will be better. 
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