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 Welcome in the Social network of new generation
Network in which it is possible not only to have a good time
But also to earn
• to Arrange the goods and services of yours business
In the network search engine
• to Advertise your financial and network projects
To create subjects and to conduct the blogs
To receive office of the independent representative
Welfare Forever” for cooperation and to receive the monetary
The payments, allowing to have the constant income
• to Receive representation on the Internet, to create
Forums, chats, groups on interests, And branch the shop Internet.
Social network "Welfare Forever“
Opens to you new possibilities:
We have got used, that the usual, old social networks which have come to the Internet when yet there was no competition, and occupied this market, now allow people to communicate simply and is useless to spend time and money.
"Welfare Forever" - not simply new social network on the Internet, repeated a set of functions of old networks
"Welfare Forever" is absolutely new approach, it is your business, inevitably both constantly growing and developing as grows and all Internet develops
Now you have a possibility «to earn communicating», and at «Welfare Forever» there is a possibility to take the place in this market the Internet of services, thanks to your participation. “
Welfare Forever” pays high monetary bonuses to the participants advancing its services on the Internet.
Win all:
• the Social network "Welfare Forever" Wins: at the expense of increase е
Presence at the Internet and possibility of earnings from advertising activity and the Internet of shops
• you win: “Welfare Forever” does not pay for the advancement to intermediaries, agencies. It allows to pay to 90 % from a turn of a social network to the independent representatives
• you win: businessmen, the enterprises, the investment and network companies which can successfully develop in powerful community Win, advancing the goods and services.
So, business with us is
- It is easy! Because you know for a long time already how to invite people, and schoolmates in old and usual social networks and to it it is not necessary to learn friends
- It is convenient! Because in social networks now is more and more the services, allowing to receive any information, from a policy, to hobbies
- Without financial risk! You can use the general services free of charge. You do not need to do any investments or contributions, you pay only for additional functions in system
- Quickly! Because cooperation does not demand long delivery and heavy packing
- It is favourable! Because about you or about your firm, your hobbies, will know more and more people.
- It is pleasant! Because you do not need to break the habitual business and a way of life. Nobody limits possibilities to participants of network projects
- Adequately! Because you come now to us in the beginning of our development and in some years can already be proud of that so have made in time the decision on cooperation with the known company.
Remember that by 2011-2012 turns the Internet of the companies offering the various goods and services will exceed 10 billion dollars
Do not miss chance!
The company shares with you the income on special model. About it further
With what to begin?
To start to co-operate with us, to you simply enough to create to itself the free office, having passed the elementary registration.
To you the window of possibilities, intuitively clear interface where there are helps opens. Create groups, place a photos, invite the friends familiar, recollect old networks, where you for a long time already
Remember that our program is arranged so, that it remembers, who whom has invited in Welfare Forever and further it will essentially affect the sums of payments of your income
Necessarily study not only developing our services and service, but also marketing of your further cooperation with the Social network «Welfare Forever».
Here you already use our services. And in the personal office, in management find here such button
We offer you presentation of marketing of participants of a social network «Welfare Forever»:
Internet business the Site-blog the Social network of Those. Support
The social network "Welfare Forever" shows to independent representatives already blazed way for
The additional income. HOW IT WORKS?
That you have really started to earn money, «Welfare Forever» used the most advanced technique – matrix revolving system (Tables of the account of bonuses). However our technique essentially differs from other subjects that has unique functions
For example, function of a choice of the time sponsor, or rotation function in the chosen table without transition in the following table of the account (matrix).
It allows you to plan in advance terms and frequency of the bonus monetary income. We do not apply any obligatory purchases and we do not limit independent representatives to time frameworks
So. In total it is used three independent and free systems of the account – tables (tables) of the account. It is a table of "Small" 15 places 4 levels, "Seven" of 7 places 3 levels, and the "Main" 15 places. The participant of the program can rotate in any registration table, receiving bonuses again and again
That the account has started to work, it is necessary to pay service (or a set of services) the companies. The bonus account is conducted in internal bonus units – "blessings". One blessings it is equal 1 I cut at the rate at date of payment or a bonus. Payment is accepted by systems Master Card, VISA, receipts in Banks of Russia and Ukraine, and other kinds of electronic and usual payment.
As any of the listed tables of the account works
Let's consider on an example of the "Main" table
You have paid services for the sum of 10 000 blessings. Here so the marketing group of representatives, where you - in the bottom eight looks. Any who comes to marketing, the program puts on an empty seat from left to right in the bottom eight
To invite in the Social network all participants of group have the right
Here there are FOUR qualifying levels (position)
You begin in system, as one of eight START
Thanks to ease of job and simple conditions of marketing, participants at each level long are not late. The only stipulation which is required to be executed to each representative is to interest two new participants for all period. It is possible more
The eight is filled with all participants together. After the eight is filled – the account Table shares. Thus that person who was up to standard FINISH – has received compensation of 60 000 blessings. Having interested in cooperation in a social network “Welfare Forever” 2 participants there are more, the representative will accelerate advancement not only in this cycle, but also in the following.
Vlad Kim
Jim Tom Lena Ben
YOU Rob Sam Toma Dima Tim Den Bob
Receives compensation
Also there are 2 new tables where the new eights are ready for filling.
At each new compensation of the participant of group from a position “FINISH”, positions “START” replenish. And you pass a position to new level. In the beginning on “CONTINUE”, then on “FORWARD”, and now on “FINISH”! You have well worked at the offer of our services on the Internet, and it is time to you to receive the Bonus! Now your turn
We congratulate! The eight “START” was filled, "you" have finished a cycle and have received marketing payment of $2000 (60 000 blessings).
YOU Receive compensation
The company serving Social network Welfare Forever, translates your bonus to any under the status map VISA, any bank in the world. It occupies less than one day. You need to contact only company office on system "Ticket" or by phones and Skype, specified in your offices and to be defined with the compensation form
Inhabitants of Russia or Ukraine can regularly receive the money for bills in the banks, given at filling of additional columns of the questionnaire. You also can charge to pay the serving company for the clearing settlement any your purchase in shops, or service in the organisations. It can be tourist permits, payment for credits, payment for training, payment for the goods for the house and a family
Cooperation in other kinds of tables of the account Similarly "main". A difference only in cost of services, the sum of payments and quantity of levels. For example, in a table "Seven" only 3 levels. And the beginner comes not to the eight, and in the four. It accelerates process.
Calculation of your potential annual marketing income of cooperation with «Welfare Forever»
Frequency of an exit on compensation:
The plan
$24 000 in a year
$100 000
in a year
$732 000
in a year
The plan
$133) $4800
in a year
$20 000
in a year
in a year
The plan
in a year
$19 000
in a year
$135000 in a year
You can pass from one kind of tables in another. And to plan it in the personal offices. STUDY VARIANTS FOR START And the CHOICE YOU of the FURTHER ACTIONS The revolving System
Gives equal possibilities to be successful for all: as soon as the participant finishes a cycle, it leaves from top of the marketing account and releases a place for reception of marketing payment always to two new participants
In our social network there are no kinds of restrictions by quantity of the executed cycles and the received marketing payments. Also there are no restrictions if you left on compensations and have not satisfied a condition 1+2. You always receive all in full.
There is a system «the Gift
If you do not manage to make two invitations, to satisfy a condition 1+2, the company has created the special program which can give you one person
System «follow the instructor»
Does your business cyclic. You always, leaving on compensation, will come there, where your instructor. And your people of the first level of the invitation will always return to you. Means, that if you will make not 1+2, but 1+3 or 1+5, means in following cycles you will be surrounded by happy followers of your success. Then rotation process is already simply irreversible!
Training independent the representativeй
Welfare Forever:
The company gives the big attention to training of the independent representatives. Therefore it is free, regular experts, spend regular Schools the Education Internet through the special program «the Internet conference», allowing simultaneously to train to 200 listeners. You all it will find in the personal offices and on a site special business serving the Network “Welfare Forever” the international company.
Effective tools of marketing:
You are an expert in marketing of social network Welfare Forever, means can think out the ways of advancement of our services. Participate in a company forum
Create your own site, a blog, a page and advance on the Internet
Use our logo, our cut-aways, brochures, disks DVD, invite to conferences and schools.
- Exit additional seminars of our employees in your cities and the countries.
Passing system:
If you are arrogant in marketing the company allows you to "jump" in system of registration tables from a position “CONTINUE” on a position “FINISH”, passing “FORWARD”
Condition – you should execute 1+2 before table division. And if at level “FORWARD” someone has not had time to make it you jump over it, and leave on “FINISH” passing level “FORWARD”.
Build structures:
Consider, that Welfare Forever will necessarily develop and will start further system of the parallel marketing, stimulating to help to leave on compensation to distant levels. And this system will be based on the constructed structure from users and independent representatives.
Prospects of our development:
Present for a minute, that owners of the most known Internet resources, for example search engines or social networks, suddenly will decide to share with you the income of sales of services. Whether there can be it? You only imagine, what huge money rotates in these networks and searchers!
We - a young social network «Welfare Forever», but we together with you have already entered into the Internet, and already now we declare, that are ready to share with you escalating incomes!
Only imagine, as your life when you will start to co-operate with a new social network «Welfare Forever» will strongly change!
It is possibility to be assured of a constancy of the income, this financial well-
being, it is job near the personal computer in house conditions, and it is more attention to give possibility to the family, hobbies, health, sports! You start to feel the man of means and plan day, the year and the incomes!
The solvency sign is possibility to be engaged together with «Welfare Forever» charity, the help to requiring children, people.
The network “Welfare Forever” necessarily plans further new promotions, and also the new, unique programs, allowing to earn on apartment, the car, a trip. For those participants who will participate with us now, and will support us, the Network “Welfare Forever” in further, after a stage of development, will consider a question on a package of preference shares of the company which owners can receive dividends following the results of annual reports of the operating company.
About Joint-stock company
and privileges:
Happiness to you and Well-being!!!
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