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Работа выполнена на курсах «Информационные
технологии в деятельности учителя-предметника».
(Декабрь 2006г.)
Автор: Нурдавлетова Галина Алексеевна, учитель
английского языка МОУ "Бориковской основной
общеобразовательной школы"
Цели и задачи
Дать учащимся общее представление о
Соединенном Королевстве
Великобритании и Северной Ирландии
и о его столице Лондоне.
Ознакомить учащихся с основными
достопримечательностями Лондона, их
краткой историей.
Some information about
The UK
Map of the UK
Population - 58,4 mln. people, 82% - English, other 18%
Scottish, Welsh and Irish.
Geographical position – situated in the North-West of
Europe, on The British Isles.
Area - 244,1 thousand square km.
Climate - moderate, mild and wet.
The coldest month - January, (t° +3 С to +7 С).
The hottest month - July, (t° +11 C to +17 C)
Official language –English.
Capital – London.
Currency – Pound (£); 1£ = 100 pence.
London is the capital of The UK. It is
situated at the mouth of the river
Thames near the North Sea.
It is the largest business and
finance center of the world, main
passenger ports and airports are
situated in London.
Historically it was divided into three
parts: City, West End, East End. City
is a finance and trade centre, West
End has shops, restaurants,
theatres, main London parks.
Welfare people live there. East End
is a place where plants and factories
are situated. Mostly working people
live there
The most Famous London Sites
Buckingham Palace
Big Ben
Houses of Parliament
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Tower Bridge
Trafalgar Square
Westminster Abbey
Piccadilly Circus
National Gallery
British Museum
Victoria And Albert Museum
Madame Tussaud’s Museum
London Eye
The Tower
of London
It is one of the most
interesting places in
London. During its
history the Tower has
been a fortress, a king’s
residence, a prison and
the King’s Zoo. Now it is
the museum. William the
Conqueror built it in the
11-th century.
The Tower
of London
There are always black
ravens in the Tower of
London. Legend tells that
the monarchy will fall if
the crows leave their
living place. That’s why
there is a special man,
called a Raven Master,
who feeds the birds and
cuts their wings for them
not to fly away.
Buckingham Palace
The palace was built by the duke of Buckingham in 1803, it has been
king's residence since 1837.
There are 661 rooms in it. 18 of them are open to public in special
days once in a year.
The Queen of England occupies 12 rooms, facing Green Park.
In front of the palace there is a monument - it’s the Queen Victoria
Buckingham Palace
Ceremony of changing Guards before Buckingham
Palace takes place every day at 11-30.
Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament were built more than one thousand
years ago, since that time it has been the main residence of the
British monarchs. After the fire of 1834 the buildings were
reconstructed in 1840.
Now it is the administrative centre of Britain. One of its towers
with a clock on it is a famous Big Ben.
Big Ben
It’s one of the most famous
sites of London. Big Ben is the
name of the clock and the bell
of the clock tower of the
Houses of Parliament. You can
hear the sound of Big Ben
every hour in London. The
clock and the bell got their
names after Sir Benjamin
Hall, who headed construction
work. He was a tall man,
whose nickname was Big Ben.
Big Ben
St. Paul’s Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral is situated
not far from the Tower of
London. It is one of the
greatest English churches. It
was built in 1673 by Sir
Christopher Wren instead of
the former cathedral which
was burnt in the Great London
Many famous people are
buried there: Admiral Nelson,
Wellington, Sir Christopher
Wren itself and others. Now
it’s a place of different
ceremonies: burial, wedding
ceremonies, celebrating
anniversaries and so on.
Tower Bridge
The most famous and beautiful of London’s bridges is
the Tower Bridge. Its construction began in 1886 and
lasted for 8 years.
The two towers are connected with each other at the
height of 45 meters. There are museums in these towers
nowadays. The first museum tells visitors about the
history of the bridge and the river Thames. The other
shows the mechanism of the bridge at work.
Trafalgar Square
The most popular square of
London, Trafalgar square, is
devoted to the victory of the
English Navy with admiral Nelson
at its head over Spanish fleet in
The square was planned in 1840
by Charles Berry (the architect of
the Houses of Parliament).
Nelson column is situated in the
centre of the square. It is 56
meters high. There is the figure of
Admiral Nelson on its top. At the
bottom of the monument there are
scenes of other battles of Nelson.
Today Trafalgar square is a popular
place of meetings and
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey is an
example of Gothic architecture. It
is a symbol of nation. William the
Conqueror was crowned in the
Abby in 1066 since that time all
English kings have been
crowned there. There are tombs
of many outstanding people.
In the poets corner of
Westminster Abbey J. Choser,
Samuel Johnson, Charles
Dickens and many other poets
were buried.
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus is a
favourite place of tourists.
It’s a crossing point of
several streets, leading to
most important sites of West
End. In the centre of the
Piccadilly Circus there is a
fountain with a monument to
Lord Shaftsbury.
Not far from this place there
is a Trocadero centre picked
up with shops, restaurants,
clubs, attractions. Nearby in
the Piccadilly street there is
the Royal Academy of Arts.
National Gallery
National gallery contains one of
the best and the largest
collections of West European
arts. It was started with 38
pictures in the house of rich
banker John Julius Angerstain.
In 1824 the parliament decided
to place the collection in
Trafalgar square in the centre of
London. A new building was
projected by William Wilkins.
By the end of the century the
National Gallery became one of
the leading museums of the
world, containing masterpieces
of Italian renaissance , Holland
and Spanish schools of Arts and
British artists: Hogarth,
Gainesboro, Stubbs, Constable
and others.
British Museum
British museum is one of the biggest
and most important museums of
history and culture of mankind. It was
founded in 1753 on the bases of the
collection of doctor and scientist Sir
Hance Sloan. It was open to public
on 15 January 1759.
British museum houses about 7
million objects, showing history of
human culture since early times till
present day.
Victoria And Albert Museum
The V&A is the greatest museum of art and design, a
world treasure house with enormous variety of collections.
The Museum holds over 3000 years worth of artefacts
from many of the world's richest cultures.
Madame Tussaud’s Museum
Madame Tussaud’s museum is the most famous museum
of waxworks. It contains more than 400 figures of popular
persons: actors, singers, politics, members of royal family,
sportsmen and others. You can make an excursion through
the history of London with the help of personalities
presented there. There is a special room of Horror, which
makes challenge to people’s fears.
London Eye
Magnificent attraction was built in the
centre of London specially on the
occasion of forthcoming 2000 year. It
was called “Millennium”. Now
Londoners call it London Eye. It is
135 m. high – the largest in the
world. It takes half an hour to make a
full circle. You can see the whole city
from its top.
Английский язык 8 кл. авторы: В.П.Кузовлев и др.
Английский язык. Учебник для IV класса школ с
углубленным изучением английского языка. Авторы:
И.Н.Верещагина, О.В.Афанасьева. М.:Просвещение,1995 г.
Большая Энциклопедия Кирилла и Мефодия. CD
Различные сайты о Лондоне.
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