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Тест на знание времен активного залога.

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Grammar Tenses.
1. The swimming bath ... at 9.00 and... at 18.30 on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays.
a) open, close b) is opening, is closing c) opens, closes d) has opened, has closed
2. Please, be quiet. I... to concentrate.
a) have tried b) have been trying c) am trying d) was trying
3. Don't worry about the dog! I t . . you.
a) won't hurt b) isn't hurting c)doesn't hurt d)haven't hurt
4.At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning we ... me room.
a) will clean b) will be cleaning c) have cleaned d) clean
5 . 1 . . . my homework by 6 o'clock tomorrow.
a) will have done b) will be doing c) will do d) am doing
6. Mr. Edwards ... ten years ago.
a) died b) has died c) was dying d) dies
7. Tom ... his hand when he ... his dinner yesterday.
a) burns, cooks b) burnt, cooked с) burns, is cooking d) burnt, was cooking
8) Jim ... just... to Canada.
a) have gone b) has gone c) had gone d) will go
9. That man over mere is bright red. 1 think he . . . .
a) has sunbathed b) is sunbathing c) has been sunbathing d) will be sunbathing
10. When I . . . home, my mother ... already ... dinner.
a) came, had cooked b) come, is cooking c) came, was cooking d) come, will cook
11. At 4 o'clock she ..., she ... for 3 hours.
a) realized, had been working b) realized, had worked c) realizes, has worked d) realizes, works
12.1 have a car but I seldom ... it.
a) have used b) was using c) use d) will use
13. Wait here! I .,. you an aspirin.
a) have brought b) am bringing c) will bring d) have been bringing
14.1... the book by the time you come.
a) will read b) will have read c) will be reading d) read
15. While I . . . in the garden, I . . . my back.
a) will work, will hurt b) have worked, hurt c) was working, hurt d) work, hurt
16.He ... for two hours without any rest.
a) has been running b) has run c) is running d)runs
17. John and Bill ... about 30 minutes, when the teacher ... in.
a) have fought, comes b) had been fighting, came c) fight, will come d) fought, came
18. Kate ... me the book which she... the day before.
a) gives, has bought b) will give, buys c) gave, had bought d) gives, is buying
19. Jack and Jill ... to get married yet.
a) didn't decide b) hadn't decided c) don't decide d) haven't decided
20. The police ... me on my way home last night.
a) have stopped b) stopped c) stop d) will stop
21. At 8.30 tonight I ... a nice film.
a) will be watching b) watched c) was watching d) will have watched
22. Look! It... .
a) snows b) is snowing c) had been snowing d) will snow
23. Nick... the teacher the picture he ... .
a) will show, draw b) showed, had drawn c) is showing, is drawing d) had shown, drew
24. We ... our flat for 2 months.
a) repair b) have been repairing c) have repaired d) are repairing
25. George ... already ... his driving test.
a) has passed b) have passed с) will pass d) is passing
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