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Feb. 6, 1962
Filed Jan. 25, 1959
#4154 A4 6641' 4 Own’?
United States Patet ?ies
Patented Feb. 6, 1962
lar in?atable tube 8 to which two arch-shaped support
tubes 9 are connected. These tubes 9 are in?ated when
Peter Albert Lowery, Purley, England, assignor to Chem
ring Limited, Surrey, England, a British company
Filed Jan. 23, 1959, Ser. No. 788,655
4 Claims. (Cl. 9—11)
the dinghy is in?ated and thus erect the corner re?ector
which has vertical planes 10 at 90° to each other and a
horizontal plane disposed over the top of the canopy.
The top of the canopy within the area con?ned by the
tube 8 may also be used as a water catchment area.
This invention is concerned with improvements in and
In FIGURES 5 and 6 a di?erent form of construction
relating to corner re?ectors for use at sea generally for
example with corner re?ectors for use at sea in connection
is illustrated. A dinghy has lower in?atable tubes 11, an
upper in?atable tube 12 and in?atable pillars 13. The
corner re?ector is formed by the vertical planes ‘14 at 90°
to one another and also by horizontal planes provided
within the con?nes of the tubes 11 and 12. A dinghy of
this kind may if desired be large enough ot take a load or
with dinghies, rafts, lifeboats and the like hereinafter
referred to simply as boats.
One object of the present invention is to provide a
corner re?ector it improved construction. Another ob
ject is to provide an in?atable boat having a corner re
?ector connected thereto. In?atable boats are now very
often standard equipment in ships and aircraft for rescue
alternatively this type of dinghy may simply be designed to
act as a radar responsive dinghy and may be towed be
hind a single passenger carrying dinghy or a train of
purposes in case of a wreck. One di?iculty when sur
several passenger carrying dinghies. As a simple radar
vivors have to take to an in?atable boat is for rescue
responsive dinghy it may be about 6' in diameter.
parties to locate the boat on the surface of the sea. 20
The radar responsive material may be plastic mesh
Beacon type aids to search and rescue such as “Re
coated with metal, for example silver coated nylon. Al
becca” and “Sarah” are already well known and another
ternatively we may use ?exible laminates comprising a
object of the invention is to provide cheaper and im
radar re?ective material such as aluminium or other metal
proved apparatus as compared with known devices.
foil or silvered nylon mesh or other vacuum metallised ma
According to one feature of the present invention we 25 terial inserted into position between plastic ?lm or ?exible
provide a corner re?ector adapted to be erected by in
resin ?lm or a ?exible adhesive ?lm or ?exible resin ?lm
?ation of supporting tubes. According to another fea
or fabric or other material to provide a laminated ?exible
ture of the invention we provide an in?atable boat char
radar responsive assembly with means to support the
acterised by the provision of a corner re?ector adapted
to be erected by in?ation of supporting tubes and incor
porated into the structure of the boat.
radar responsive part of the assembly when erected.
One advantage of the present invention is that the
various parts of the re?ector are ?exible; there are no
We prefer to make our in?atable corner re?ector in
such a way that radar responsive material e.g. metal
rigid parts or metal spars and therefore the re?ector can
not puncture an in?atable dinghy or other device with
coated plastic mesh is connected to plastic laminated sup
which it may be associated.
ports, the assembly being erected by in?ation of suitably 35
Connection of the corner re?ector inside the tubes or
arranged tubes forming a part of the assembly.
to the tubes is preferably eifected by high frequency seal
An in?atable rubber boat in the form of a dinghy usu
ing technique and the tubes may themselves be inter
ally consists of buoyancy tubes to ?oat in the water and
connected in this way. When sealing the tubes, ?aps may
a double skinned canopy to provide an e?icient thermal
remain on the inside and these ?aps may be used for
barrier to protect the occupants from heat and cold. Such 40 connecting the corner re?ector to the tubes.
a dinghy may generally speaking be of two types one in
What I claim is:
the shape of a circle and the other oval. According to
1. An in?atable boat in the form of a dinghy com
another feature of the invention the construction of an
prising buoyancy tubes and a canopy characterised in this
in?atable dinghy is modi?ed by mounting a corner re?ec
that a corner re?ector is mounted on the top of the
tor on the top of the canopy in such a way that the re 45 canopy the said re?ector comprising radar responsive ma
?ector is erected when the dinghy is in?ated.
terial arranged in the manner of a corner re?ector and
In order that the invention may be clearly understood
suitably connected to in?atable tubes forming arches over
and readily carried into effect, reference is now directed
the top of the canopy so that when the dinghy is in?ated
to the accompanying drawings given by way of example
the tubes forming part of the corner re?ector are also
50 in?ated and the re?ector is thereby erected without the
and in which:
FIGURE 1 is a side view of an in?atable corner re
aid of spars or other rigid parts.
?ector for general use with the tubes shown in dot and
2. In a survival boat for aviators or sailors comprising
a buoyancy-providing base, a superjacent and in?atable
dash lines, and
FIGURE 2, is a plan view thereof.
but normally collapsed upstanding wall and roof-support
FIGURES 3 and 4 are respectively a side elevation and 55 providing means carried by said base; the combination of
a plan of a circular in?atable dinghy with an in?atable
a ?exible roof-providing canopy overlying said wall and
corner re?ector on top of the canopy, and
roof-support-providing means and secured to said base,
FIGURES 5 and 6 are a side elevation and a plan of a
an in?atable and endless tube carried by the roof-provid
dinghy having a centrally disposed corner re?ector.
ing portion of said canopy as a reinforcement therefor, a
Referring to the drawings and particularly to FIGURE 60 collapsible corner re?ector of radar responsive material
providing upper and lower portions and having its lower
portion secured to and within said endless canopy-carried
tube, at least one upwardly projectable arch-form tube
re?ecting planes may be made of metal coated plastic
segment of collapsible material having its ends connected
mesh, suitably attached to in?atable tubes 3‘ so that when
the tubes 3 are in?ated the corner re?ector is erected. A 65 to and communicating with said endless tube, and the
1 a corner re?ector comprises re?ecting planes 1 disposed
at 90° to each other and an end re?ecting plane 2. These
upper portion of said corner re?ector connected to said
hook or loop 4 is provided so that if necessary the erected
tube segment, whereby when the endless tube and the
re?ector may be hung up in an exposed position on a sup
arch form tube segment are in?ated the corner re?ector
port 5. A re?ector of this nature may be used with ad
will be actuated vertically to operative position.
vantage on trawlers and other ships.
3. The structure of claim 2 and wherein there are two
In FIGURES 3 and 4 a dinghy comprises in?atable 70
collapsible arch form tube segments connected to and
tubes 6 and canopy 7. The top of the canopy has a circu
communicating with said endless tube, and wherein the
References Cited in the tile of this patent
corner re?ector comprises a sheet-like base element mar
ginally secured to said endless tube and two angularly
disposed and upstanding members rising from said- base
element, and said upstanding members secured to the re
spective collapsible arch form tube segments.
re?ector comprises a sheet-like base element marginally 10
secured to said endless tube and two angularly disposed
and upstanding members rising from said base element,
and said upstanding members secured to the respective
collapsible arch form tube segments, and said in?atable
endless tube, whereby the latter and said arch form tube
segment-s will be inflated when the upstanding wall and
roof-providing means is in?ated.
Hutchinson __________ __ Nov. 21,
Hudspeth et al _________ __ Dec. 19,
Hudspeth et al ________ __ Nov. 27,
4. The structure of claim 2 and wherein there are two
collapsible arch form tube segments connected to and com
municating with said endless tube, and wherein the corner
' wall and rant-supporting means communicating with said
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