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Feb« 6, 1962
B. A. ARvlDsoN
Filed April 30, 1957
United States PatentOliìce
Patented Feb. 6, 1962
Bengt A. Arvitison, Chicago, Ill., assigner to Miller
This application is a continuation-in-part of my ap
Wrapping da Sealing Machine Co., a corporation of
Filed Apr. 3i), 1957, Ser. No. 656,044
4 Claims. (Cl. Sli-39d)
plication U.S. Serial No. 642,526, tiled February 26, 1957,
now U.S. Patent No. 2,981,043. My prior application
discloses a wrapping machine for wrapping a corner
wrapped article, and as shown therein, such article may
be a tray having shallow sides in which diñerently shaped
cuts of meat or produce may be placed. In making such
a corner wrapped article, a generally square sheet of
This invention relates to an article Wrapping struc
wrapping material is banded about the article so as to
ture, and more particularly to mechanism facilitating the 10 have a. corner of the sheet extend from each end of the
initial banding of an article that is to be subsequently
article, with a band of the material formed around the
corner wrapped.
article. The other two corners of the sheet overlap on
An object of this invention is to provide new and im
the underside of the article. This initial wrap may then
proved article wrapping structure.
be secured by heat sealing the overlapping corners of the
Another object of this invention is to provide a struc
sheet at the bottom of the article. The initially wrapped
ture for securely holding a stack of sheets of wrapping
article is then advanced through a wrapping machine
material while permitting ready detachment of a sheet
such as shown in the above referred to application.
from the top thereof, including a tray, a drill member car
The wrapping structure comprises an initial wrapping
ried by the tray, and means mounting the drill member
table 1 which provides a location for an operator to first
for operation in a manner preventing damage to the tray. 20 place a generally square sheet of wrapping material around
Another object of the invention is to provide a Wrap
ping structure including a table and a sheet supporting
tray adapted to rest on the table top, in which the top
dicated generally at 2.
and tray are formed with interengaging elongated tongue
when not in use.
and groove means to siidably guide and conline the tray
relative to the table top and an article stop formed on
the table which functions to align an `article relative to a
The tray 2 comprises a base plate 5 and a pair of up
standing adjacent side walls 6 and 7 which are secured
at right angles to each other and to the base plate S by
suitable means such as welding. The side walls 6 and
sheet of wrapping material.
A further object oi the invention is to provide a wrap
ping structure for initially manually banding an article
having a table provided with a transversely extending
the article, and further comprises one or more trays in
The table 1 is provided with a
plurality of shelves 3 on which these trays may be placed
’ï define a corner of the tray, and a guide member in the
form oi a block S is mounted in said corner and secured
to the side walls by a suitable means, such as welding.
article stop against which an article may be iocated'when
The guide block 8 is located above the base plate ’5 a
placed on a sheet of wrapping material previously located
distance sufficient so as to receive therebeneath a stack
relative to said stop, said article stop having a continuous
of sheets of wrapping material 10. The wrapping ma
linear edge above the top of the table over which a por~ 35 terial, as an example, may be in the form of sheets of
tion of the wrapping material sheet may be drawn and
cellophane and of a thickness whereby a thousand sheets
folded downwardly to draw the wrapping material tightly
from a one~inch stack so that the guide block S would ‘be
and without wrinkles across the top of the article prep
located a distance above the base plate 5 of slightly more
aratory to subsequent corner wrapping of the article, and
than an inch. This cellophane is coated on either one
means defining an opening in said stop beneath the con
o1' both sides to enable heat sealing thereof.
tinuous linear edge through which a corner oi said sheet
The tray is provided with means for holding the sheets
may extend as required by the size of the article being
from falling out when moving trays olf or onto the table
1, while permitting the removal of sheets from the top of
The objects of the invention generally set forth together
the stack one by one. The guide block 8 is formed with
with other ancillary advantages are attained by the con- - a smooth walled opening 15 extending therethrough in
struction and arrangement shown by way of illustration
a direction generally parallel to the plane of the base
in the accompanying drawings, in which:
FIG. l is a perspective view in elevation of the table
late 5 and of a size to receive a drill member 16 and
permit insertion and withdrawal of the drill member.
forming part of the wrapping structure;
The drill member 16, when inserted fully, has a lower
FIG. 2 is a section in elevation of the table top taken 50 end i7 which seats against the base plate 5 of the tray
generally along the line 2_2 in FIG. l, and with a part
and has a shank 18 extended upwardly through the open
thereof broken away;
ing 15 and provided with a tang 19. The drill- member
FIG. 3 is a plan view of a tray forming part of the
i6 also has spiral cutting «iiutes 2li formed in the body
wrapping structure with a stack of sheets therein;
thereof to form cutting edges.
FiG. 4 is a front View in elevation of the tray shown
in order to secure a stack of sheets in the tray the
in FIG. 3;
drill member 16 is withdrawn from the tray through the
FIG. 5 is a fragmentary vertical section taken through
opening l5 and a sheet stack placed in the tray and
the guide block formed at a corner of the tray and shown
under the guide block 8. The drill member i6 is then
with a stack of sheets of wrapping material therein and
moved through the opening 15 so as to engage the‘lower
with mechanism associated therewith for securing the 60 end or point 17 of the drill mem-ber with the top of the
sheets in the tray; and
sheet stack. A ibifurcated spacer plate 25 (FIG. 6) is
FIG. 6 is a plan view of a spacer plate shown in
then positioned under the guide block 8 to keep the
FIG. 5.
sheets from expanding up around the drill and binding
While this invention is susceptible of embodiment in
tight against the bottom of guide block S. The plate has
many different forms, there is shown in the drawings and 65 a pair of legs 26 and 27 which lie to either side of the
will herein be described in detail an illustrative embodi
drill member 16. A speed wrench 28 is then connected
ment ot' the invention with the understanding that the
at a lower end 29 to the tang 19 of the drill member, and
present disclosure is to be considered as an exemplitica
rotation of the speed wrench results in the drill cutting
tion of the principles of the invention and is not intended
through the stack of sheets until its lower end 17 engages
to limit the invention to the embodiment illustrated. The 70 the base plate à'.
scope of the invention will be pointed out in the ap
The mounting and operation of the drill member re
pended claims.
suits in a smooth, trouble-free operation and avoids any
damage to the tray. The drill member 16 only moves
downwardly as is permitted 'by the cutting rate of the
drill, and the lack of any threaded relation between the
dril-l member shank 18 and the guide block 8 avoids any
tendency to push the ldrill member through the stack
faster than it can cut. With the drill member fully seated
in the stack, the speed wrench 2S is then removed from
the drill member and the spacer plate 2S is also withdrawn
so the tray is then available for use. The withdrawal of
the spacer plate 25 along with the speed wrench 28 is
insured by the interconnection of these parts by a chai-n
With a relativel-y complete stack of sheets there is
sutîicient friction to hold the drill member 16 in fully
Yseated position in the tray. However, as the stack be
comes depleted, this friction is lessened and a manually
operable set screw 3E) in threaded engagement with the
guide block 8, as shown at 31, may extend into en~
Y gagement with the drill member shank 18 to securely hold
the drill member in its seated position.
The tray has a diagonally extending elongated tongue
35 secured to its underside by means such as rivets 36
and 37 for a purpose hereinafter described.
The table 1 has legs 4() for supporting the shelves 3
and which at their upper ends are connected to a fra1ne~
work formed of members 41, 42, 43 and 44, which may
be in the form of angle irons, and which are welded to
gether. The top of the table 1 is formed from a pair of
When packaging certain relatively flat articles such as
pork chops or steaks in a tray having upwardly extending
edges, the edge of the tray is the highest part of the article
and drawing the wrapping thereacross will result in pro
ducing wrinkles. The continuous linear edge 6i formed
on the article stop provides a straight line surface against
which the wrapping material may be drawn downwardly
to obtain a tight, wrinkle-free section of wrapping material
across the article. Furthermore, when wrapping a rather
narrow article it is necessary to have a corner of the
wrapping sheets extend through the article stop, and more
particularly through the opening 62, and with the article
stop herein disclosed this may be done while still main
taining the continuous linear edge to facilitate the obtaining of a wrinkle-free wrap of the article.
l claim:
l. A wrapping structure for facilitating the initial
manual wrap of an article with a sheet of wrapping mate
rial comprising, a tray adapted to hold a stack of sheets
of wrapping material, a table having a top on which said
tray may be positioned, an article stop on the table
against which an article to be wrapped by a sheet of
wrapping material may be positioned, and elongated
interlitting groove and tongue formed one on the tray
underside and the other in the table top with the tongue
having a length suiiìcient for slidably guiding and con
ñning the tray for movements toward and away from
said stop without twisting in a predetermined orientation
relative Vto said article stop so that placing an article on
elongated rectangular panels 45 and 46, each having a
downturned ñange ¿i7 and 4S, respectively, extending 30 the top sheet of wrapping material in the tray and in
position against the article stop Will locate the article
alongside each other in spaced apart relation with an
elongated bar 49 extending therebetween.
The ñanges
47 and 48 are connected to the bar 49 by means such as
bolts 56 and connect the parts together to ‘form a unitary
table top. The upper side of the bar 49 is set beneath
the level of the panels 45 and 46 so as to form in co
and sheet relative to each other.
2. A wrapping mechanism for'facilitating manual_
forming of an initial wrap of a sheet of wrapping mate
rial about an article comprising, a table having a top
adapted to support a sheet of wrapping material, and an
operation with the ilanges 47 and 48 an elongated groove
article stop extending transversely of the table against
which receives the elongated tongue 35 formed onvthe
which an article may abut whereby an article may be
underside of a tray to slidably guide and confine the tray
guided by the stop to a desired position on a sheet previ
on the table top. The table top may also be fastened to 40 ously located relative to the stop, said article stop having
a continuous linear top edge at a level above said table
the frame members 4Z and 44 by means such as screws
51. A scale may be positioned in or adjacent the groove
top forming a folding edge for the wrapping material
with an opening beneath a length thereof to permit the
insertion of a sheet corner beneath the article stop when
table top.
locating the sheet relative to said stop.
The frame members 42 and 44 extend beyond the table
3. A wrapping structure for facilitating the initial
top and between them support a heat sealer including a
`manualbanding of an article with a sheet of generally
cover 52 and a hot plate 53.
square wrapping material `for subsequent corner wrapping
An article stop is provided at one end of the table and
thereof comprising, a table having a top, a tray adapted
comprises a transversely extending plate 60 suitably fas
to rest on the table top and having a stack of said sheets,
tened to an end of the table and having an upper con
means for aligning the tray relative to an end of the table
tinuous linear edge 61 at a level above the table top.
to hold the sheet stack in a predetermined position, an
The plate intermediate its ends is formed with an opening '
article stop extending transversely across one end of the
62 beneath the linear edge 61 which is also in alignment
table to locate an article abutting thereagainst 'relative to
with the groove formed in the table top.
a sheet in the tray on which the article is placed, said
ln `banding Va sheet of wrapping material about an arti
stop being in the -form of a plate having a continuous
cle, a tray containing the proper size sheets is placed on
inear upper edge adapted to lie above the level of the
the table top with the tongue 35 in the groove formed in
table top, whereby a portion of the sheet may be ex
the table top and is adjusted relative to the article stop
tended across the top of the article and said linear edge
60 lengthwise in the groove depending upon the size of
and folded downwardly from the edge to obtain a tight,
article to be wrapped. The tray is located diagonally of
the article stop. An article is then placed on the top 60 wrinkle-free section of wrapping material across the
article, and means defining an opening in said plate be
sheet generally adjacent the corner of the sheet opposite
neath a portion of the continuous linear edge to permit
from the corner of the tray containing the guide block 8
a corner of said sheet stack to extend thereunder when
and in abutting relation with the article stop. The corner
necessary for the size of article being banded.
of the sheet impaled by the drill member 16 is then
4. A wrapping structure for facilitating the initial
drawn off the drill member and placed across the top of
manual wrap of an article with a sheet of wrapping
the article and across the article stop 60. The article is
material comprising, an initial wrap table having a top
then lifted and the formerly impaled `corner of the sheet
and an article stop, a tray adapted to hold sheets of
passed under the article. The two corners of the sheet
wrapping material, an elongated narrow tongue formed
under the article are placed on the hot plate 53 to seal
70 on the underside of the tray, and means delining an
them. The article then has the sheet banded therearound
elongated narrow groove in the top of the table extending
with two corners of the sheet standing out, one from each
toward the article stop for receiving the elongated tongue
end of the article. The article may then be wrapped
to slidably guide and confine the tray in a predetermined
by the machine disclosed in my previously referred to ap
orientation relative to the table and the article stop, said
75 table top being formed from a pair of elongated horizon
so as to facilitate proper location of the tray along the
tally extending panels each having a downturned flange
extending alongside each other in spaced apart relation,
an elongated bar extending in said space for a substan
tial part of the length thereof at a level beneath the
tops of the panels to form in cooperation with said ñanges
the groove for receiving said tongue, and means fasten~
ing the flanges and bar together to form the bar and
panels into a unitary structure.
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