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Feb. 13, 1962
Original Filed June 2. 1952
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Feb. 13, 1962
Original Filed June 2. 1952
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United States Patent 0 " 1C6
Patented Feb. 13, 1962
in communication with the chamber 17 and forms a part
of the fuel chamber as well as an ignition zone.
bottom of the housing 20 is coplanar with the bottom of
Eric E. Randmark. Stockholm, Sweden, assignor to
the body portion 19 of the chamber while the top or roof
Victor J. Randmark, Rossford, Ohio
of the housing falls short of the top of said body por
Continuation of application Ser. No. 291,210, June 2,
tion 19 and is preferably slanted as advantageously illus
1952. This application Jan. 18, 1961, Ser. No. 84,478
trated in FIG. 2. The slanted roof of the housing 20 is
3 Claims. (Cl. 126—59.5)
provided with an air inlet opening 21 arranged near the
The present invention is a portable kerosene heater
closed outer terminal of the housing 20 as also illustrated
which is susceptible of a variety of uses but has special 10 to advantage in FIG. 2. The opening 21 is substantially
adaptation for use in structures, on land or water, during
funnel shape and may be completely or partly closed by
erection, to maintain suitable working temperatures and
a slide regulator 22 which is slidably mounted in a track
expediting dehydration of building walls and the like with
23 carried by the slanted top of the housing 20. The regu
a minimum of danger to the users.
lator 22 is provided with an opening 24 of a contour
This is a continuing application of my application Serial 15 simulating the contour of the opening 21. The outer end
No. 291,210, now abandoned, ?led June 2, 1952.
of the regulator is bent upwardly at right angles to provide
After much experimentation under actual working con
a ?nger abutment 25. Pending downwardly from the in
ditions I have been able to produce a heater ful?lling the
ner wall of the slanted roof of said housing 20 is a con
objects of this invention, particularly in furnishing ade
cavo-convex plate 26 which acts as a ?re shield. The side
quate heat in the speci?c location desired with emphasis 20 edges of the shield, as illustrated to advantage in FIG. 4,
laid on the safety factor to make the heater practically
are spaced from the opposite sides of the housing 20 and
the bottom of the shield terminates at a point remote
It is also within the contemplation of this invention to
provide a heater which although portable, is so constructed
from the bottom of the housing 20. The shield 26 is pref
erably disposed at an inclination, the lower end slanting
and balanced that it cannot be accidentially knocked over, 25 toward the body portion 19 of the fuel chamber as shown
in FIG. 2. The portion of the housing between the outer
closed wall of the latter and the shield 26 constitutes an
A further object of the invention is to provide a burner
ignition zone in which a wick carrying hook 27 is mounted.
which may be economically operated, without the emis
The hook 27 is carried by a rotatable shaft 28, which
sion of toxic gases, and in all places where an ordinary 30 latter carries scrapers 29 which are operable by a handle
yet the chimney superstructure may be quickly removed
for starting the heater.
natural supply of oxygen is available.
30 formed by extending an end of the shaft 28, which
A still further object of the invention is to include in
extension is bent at right angles. Movement of the handle
the heater unit a safety shield for the fuel tank which is
30 will cause the scrapers to be wiped over the opposite
constructed and arranged to effect air circulation around
sides of the housing 20 to relieve said sides of adhering
35 carbon.
the tank while the burner is in operation.
Other objects of the invention will be apparent from the
The burner also includes a ?re chamber 31 composed
following description of the presently preferred form of
of a base 32 which is sleeved on the top of the body por
the invention, wherein:
tion 19 of the fuel chamber, a horizontal portion of the
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a portable heater con
structed in accordance with the present invention;
base, beyond said body portion 19, being provided with
40 a circular series of air openings 33. Depending from said
FIG. 2 is a vertical fragmentary sectional view taken on
the line 2-2 of FIG. 1 and looking in the direction of the
horizontal portion of the base is an air and ?ame brake 34
which consists of an annulus which extends around the
sleeve portion of the base 32 in spaced relation to the
FIG. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken on the line
3—-3 of FIG. 2 looking in the direction of the arrows;
FIG. 4 is a vertical sectional view through the fuel
chamber of the burner taken on the line 4-—4 of FIG. 2
latter as shown in FIG. 2. The base 32 supports a cir
cular ba?le 35 which has legs 36 depending therefrom,
the legs being supported by the horizontal portion of the
base 32. The top of the baffle 35 is closed and formed to
looking in the direction of the arrows;
provide a sump or basin 37 adapted for the reception of
FIG. 5 is a vertical sectional view of the ?re chamber;
alcohol or other priming ?uid. The top of the ba?le is
50 bent outwardly at right angles to provide a collar 38.
FIG. 6 is a perspective view of the air regulator for the
Explosion reducer openings 39 are formed in the top of
fuel chamber.
the ba?le 35 at the juncture of the collar 38 below the
The device of the present invention consists of a porta
sump or basin portion 37 of the ba?le.
ble heater unit including a base 10 which is adapted for
The burner further includes an elongated chimney 40,
mounting on a horizontal supportjthe base including an 55 the bottom of which is slidably engaged over the base 32
oblong bottom part 11 having a super-structure 12 issuing
of the ?re chamber. As shown in FIG. 2, the bottom of
from one end thereof constituting a cradle for a fuel tank
the chimney 40 is spaced from the outer periphery of the
13, the bottom of which is spaced from the bottom part
battle 35 and is provided with series of staggered air open
11 of the base and is also spaced from the top of the
ings 41 which communicate with the openings in the burner
cradle 12. The fuel tank is provided with the usual ?ll
base 32 and the opening in the annulus 34. The top of
opening in which a closure 14 is mounted. The bottom
of the tank is provided with an outlet conduit 15 which
extends beyond the inner side wall of the fuel tank and
away from the cradle 12. The heater unit also includes
the chimney carries a ?re shield 42 supported by a rod
43 which is slidably mounted in a complemental guide 44
which pends from a cross bar 45 on the top of the chim
a burner generally designated 16 which is mounted on the 65 ney. The rod 43 carries a bayonet lug 46 which engages
the top of the bar 45 when the shield 42 is in an open
oblong part 11 of the base in parallel relation to the tank
position, as shown in FIG. 2. The shield may be closed
13. The burner embodies a fuel chamber 17 which is in
by rotation until the lug 46 enters a complemental slot and
communication with the tank 13 through a pipe 18 which
groove in the bar 45 and guide 44 respectively.
is connected to and in communication with the fuel tank
A fuel tank protector plate 47 is mounted on one side
conduit 15. The fuel chamber 17 consists of a circular 70
of the cradle 12 between the fuel tank 13 and burner 16.
body portion 19, a portion of the wall of which is open
The plate, as shown in FIG. 1, is spaced from the tank
and extended to provide an elongated housing 20 which is
to permit the passage of air around the tank and into the
shield the fuel tank from the heat of the burner, the burner
including a fuel chamber, a ?re chamber, with air open
burner as more fully hereinafter described.
In use of this burner the priming ?uid in the sump or
basin 37 is ignited after removal of the chimney 40 from
the burner base. The chimney is then replaced with the
?re shield and control 42 secured in an open position, as
shown in FIG. 2. The priming ?uid impregnated wick on
ings, a chimney mounted on the fuel chamber and com
municating with the latter, an inverted cup baf?e, with
explosion reducer openings, mounted centrally Within the
?re chamber, the top of the ba-?ie being formed to provide
a sump for priming ?uid, the fuel chamber including a
cylindrical portion and an elongated housing communicat
ing therewith, the roof of the housing slanting downwardly
wick heats the area in the fuel chamber 17, above kero 10 away from the cylindrical fuel-receiving portion of the
the hook 27 is lighted and as the ?ame burns it is choked
gradually by the slide regulator 22. The ?ame from the
sene or other fuel used, which causes the gases to rise to
housing, a concave-convex shield depending from the roof
the ?re chamber 31 where they mix with air admitted
of the fuel chamber, the shield being slightly spaced from
the sidewalls of the elongated chamber, a Wick supporting
member suspended beneath an air inlet opening in the
31. The air entering the ?re chamber through the open
ings 21, 33 and 41 forces the ignited gases to revolve 15 roof, through which opening the wick may be ignited, and
a closure movably mounted on the roof for closing the
with a resultant turbulence and successive explosions
opening in whole or in part.
which insure complete burning of the gases. Not only
2. The portable liquid heater of claim 1 with the addi
does this result in greater fuel economy but also increases
tion of a closure structure on the open top of the chimney,
the B.t.u. output with a complete absence of noxious
or toxic gases. In addition the air circulatory system here 20 the closure structure including means for holding the clo
sure in an open position.
employed is effective in keeping air circulation around the
3. The portable liquid heater of claim 1 wherein the
fuel tank and between the latter and the tank protector
concave-convex shield depends from the roof at a slant
plate 47. The over-all weight of a typical heater, as herein
toward the cylindrical portion of the fuel receiving cham
shown and described, is ?fty-?ve pounds making it readily
movable when set up. However, as shown in the draw 25 ber.
ings, the chimney 40 and baffle 35 may be quickly dis
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
assembled for convenience in transportation.
Various changes may be made in the invention within
the scope of the claims hereto appended.
30 1,082,101
What is claimed is:
Silk _________________ __ Dec. 23, 1913
through the openings 33 causing explosions in the chamber
1. A portable liquid fuel heater comprising a base for
mounting on a horizontal support, a fuel tank on the base
in spaced relation to the bottom of the latter, and a burner
structure mounted on the base in spaced relation to the
fuel tank and in communication with the latter, a protec
tor plate between the fuel tank and burner structure to
Peter __T _____ _., ______ __ Aug. 25, 1914
Briscoe ______________ __ Nov. 18,
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