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Feb. 13, 1962
Filed Jan. 20, 1960
“Unitgd SW65 Patent O.
1C6 ,
Patented Feb. 13, 1962
These legs diverge downwardly and outwardly from leg
sockets 15. The lower edges of the sockets are normally
provided with horizontal plates or ?anges 16.
The tool holder is most clearly illustrated in FIGURES
1 and 2 and is indicated in general by the letter B. The
tool holder is in the form of a generally rectangular main
body having two sides 17 and 18. The body is a one
Barnett C. Brown, 303 N. Greeley St., Stillwater, Minn.
Filed Jan. 20, 1960, Ser. No. 3,570
5 Claims. (Cl. 211—60)
This invention relates to an improvement in tool sup
porting devices and deals particularly with a support de
piece structure but the side 18 is disposed at an angle rel
signed to support tools used by electricians, plumbers,
ative to the side 17. This is best seen in FIGURE 4.
machinists while using a machine for cutting, threading, 10 The sides 17 and 18 and the end of body are provided
and otherwise working upon a pipe or conduit.
with a series of spaced notches 19 which may be of the
' As presently utilized, pipe machines of the character
same size or which may be of varying sizes depending
described are capable of being transported from one job
upon the particular details of the tools to be supported.
site to another and there set up for use. No particular
At one end of the main body I provide a pair of cars
provisions have been made to provide a holder or tem 15 or tabs 20 and 21 which are formed integrally therewith.
porary placement area for hand tools used in conjunction
The tabs 20 and 21 are provided with ?xed pins 22 and
with the pipe machine which may be moved from differ
23 which are inserted in apertures 24 through the ?ange
ent sides of the machine. These hand tools must be read
16. The ?xed pin arrangement adapts the tool holder for
ily accessible for the operator and they must be on the
mounting on the flange 16 on either side of the working
correct side of the machine.
20 end of the pipe machine. For example when the tool
This invention provides a simple and convenient tool
holder is mounted as shown in FIGURE 1 the side 18 is
support which will insure that the hand tools being used
utilized to hold tools. Should the tool holder be mounted
are always stored in a convenient position readily ac
on the opposite side of the pipe machine or above the
cessible to the operator.
front leg 14 the pin 23 would be inserted into the aper~
A feature of the present invention resides in the pro 25 ture through the ?ange 16 and the side 17 of the tool
vision of a tool holder which may be readily attached to
holder would engage and hold the tools.
either side of the machine. The tool comprises a rack
The main body is further supported by a channel 25
like body for supporting hand tools used in conjunction
which is welded or otherwise secured to a web 26.
with the machine. It is necessary that these hand tools
web 26 is secured to the underside of the main body in
be stored in the area immediately adjacent the working 30 termediate the ends thereof and approximately midway
end of the machine yet out of the way insofar as the pipe
between the marginal sides of the body. The channel 25
or conduit being worked upon.
is disposed at the proper angle to embrace portions of
An additional feature of this invention resides in its
one of the legs such as 13. The angle of the channel
simplicity of construction. The body of the holder may
relative to the leg 13 is best shown in FIGURE 4. When
have one side disposed at an ‘angle relative to a horizontal
the tool holder is in place the concave surface of the
side. The notches disposed in the marginal edges of the
channel 25 is in direct engagement with the outer surface
body are semi~circular and are designed to engage the
of the leg 13.
handles or certain portions of hand tools whereby the
Various tools such as the tools C may be supported in
tools are suspended downwardly from the rack and are
an out of the way position yet in a position readily ac~
readily accessible. The body or rack is further supported 40 cessible to the operator on either side of the pipe machine.
by a channel which is semi-circular in cross section and
The ?xed pin which is not being utilized to attach the
which is attached to a web depending from the underside
tool holder to the pipe machine may be used to support
of the body. The channel is designed to embrace one of
an oil can or other special tools having hooked handles.
the diverging legs at the proper angle to further support
In accordance with the patent statutes, I have described
the outward end of the body. ‘It will be understood that
the principles of construction and operation of my im
the radius of the channel surface is substantially equal to
provement in too-l supporting devices, and while I have
the radius of the diverging legs of the machine. The en
endeavored to set forth the best embodiment thereof, I
tire device may be removed by removing the bolt con
desire to have it understood that changes may be made
necting the holder to the base ?ange and lifting the holder,
within the scope of the following claims without departing
50 from the spirit of my invention.
disengaging the channel from the supporting leg.
I claim:
Other advantages and novel features of this invention
will appear from the following description taken in con
nection with the drawings wherein:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a pipe machine
1. A tool support for use on a portable stand having
diverging legs, and having a generally horizontal ?ange
provided with a generally vertical aperture adjoining the
55 upper end of at least one of said legs, the support compris
showing the tool holder in position thereon.
FIGURE 2 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective view
ing an elongated body having longitudinally spaced notches
of a portion of a pipe machine showing the tool holder
in an edge thereof, a vertically projecting pin on the
attached thereto.
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged fragmentary side elevation
undersurface of said body adjacent one end thereof
adapted to extend into said aperture in said ?ange, a web
of the new device shown attached to a pipe machine, cer 60 extending downwardly from said body at said one end
tain portions of the device and the pipe machine shown
thereof, and a channel adapted to embrace a portion of
broken away.
said one leg secured to said web at an acute angle to said
FIGURE 4 is an enlarged fragmentary end elevation of
the new device attached to one corner of the pipe ma
The pipe machine is generally indicated by the letter A.
For the purpose of presenting the details of this invention
the construction of the pipe machine is unnecessary other
body, the open side of said channel being directed away
from said body.
2. The structure of claim 1 and in which said body is
longitudinally centrally bent to provide two angularly re
lated sides, and in which said web is connected to said
body along the line of bend between said sides.
than its general frame structure. These machines nor 70
3. The structure of claim 1 and in which said notches
mally include an upper housing 10 supported by a pair of
are provided in both longitudinal side edges.
rear legs 11 and 12 and a pair of front legs 13 and 14.
4. A tool support for use on a portable stand having
diverging legs, and having a generally horizontal ?ange
provided with a generally vertical aperture adjoining the
upper end of at least one of said legs, the support com
prising an elongated body including angularly related
sides on opposite sides of a longitudinal line of bend, said
sides having longitudinally spaced notches therein, said
body including a central notch in one end thereof pro
viding spaced projections at one end of said sides, a. pin
projecting from the under surface of each of said pro
5. The structure of claim 4 and in which the portable
stand includes apertured ?anges at the upper ends of two
of the legs, and in which said channel and one pin hold
one side of said body substantially horizontal when said
channel engages one of said two legs, and in which said
other pin and channel hold the other side of said body
substantially horizontal when said channel engages the
other of said two legs.
jections and adapted to selectively engage in said aper 10
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
ture, a web on the under surface of said body substantially
on a plane bisecting the planes of said body sides, and a
channel adapted to embrace a portion of said one leg
secured to said web at an acute angle to said body, said
channel having its axis substantially on said bisecting 15
plane and having the open side of the channel directed
away from said body.
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