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Презентация урока английского языка с
использованием Интернет-ресурсов
Тема урока: Planning a trip to Scotland.
Цель урока: активизировать основные навыки учащихся: чтение,
письмо, монологическую и диалогическую речь, используя Интернетресурсы.
Задачи урока:
- активизировать лексико-грамматический материал по учебной теме
- развивать технологическую (действие в соответствии с алгоритмом
выполнения задания, не нарушая технологии), образовательную
(готовность к самообразованию, способность к получению знаний из
различных источников) и информационную (готовность к работе с
информационными источниками) компетентности учащихся;
- формировать социальную (готовность к взаимодействию, освоение
новых способов деятельности, умение работать в команде) и
коммуникативную (готовность и способность осуществлять устную и
письменную коммуникации) компетентности.
Оборудование урока:
- компьютеры;
- компьютерная презентация учителя;
- дидактический материал на электронных и бумажных
I. Введение. Good morning! The theme of our lesson is
“Planning a trip to Scotland”.
(На экране компьютера - слайд с указанием темы урока,
иллюстрация по теме и название Интернет - сайта,
используемого на уроке.)
Planning a trip to Scotland
Вступительная часть:
a) class discussion. Беседа с классом о Шотландии (на основе
ранее изученного материала в разделе «Страноведение»):
- население страны (population);
- факты истории (history);
- национальная кухня (food & drink);
- климат (weather).
(В завершение беседы на экране компьютера – слайд,
содержащий некоторый фактический материал с целью
проверки учащимися правильности своих ответов.)
Area: 78,769 sq km
Population: 5,200,000
Capital: Edinburgh
Political: Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. It has its own
parliament, legal system, education system and even its own
international football team.
History: The Romans never conquered Scotland. Between AD 120 and
140, they built Hadrian’s Wall, a huge wall of 118 km, to protect their
Empire south of the Scottish border. In the middle ages, Scotland
became a united country. There were many wars between England and
Scotland. In 1603 the Scottish king, James VI, became King of England
and a century later Scotland and England were united.
Scottish food: meat (beef, lamb, pork), cheese, fish and seafood, cereals,
honey, fruit & berries.
Weather: climate is temperate, winter – 5-7t’C, summer – 19t’C.
b) pair work. Интервью «Как ты провел свои летние
When did you go on holiday in summer?
How do you travel? What did you visit?
What kind of accommodation did you have?
What was the weather like?
Do you think Scotland is a good place for a holiday? Why?
Why not?
Pupil 1, Pupil 2, Pupil 3 express their points of view.
II. Основной этап урока.
Let’s divide into three groups. Your task is to get in Internet to choose the way of travelling:
- click on “Start planning now”;
- click on “Explore Scotland”;
- select an area.
I’ll give you the cards. Your task is to fill in the table with information
about your part of the trip.
Route name
Major towns visited
Means of transport
Food & drink
Things to see
Pupil 1: travel and weather.
- Go to the National Railtrack site and click “Timetables” to
see if you can travel by train. Type the major cities in
“leaving from” and “going to” fields and click “Get train
- Look at the map of your itinerary, find major towns, then
go to ViaMichelin route planner
- Click on “Driving directions”, type in the towns, get
directions, copy and paste to a word document.
- Click on the weather, then
“Weather” to find out the weather in major cities on the
- Choose and fill in the table with your part of information.
Pupil 2: accommodation, eating & drinking.
- Go to and click “Start planning
now”, then “Accommodation search” and choose a suitable
type of accommodation.
- Type the region (e.g. “Aberdeen City & shire”) in the box
on the left of the menu, then the type of accommodation
(e.g. “hotels”), then press “search” button and choose a
place to stay.
- Go to and click “What to see and
do” on the top of the main page, then “EatScotland” at the
bottom of the page, “Food and drink”, “Traditional
Scottish food” and read and find out about interesting
dishes to eat.
- Go to and click “What to see and
do”, “Eating and drinking guide”.
- Take towns or villages from your itinerary and type them
in the “Town search” box, then press “search” button.
- Click on results to decide you would like to eat.
Pupil 3: sightseeing & entertainment.
- Go to and click “Start planning
now”, then “Accommodation search”. Type your region
(e.g. “Aberdeen City & shire”) in the box on the left of the
menu, then the type of accommodation (e.g. “hotels”), then
press “search” button and find a place your group has
chosen to stay.
- Click the name of your place, then click the name of your
region on the top of the page, “Entertainment”, “Visitor
attractions” on the left of the menu.
- Choose and fill in the table with your part of information.
III. Заключение. Today we’ve learned how to use the
Internet resources to find some additional information on the
topic of the lesson.
IV. Информация о домашнем задании. Your home task will
be to send a letter with the help of e-mail to your English
teacher. The plan of the letter and the address of the teacher
you can see on the computer.
Write a postcard from somewhere on the trip to your English
- where you are;
- what you are going to do;
- what you are doing;
- what the weather is like.
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