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Feb. 20, 1962
Filed March 16, 1959
_ 1.
_ _ _ _.
Patented Feb. 20, 1952
Michael J. Ford, Hartsdale, N.Y., assignor, by mesne
assignments, of one-half to International Paper Com
pany, New York, N.Y., a corporation of New York,
and one-half to The Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn,
bars 14 inwardly of the door frame A’ so that the side
panels 10a of each door slope outwardly toward the door
frame A’. With this arrangement, it is found that the
grain pressure at the center of the car is reduced and the
pressure increased adjacent the frame portions A’ so as
to aid in further anchoring the door sides against the
frame. The arrangement further protects the storm doors
Filed Mar. 16, 1959, Ser. No. 799,683
of the railway car so that they cannot contact at any time
5 Claims. (Cl. 150-414)
the door body 10' and rub against it during transit and
10 during the starting and stopping of the car. The structure
This invention relates to a grain door and support
further enables a pry-board to be placed on‘ the outside
method. The invention is useful in connection with clos
of the door 10 and against the door frame, it this is de
ures for door openings, oppositely-disposed door openings
sired. Yet another advantage is that the central bar 14
in boxcars, and for various other openings for which a
provides a vertical support enabling the workman to leave
seal is needed. The invention will be described herein in 15 the car after the installation is completed.
connection with a railway boxcar.
I have found that a highly etfective door body 16 can
An object of the invention vis to provide an improved
‘be provided by employing laminated liner paper such as
grain door structure which is highly effective in contain
kraft paper, with the paper plies bonded together with
ing granular material while at the same time providing a
adhesive, the plies being illustrated in FIG. 5. The num
structure that can be readily folded for shipment and 20 ber of plies may be varied widely depending upon the type
readily installed within the car. A further object is to.
of paper employed and the loads that will be supported
provide a structure in which the heavy pressures en
by the door. Plastic adhesives may be employed for se
countered in the hauling of grain and other heavy material
curing the paper plies together and to further strengthen
are effectively resisted and the pressure directed to areas
the paper. In the illustration given in FIG. 5, there are
where it is utilized in holding the grain closure in position. 25 three sheets 22 which are bonded together, but, as stated,
A still further object is to provide a grain door structure
the number of plies may be varied.
of unique form and of great strength providing greater
As illustrated best in FIG. 4, the door can be convenient
?exibility and ease of installation. A still further object
ly folded upon itself into a compact shipping package and
is to provide a combination of doors with interconnecting
the folded structure further assists the operator in the
means having the advantages which will be hereinafter de 30 actual installation, since the V-shaped position of the
a corporation of Connecticut
scribed in detail. Other speci?c objects and advantages
will appear as the speci?cation proceeds.
The invention is shown, in an illustrative embodiment,
by the accompanying drawing, in which—
panels 10a supports the structure in upright position while
the operator is nailing the sides to the door frame A’.
The cover ?ap 21, which bridges the space between
the ?oor ?aps 20, may be a separate piece, or it may be
FIGURE 1 is a broken perspective view of a railway 35 secured to one of the flaps 20 with a fold line which per
mits it to be turned upon itself.
While I have described the structure 10- as being formed
of laminated liner or paper sheets bonded together to
taken as indicated at line 3—3 of FIG. 1; FIG. 4, a
provide the desired strength and ?exibility, it will be un
broken perspective view of the door in folded relation; 40 derstood that other material may be employed, including
and FlG. 5, an enlarged detail sectional view of a portion
paper provided with reinforcing ?bers running in opposite
of the door body showing the laminated structure em
or angularly-related directions, or the structure may in
clude laminations of plastic sheets with paper sheets or
In the illustration given, A designates a railway car pro
other ?ber sheets to provide the desired strength. Cor
car equipped with openings closed by doors and support
means embodying my invention; FIG. 2, a broken top plan
view; KG. 3, a detail sectional view, the section being
vided with opposite door openings enclosed by frames A’. 45 rugated paper may also be employed. Further, the door
Secured to each frame A’ is a door body 10 having the
side edges thereof folded upon itself: at 11 and secured to
the door frame by nails extending through the batten 12.
body 10 may be employed alone or in combination with
steel straps or other supporting straps, as illustrated in
US. Patents No. 2,734,567 and 2,797,749. If steel rein
It will be understood that any suitable means for securing
forcing is employed, the steel straps may be extended
the edges of the door body 10 may be employed.
50 through a projected portion of the metal bar 14. ‘(Joe
‘Each door 10 is provided at its center with a U-shaped
advantage, however, of the structure herein described is
portion 13 enclosing a metal bar 14 and secured thereto
that the reinforcements can be to a substantial degree
by strong adhesive 15. The door body 10 is preferably . omitted because of the angular arrangement of the door
provided with a fold line 16 at the outer end of each bar
and the supporting means therefor.
so that the side panels 10a may be turned outwardly at an 55
While, in the foregoing speci?cation, I have shown a
inclination toward the frame members A’ and secured
speci?c structure in considerable detail for the purpose of
thereto. The bar 14 is provided with an opening 17 there
illustrating an embodiment of the invention, it will be
through adapted to receive the tension wires 18, and the
door portion 13 is provided also with an opening 19 there
through aligned with the bar opening 17.
I prefer to equip the panels 10a each with a ?oor ?ap
2% so as to provide a seal along the bottom of each door
understood that such details may be varied widely by
those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit
60 of my invention.
I claim:
1. In combination with a ‘freight vehicle having op~
door openings enclosed by frames, a door across
panels ltla form a V-shaped recess on the outer side of
the panels, and similarly the floor flaps 20 provide between 65 each opening having a central bar and door portions in
clined outwardly therefrom, means for anchoring the sides
them a V-shaped opening. A cover ?aps 21 is provided
of said portions to said frames, each of said doors being
to cover the area between the floor flaps 20 so that there
equipped with a central pocket enclosing its associated
is a continuous ?ap seal around the door body 10 and on
bar, an opening in each bar and a pair of openings in the
which the grain rests as a means for further holding the
central pocket aligned with said bar openings,
door compactly against the ?oor.
and tension means extending through the openings of said
The tension wires 18 are drawn inwardly to hold the
doors to draw said doors inwardly, whereby said door
panel. As shown more clearly in FIG. 2, the inclined side
panels form a V recess with the panels inclined from the
center of the door outwardly to said door frames.
2. In combination with a freight vehicle having op
posite door openings enclosed by frames, at door closure
across each opening having a central, vertically-extending,
the apex of said V con?guration to provide a reduced sized
panel for shipment, subsequently unfolding said V con
?guration, and securing opposite sides of said panel to the
elongated bar and door portions inclined outwardly there
from, said bar having a generaly rectangular transverse
door posts of a grain car with said U-shaped portion
facing the interior of the car.
5. In combination with a freight vehicle having a door
opening de?ned by vertical framing members and a floor,
a temporary door extending across said opening and com
section, means for anchoring the sides of said door por
tions to said frames, each closure being equipped with a
prising a planar panel of generally rectangular con?gura~
in a V con?guration.
immobilized relation to each other to maintain said part
tion and having two pairs of opposite side edges, said
central, vertically-elongated pocket portion about its as 10 panel
being centrally folded on itself along a plurality of
sociated bar, a plurality of openings extending through
spaced-apart, parallel fold lines to provide an integral
said bars generally parallel with said doorway, a pair of
U-shaped part outstanding from the remainder of said
openings in said pocket portion for each bar opening and
and said member, when said panel is disposed in
aligned therewith, and tension means extending between
planar condition and secured across said open
the opposite enclosure openings maintaining each closure 15 generally
ing, means uniting the panel portions between fold lines in
3. In combination with a freight vehicle having op
in U shape, said U -shaped part being equipped with rein
forcing means, a portion of said panel adjacent only one
posite door openings enclosed by frames, a vertically-ex
tending, generally rectangular door closure across each
opening, means for anchoring the vertical sides of said
closures to said frames, said closure comprising a panel
folded on itself centrally along a plurality of spaced—apart,
parallel fold lines to develop an integral U-shaped part
extending inwardly of said vehicle, means uniting the
panel portions between fold ‘lines in immobilized relation 25
side edge of one pair of side edges being equipped with a
fold line outstanding and being positioned against said
?oor to provide a seal against the escape of lading in said
vehicle, and means securing the other pair of side edges to
said members, said panel being adapted to be folded on
itself to form a generally planar reduced size shipment
package with said U-shaped part at the apex of said fold.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
' relative to each other to maintain said part in a U shape,
said U-shaped part being equipped‘ with reinforcing
"means, aligned tie-wire-receiving openings in said parts
- and reinforcing means, and tie-wire means interconnecting
the U-shaped parts of the oppositely-disposed closures.
4. in a method of closing grain car doors, the steps of
Lewis ________ __' ______ __ Ian. 12, 1926
Copeland ______________ __ Ian. 1, 1929
folding a generally rectangular, planar paperboard panel
along a plurality of centrally-disposed, spaced-apart, paral
Smiley ____Y_____'_____-_..__ Apr. 2, 1929
Buchan ________ __- ____ __ July 28, 1931
lel fold lines to develop a centrally disposed, U-shaped
portion outstandable from the remainder of said panel 35
Learning ____________ .._ Dec. 31, 1940
Simon et al. _'______ .._‘_.-__ Sept. 7, 1943
when said panel is disposed in generally planar condition,
Dawson ______________ __ Nov. 7, 1944
Weiss ________________ __ Jan. 8, 1952
Suess ______ __' ________ __ Mar. 13, 1956
Gerrard et a1. _________ .__ Aug. 20, 1957
Ford et al _____________ .._ ‘Oct. 14, 1958
uniting panel portions between said fold lines in immobi
lized relation relative to each other to maintain said por
tion in U shape, folding said panel on itself to form a
generally V con?guration, with said U-shaped portion at 40
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