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Feb. 20, 1952
Filed Jan. 12, 1959
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Patented ‘Feb. 20, 1962
tapered joint between the lid portions is illustrated at en
larged scale in FIGURE 6.
The shorter front portion 12 of the lid has a hinge
member 18 connecting it to the front wall of the cigar
box, and the longer rear portion 14 of the lid has a
hinge 20 connecting it to the back wall of the box.
Robert A. Greene, Suite 4, 559 Seabreeze Blvd,
Daytoua Beach, Fla.
Filed .Ian. 12, 1959, Ser. No. ‘786,172
1 Claim. (Cl. 206—45.2)
When the box is closed the two lid portions are re
This invention relates to containers and particularly to
tained together and the entire lid is held closed on the
box by a seal strip 22 which may comprise pressure
boxes having hinged lids, and more particularly still, to
cigar boxes.
10 sensitive adhesive on the under side as indicated at 24.
Cigar boxes vary somewhat in size, but conventionally
This seal strip may include the usual revenue stamps so
consist of a box of rigid material such as wood or heavy
that upon opening the box the stamps are torn, as is
cardboard having a lid hinged at one side which can be
opened to expose the contents of the box. Such a box is
The lid portions 12 and 14 are adapted for resting on
satisfactory for packaging the cigars and for keeping 15 a ledge 26 formed on the inside of each end wall of the
them in good condition and forms an ideal container
box as by making the end wall of two individual pieces
within which the cigars can be shipped. Cigars in boxes
with the inner one slightly shorter than the outer.
of this nature are usually displayed at the point of sale
After the box has been opened and it is desired to dis
play the contents thereof, the box may be arranged some
what as illustrated in FIGURE 4 wherein the longer lid
portion 14 is held in a raised position by a wire brace 28
attached to the lid and to the side wall of the box. The
either by tilting the lid upwardly and supporting it with
a wire hook, or the like, or by turning the lid downwardly
along the back of the box so that the box is supported
in a tilted position whereby a number of boxes can be
arranged in a row within a display case.
shorter portion 12 of the lid may hang down in front of
The width of the lid is the entire width of the box,
the box as shown at the left side of FIGURE 4, or may
and because of this when the lid is tilted upwardly or 25 remain folded over in a closed position as indicated to
when it is turned completely down to tilt the box up,
ward the right side of FIGURE 4. In either case, the
the box and lid combined occupy considerable vertical
shorter portion of the lid may comprise advertising copy
space, thus making it inconvenient to reach over one box
printed thereon which is prominently visible when the
and into the next or to lift a box out of a display counter
to permit a customer to take cigars from the box.
With the foregoing in mind, a primary object of the
present invention is the provision of a cigar box, or the
like, having a lid construction that avoids the drawbacks
referred to above.
box is opened as in FIGURE 4.
The region within the box covered by the short por
tion 12 of the lid also forms an ideal place to insert a
paper strip 30 having display advertising copy thereon.
This also forms a means for prominently displaying the
name under which the cigars are being sold.
The ar
A still further object of this invention is the provision 35 rangement of the insertable strip 3t] would be particular
of a box, particularly a cigar box, which, when opened,
ly bene?cial where the merchandise is being sold under
occupies a minimum of space.
A still further object of this invention is the provision
the name of the retailer rather than the original manu
FIGURE 5 illustrates the manner in which the longer
lid is accomplished between the front and back edges 40 portion 14 of the lid, and which extends along the width
thereof so that the box will withstand considerable abuse
of the box, can be turned completely down and back of
without breaking the seal of the lid.
the box and held in that position by a ?at clip 32. Alter
A still further object of this invention is the provision
natively, the same wire brace as is indicated at 28 in
of a cigar box, or the like, in which the lid is formed in
FIGURE 4 may be used. The shorter section 12 of the
of a box such as a cigar box in which the sealing of the
two sections so that when the box is opened the short 45 lid may hang down in front of the box or may be folded
portion of the lid can be turned down in front of the box
back over the box as indicated by the dot-dash lines 34.
and form an advertising display.
The FIGURE 5 arrangement permits the box to be
These and other objects and advantages will become
removed from between other boxes by lifting the box a
more apparent upon reference to the accompanying draw
minimum amount since each box occupies a minimum
ings in which:
vertical space. This is of distinct advantage for most
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view showing a cigar box
showcase installations because it is many times quite
according to my invention,
dif?cult to reach over a row of boxes and get hold of the
FIGURE 2 is a transverse section through the cigar
proper one and then lift it out of the showcase so that
box as indicated by line 2-2 on FIGURE 1,
the customer may remove cigars therefrom.
FIGURE 3 is a vertical section through one end of the
To summarize brie?y, the box of the present invention
box as indicated by line 3—3 on FIGURE 1,
provides a box which is more convenient to remove from
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view showing the box
a show case when the box is opened in the usual man
opened and illustrating the use of a paper insert to cover
ner; the overall elevation of the box when displayed on
one end of the cigars,
the top of a counter or in a showcase is substantially re
FIGURE 5 is a sectional view showing the box opened 60 duced; and the box provides an arrangement whereby the
in the manner in which it would be placed in a display
brand name of the cigar can be prominently displayed.
case, and
The insert 30 in FIGURE 4 may be constructed of
FIGURE 6 is a fragmentary view drawn at enlarged
paper but may also comprise other materials which are
scale showing the beveled joint between the two sections
of a suitable nature which would include, for example,
of the lid of the box.
metal and in which case the insert would be of a more or
Referring to the drawings more in detail, FIGURE 1 65 less permanent nature and could be reused after one box
shows a cigar box having the conventional form of back,
had been emptied. The FIGURE 4 arrangement repre
end and bottom walls and with a lid generally indicated
sents one of the principal ways in which cigars are dis
at It). Lid 10 according to this invention is formed with
played and dispensed, particularly for popular brands or
a shorter front part 12 and a longer back part 14 which 0 brands which the retailer wishes to emphasize.
have their adjacent edges tapered as at 16 so that when
It has been mentioned that the joint between the two
the lid portions are closed the box is sealed closed. The
lid portions is in the, form of a bevel, but it will be
understood that this joint could also be in the form of
a square stepped joint such as is indicated at 26 at the
side edges of the box. In either case, that is, whether
the joint is bevel or square, the box is readily sealed by
the strip 22.
It will be understood that this invention is susceptible
have corresponding inter-engaging bevels, a removable
sealing strip extending across the joint between said front
and rear portions of the lid and extending down the sides
of the box to hold said lid portions together and close
said box, and an insertible member of no greater width
than said short front portion of the lid and extending
laterally across the box beneath said short portion of the
conditions and, accordingly, it is desired to comprehend
lid, said inserted members comprising end strips extend~
ing downwardly inside the end walls of said box and
such modi?cations Within this invention as may fall with
in the scope of the appended claim.
10 forming a removable element for carrying lettering and
con?gurations for describing the contents of said box.
I claim:
In a box adapted for containing cigars, a plurality of
to modi?cation in order to adapt it to different usages and
unequal size members which form a lid for the top of
said box, said lid being divided between the front and
back edges in a direction parallel with the front and back 15
edges thereof and dividing the lid into a short front por
tion and a longer rear portion, said longer rear portion
being hinged to the back edge and said longer rear por
tion being substantially greater in width than the depth
of said box whereby said longer lid portion can be turned
down and back of the box to form a rear support for
said box, said short front portion being of substantially
the same dimensions front to back as the height of the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
box, said short front portion being hinged to the front
edge of the box whereby the same when swung about its 25
hinged front edge lies against the front side of the box,
the adjacent edges of the lid portions being shaped to
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