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Feb.‘ 27, 1962 '
Filed Nov. 17,‘ 1959
f e
‚. SOLMA:3‚
United States Patent O ” ice
Patented Feb. v2-7, 1962
the‘underside cf 'th‘e respective base plate 5 and 5’.. At
the joint
the head
4’ and
Roland Schmutz, Hauptstrasse 313 (Aargau),
Zofingen, Switzerland
‘Filed‘Nov. 17, 1959, Sei‘. N0. 853,483
Cla'ims .priority, application Switzerland 1Nov.‘20, 1958
.7 :Claims. (C1. 5-361)
The transverse slits 10 and 10' of the plate-shaped
-upper-parts need not extend to the eclges 011 .both sides,ibut
.can end at a certain distance from The;sarne. 'The ander
mattress can be constructed in one piece over the entire
length -withoutsub-division into head and body support.
In consequence of its special construction which ob
strnction which obviates tl1e use cf metallic springing 10 viates the use of metallic springing means, Ehe Under
This invention relates to an under-mattress of a cou
mattress described With the elastically stii‘f, plate .shaped
Itzis the principal object of the invention to provide an
upper part has a Wall balanced springing resistance over
undenmattress whichhas a well balanced springing resist
the entire supporting surface as far as tl1e edge, while in
ance over the entire supporting surface as far as the edge
the caseof nnder—mattresses of the type hitlzerto custom
in order to prevent the channel-like local depression ap 15 ary this resistance increases greatly from the middle ‘to
pearing in hithero known under-mattresses in the regions
exposed tothe greatest Stress in normal use.
Another object of the .invention consists in t‘ne pro
vision of an under-mattress including means for permitting
wards the usually rigid eclges and has the consequence that
the resting body of the user unintentionally tends to slip
towards the naiddle. In contradistinction thereto, the sup
porting surfaceof the nnder-mattress according to
a suf?cient ventilation without inrpairing ’the adequate 20 vention can be ef‘fectively used over the full width and
hea’c damming.
.Further objects residing in details of construction will
be apparent from the following speci?cation and clainas.
In the accornpanying drawing which illustrates one
embodiment of the invention,
FIG. 1 is a plan view of the view of the under-mattress
can there’r‘cre 'be narrower.
Particularly when using an upper-mattress having init
self aclequate local elasticity, the ability of theplate-shaped
upper part to b8nd as a surface, in the case of the object ‘
of the present invention, leads to tl2e combination result
that the body of the user, lying on'his back, is supported
with the uppenpart partly broken away, ‚and
1not only at the anatornically pr.edetermined resting parts
FIG. 2 shows a vertical longitudinal section through
1the undenmattress lying an a frame with legs.
wln'ch are in the nature of centres of gravity, narnaly .the
buttoeks and the shoulder blades, bat also at all other
The under-mattress illustrated lies on a frame 3 pro 30 parts of the back and cf the backs of the thighs, whereby
vided with four legs -1 and cross-pieces 2, and is subdivided
the anatomically correct position cf rest of the ‘body is en
into independently rocka'ole parts serving as a body sup
sured, but in addition the continuous supporting of*.the
port 4 and heacl rast 4', each cf which is provided wit‘n a
back and ’che relieving cf the same from loads, which are
stable base plate 5 and 5'respectivelywhich are prefer
important for the relaxation of the muscles, between the
ably made of plywood and on which a pressure-elastic 35 supporting parts acting as centres of gravity are achieved.
intermediate ?lling of uniform t‘nickness, for example of
The construction of the under-mattress described, with
porous rubber, is fastened,preferably by adhesion. This
air cl1ambers, serves to dam up heat and also appropriate
?llingis cornposed ofstrips insuch a way thatwithin an
» ly to provide ventilation, since the upper and lower Venti
edge =6 and 6' respectively closed around its edges, air
lation apertures are covered by pieces 0f fabric perma
chambers 7 and 7’ respectively are _provided in a prac 40 able to air, in order that the air contained in the chambers
tically regular distribution, these air chambers being sep
shall not particpiate in tlae freecirculation of the outer
erated from one another‘by ?lling strips 8 and 8’ respec
air, but shall partially pass out and be replaced by suc
’tively ’lying in 'the longitudinal direction of the mat-tress.
tion only in accordance With the variations of the chara
An elastically ?exible, plate-shaped upper part 9 and 9'
ber volumes resulting from the loading and unloading of
respectively, preferably of thin laminated plywood is glued 45 the mattress. Since the upper slit—like openings are con
on the intermediate ?lling and is subdivided by transvere
siderably larger than the bottom openings, ventilation also
slits 10 and 10’ respectively into juxtaposed partial plates
takes place in the upward direction towards the upper
11 and 11' respectively, the various adjoining partial plates
mattress, thereby preventing condensation of moisture
being joined 011 their underside beneath the slit by means
ernanating from the perspiration of the body. In addi—
of a fabric strip 12 which is permeablsä to air. The air 50 tion, “breathing” also takes place in the intermediate ?ll
charnbers 7 and 7' respectively are ventilated in the up
ing, which preferably consists of porous rubber, in cou
ward direction through these transverse slits 10 and 10'
sequence of the cornpression and expansion.
respectively and in the downward direction by holes 14
It is understood that the under-mattress described can
and 14' respectively in the base plates 5 and 5' respec
also be suspended without feet in one of the hitherto
tively, these holes being coverecl by pieces of fabric 13 55 custornary bedsteads.
permeable to air, While the fabric coverings 12 and 13
What I claim 1's:
prevent the Penetration o1’ dust and protect the air cham
1. An under-mattress comprising a stable base plate
bers 7 and 7’ against external air circulation. so that the
adapted to be supported by a frame having legs, a plate
like upper part which is elastically ?exible and forms a
chambeis serve as insulation.
In the middle region which is exposed to the greatest 60 snbstantially ?at support surface for any desired type of
upper-mattress, and a pressure-elastic intermediate ?lling
load during normal use of the under-mattress, tl1e inter
mediate ?lling has in the middle air chambers 7 interme
supported by said base plate and carrying said upper part,
diate strips 15 cf the same material for the closer sup
said intermediate ?lling having an endless edge portion
porting of the upper part 9.
extending between the peripheries of said base plate and
The body support 4 which can be swung up at the foot 65 upper part and being formed inwardly of said edge por
end, and the head Support 4' which can also be swung up
tion with a plurality of air chambers, said upper‚part
are supported in the manner of a joint in a suitable cross
being subdivided by transverse straight slits into separate
piece 18 having the Pro?le of a hollow arc of a circle on
strips which have each a plate-like elastical sti?’ness and
form together said supp0rt surface, fabric strips joining
parts 9 and 9’, by rneans of bars 17 and 17' respectively 70 adjacent strips forming said upper part, said fabric strivs
having the Pro?le of an an: of a circle and fastened on
being perrneable to air and covering each one of said slits
the frarne 3, along a transverse slit 16 bstween the upper
along the whole length on the side of said interme'diate
?lling and said air charnbers, said base plate having a plu
rality of restricted apertures, fabric pieces which are
permeable to air covering eachone of said apertures 011
the slde'of said air charnberg said fabric strips and piece's
able material, said plate portions extending in transverse
direction of said under-mattress and being separated from
each other by small gaps, and fabric strinsnf air perma
able material extending over said gaps and joined to
said plate portions along acljacent edges thereof; and
an elastically compressible intermediate ?lling supported
V permitting circulation of air through said slits and apar
tures upon compression or tension release ’of said umler
on said base plate and carrying said upper cover part,
2. An nnder-mattress as claimed ‘in claim 1, wherein '
the plate-like upper part is Iaminated and thin in C011
strucfion and consists of plywood.
uppar cover- part and being formed inwardly cf said
10 edge portion' with a plurality 0f air charnbers extending
3. An under-mattress as claimed in claim 1‚ wherein
between said base plate and uppercover part in a direc
tl1e intermediate ?lling is constituted bY strips of porons
rubber which are fastened at‘least to the base plate and
form fche endless edge portion of said base plate as well
as intermediate’ strips extending in the longitudinal direc
tion of said under-mattress from edge to edge for limiting
therewith the air chambers and strips.disposed within
said intermediatd ?lling having an endless edge portion
extending between the peripheries of said base plate and
tion transverse to said gaps.
7. An under-mattress comprising a Stahls base plate
to be supported by a frame having legs, a Plate
like upper part which‚ is elastically ?exible and forms
a substantially ?at support surface for any desired type
ofupper-mattresls, and a pressure-elastic intermediate ?ll
ing supported by said base plate and carrying said upper
part, said intermediate ?lling having an enclless edge
stress in normal use.
pcrtion extending between the peripheries cf said base
4. An under-mattress as claimed in claim 1, wherein
‚plate and upper part and being formed inwardly of said
-the body of said under-mattress is transversally subdivided
edge portion with a plurality cf air chambers, said upper
150 form' a head end constructed to be swung up and
part being subdivided by transverse straight slits into
snpported in a manner Of a joint in the form of an arc
25 plate portions which have an elastical ‚sti?ness and form
öf a circle,' along a cross slit of the plate-like upper part
together said support surface, fabric strips joining aclja
of means cf a bar having the pro?le of an arc of a circle.
cent plate portions forrning said upper part,- said fabric
strips being permeable to air and coveringyeach one of
5. An nnder-mattress com1arising, in combination, a
vsaid a1'1' chambers for ths clos€r supporting' of the upper ’ '
part in regions of said ?lling exposed to the greatest
base plate; an upper cover partformed frcm a plurality
said slits along the whole length on the side cf said in
of thin plates each formed from elastically deformable 30 termediate ?lling and said airchambers, said base plate
having a plurality cf restrict'ed apertures, fabric pieces
material, said plates extending in transverse direction cf
said under-mattress and being separated from each other
which are permea‘ole to air covering each»one cf said
by small gaps, and fabtic strips cf all‘ permeable ma
apertures on the side of said air chambers, said fabric'
terial extending over said gaps and joined to said plates
strips and pieces permitting circulation cf air through
along adjacent edges thereof; and an elastically com 35 said slits and apertur€s upon compression or tension
pressible intermediate ?lling supported on said base plate
release of said under-mattress.
' and carrying said upper cover part, said intermediate
?lling having an endless edge portion extending between
the peripheries of said base plate and upper cover part ‘
and being formed inwardly cf said edge portion with a 40
plurality of air chambers extending between said base»
-plate and upper cover part in a directiqn transverse to
said gaps.
» 6. An under-mattress comprising, in combination, a
base plate; an upper cover part formed from a plurality 45
cf thin plate portions formed from elastically deform
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