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Feb. 27, 1962
Filed Sept. 3, 1957
United States Patent 0 "
Patented Feb. 27, 1962
uniform quantities of vastly superior batts'and felt from
Carl B. Setterberg, North Piain?eld, N.J., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to United States Gypsum Com
pany, Chicago, IlL, a corporation of Illinois
Filed Sept. 3, 1957, Ser. No. 681,650
7 Claims. (Cl. 18-25)
a given amount of molten slag, as well as a greatly im
proved yield of granulated wool capable of giving much
greater coverage and producing a product that is more
resilient than those produced without such controls.
A further important object of the present invention is
the provision in a ?berizing apparatus for producing min
eral wool of a novel combination of component parts
In the manufacture of mineral wool from molten ?ber
so constructed, arranged and operated as to assure a
forming materials such as blast furnace slag, Wool rock, 10 uniform product that is much superior to the product
vitreous materials, etc., an apparatus is employed in which
obtainable with prior apparatus and methods.
this molten material is initially supplied to a cup-shaped
Another object of the present invention is to provide
rapidly revolving rotor or wheel and the collected molten
a novel ?berizing unit and manner of operation in which
?ber-forming material centrifugally ejected therefrom into
the component parts of this unit, including the distribut- 7
the path of a steam blast for drawing the molten material 15 ing rotor and the encompassing steam ring, are so con
into ?bers.
structed and arranged and their manner of operation so
While ?bers have been produced with the above men
related and controlled as to assure optimum production
tioned apparatus, due to the lack of proper controls in
of mineral wool from a given quantity of molten slag
the construction, arrangement and relationship between
the component parts and their manner of operation, and
including the design of the portal, consistently good results
and uniformity of production have not been obtained
and the efficiency thereof is relatively low. It is an im
portant object of the present invention to assure proper
or ?ber-forming material and by which uniformly superior
batts and felt of mineral wool ?bers may be successfully
produced with the continued assurance that the resulting
produce will embody the desired characteristics not other
wise obtainable.
Further objects are to provide. a novel construction
and adequate control of the complete ?berizing unit, 25 and combination of maximum e?iciency, economy and
including its component parts, their manner of operation
ease of operation, and such further objects, advantages
and the portal assembly, whereby mineral wool of uni
and capabilities as will later more fully appear and are
formly high quality is most effectively produced.
inherently possessed thereby.
Such control and assurance of a high standard of per
In the drawing:
formance has been accomplished in the present inven 30
FIGURE .1 is a fragmentary view in horizontal cross
tion by controlling the more important variables which
section of a ?berizing assembly for producing mineral
govern the effectiveness of the apparatus and the manner
wool ?bers in accordance with the present invention.
of operation. Among these are the following:
FIG. 2 is a diagrammatic top plan view of the portal
(1) Diameter of the distributing rotor.
FIG. 3 is another diagrammatic view of the portal
(2) Design of the lip of the rotor.
assembly but in vertical section, the view being taken in
(3) Speed of rotation of the rotor.
a plane represented by the line 3—3 of FIG. 2.
(4) Diameter of the fiberizing steam ring.
Referring more particularly to the disclosure in the
(5) Design of the ?berizing steam ring.
drawing and to the novel illustrative embodiment therein
(6) Ori?ce area of the ?berizing steam ring.
40 shown, there is disclosed a ?berizing unit or apparatus
(7) Position of the ?berizing steam ring relative to the
including a distributing rotor 19 for centrifugally ejecting
peripheral discharge edge of the rotor.
molten slag or ?ber-forming material 11 in the path‘of
(8) Pressure of the steam issuing from the ori?ces of
multiple jets of steam under pressure issuing from a plu~
the ?berizing steam ring.
(9) Method or manner of application of a binder to the
mineral wool ?bers.
(10) Design of the portal leading to the collecting cham
her for the produced ?bers.
It will be appreciated that with so many variables to
consider, each in relation to the other becomes highly -
important for a large number of combinations may be
obtained without producing a product of uniformly good
quality and capable of Widespread public acceptance. I
rality of closely spaced ori?ces 12 in asurrounding ?ber
izing steam ring 13. These multiple jets of steam upon
intercepting and impinging against the annular pattern
of ejected molten slag draws or attenuates this slag into
?bers that are carried along with the steam and with
drawn by suction from a suitable suction means in the
collection chamber.
The molten slag to be ?berized is discharged from a
furnace or, cupola (not shown) onto a guide trough M
which directs this ?ber-forming material upon the inner
surface 15 of the cup-shaped distributing rotor ill. As
this rotor is revolved at high speed, the film or layer of
have found that in proper control of the above variables,
uniformly excellent results and the production of ?bers
having thedesired characteristics are assured.
molten slag l6 collected on the rounded or curved sur
Those interested in the production of mineral wool
face 15 is ejected by centrifugal force over the ledge vl7
?bers from slag or ?ber-forming material have spent
and the radially or outwardly inclined peripheral edge
large sums of money and many years of research in an
18 of the lip in an annular pattern and in a substantially
endeavor to develop an apparatus and method or manner
vertical plane across the multiple and closely spaced ori
of operation by which the operator is assured of the 60 p?ces 12 in the outer‘ end or face 19 of the ?berizing
continuous production of mineral wool ?bers having the
steam ring 13 where the direction of travel of this ejected
desired characteristics including the size and length of
molten slag is abruptly altered from a substantially ver—
the ?bers, resiliency, ease of handling, and substantially
tical to an approximately horizontal plane by the im
lower densities in the batts and felt produced than ob
pinging jets of steam and drawn thereby into mineral
tainable with the apparatus and methods now employed.
wool ?bers. These formed ?bers are projected forwardly
Operating the apparatus as herein contemplated results
in an approximately cylindrical pattern or ring 20 by the
in a much lower shot content which is of great import
steam and drawn by suction through an aligned opening
ance in the manufacture of mineral wool.
These advantages resulting from the present controls
21 in a portal 22.
This portal 22 is of substantially V-shape when viewed
70 from the top or in horizontal section as shown in FIGS.
facture of mineral wool for they permit of large and
1 and 2, with the opening 21 (FIG. 3) being located at '
have a pronounced economic signi?cance in the manu
approximately the center thereof. This opening is ofa
the pit 25 therebelow. Theinclined sides 24 are water
size considerably greater than the diameter of the dis
As one illustrative example of the component parts
and optimum conditions for the above mentioned vari
readilyptherethrough into a suction and collecting chem-7
her 23, but with any shot formed inrthe ?berizing op 5 ables and whereby the operator is assured that the ?bers
7 tributing rotor so that the ring of formed ?bers may pass
produced have the desired quality, uniformity and other
eration being deflected against the inclined sides 24 of
characteristics previously described, the distributing rotor
the portal 22 from where it drops into a pit 25.
1" has a diameter of approximately 14 inches with the
The distributing rotor ltl is revolved at high speed by
‘ disclosed contour of its lip: including the inclination of its
a shaft 25 ‘from a motor or other power source (not
‘ shown) and this shaft is hollow to supply water or other 10 peripheral edge 18 directing'the molten material over the
edge of this lip in a thin ?lm as the rotor is rotated at
coolant to the rotor and also supply a binder or treating
high speed about a horizontal am's. This speed is of the
order of 1350 r.p.m. The external diameter of the ?beriz—
ing' steam ring is of the order of 16% inches with its in
composition to be atomized and sprayed onto the formed
?bers before they are drawn by suction through the open
ing 21 in’ therpojrtal 22.. The hollow central portion of
the shaft is provided with an inner pipe or conduit 27 for 15 ternal diameter of the order'of 14% inches and thediam
eter to the ori?ce center line of the order of 15% inches.
supplying the hinder’ or treating composition to the ?bers,
an encompassing pipe 28 providing an annular passage
The ori?ces 12 number approximately 300 openings uni
between these concentric pipes for the enteringcoolant
formly spaced apartfor discharge of the steam in the
form of high pressure jets; with the spacing thereof being
and an annular space between the pipe 28 and the inner
cylindrical wall 29 of the bore of the shaft 26 providing 20 of the order of 5/32 inch on centers and the ori?ces having
a" diameter of the order of .08 inch. The ?berizing steam
' a‘return' passage for discharge of the’ coolant.
ring 13 with one or more inletpipes 5.3 for the entering
As the temperature of the molten slag collected on
steam under pressure is positioned approximately 11/2
the distributing rotor 10 may be of the order of 2700” PI,
it is preferable to supply a coolant to the interior of the ' inches behind the plane of the slag discharged or cen
trifugally ejected from the peripheral edge of the dis
rotor but the means for supplying this coolant being well _
tributing rotor 16, butris adius'tably mounted for varying
known no further description thereof is believed neces
its distance behind the plane of the intercepted slag.
Excellent results have been. obtained by employing
1 sary.
‘ The concentric, conduits 27 and 28 remain stationary
within the bore or hollow interior of the rapidly revolving
shaft 26, with. the inner conduit supplying the binder 30
discharging into the space between spaced slinger plates
3!) and 31, the former being provided with an opening
'32 communicating with the conduit. 27 and the latter
steam under pressure of the ,order of 55 pounds per
square inch when manufacturing mineral Wool batts or
felt. In the event the present assembly is employed for
producing granulated wool, it is contemplated moving
the ?berizing steam ring 13 forwardly relative to the rotor
16) whereby it is spaced approximately 7A inch behind
imperforateexcept that it and the slinger plate 30 are
.provided with spaced tapped openings for. receiving 35 the slag line and the steam pressure is increased to the
threaded’ studs 33 and spacing washers 34 for mounting
order of 85 pounds per square inch. In other respects
these plates‘in spaced relation upon the outer end of the
the assembly and the relation of the component parts re
threaded studs 33, the inner end of th'esestuds being an- , ‘ mains the same as outlined above.
'The formed ?bersgare coatedi or impregnated with a
suitable treating solution comprising a binder, annealing
oil, waterproo?ng composition or combination thereof,
centrifugally ejected from between the slinger plates 30
chored in a nut 35 threaded onto the external threads on
forward end ‘of the shaft 25 to rotate the slinger plates
with the shaft.
" The hinder or treating solutionis forced through the
inner concentrictpipe 27 and ?ows into the space between
and 31 and discharged as'an atomized spray 36 that is
uniformly diffused or dispersed in the encompassing Wool
the spaced slinger plates 30 and 31_and is centrifugally
' ejected from therebetween in the form of a vertically 45
stream 20.
projected atomized spray 36 that isdischarged outwardly
The wool stream 20 so treated is then drawn by suc
in, radial pattern against the encompassing formed fibers
tion from the portal chamber 46, through the portal
Opening 21 into the collecting chamber 23 where the
. where it is dispersed and collects on these ?bers.
The entering water or coolant ?owing through the an
nular space between the concentric pipes 27 and 28,
passes through one or more inlet ports 37 in the reduced
forward end 38 of the shaft and into the space 39 be
treated ?bers are collected as a mineral’ wool batt or
felt in the‘ well. known manner. The opening 21 has a
diameter of the order of 32 inches and with the inclined
sides and walls so arranged that any formed shoe is de
flected’ and separated from the wool stream exhausted
tween the plate 41 held by spacers 42 between the base.
through the portal opening and collected in the pit 25.
43 and the body of therotor 10. One orrmorevreturn
ports 44'are provided in the end 38 of the shaft 26 com 55 .The apex of the portal 22is disposed a distance of the
order of 36 inches from the rotor 10.
municating with the return space 45 between the plate 41
Having thus disclosed the invention, I claim:
and the ‘body of the rotor and the passage comprising the
1. In-apparatus'for the manufacture of mineral wool
annular space between the internal 'wallof the bore 29
from molten mineral material wherein a stream of attenu
In FIGS. 2 and 3 is shown diagrammatically the portal 60 ated material is projected forwardly from ?berizing means
a of the shaft 26 and the pipe 28.
7 design and portal chamber 46 for the ?berizing unit, the
toward a collecting chamber, and a portion of said stream
passes through an opening in a portal wall .into the col
latter being separated from the collecting chamber 23 by
lecting chamber and another portion of said stream im
the portal 22 with its angularly arranged sides 24 having
pinges against said wall adjacent said opening, the im
the centrally arranged opening 21 in the portal for the
provement comprising'a portal wall formed with portions
passage of the formed ?bers 20 into the collecting cham 65 of said wall adjacent said opening inclined forwardly
ber where these‘ ?bers are collected in batts or felt. The
and outwardly for de?ecting material impinging on said
. portal chamber 46 is enclosed by the sides 24, end walls
47, upwardly and’ rearwardly inclined top wall 48, down
' wall away from the opening therethrough.
2. In apparatus for the manufacture of mineral wool
.wardly and forwardly inclined bottom wall 49, opposite 70 from molten mineral material wherein a stream of at
side walls 50 and ceiling 51, the opposite side walls 50
-tenuated material is projected generally horizontally from
' being shown with inwardly projecting offsets 52 con?n
ing the portal’ chamber 46, the formed ?bers passing
through the portal opening 21 with any shot de?ected
?berizing means forwardly toward a collecting chamber,
and a portion of said stream passes through an opening
in a portal wall into the collecting chamber and another
by the walls surrounding said opening being directed into 75 portion of saidstream impinges against said wall ad
it.- can
jacent said opening, the improvement comprising a por
tal wall having forwardly and outwardly inclined side
portions immediately above the opening-through said
wall, said portions being oriented generally transverse
a pair of generally vertical forwardly and outwardly in
clined sides surrounding said opening and extending into
abutting relation above and below said opening, said
opening being of a con?guration similar to but smaller
to the normal direction of
3. The improvement in
wherein said side portions
tions abutting one another
than the normal outer cross-sectional periphery of said
movement of said attenuated
stream at said wall whereby a portion of said stream
passes through said opening into said chamber and a
peripheral portion of said stream impinges on said in
clined sides and is de?ected away from said opening.
erally vertical vmedian line of said opening.
7. Apparatus as in claim 6 and including means for
4. The improvement in apparatus as in claim 2 and
cooling said inclined sides with water.
wherein said portal wall includes a plurality of forwardly
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
and outwardly inclined sides surrounding the opening
through said Wall and extending into abutting relation,
and said opening is formed at the apex of said portal 15
Butcher et al. ________ __ June 4, 1867
wall de?ned by said sides.
'Huyett ______________ __ Mar. 19, 1935
5. The improvement in apparatus as in claim 2 and
Parsons ______________ __ Sept. 9, 1941
wherein said portal wall includes a downwardly and for
apparatus as in claim 2 and
comprise a pair of side por
along an extension of a gen
wardly inclined side disposed below said opening.
6. Apparatus for the manufacture of mineral wool 20
from molten mineral material comprising ?berizing means
for attenuating said material and projecting the attenuated
material horizontally forwardly in a stream having a
predetermined outer cross-sectional periphery, a portal
wall spaced forwardly of said ?berizing means and formed
with an opening therethrough, and a collecting chamber
disposed forward of said wall, said portal wall including
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Patent No. 3,022,538
February 27, 1962
Carl B° Setterberg
It is hereby certified that error appears in the above numbered pat
ent requiring correction and that the said Letters Patent should read as
corrected below.
Column 2, line 22Y for "produce" read —— product -—; column
line 52,
for "shoe" read -— shot -—
, Signed and sealed this 19th day of June 1962.
Meeting Officer
Commissioner of Patents
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