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Feb. 27, 1962
Filed March 12, 1958
United States Patent() Aice
Patented Feb.' 27, 1362
In one form of the construction employed, the tapes or
ribbons 17, 17' are disposed upon both side surfaces of
the scoops, as clearly noted in FIG. 2 of the drawing;
whereas, in FIG. 3, the tapes or ribbons 17, 17’ are io
cated only on outer surfaces of the scoops and, with this
Louis H. Morin, Bronx, N.Y., assigner to Coats 8c Clark
Inc., New York, N.Y., a corporation of Delaware '
Filed Mar. 12, `1958, Ser. No. 720,876
3 Ciaims. (Cl. 24-205.15)
construction, it is preferred that the scoops 18, 1S’ modify
the scoops 11, 11' from the standpoint of having grooves
This invention relates to separable fasteners, wherein
one or both side surfaces of the scoops of the stringers
19, 19’ on opposed surfaces thereof to receive the threads
20, 20’ for attaching the tapes or ribbons 17, 17' in posi
are covered by covering tapes or ribbons disposed within 10
In FIG. 3 of the drawing, the Stringer tapes are des
eratively engaging the Stringer scoops, in coupling and
ignated by the reference characters 21, 21'. In FIG. l
of the drawing, I have shown the contracted end portion
uncoupling the same, will have direct bearing upon edge
of a slider 22, this end portion being shown in section in
portions of the scoops.
More particularly, the invention deals with separable 15 FIG. 2 of the drawing, the dared background showing of
the slider being omitted. The purpose of the section in
fasteners of the character described, wherein the scoops
FIG. 2 of the drawing is to show engagement of the side
are formed of plastic material, such as nylon or Delrin,
flanges 23 and 24 of the slider with the inner edges 2S, 25’
directly molded or cast upon the stringers and, wherein,
of the mounting end portions 13, 13’ of the scoops, as well
oiiset or center ledge type of scoops are employed.
Still more particularly, the invention deals with a sep 2,0 as to show inwardly extending ribs 26 and 27 centrally of
upper and lower walls of the slider for direct engagement
arable fastener structure of the character described,
boundaries of the Stringer scoops so that the sliders op
wherein the stitches employed for securing covering tapes
with the coupled -scoops, the ribs being positioned between
or ribbons upon the scoop portions of the stringers en
gage recessed or apertured portions of the scoops in rein
the spaced inner adjacent edges of the tapes or ribbons
of the scoops.
The novel features of the invention will be best under- '
It will appear, from a consideration of FIGS. 2 and 3,
that the tapes or ribbons 17, 17’ are disposed within end
boundaries of each of the scoops and within end bound
aries of the coupled scoops, as illustrated in FIGS. 2 and
3. It will be .understood that the threads or stitching iti.
v16' are secured to the Stringer tapes intermediate edge por
17, 17’.
forcing attachment of the scoops to the Stringer tapes 2,5 ' » The-slider 22’ of FIG. '3' differs from the slider 22 in
and, further, wherein the slider, for coupling the fastener » including only one of the ribs, as at '26', the lower rib
27 being omitted. Aside from this change, the structure of
stringers, includes, on its inner surface, a projecting bear
the slider and its operation upon the scoops 18, 1S’ will
ing portion or portions for engaging the scoops inter
be the same as that shown in FIG. 2 of the drawing.
mediate spaced edges of the ribbons covering surfaces
stood from the following description, when taken together
with the accompanying drawing, in which certain embodi
ments of the invention are disclosed and,~in which, the
separate parts are designated by suitable reference .char
acters in each of the'views and, in' which:
FIG. l is a diagrammatic plan view of a portion' of two
stringers, part of a slide and portions of two cover tapes
or ribbons, with parts of the construction broken away.
FIG. 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of FIG. l.
FIG. 3 is a view,~similar to FIG.2, showing a modifica
tions of adjacent scoops on the stringers in securely hold
ing the mounting end portions of the scoops in engage
ment with the Stringer tapes while,‘at the same time= sup
porting the cover tapes or ribbons'l?, 17' in position.
In FIGS. 4, 5 and 6. of the drawing, I have shown a
-modiiied form ot' Stringer, in conjunction with which
sliders, generally similar to the 'sliders 22 are employed.
As will appear’from a consideration ’of FIG. 4 of the
FIG. 4 is a plan view of a‘portion of a modified form of
Stringer which I employ, indicating the attachment of a
cover tape or ribbon to one of the scoops of the Stringer.
FIG. 5 is an enlarged detail section on the Vline 5_5
of FIG. 4 showing one complete scoop and part of two
FIGS. 1 to 3, inclusive, but, here again, the specific struc~
adjacent scoops and illustrating the stitching of the cover
ture of the coupling end portion is of no momentary
drawing, each Stringer tape 28 has, spaced along its bead
ed edge 29, scoops 30 having coupling end portions 31
of somewhat diiierent contour than those illustrated in
concern. However, the mounting end portions 32 of the
tapes or ribbons to the scoop surfaces; and
FIG. 6 is an enlarged edge and sectional view sub 50 scoops are modified Vto the extent of having outwardly
ñared apertures 33 Vformed therein in registration with
stantially on the line 6-6 of FIG. 4, showing one of the
scoops arranged upon the tape, prior to attachment of the
the beaded portionsr29 of the tapes 28. The apertures
cover tapes or ribbons thereon.
33, in addition to ñaring to outer sides of the scoops, or
what might be regarded as upper and lower surfaces
thereof, terminate in rounded or ñared portions 34 at their
outer extremities for free and easy guidance Vof a stitching
While my invention deals primarily with the construc
tion of separable fasteners, generally wherein the stringers
ot' the fastener have scoops fashioned in any desired
needle into the apertures 33 in the operation of stitching
cover tapes or ribbons 35 to upper and lower surfaces of
tion, I will refer to separable fasteners, wherein the scoops
the scoops 30, as illustrated diagrammatically by the
of the stringers are formed of cast or molded plastics of
any suitable type, such as nylon or Delrin being preferable 60 threads 36 of this stitching, the threads 36 being inter
locked in the tape portion, as diagrammatically illustrated
and, in FIGS. l to 3, inclusive, I have diagrammatically
at 37 in FIG. 5 of the drawing. Here again, the stitching
shown on, a pair of stringers 10, 10', scoops 11, 11', pref
36 will securely and iixedly support the mounting end
erably of the offset or center ledge type, having interen
portions 32 of the scoops upon the Stringer- tape.
gaging coupling portions 12, 12', the structure of which
It will be apparent that, in casting or molding the scoops
is of no direct concern in the present application. The 65
upon the stringer tape, the pressure injection of the mate
scoops are modified to the extent of providing, on side sur
rial forces the material, to some extent, into the inter~
faces of the mounting end portions 13, 13', recesses 14,
stices of the tape braid in establishing anchorage of the
14', preferably arranged adjacent the beaded edges 15, 15’
scoops on the stringer- tape. However, with plastic scoops,
of the tapes 10, 10', the recesses being provided for recep
tion of securing threads 16, 16' employed for attaching 70 this anchorage is not as secure as in the case with metal
cover tapes or ribbons 17, 17’ to the scoops of the respec
scoops and, thus, with the plastics, the stitchings act as
manner, to illustrate one adaptation and use of my inven
tive stringers.
reinforcements and clamping means for retaining mount-
` 3,022,560
' of -a tape engaging portion of a scoop; each said cover rib
ing end portions or legs of the’ scoops upon the Stringer
tapes, definitely retaining the same thereon against shift
ing or displacement.
bon extending parallel to the tape of the Stringer with
which it is associated and each said cover ribbon overly
ing and being located within the end boundaries of the s
. Y With the structure as shown in FIGS. 4 to 6, inclusive,
the tapes V35 are retained Within boundaries ofY each sco-op Cil scoops on said tape, stitching for securing each ribbonto
the tape with which it is associated Vandto the scoops of
Y length and the,overall dimensions of the coupled scoops of
said tape, said stitching and said ribbon reinforcing the
a pair of stringers, the same as with the stitchings in HSS.
grip of the scoops on the tape.
2 and 3 of the drawing, so that Vthe flanges of the sliders
2. A structure as deiined in clahn 1 wherein the beads
can directly engage inner surfaces or wall Vportions of the
mounting ends of the scoops, the same as is clearly illus 10 `of said tapes are exposed to said apertures of Vthe scoops.
trated,»for example, in FIG. 2 of the drawing. Y
y3. A separable fastener employing alpair of opposed
in addition to forming coverings, the >tapes or ribbons
of the respective stringers disclosed also will'operate to
, protect the scoops when the garment, to which Vthe string
stringers comprising a pair of tapes; a bead on anedge of
each tape;` scoops spaced along the beaded edge of each
« tape, said scoops each having a projecting end >portion
ers are attached, is subjected'to ironing. VFurther, by ar
ranging the tapes or ribbons within end boundaries of the
scoops, the sliders, bearing directly upon the scoops, will
have a free and substantially frictionless operation, it be
adapted to engage scoops on the opposite Stringer and each
having a tape-engaging portion having two legs gripping
the bead, the scoops on theopposed stringers having,
when engaged, a substantially rectangular cross-section
when viewed in a plane perpendicular to the beaded edges
ing apparent that the sliders will have slight clearances
for the tapes or ribbons, but no Vattempt has been made 20 of the opposed tapes, and each of said scoops being sub
stantially symmetrical on each side Vof the plane of said
in the present iilustration to show such clearances. In
tape, arslider movable along the stringere to couple and
this connection, it will be apparent that the ribs 26, 27,
uncouple the same, said slider having a pair of side ñanges
26' serve to establish and maintain these clearances.
on each wall, each side ñange adapted to engage an end
The cover tapes or ribbons for the stringers can Vbe
composed of any desired materialV and, in some instances, 25 of a leg of a Ytape engaging portion of a scoop; a cover
ribbon associated with each stringer, each said cover rib-Y
can be made tornatch or blend with the material of the ar
bon extending parallel to the tape of the Stringer with
Y ticle, in connection »with which the separable fastenerris
which it is associated and each saidrcover ribbon overly
ing and being located within the end boundaries of the
VHaving fully described ,my invention, what I claim as
new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
' 30 scoops on said tape, stitchingfor securing each ribbon to
the taperwith which it is associated and to the scoopsof
f1. A separable fastener employing a pair of opposed
said tape, said stitching and said ribbon reinforcing the
stringers comprising a pair of tapes; a bead on an edge of
grip of the scoops on the tape, and a central rib on said
each tape; scoops spaced- along the beaded edge of each
slider’adaptedto directly engage the surface of coupled
Ytape; acover ribbon associated with> eachV Stringer; said
` scoops each having a projecting end portionadapted toY 35 scoops intermediate spaced edges of said cover ribbons.
engage scoops on the opposite Stringer and each having
a tape-'engaging portion having two legs gripping the bead
References Cited in the iilepofrthis patent
and Veach also having formed portions for reception of the
stitching securing the ribbon to the Stringer, said formed
sipe _s ______ _.i___~___ Dee. 29, 1936
Silberman ___-; _______ .__ Ian. l2, 1937
V1Sundbaßk _-.. _____ __"_...;__. July 20,1937
substantially rectangular cross-section when viewed in a
Y LegatV _______ ..._ ..... __. Oct. 26, 1937
plane perpendicular Vto the beaded edges of the opposed
tapes, and each of said scoops being substantially sym 45
2,312,494 ; V*soave ___r___r.__-_l___.‘ Mar. 2,1943
` portions comprising outwardly tapered apertures at op 40
posed sides of tape-engaging portions of lthe scoops, the
scoops on the opposed stringers having,- when engaged, a
'metrical on each side of the plane of said tape, a slider
movable along the stringers to couple and uncouple the
same, .said slider having a pair of side ñanges on each
wall, each side flange adaptedto engage an end of a leg
Y 447,000
Great Britain _~..-_.'....._--...._.. May ll, 1936
Belgium ____ __? ______ __ Nov.,14, 1956
Great Britain ____'_____Y___ Apr. l, i948
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