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Feb. 27, 1962
Filed Nov. 4, 1960
United States atent
Patented Feb. 27, 1962
the top of the casing and substantially registering with
the coating, the wrapping being provided withan open
ing adapted to aiford access to the coating. I prefer to
William I. Kreisner, 145 Concord Ave., Oceanside, N.Y.
Filed Nov. 4, 1960, Ser. No. 67,212
1 Claim. (Cl. 206-36)
fashion such a match box from a sleeve member and
an open-top receptacle member slidably ?tting into the
sleeve member, the lateral walls of the sleeve member
My present invention relates to safety-match boxes hav
being provided with the striking coating. A cover sheet
ing one or more striking surfaces.
coextensive with the two lateral walls and the top wall of
Boxes for safety matches in common use heretofore
the sleeve, contiguous therewith, is wrapped around and
have generally beenprovided with two chemically treated 10 affixed to the outer surfaces of these walls in registry
external striking coatings which were applied directly to
with the striking coatings. The cover sheet is provided
two lateral walls of the ?brous (i.e. wooden) sleeve within
with elongated openings through which the striking coat
which the open-top match receptacle, of similar cellulosic
ings are exposed for striking a match.
material, was displaceable between open and closed ex
alt is, however, also possible to constitute the wrapper
treme positions. The striking surfaces of such boxes not 15 as part of the aforementioned sleeve and to form it with
only were unaesthetic in appearance but also prevented
an elongated window through which part of a striking
the ready and inexpensive application of advertising ma
coating carried by a lateral wall of the receptacle mem
terial to the container. Legible matter, for example,
ber is exposed, at least in the closed condition of the box.
could be applied to these boxes along the top and bottom
Again the wrapper, which encloses the lateral walls and
surfaces thereof only in the form of printed strips cob 20 the top of the receptacle member, may comprise a cover
extensive with the respective surface and cemented there
sheet a?ixed to the top and lateral walls of the sleeve
to. The exposed striking surfaces of conventional match
which is formed with an opening registering with the
boxes were also found to be readily scutfed and otherwise
aforementioned window. When the receptacle member
injured by normal handling, thereby reducing their e?’ec
is displaced partially out of the sleeve to facilitate the
removal of a match, only a limited striking surface is
It is an object of the present invention to provide a
exposed. The match box, therefore, must be almost
match box adapted to obviate the aforementioned disad~
completely closed before the removed match can be
vantages of conventional match boxes, and a process for
ignited by drawing it along the striking surface, thereby
making same.
preventing any accidentally dislodged ember from enter
Another object of my invention is to provide a match 30 ing the receptacle and kindling the matches therein.
box having improved safety characteristics.
The above and other objects, features and advantages
According to a feature of my invention, a match box,
comprising a sleeve member of generally rectangular
cross-section and a mating open-top match-receptacle
of my invention will become more readily apparent from
member displaceable within the sleeve member, is formed 35
with a striking coating upon the outer surface of a lateral
wall of one of the members. A wrappinglsheet, advan
the following description, reference being made to the
accompanying drawing in which:
FIG. 1 is a top-plan View of a match box according to
the invention;
FIG. 2 is a side-elevational view of the match- box;
FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along line III
tageously carrying printed and/ or embossed legible matter
and dimensioned to overlie at one of the coated surfaces
III of FIG. 2;
of the sleeve member and preferably also the adjacent top 40
FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the box illustrating a
surface of that member, is a?ixed thereto. The wrapper
?nal step in the application of the wrapper according to
is provided with at least one opening adapted to permit
my invention;
access through it to the striking coating whereby a match
FEG. 5 is a plan view of the wrapper;
may be drawn thereacross for ignition in the conventional
FIG. 6 is a perspective view of a match box accord
manner. It will be understood that the working surface 45 ing to another embodiment of the invention; and
of the coating thus lies below the outer surface of the
FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view taken along line VI'I——
Wrapper to a depth determined by the thickness of the
VII of FIG. 6.
in FIGS. l-S I show a match box 10 which comprises
coating which may, for example, arise from the frictional
an open-top match receptacle l1 slidably received in a
interengagement of coatings on two abutting match boxes 50 sleeve 12. The lateral walls 13 of the latter are provided
wrapping material, thereby obviating the scu?ing of the
in their packing carton. Furthermore, the opening may
with striking coatings 14 of a chemically treated friction
material of conventional type. The sleeve 12 is wrapped
be of any desired shape and may mask any portion of
the striking coating to provide an aesthetically pleasing
in a cover sheet 15, best shown in FIG. 5, adapted to
match box.
overlie the top surface 16 and the lateral surfaces 13 of
While the wrapping may be dimensioned to cover, say, 55 the sleeve, and is cemented thereto by a suitable adhesive.
only the top surface and one coated lateral surface of
The cover sheet 15, which is preferably a metallic or
the sleeve, 'I prefer to provide a wrapper of sufficient size
metallized foil, is provided with elongated openings 17
to overlie simultaneously two opposite coated lateral sur
which afford access to the striking coatings 14 along the
faces as well as the top surface of a match-box sleeve.
lateral walls 13 of the sleeve.
The portion of the wrapper covering the top surface of‘
the sleeve will then carry an advertising message or the
like printed upon the wrapper. ‘Since the bottom surface
of the sleeve either requires no wrapping or may be
covered by a portion of the printed or embossed wrapper
described above, the ?nishing of the sleeve thus necessi
tates only a single wrapping sheet in contradistinction to
earlier match boxes which required two such sheets, i.e.
a top wrapper sheet and a bottom wrapper sheet.
In FIGS. 6 and 7 I show a match box ill’ whose match
receptacle i1’ is provided, along its lateral walls 20', with
striking coatings 14' and is slidably displaceable between
an open and a closed extreme position within the sleeve
12’. The lateral walls 13’ of the latter, which confront
the coated lateral walls 20’ of the receptacle, are pro
vided with elongated windows 21' which register with
the openings 17 in the wrapper 15. When the receptacle
According to another aspect of the invention, I pro
is in its open position to facilitate removal of a match
vide a prismatic match~box casing having two lateral 70 therefrom, the match cannot be conveniently struck
Walls, at least one of which is formed with a striking coat~
against the limited coated surface available. When the
ing, with a wrapper embracing the two lateral walls and
receptacle 11' is, however, in its closed position, a sub
stantial length of striking coating 14’ is exposed through
the window 21' to enable the striking of the match.
The invention as described and illustrated is believed
to admit of many modi?cations and variations which are
deemed to be within the ability of persons skilled in the
art and are intended to be included within the spirit and
the scope of the invention as de?ned by the appended
I claim:
A match box comprising a disposable open-ended sleeve 10
member of prismatic con?guration having top and bottom
walls and two lateral walls; and a prismatic receptacle
member slidably displaceable within said sleeve member,
said sleeve and receptacle members being formed of
cellulosic material, each of said lateral walls being pro
vided on the outer surface thereof with a striking coat
ing covering substantially all of said outer surface; and
a metal-foil sheet covering the top and lateral walls only
of said sleeve and adhesively secured thereto in perma
nent union therewith and coextensively overlying said
walls, said metal-foil sheet being provided with two op
posite elongated side openings respectively framing said
coatings and exposing major portions thereof for enabling
the striking of a match therethrough.
References Cited in the file of this patent
Taylor ______________ __ Ang. 2, 1927
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