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March 13, 1962
Filed Jan. 26, 1960
BY}. PM'IQQ 4.219%
+ 41.16. Maya‘
Patented Mar. 13, 1962
each other as well as at equal distances from the cylinder’s
rotation axis.
The actuating slide 7 is ?tted in guideways 17 provided
in the receiver 9 and is disposed for slidable movement
Robert A. Rosenblurn, Skolkie, Ill., assignor, by inesne
assignments, to the United States of America as repre
backwards and forwards beneath the drum and drum
sented by the Secretary of the Army
Filed Jan. 26, 1960, Ser. No. 4,835
1 Claim. (Cl. 89-47)
support in a manner well known in the art. The slide
is mechanically connected with the drum in a manner
which will impart rotation to the drum in response to
reciprocating movement of the slide.
The present invention relates to a rammer for a gun
The feeder assembly 11 is mounted on the receiver
and more particularly to an improved rammer for re 10
and disposed to one side of the slide. The feeder as
volver-type, recoil operated guns.
sembly is arranged in a manner to receive an ammuni
In revolver-type automatic guns, a distinguishing feature
tion belt (only portions of which are shown) and feed
is the use of a drum having a plurality of ammunition re
it to a sprocket assembly (not shown) in a manner well
known in the art. The ammunition belt consists of a
plurality of individual round receiving links 19 which are
ceiving chambers. By means of this drum the rounds of
ammunition are automatically taken from a source of
supply and delivered to a station for ?ring. This is accom
plished by rotation of the drum as by a reciprocating
actuator which successively indexes the drum chambers
in progressive stages incident to receiving the round, ?r
ing the round, and ejection of the case after ?ring. One 20
or more stages of ramming are utilized to completely
chamber the round in the ?nal ram station. In the ?nal
ramming stage, the round is subjected to high impact
interconnected by link gripping members 21. The
sprocket assembly is arranged to rotate respective rounds
of ammunition into alignment with the chambers of the
drum preparatory to ramming.
The rammer 1 comprises an arcuate shaped member
mounted on the actuating slide and having two ramming
faces 23, 25 provided on its leading or forward edge 27.
The ramming faces are so disposed as to strip two suc
forces with the result that the round is liable to damage
not only at its base where it is engaged by the rammer 25 cessive rounds simultaneously from the ammunition belt
links incident to transfer of the rounds into the drum
but also at the shoulder or neck of the case.
chambers. As shown in FIGURE 1 of the drawings,
Therefore, it is a primary object of the present in
the rammer face 23 disposed near the top is in a posi
vention to provide a rammer which will obviate damage
tion to strip a round located in the position approxi
to the case of a round of ammunition as the result of
mately at 11 o’clock. Counterrecoil of the weapon is
impact forces incident to ramming.
effective to move the rammer forwardly and, at the same
It is a further object of the present invention to pro
time the rammer face 23 will move the round forwardly
vide an improved rammer for a gun which is highly
to strip it partially from the link holding it an amount
efficient in operation yet relatively simple in construc
equal to the distance of the counterrecoil movement.
In accordance with the present invention, a portion 35 This will orient or position the round for complete ram
ming by the lower positioned rammer face 25 upon
of the rammer adjacent to the ram face, which is used
movement to the next station which is located at approxi
for chambering the round in the ?nal ram station, is made
mately 9 o’elock, as seen in FIGURE 1. Although
resilient to absorb the impact forces to which the round
is subjected.
movement of the drum, the sprocket carrying the links,
The novel features characteristic of the present in 40 and the rounds of ammunition are intended for rotation
counterclockwise in the embodiment shown and de
vention, as well as additional objects and advantages
scribed herein, the weapon can be made to operate in
thereof, will be understood better from the following
the reverse, clockwise direction equally as well. For the
detailed description of a single, preferred embodiment
purpose of absorbing high impact forces incident to ?nal
and when read in conjunction with the accompanying
drawing in which,
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a con
ventional gun and showing a rammer in accordance with
45 chambering of a round of ammunition, the rammer is
provided with resilient means such as the crimped or
folded portion 29 adjacent to and rearwardly of the
rammer face 25. The purpose thereof is to make a
resilient portion which will serve as a shock absorber.
FIGURE 2 is an enlarged, sectional view of a portion
The apparatus will be found to operate as follows:
of the rammer, the view being taken along the line 2—2 50
When the weapon is ready to ?re, the actuating slide 7
in FIGURE 1.
is in a forward position on the receiver 9. When a
Referring more particularly to the drawing wherein
round is ?red, the slide is driven rearward incident to
similar reference characters have been used to designate
recoil and simultaneously therewith both the drum and
coresponding parts throughout, the rammer 1 of the
present invention is shown in association with only those 55 the feeder sprocket are caused to rotate counterclockwise.
The drum and sprocket are indexed one-half station dur~
parts of a gun necessary to an understanding of the
ing the recoil stroke and another half station on the
present invention.
counterrecoil or forward stroke. Ramming is accom
For purposes of illustration, the present invention is
plished in two stages by means of the rammer 1 which
shown and described in association with portions of an
automatic weapon of the revolver-type which employs a 60 is attached to the actuating slide 7. On the forward or
return stroke of the slide, the upper ramming face 23
two-stage rammer. In general, the parts of a gun of this
engages the base of a cartridge and pushes it through the
type, which are shown in FIGURE 1, comprise a drum
link 19 and partially into the chamber 13 in line with
3, drum support 5, actuating slide 7, a receiver 9, and a
the cartridge. At the same time, the lower ramming
feeder assembly 11.
In a weapon of this type, a tube and breech assembly 65 face 25 contacts the base of the next succeeding cartridge
which had been partially rammed on the previous cycle
are arranged for recoil and counterrecoil and associated
and completes chambering it. Inasmuch as the shoulder
therewith is a revolving drum 3 which is a distinguish
or neck of the round is engaged with complementary
ing feature. The drum comprises a cylindrical member
portions of the chamber, the force of impact of the ram
containing ?ve cartridge or round receiving chambers 13
and is revolvably mounted on a shaft 15 carried by the 70 mer is absorbed by the folded portion 29. Thus, the
the present invention, and
drum support 5. The chambers are disposed parallel to
the rotation axis of the drum and at equal distances from
folded portion will prevent damage to the case either at
the shoulder or at the rim of the cartridge engaged by
the rammer face 25. Simultaneously with complete
chambering of this round, the next succeeding round
(not shown) moves into alignment with the gun barrel
preparatory to ?ring as the slide reaches its battery posi
tion. The fourth stage effects extraction of the empty
breech assembly and provided with round receiving
It will be recognized from the foregoing description
by persons skilled in the art that the present invention _
chambers and means for rotating said drum thereby to
successively index the chambers in stations including a
?nal ram station, said rammer including a plurality of
ramming faces at least one of which is disposed for com
plete chambering of said round in the ?nal ram station,
an integral portion of said rammer adjacent to said one
rammer face comprising a strip of material projecting
toward said round and having a plurality of folds for
achieves an improved result not contemplated by the
prior art and provides a simple solution for preventing 10 resiliently absorbing impact forces incident to complete
damage to the cases of rounds ‘of ammunition. Although
chambering of said round.
but a ‘single embodiment of the present invention is shown
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
and described herein, it is understandable that modi?
cations and alterations may be made therein Without de
parting from the spirit and scope of the invention 15
claimed herein.
Hepperle ___________ __ Jan. 22, 1957
What is claimed is:
In a gun having a tube and breech assembly arranged
for recoil and counterrecoil, a multiple stage rammer
comprising a drum rotatably disposed relative to ‘said 20
Norway _____________ __ Apr. 19, 1907
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