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March 13, 1962
Filed March 15, 1960
United States Patent Odice
Patented Mar. 13, 1962
walls 1d and also includes spaced parallel arcuate front
and back walls 15 and 16, as well as spaced parallel top
and bottom walls 1'7 and 18.
Arranged in the casing 11 is a track member 19, and
the track member 19 includes an upstanding wall portion
This invention relates to a golfer’s accessory for help
ing a golfer improve his or her game, and more particu
is arranged contiguous to the bottom wall 16. The track
Ben W. Flood, 1001 SE. 8th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Filed Mar. 15, 1951), Ser. No. 15,263
1 Claim. (Cl. 273-183)
larly to a device for producing a sound such as a click
when the golfer moves his or her head from the proper
position so as to provide a signal which will help the
golfer to remember to keep his or her head in the proper
position so as to aid the golfer in improving his or her
This invention is an improvement over the golfer’s ac
cessory shown and described in my prior patent applica
tion Serial No. 799,969, tiled February 3, 1959, now
The principal object of this invention is the provision of
20 as well as a wall section 21, and the wall section 21
member 19 is made of a suitable sound deadening mate
rial such as rubber, or a suitable plastic material or the
The wall section 21 of the track member 19 is shaped to
include inclined surfaces 22 and 23 which meet at a lower
junction or lower recessed area 24, FIGURE 3. The
numeral 25 indicates a movable spherical member or
15 ball shaped member, and the member 25 is mounted for
movement along a track member 19, and as long as the
golfer’s head is in the proper position, the ball shaped
member will remain in the area or chamber 29, but when
the golfer inadvertently moves his or her head in the
the device which is adapted to be worn on a person’s 20 wrong manner, the ball shaped member will move into
head whereby as long as the head is kept in the proper
engagement with the end wall 14 in order to produce a
position no sound will be produced, but when the golfer
inadvertently moves his or her head out of the proper
position, a clicking or striking sound will be produced
which will indicate that the head has been moved out of
the proper position whereby the golfer will be able to
more readily learn to maintain the head in the proper
position for the most effective play of the game of golf.
An important feature of the present invention is the
clicking sound which will provide a signal that the head
has been wrongly moved whereby the necessary corrective
action can be taken and wherein the future wrongful
movements of the head can be minimized or prevented.
There is further provided an end piece 2d which may
form part of the track member 19, and the track mem
ber and end piece are adapted to be made of a suitable
sound deadening material so that no sound is produced at
use of the device which can be attached to a band that is 30 the wrong time. The numeral 27 indicates a base portion
adapted to be worn on the person’s head, or wherein the
and there is also provided an upstanding curved stop por
device can be concealed in an article of headgear, such as
tion 2S which coacts with the adjacent parts to provide
a cap so that the device is not noticeable, and wherein in
a chamber 29 for receiving the ball 2S therein. The nu
either case sound deadening material is utilized in the de
meral St) indicates a guide member which is suitably
vice in order to minimize or prevent noise during normal 35 affixed to or formed integral with the top wall 17 so as
pla Y of the game, but wherein when the head is moved out
to help guide the ball 25’ in its movement, and the guide
of its proper position a clicking sound is produced by a
member 3@ is provided with an inclined or tapered sur
ball shaped member moving against an end piece which
face 31.
will provide an indication that the head has been moved
Referring now to FIGURE 5 of the drawings, there is
from its proper or desired position so that corrective ac 40 illustrated a modified arrangement wherein the device is
tion can be taken wherein the golfer will learn to keep
shown mounted in a cap such as a golfer’s cap 32 instead
his or her head in the proper position vby means of the
of being used only on a head band such as the head
present invention.
band 12. Thus, the device is shown positioned in an
Another object of the invention is to provide a golfer’s
area 33 of the cap 32, and the device can be fastened in
accessory which is economical to manufacture, simple in 45 place by any suitable means, and a portion 34 of the cap
form and construction and which consists of few parts
32 can conceal the present invention so that the device is
and which is strong, durable and highly eflicient in its
not visible, when mounted in the cap or other article of
practical application.
Other and more specific objects will be apparent from
the following description taken in connection with the
From the foregoing, it is apparent that there has been
provided a golfer’s accessory which is an improvement
over the device shown and described in my prior patent
accompanying drawings.
In the drawings:
FIGURE l is a longitudinal sectional view showing
application Serial No. 790,969. When using the present
The casing 11 is hollow and includes spaced apart end
ment. By properly moving the device, the ball can be
invention, the parts are `arranged as shown in the draw
the device mounted on a band such as `a head band which
ings and the device is adapted to be worn or mounted
can be arranged in engagement with a person’s head.
55 on the golfer’s head as for example by means of the head
FIGURE 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-2 of
band 12, or else the device may be mounted in »a cap
such as the cap 32 which can be worn on the golfer’s
FIGURE 3 is a view similar to FIGURE 2 but showing
head. When the device is mounted in a cap such as the
the ball shaped member in a different position.
cap 32, the head band 12 can be fastened to the sweat
FIGURE 4 is a sectional view taken on the line 4-4 of 60 band 3S of the cap as for example by means of securing
elements 36.
FIGURE 5 is an elevational view illustrating the modi
It is to be noted that with the parts arranged as shown,
fication wherein the device is shown `mounted in an article
that normally the ball 25 which is of a solid material, will
of headgear such as a golfer’s cap, and with parts broken
remain in its proper position as long as the golfer’s head
away and in section.
65 is maintained at the proper angle. However, when the
Referring in detail to the drawings, the numeral 10 in
head is tilted or moved out of the proper position, the
dicates a golfer’s accessory of the present invention which
ball 2S will move to strike against an end wall 14 so as
is shown to comprise a hollow casing or housing 11 that
to produce a clicking or ping sound which will serve as
is adapted to be fastened to a head engaging member
a signal or notification to the golfer that the head has
such as the head band 12 as for example by means of 70 been moved and in the wrong fashion so that corrective
securing elements or pins 13.
steps can be taken to prevent recurrence of such move
returned to its normal position so that the device can be
used over and over again. The guide member Btl coacts
with the `adjacent parts of the device to help insure that
the ball will remain inthe desired position as the device is
golfer’s head flies up jerking it out of this recessed area
and forcing it against the right end wall le.
The accessory of the present invention is perfectly quiet
during putting and playing at all times and this is the
moved back and forth. By making the track member i9
reason for the entire inside area being molded in rubber or
of a sound deadening material such as a suitable rubber~
like compound, there will be no noise to distract or inter
Minor changes in shape, size and rearrangement of
details coming within the tield of invention claimed may
be resorted to in actual practice if desired.
What is claimed is:
fere with the ordinary playing of the game of golf, and the
end Wall 14 is made of a hard or rigid material so that
when the ball 25 contacts the member or wall id, the
noticeable clicking sound will be produced.
The device may be arranged as shown in FTGURE l
so that it is fastened to the head band ‘l2 which can then
be positioned. on the golfer’s head, or as shown in FIG
URE 5 the device can be mounted in a golfer’s cap such
as the golfer’s cap 32 and wherein the portion 34 of the
cap will conceal the device so that the device is not visible,
to other players or observers.
The band l?. may be arranged in engagement with the
golfer’s forehead, and the device can be used by either
men or women.
Suitable materials can be used for mak
ing the various parts, and the shape and size can be
varied as required or desired. The device may be attrac
tively colored land designed so as to enhance the attrac
a similar sound proof material.
A golfer’s accessory comprising an arcuate band, a hol
low casing affixed to said band and said casing embody
ing Jñrst and second spaced apart end walls, said casing
further including spaced parallel curved front and back
Walls, and said casing also including spaced parallel top
and bottom walls, a track member of sound deadening
material arranged in said casing, a ball-shaped member
movably mounted in said track member, a guide mem
ber secured to the top wall of said casing and said guide
member having a tapered surface for helping to guide the
ball member, said track member having an upstanding
wall portion arranged contiguous to the front of the cas
ing, said track member further embodying a wall section
adjacent to the bottom wall of said casing, said wall sec
25 tion embodying inclined surfaces which have their lower
tiveness thereof.
portions meeting in a junction that provides a lower
The end piece 2.6 is an integral or continuous part of
recessed `area for at times receiving said ball member, said
the track 19 and the end piece 26 as well as the entire
track member further including a chamber- adjacent the
track il@ are adapted to be made from hard rubber or a
íirst end wall of said casing, an end piece of sound dead
similar sound deadening material. The glass ball 25 re
ening material arranged Within said chamber, said end
mains in the recessed area 29 at all times until the golfer’s
piece embodying a base portion and an upstanding curved
head is raised suddenly to the left, then the ball comes out
stop portion, said base portion being positioned Within
of the recessed area or chamber 29, rolls down the track
said chamber at a lower level than the inclined surfaces
19, and strikes the ends ld of the outer case which is of
of said wall section whereby when the golfer’s head is
a hard material so as to provide the sudden sharp click
moved, the ball member comes out of the
or sound action and this is an important feature or aspect
of the present invention. This accessory as shown in the
drawings herein is designed for a right hand golfer, and
the reverse action will take place for a left hand golfer.
chamber and rolls along the track member to strike the
second end Wall of said casing so as to provide a sudden
sharp click which provides a signal for helping the golfer
to keep the head in proper position.
The glass ball 2d cornes up and over the surface 22 in
FIGURE 2 to the top of the surface 23 striking the end 40
References Cited in the file of this patent
wall 14 to produce the sound. lt is to be noted that the
right hand end of the surface 23 is a higher elevation to
assist the ball after striking the end wall ld in order to
enable gravity to direct it back to the recessed area where
it remains ‘at all times completely noiseless until the 45
Roberts ______________ __ Peb. 2.7, 1940 "
Schneider ___ _________ __ May 4, 1948
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