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March 20, 1962
Filed March 2l, 1958
A’ArlEwrlIIIIIlI/ATurf," y
@QQ/iff Mica/af
States Patent O f
Kent R. Kincaid, 1009 W. Holly St. Walnut Creek, Calif.
Filed Mar. 21, 1958, Ser. No. 722,898
1 Claim. (Cl. 9--310)
This invention relates to sports equipment and, more
specifically, the invention pertains to equipment especially
designed for water sports.
One of the primary objects of the invention is to pro
vide a new water ski including means for creating a
fountain effect.
Another object of this invention is to provide in a
water ski means for the stabilization thereof.
A further object of this invention is to provide a water
ski with means in the nature of a keel whereby the user
may execute maneuvers with a greater degree of accuracy
Patented , Mar. 20, l 962
drawing, the lower ends of the side walls 24, 26 are
arcuate in configuration and taper in width from their
inner ends to their respective outer ends. An elongated
substantially rectangular bottom wall 23 extends across
and is preferably integrally formed with the lower ends of
the side wall extensions 24, 26.
It is thus seen that the top wall 18, the side wall ex
tensions Zél, 26 and the bottom wall 28 form an elon
gated substantially hollow forwardly opening compart
10 ment 30 having a restricted discharge opening 32 longi
tudinally spaced from the rear end of the ski. A plu
rality of screws 34 extend through the top wall I6 to
provide means for securing the fountain producing and
stabilizing device 14 to the ski runner 12 adjacent the rear
end thereof.
From the foregoing description of the fountain produc
ing and stabilizing device 14 it is manifest that the side
than may be accomplished with water skis heretofore
walls 2t), 22 function in the nature of keels to lend to a
known in the art.
user a greater degree of control in skiing in a straight line
This invention contemplates, as a still further object 20 or in executing a curving or turning maneuver. Simul
thereof, the provision of a water ski of the type generally
taneously, water entering the forwardly opening corn
referred to supra, the water ski being non-complex in con
» partment 30 is forced through the restricted discharge
struction and assembly, inexpensive to manufacture, and
opening 32 at a relatively high velocity to form a fountain
durable in use.
36 which is not only spectacular but pleasing to the ob
Other and further objects and advantages of this in
vention will become more apparent from a consideration
FIGURES 4 to 6, inclusive, illustrate a second embodi
of the following specification when read in conjunction
ment of this invention wherein reference numeral 4l)
with the annexed drawing, in which:
denotes, in general, a ski constructed in accordance with
FIGURE 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of a
the present invention, the ski 40 including a conventional
water ski equipped with fountain and stabilizing means 30 ski runner 42.
constructed in accordance with this invention, FIGURE
The fountain producing and stabilizing means is gen
l being taken substantially on the horizontal plane of
erally designated at 44 and includes an elongated sub
line 1--i of FIGURE 2, looking in the direction of the
stantially rectangular plate 46 having longitudinally ex
tending, arcuately shaped, depending,
FIGURE 2 is a bottom plan view of a water ski 35 and confronting side walls 48, Sli.
equipped with the fountain and stabilizing means illus
trated in FIGURE 1;
FIGURE 3 is a transverse detail cross-sectional view
laterally spaced
A first elongated open-ended tubular conduit 52 is
welded at 54 to the plate 46 and is also welded at 56 to
the side wall 48. The conduit 52 terminates in a rear
taken substantially on the vertical plane of line 3-3 of
ward extension 58 having an upwardly curving arcuate
FIGURE l, looking in the direction of the arrows;
40 configuration (see FIGURES 5 and 6). The water inlet
FIGURE 4 illustrates a water ski equipped with foun
end is designated at 60 and the fountain discharge end
tain and stabilizing means constructed in accordance with
is denoted at 62.
a second embodiment of this invention;
A second elongated open-ended tubular conduit 64 is
FIGURE 5 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of
welded at 66 to the plate 46 and is welded at 68 to the side
the fountain and stabilizing means illustrated in FIGURE
wall 48. The water inlet end for the second tubular mem
4, FIGURE 5 being taken substantially on the horizontal
ber 64 is designated at 72, and the fountain discharge end
plane of line 5~5 of FIGURE 4, looking in the direction
thereof is denoted at 74.
of the arrows; and,
The combined fountain producing and stabilizing de
FIGURE 6 is a transverse cross-sectional view taken
vice 44 is secured to the runner 42 by means of a plu
substantially on the vertical plane of line 6--6 of FIG 50 rality of screws 76 which extend transversely through the
URE 5, looking in the direction of the arrows.
plate 46 and penetrate the ruimer 42 adjacent the rear end
Referring now more speciñcally to the drawing, ref
erence numeral 10 designates, in general, a water ski con~
It should now be self evident that the tubular mem
structed in accordance with one embodiment of this in~
bers 52 and 64 at each side of the runner 42 act as keels
vention. The ski It) is seen to comprise the conventional
to provide the user with a greater degree of control and
elongated substantially rectangular runner 12 to the rear 55
stabiilty when skiing in a straight line or when elfecting a
end of which is secured fountain producing and ski stabi
curve or turning movement. Simultaneously, water will
lizing means I4 to which the present invention is ad
pass into the tubular conduits 52, 64 through their respec
The fountain producing and stabilizing means includes 60 tive inlet openings 60, 72 and will be discharged through
an elongated substantially rectangular ñat top wall_16
the outlet or discharge openings 62, 74, longitudinally
spaced rearwardly of the rear end of the ski, and with
suiiicient force to produce a pair of fountains (not shown)
each somewhat similar to the fountain 36.
From the opposed longitudinally extending sides of the
In setting forth both embodiments of this invention, the
top wall 16 depend, respectively, a pair of laterally spaced
and substantially parallel rectangular side walls 20, 22 65 fountain producing and stabilizing means 14 and 44
which terminates in a rearwardly extending, integrally
formed and upwardly curved arcuate extension 18.
which serve the dual functions of a keel and stabilizing
means. The side walls, 2d, 22 extend rearwardly to form
integrally connected elongated substantially rectangular
side wall extensions 24, 26, respectively, which also de
pend from the opposed longitudinally extending marginal
edges of the top wall 18. As is seen in FIGURE l of the
have been described in association with a water ski. It iS
to be understood, however, that these means may be
manufactured, sold and employed as attachment units
separate and apart from the ski, per se.
Having described and illustrated in detail two embodi
ments of this invention, it will be understood that the same
are offered merely by way of example, and that this in
vention is to be limited only by the scope of the appended
What is claimed is:
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
A water ski comprising a-ñat board having a rear end,
a -top wall secured to the undersurface of the board, de
pending side walls on and extending along said top Wall to
the rear end of the board, and nozzle means Secured to
and extending rearwardly from said top wall and said side
2,3 82,150
Morgan ______________ __ Aug. 23,
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Billingham ___________ __ Aug. 30,
Hammers ____________ __ Oct. 16,
walls, said nozzle means being rearwardly and upwardly 10
curved, said nozzle means comprising tubular nozzles
“The Sunday Star,” Washington, D.C., Jan. 5', 1941,
secured to and extending along said side Walls.
page 8.
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