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March 20, 1962
Filed Jan. 19, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Dorothy M. Daley
March 20, 1962
Filed Jan. 19, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Dorofhy M. Daley
Patented Mar. 26, 1952
Dorothy M. Daley, 5212 Curry Road, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
assignor of one-half to Mathilda M. Rogers, Coraopolis,
Filed Jan. 19, 1960, Ser. No. 3,393
4 Claims. (Cl. 211-86)
FIG. 2 is an enlarged, cross-sectional view taken along
lines II—-II of FIG. 1;
FIG. 3 is an enlarged, cross-section, fragmentary view
of dthe forward end portion of rod 6 shown in FIGS. 1
FIG. 4 is an enlarged, fragmentary cross-sectional view
showing how the ends of rod 5 are connected to the cross
‘brace rods 6; and
FIG. 5 is a perspective view showing a modi?cation of
This invention relates to a shower curtain rod accessory
for shower baths and, more particularly, to an accessory 10 my invention as applied to a shower curtain rod supported
which is suitable as a clothes hanger and which is readily
on the curtain rod and one side wall instead of two side
attachable to an existing conventional shower curtain rod.
walls as shown in FIG. 1.
Oftentimes in homes, and especially in apartments and
Referring more particularly to FIGS. 1 and 2 of the
hotels, personal items. such as nylon stockings, panties,
drawing, numeral 1 denotes a conventional shower cur
girdles, “drip-dry” clothes etc. are washed by women in 15 tain rod of hollow tubular construction which may be made
the bathroom and hung there to dry because of the in
of aluminum or steel coated with chromium, or other
convenience of taking such items to a laundry or a laundry
materials and which has end ?ttings 4 which are attached
room in the basement. In the past, these items have been
directly to two opposing side walls 2 and 3. This forms
hung to dry on the conventional towel racks or perhaps
a conventional, permanent construction. The shower cur
draped on the shower curtain rod. However, the outstand 20 tain (not shown) is supported on rod 1 by means of hooks
ing disadvantage is that clothes so supported drip water
attached to the top edge of the curtain in a well known
manner. T denotes a tub.
onto the ?oor, because in the latter instance, the curtain
rod is supported over the front edge of the bathtub.
The clothes hanging rod and frame embodying my in
Attempts have been made to solve this problem by de
vention, and which is attachable as an accessory to shower
vising clothes racks which are supported directly by the 25 curtain rod 1, is shown as comprising essentially tubular
tub so that the clothes will drip into the tub. However,
such racks have never been adopted or widedly used be
moving the clothes hanger rack from the tub.
‘rods 5 and 6. These rods may be either integrally Welded
or otherwise integrally secured to rod 6 or, better still,
they are detachably secured to the shower curtain rod 1
so that the assembly may be of the knockdown type so
that it may be packed in small cartons to reduce shipping
costs. Rod 5 may be made of the same tubular material
as curtain rod 1, that is, of aluminum or steel coated with
An object of my invention is to provide a novel clothes
hanger rack which is constructed as an attachment for
forced plastic or any other suitable material which is
existing shower bath curtain rods and which will enable
sui?ciently strong to support clothes.
cause of their outstanding disadvantages of being always
in sight or in the way and of being rather complicated and
bulky in construction, presenting an unsightly appearance,
also because it is not possible to take a bath without re
the hanging and drying of wet clothes in a manner so as
to overcome the above mentioned disadvantages of prior
A more speci?c object of my invention is to provide a
clothes hanging accessory which is detachably mounted 40
chromium, or perhaps may be made of ?ber glass-rein
Rods 6 serve as cross-brace rods and are preferably
bent at 6b adjacent their forward end portions 6a, as
shown more clearly in FIG. 2, presenting an angle of ap
proximately 30° with the main portion of the rod 6
through a radius of about 8 inches so as to present a
on an existing shower curtain rod in a manner so as to be
clearance in vertical height of at least 6 ‘feet 6 inches at
suspended overhead of the bather with suf?cient head
the center to enable persons of average height to take a
clearance so that it need not be removed while taking a
shower bath without the necessity of removing the clothes
shower bath, and which is substantially concealed from
hanger frame 6, 5. Of course, the bend may be made even
view even when the shower curtain is open.
45 greater and the rod 6 may be made even greater and the
A more speci?c object of my invention is to provide
rod 6 may be curved upwardly even to a greater extent,
a clothes hanging accessory for easy attachment to an
perhaps throughout its entire length to give even more
existing shower curtain rod in a manner so as not to
head clearance, if desired.
require marring of the wall with screws and other fasteners
In order to make the shower curtain rod accessory
and which is adjustable in width so as to be supported
entirely detachable and attachable without marring the
walls, I prefer to arcuately notch the end portions there
solely by gravity and friction on rear walls having differ
ent spacings from the shower curtain rod, and which may
be removed simply by lifting the attachment, and which
of. This may be done by the use of end plugs 11 which
are curved at the ends 7 thereof along a radius so as to
accessory is useful for many other purposes, such as for
accurately ?t the curvature of curtain rod 1, as shown
hanging wet coats, snowsuits, raincoats and the like, as 55 more clearly in FIGS. 2 and 3. Thus the end portions
well as to serve as an additional clothes closet in cases
of rod 6 may be supported on the curtain rod 1. simply
of emergencies, such as when giving parties and the like,
by resting the end portions or plugs 11 thereon, without
yet at which times clothes are completely concealed from
the necessity of applying fastening means for attaching
view by drawing the shower curtain, therefore do not
rods 6 to rod 1. This is true partly because of the in
present any unsightly appearance to guests.
60 clination of the forward end portion 6a extending from
A further object of my invention is to provide a shower
bends 6b of cross braces 6 (see FIG. 2) and the method
curtain rod accessory which may be made in the form of
of support thereof against the rear wall 8, namely, by
a knockdown assembly to facilitate shipping and which
means of cylindrical rod extensions 9 which are prefer
can be easily assembled by any home owner. also which
erably in the form of rubber or plastic bumpers, simu
is made of simple and inexpensive parts which blend with
65 lating the shape of handle bars of a bicycle and which
the construction of an existing shower curtain rod.
are telescoped onto the rear end portions of cross brace
Other objects and advantages will become apparent
rods 6 so as to be extensible to enable the frame to ?t
from a study of the following description taken with the
any spacing between the rear wall 8 and the existing,
accompanying drawings wherein:
permanently mounted curtain rod 1. Of course, other
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a shower curtain rod 70 suitable rod extensions may be used instead, so long as
accessory for supporting clothes and embodying the prin
the rods 6 may be easily and quickly adjusted in length
in cases where diiferent spacings occur between the rear
ciples of my invention;
wall and curtain rod 1. Of course, in initial permanent
installations, the rod 6 need not even be adjustable, there
fore extensions 9 may be omitted entirely and the ends
of rods 6 may be permanently attached to the rear wall
and curtain rod, if desired. Making the telescoping ex
tensions 9 of rubber or plastic also avoids nicking or
marring of the rear wall as might occur in using metal
parts instead. Clothes hangers 10 of conventional con
struction, or of special construction, may be slidably sup
the cross braces being bent downwardly adjacent one
end, said ends being arcuately shaped and adapted to
be supported by a shower rod, and the opposite ends
of the braces having tubular extensions adapted to contact
the wall of a shower stall at a higher elevation than the
shower rod.
2. For use in a shower stall including a bathtub, rear
wall and opposing side walls, and a shower curtain rod
overhanging the forward longitudinal edge portion of the
ported on the rod 5 to hang clothes, such as coats, dresses 10 bathtub, a clothes hanging frame comprising, in combina
tion, a longitudinally extending rod ‘overhanging sub
and other long clothes, which clothes may be completely
stantially the central longitudinal axis of said tub, a pair
concealed by closing the shower curtain.
of cross-braces secured at substantially right angles to
FIG. 3 shOWs one form of end plug 11 which comprises
the end portions of said last mentioned rod, said cross
a curved end portion 7 with an integral portion 12 of re
duced diameter having a rear end wall 12a from which 15 braces being bent upwardly and having arcuately shaped
emerge spring extensions 15 which are urged radially
outwardly by turning of a screw threaded shank 13 by
means of a screw driver so as to draw in the collar 14
end portions which are adapted to snugly engage end
portions of said shower curtain rod, cup shaped elements
of piastic material telescopically ?tted on the other end
portions of? said cross brace rods and being adapted to
toward end portion 11 and thus expand, radially out
wardly, the spring ?ngers .15 to tightly hoid the end plug 20 rest against said rear wall solely by friction and gravity
of said frame and at an elevation higher than that of said
arcuately cut-out ends.
It will be apparent that other conventional or slip-?t
3. The clothes hanging frame recited in claim 2 where
types of end plugs may be used instead. Or, if desired,
in the forward portions of said cross brace rods are bent
end plugs may be omitted and the ends of the tubular rod
6 may be notched out arcuately to ?t against curtain 25 downwardly at an acute angle with respect to the re
mainder of such rods and wherein the major lengths of
rod 1.
said cross brace rods are greater than the spacing be
FIG. 5 shows a modi?cation of the invention which is
tween said shower curtain rod and rear wall and extend
useful for shower bath installations having only one side
angularly and upwardly in a rearward direction toward
wall, such as 20, and a rear wall 19. The shower curtain
> within the end portion of rod 6.
rod comprises two sections 16 and 17 substantially right 30 said rear wall.
4. For use with a shower curtain rod, a clothes hang
angles with end ?xtures 4 and 18, respectively. In order
rack comprising a longitudinal rod extending in
to brace the intermediate portion of such curtain rod,
spaced, parallel relationship to said curtain rod and, to
it is desirable to fasten the forward end portion of the left
gether with the remainder of said rack, being at a slightly
rod 6 to the section 16 near its jointure with section 17.
This may be done by the connecting means shown in 35 higher elevation than said rod, 9. pair of end cross braces,
intermediate portions of which are secured at substantially
FIG. 4, that is, the screw threaded shank 13a will fasten
the curtain rod to the forward end of rod 6.
The rear
end of the left rod 6 is permanently connected to the
rear wall 19 by connector 21.
right angles to the ends of said longitudinal rod so as to
form a substantially H-shaped frame construction, the
forward ends of said cross braces being snugly ?tted
Thus it will be seen that I have provided a highly 40 against the end portions of said shower curtain rod and
supported thereby, the opposite end portions of said cross
efficient shower curtain rod accessory or ?xture which
brace rods being adapted to be supported by the rear
may be easily and quickly mounted on or dismounted
wall of a shower stall, the lengths of said cross braces
from the shower curtain rod in a manner so as not
to mar any of the walls of the shower stall, and which 45 being greater than the spacing between said shower cur
tain rod and rear wall so as to rest against the rear wall
may be readily removed at will; furthermore I have pro
at points at a higher elevation than ‘said curtain rod,
vided a shower curtain rod attachment which is suitable
for suspending clothes hangers and which is of su?icient
together with tubular extensions telescopically ?tted
against the rear wall-engaging end portions of said cross
will conceal said suspended clothes at all times by draw~ 50 brace rods, which extensions are adjustably extensible to
vary the overall length of said cross brace rods and the
ing the shower curtain; furthermore I have provided a
amount of said higher elevation of the end portions of
shower curtain rod ?xture which requires no fastening
said cross brace rods.
to the walls, whatsoever, and which may be merely laid
in place and held there solely by gravity and friction,
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
therefore which may be easily dismounted at will; fur 55
thermore I have provided a shower curtain rod ?xture
which is in the form of a knockdown assembly which
Tilden _______________ c_ July 3, 1923
is easily shipped and which comprises a relatively few
Knobloch ____________ __ Nov. 2, 1948
height so as to clear the head of the bather and which
number of inexpensive, conventional parts.
While I have illustrated and described several embodi 60
ments of my invention, it will be understood that these
are by way of illustration only, and that various changes
and modifications may be made within the contemplation
of my invention and within the scope of the following
I claim:
Goche ____________ _;__ Jan. 22, 1957
Trainor ______________ __ Feb. 5, 1957
Hammer ____________ __ Aug. 27, 1957
Crites ______________ .____ Jan. 13, 1959
Stillman _____________ __ Mar. 3, 1959
Bradley _____________ __ Apr. 25, 1961
Switzerland __________ __ July 14, 1956
1. For use with a shower curtain rod, a clothes hang
ing rack comprising a pair of parallel end cross braces, a
tubular rod connected to the mid-portion of each brace,
Fogg ________________ __ May 26, 1953
Boycott _____________ __ Feb. 28, 1956
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