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March 20, 1962
Filed Sept. 12, 1960
.! „
.da/wie GUÆRAAI
United States Peter
Patented Mar. 20, 1962
operator's center of gravity.
The change of direction
corresponds to the angle between parts 11 and ski 1.
Parts 12 serve to turn the Vehicle continuously. These
Achüle Guerard, 126 Duiuth W., Montreal,
Quebec, Canada
parts converge forwardly of the Vehicle and are upwardly
recessed relative to parts 11 because they are disposed
Filed Sept. 12, 1960, Ser. No. 55,288
5 Cäaims. (Cl. 289-12)
exteriorly of parts 11. They have metal edges 14.
Part 12 comes into contact with the ground upon
further lateral tilting of the seat. Under these conditions,
The present invention relates to a novel snow-going ve
parts 11 and 12 form an angular ground engaging edge
hicle which is related to sleds and skis.
The closest known Vehicle of »this type consists of a 10 which produces continuous turning of the Vehicle whereby
the latter can make several loops if desired.
single ski having a seat supported at about two feet above
The seat 2 has a size sumcient for receiving the body and
the ski. This type of Vehicle is practically irnpossible to
The Vehicle of this invention can attain great speeds and
legs of the operator in order to prevent accideuts. Seat
2 has handles 15.
The operator being seated has va minimum wind re
enables the operator to sit on it and to steer it as easily 15
sistance and can attain great speeds when sliding down a
as conventional skis and even make complete loops, the
steen'ng being effected by body movements of the operator.
=In the annexed drawings:
snow covered hill.
While a preferred embodiment of the invention has
been illustrated and described, it is understood that modi
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view;
?cations can be e?ected without departing from the
FIGURE 2 is a bottom plan view;
spirit and scope of the -appended claims.
FIGURE 3 is a section along line 3-3 of FIGURE 1;
What I claim is:
FIGURE 4 is a section along line 4--4 of FIGURE 1;
1. A ski-sled comprising a ski, a seat secured to said
FIGURE 5 is a partial section taken along line 5-5 of
ski, and skates secured to and underneath said seat on
FIGURE 2; and
FIGURE 6 is a section along line 6-6 of FIGURE 2. 25 each side of said ski, said skates being inclined with re
spect to said ski and upwardly spaced from the plane of
:'n the drawings, like numerals indicate like elements.
the ground engaging face of said ski whereby in the up
The Vehicle comprises a ski 1 of conventional length
right position of the ski and seat said skates are out of
and shape and on which is secured a seat 2 having lateral
contact with the ground and selectively contact the ground
skates 3 On each side of ski 1. The ski 1 has an upturned
front end 5 and a central longitudinal groove 6. The 30 upon lateral tilting of the ski and seat to effect a change
of direction of the ski-sled, each skate consisting of a ?rst
central portion of the ski 1 is provided with metal ski
straight part forwardly diverging with respect to the ski
edges 7 of T-shaped cross section and protruding from
and a second straight part disposed laterally outwardly of
bottom face 8 of ski 1.
said ?rst part, inclined with respect to the latter and meet
The seat 2 has an ovoidal shape with the narrower end
forwardly directed. The seat 2 is dished with inclined 35 ing the same intermediate its ends.
2. A ski-sled as in claim 1 wherein said second parts
sides and its center is directly secured to ski 1 by screws 9.
are upwardly recessed with respect to said ?rst parts
A Vertical central web 10 disposed between the ski 1 an
seat 2 rigidly secures .the seat to the ski.
Skates 3 are secured underneath and to seat 2 symmetri 40
cally with respect to ski 1.
Each skate 3 has a ?rst part 11 and a second part 12
whereby they require greater tilting than for said ?rst
parts to come into ground engagement.
3. A ski-sled as in claim 2 wherein said seat has a dish
shape with inclined sides, said skates being secured to said
sides and disposed in planes Vertically inclined relative to
the Vertical central plane passing through said ski.
forming a Y, the ?rst part being straight and de?ning one
branch and the leg of the Y and the second part being
4. A ski-sled as in claim 3 wherein said ski and skates
straight and meeting the ?rst part to form the other 45 have
the ground engaging faces lined with metal edges.
branch of the Y. Parts 11 are inclivned with respect to
5. A ski as claimed in claim 2 wherein said ?rst skate
ski 1 and diverge forwardly whereby their front parts
parts have upwardly inclined front and rear bottom edge
11' are more spaced from ski 1 than their rear parts 11".
portions and said second parts have their bottom edge
The bottom edge of each part 11 has a metal edge 13
upwardly recessed from the central bottom edge portion
and is upwardly inclined at front and rear parts 11' and
of said ?rst part.
11" respectively while it is horizontal in central part 11'”.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
The parts 11 are secured at right angles to seat 2 and
are therefore vertically inclined and downwardly diverg
ing when the Vehicle is upright that is when the transverse
Nelson et al. ___________ .__. Dec. 6, 1938
axis of the ski is horizontal.
Brandon ______________ __ July 1, 1958
The parts _11 of skates 3 are normally out of contact
with the ground but e?ect a Change of direction When the
Canada ______ -.v ______ __ Nov. 4, 1952
Vehicle is tilted sideways by a lateral displacement of the
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