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March 27, 1962
Filed Sept. 8, 1958
W/zz 07/7 )2 Vs
United States Patent Q?lice
William Dzus, West Islip, NY. (% Dzus Fastener Co.,
Inc., Babylon, N.Y.)
Filed Sept. 8, 1958, Ser. No. 759,538
1 Claim. (Cl. 2-132)
This invention relates to an improved collar retainer for
properly positioning the points of a soft shirt collar.
Patented Mar. 27, 1962
collar retainers showing the adjacent portions of the collar
FIG. 4 is a perspective view of one of the collar re
tainers taken from an angle below the plane of the retain
er; and
FIG. 5 is a bottom plan view of the retainer.
My improved collar retainer is particularly suitable for
use with a soft collar and, in the accompanying drawing,
I have shown a soft collar 10 attached to a shirt 11.
Shirts with soft collars are popular because they are 10
The shirt buttons at the front in the usual manner in
comfortable and while they are fresh and newly laun
dicated at 12. Extending around the open upper end of
the shirt inside the collar is the usual neck band 13. At
dered they present an attractive, natural appearance.
the front of the shirt the collar is provided with a pair
However, soft collars present a well recognized problem
of depending points 141 in the usual manner and, for the
of long standing in the art. Thus, the collar points be
come readily creased and wrinkled and after they have
purposes of my present invention, each of these points
is provided with a buttonhole 15 for receiving my im
been used a little while they invariably bend upwardly
at an angle.
proved retainer. In FIG. 1, one of my improved retain
ers 16 is illustrated as assembled with the collar point on
Attempts have been made to solve this problem by but
the left side of the shirt while another of the improved
toning the points to the shirt beneath the collar or by
providing various types of collar stays and attachments. 20 retainers is shown in position ready to be assembled
with the right-hand collar point.
However, where the collar points are buttoned to the
My improved retainer comprises a body member hav
shirt the collar is restrained from movement with respect
ing a pair of spaced ?anged portions 1'7 and 18 intercon
to the shirt and when the wearer turns his head or bends
his neck the collar is distorted and either becomes creased
nected by a reduced neck 19.
The neck 19 is of su?i
or wrinkled or it is stretched. The stays and attachments 25 cient length so that when it is inserted in the buttonhole
of one of the collar points the two ?anged portions are
are frequently complicated and are difficult to assemble
with the collar. When attached, they impart to the col
lar an unnatural stretched appearance.
positioned on opposite sides of the collar point in close
proximity thereto. The ?anged portions should be of a
size to retain the body member assembled with the button
It is an object of the present invention to overcome
the di?iculties heretofore encountered and to provide an 30 hole when it has been inserted therein as shown in FIGS.
1, 2 and 3. In this connection, the inner ?anged member
improved collar retainer for use with soft shirt collars
17 is preferably suf?ciently small so that it can be in
which holds the collar point in proper position minimiz
serted through the buttonhole from the outer surface of
ing or eliminating creasing or wrinkling thereof and pre
the collar point to enable the retainer to be readily as
venting it from bending upwardly while at the same time
preserving the attractive, natural rolled condition of the 35 sembled with the collar point. The other ?anged portion
is preferably large enough to substantially cover the but
collar point.
tonhole and conceal it from view and it is of attractive,
A further object is the provision of an improved col
ornamental design so as to present the attractive appear
lar retainer having the above indicated advantages and
ance of a masculine article of jewelry.
characteristics which also permits the collar to move rela
I have found that the weight of the retainer is im
tive to the shirt to which it is attached so that the collar 40
portant in carrying out my invention. Thus, if the retain
is not distorted by turning of the head or bending of the
neck of the wearer.
Other objects include the provision of a relatively sim
ple collar retainer which can be readily assembled with
er is too light it will not retain the collar point in proper
position while the shirt is in use with the result that the
collar point can become creased and wrinkled and can
a collar point and when in use presents an attractive, 45 bend upwardly. On the other hand, if the retainer is
too heavy it will stretch and distort the collar point and
natural appearance resembling a masculine article of
My invention contemplates the provision of a collar
retainer for use with a soft shirt collar having a button
destroy the attractive, natural rolled appearance there
Accordingly each of the retainers should be of sul?
cient weight to hold the collar point in proper position
hole near the tip of the collar point and consisting of a 50 while in use and preserve the attractive, natural rolled
appearance thereof without stretching or distorting the
body member formed with a pair of spaced ?anged por
collar point.
tions connected by a reduced neck portion of a length
In the case of a soft collar made of the various textile
to extend through the buttonhole with the ?anged por
fabrics now commonly used in shirts and shirt collars, I
tions positioned on opposite sides of the collar point in
proximate relation thereto. The retainer should be of a 55 have found that a retainer of the indicated type weigh
ing between 0.006 and 0.010 lb. serves very satisfactorily.
weight to retain the collar point in its attractive, natural
In using my improved collar retainer, I provide a shirt
rolled position without stretching or distortion. It should
having a soft collar with a buttonhole located adjacent
also permit relative movement between the collar and
the tip of each collar point. I use a pair of collar re
shirt to which it is attached when the wearer turns his
60 tainers of the herein described type and insert the smaller
head or bends his neck.
In the accompanying drawing:
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a shirt having a soft
collar attached thereto illustrating a collar retainer em
bodied in my invention assembled with one of the collar
points and illustrating a second retainer ready to be as
sembled with the other collar point;
FIG. 2 is a detailed view of one of the collar points
having a collar retainer assembled therewith and illus
trating the attractive, natural rolled condition of the col
lar point;
FIG. 3 is a detailed sectional view through one of the
?anges through the buttonholes from either side of the
collar. In this connection the ?anges may be of equal
size or where ?anges of different sizes are employed the
larger ?ange may be disposed either on the inside or the
outside of the collar. However, I prefer to have the
larger ?ange disposed on the outside of the collar so as
to substantially cover the buttonhole. In this connection
the larger ?anges present an ornamental, attractive ap
pearance similar to an article of masculine jewelry. The
retainers serve to hold the collar points in their natural
rolled, depending position while at the same time per
mitting relative movement between the collar and the
tively small and of a size so that it may be inserted through
the buttonhole of the collar and the other flange of each
shirt when the wearer turns his head or bends his neck.
The retainers serve effectively to prevent the collar points
from becoming creased or wrinkled or from ?aring up
retainer being relatively larger and overlying the outer
surface of the collar point surrounding the buttonhole
Modi?cations may be made in the illustrated and de C1 so that the retainers conceal the buttonholes from view,
each of said retainers having a mass of between approx
scribed embodiment of my invention without departing
imately 0.006 and 0.010 lb. so as to normally retain the
from the invention as de?ned in the accompanying claim.
collar point in natural depending rolled condition with
I claim:
out distortion or stretching while at the same time per
The improved combination of a shirt collar and re
tainer which comprises a collar assembly consisting of a 10 mitting movement thereof relative to the shirt to which
the collar is attached.
neck band portion and an attached folded down soft
collar terminating in two collar points each formed with
a buttonhole near the tip of the point and a pair of collar
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
retainers mounted in said buttonholes and each consist
ing of a pair of spaced ?anges with an interconnecting
reduced neck portion, said neck portions of the retainers
Palmer ______________ __ July 5, 1887
being disposed in said buttonholes and being of a length
Becker ______________ __ Aug. 20, 1918
so that the ?anges are disposed on opposite surfaces of
the collar in close proximity thereto, and said ?anges
being of a size to retain the body member in the button
hole with one of said ?anges of each retainer being rela
Levenson ____________ __ Dec. 24, 1929
Walker ____________ __ Nov. 2, 1943
Stancombe __________ .._ Apr. 24, 1951
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