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March 27, 1962
w, z. BET-rs ETAL
Filed Jan. 3, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent Oñîce
Patented Mar. 27, 1962
Wilmer Z. Betts, 116 Hillcrest Road, and Brevard O.
Betts, 1424 Canterbury Road, both of Raleigh, N.C.
Filed Jan. 3, 1961, Ser. No. 80,302
7 Claims. (Cl. 15-265)
FIG. 2, a vertical section on the line 2_2 of FIG. l;
FIG. 3, a horizontal section on the line 3--3 of FIG. 2;
FIG. 4, a view similar to FIG. 3 with the holder re
FIG. 5, a similar view at right angle to FIG. 3 with the
holder removed;
FIG. 6, a perspective of a modified form of the in
This invention relates to the personal grooming of an
FIG. 7, a similar view with the accessory holder in a
individual including the shining of the shoes and to ap
paratus or equipment by which the shoes can be shined 10 different position.
FIG. 8, an enlarged fragmentary detail of the section
and kept shined.
on line 8_8 of FIG. 7; and
The invention relates particularly to a portable shoe
FIG. 9, an enlarged fragmentary detail of the section
shine box which can be used in the home, oflice or else
where by one desiring to keep his shoes shined or it can
be used by a shoeshine boy, in barber shops, or other
public places.
Shoeshine kits of various kinds have been produced
on the line 9_2 of FIG. 7.
Brieñy stated, the invention is a shoeshine box con
tainer, or a shoeshine kit which provides a stand or sup
port on which a shoe to be shined can be placed or al
lowed to rest while it is being shined, the box also having
a holder for accessories including polish, brushes, and
siderati-on having been given to simplicity, neatness, small
cost, ready availability, and in which the polish materials 20 polishing cloths. The box is generally rectangular and of
and used for the shining of shoes without suliicient con
were not readily accessible or available.
With many of
the devices the> construction encouraged the spoiling of
vthe floor or its covering by dissipation of the material
applicable to the shoes thereonto, and onto other objects
in the vicinity and resulting in unsightly smears and stains. 25
' It isan object of the invention to provide a simple and
a length to accommodate the foot thereon and it has a
combination footr rest and handle with an inclined upper
surface and a shoulder forming a stop for the heel of
the shoe to engage, especially when the shoe is on the
foot _of a wearer. ‘ The box has an opening in which a
rotaryclosure is rotatable about an upright pivot and
with such closure affording access to the box when in one
position and to close the box when a second position 180°
from the first, such holder serving to contain the acces
be maintained in a closed box or container when not in 30 sories needed in the shining of shoes conveniently acces
sible for use without their having to be removed and
use, and which box or container can be readily manipu
spread about where they can readily be upset and spilled.
lated to expose the contents in a readily accessible posi
With continued reference to the drawings, in FIGS.
tion, and which container can be closed to conceal such
1-5 inclusive there is illustrated a shoeshine box or con
equipment as soon as the polishing is completed or the
35 tainer 10 having a top wall 11, end walls 12 and 13, side
box no longer needed.
walls 14 and 15, and a bottom wall 16.
A further object of the invention is to provide a shoe
Upon the top wail 11 is mounted a combination shoe
shine box including a container having an opening in one
rest and handle 17 preferably having an inclined upper
or more sides with a rotatable holder for polish, brushes,
surface 18, a shoulder 19 to form a stop or abutment
cloths, and other accessories or equipment, and nor
mally maintained within the closed container but which 40 against which the heel of the shoe may rest, and openings
inexpensive shoeshine box, of a construction to contain
the materials and equipment necessary for imparting a
polish or shine to shoes, and in which the materials may
readily can be exposed by the rotation of the holder of
the materials.
A further object of the invention is to provide a shoe
20 on opposite sides to facilitate gripping and carrying
of the box. The shoe rest and handle 17 may be integral
with or attached to the top wall 11.
The sides 14 and 1S of the box are provided with open
other accessories used in the shining of shoes, which 45 ings 21 and 22 occupying the major portions of the sides
.to afford access to the interior of the box accessories are
holder can be exposed readily Without the necessity of the
adapted to be kept.
removal of the contents, and in a minimum of time and
Within the box is a rotary holder 23 having a top 24,
with a minimum of eifort, and in which the holder can
a central mounting post 25, and a shelf-forming bottom
be returned to its original position within the container
50 26, with a central depending boss 27 extending into a
and the latter restored to its closed condition.
central recess 28 in the bottom 16 of the box. The cen
Another object ofthe invention is to provide a shoeshine
tral portion of the bottom 12 has a raised collar 29 form
box having a rotary shelf with a pair of upright walls one
ing an additional antifriction bearing surface on which
relatively high and one relatively low with the high wall
the shelf 26 is rotatably supported.
adapted to form a closure for the side of the container
shine box with a holder for polish, brushes, cloths, and
and the low wall adapted to añord access over the same 55
The top 24 and the bottom 26 of the holder are con
to equip-ment'within the container and requiring -only the
nected by relatively flat side Walls 30 and 31 of the size
rotation of the container a h-alf revolution to expo-se the
contents of the container or toreturn it to its closed
of and which additionally serve as closures or doors
for the openings 21 and 22 when such side walls are inthe same plane as the walls 14 and 15.
The top 24 of the holder is substantially of the same
A further object of the invention is to- provide a Shoe 60
length and breadth and is spaced from the inner side
shine box including a container with a rotary holder for
of the top wall l1 sufficiently to accommodate relatively
shoeshine equipment, one siderof which is transparent,
ñat cans of polish 32 (FIG. 3), the top 24 being provided
curved, and of low height to afford ready access over the
same into the rotary holder and with shelf means in the
with marginal ribs 33 and 34 to retain such cans thereon
container for holding certain of the accessories and with 65 against accidental displacement.
In order to facilitate
removal of the cans the top 24 is provided with slots 35
to permit the can to be engaged by the linger and thumb
by the thumb and linger.
on the tops and bottom of the same for ready removal.
Other objects and advantages of the invention will be
The top of the boss 25 is adapted to rest in a socket 11"
apparent from the following description taken in conjunc
tion with the accompanying drawings wherein:
70 on the underside of the top wall 11.
A shelf-forming bottom wall 26 has curved ends along
FIG. 1 is a persepctive illustrating one application of
the shelf having slots to permit an article to be removed
the invention;
the margin of which are curved upstanding retaining Walls
36 and 37 equi-distant from the center of the holder 23
closure members 30 or 31 and a similar magnet attached
to the closure member 40. The attraction of the metal
and the posts 25 and 27, also the walls 36 and 37 are at
a distance from the center slightly less than the distance
from the center of the holder and the sides of the open
ings 21 and 22 so that the holder may be rotated to bring
plate by the magnet will maintain the parts in ñxed posi
It will be apparent from the foregoing that a simple,
inexpensive and practical shoeshine box is provided which
the ends of the bottom 26, with the retaining walls 36
and 37, into a position extending outwardly through `the
will permit ready access of its contents as they are needed
openings 21 and 22.
and without the necessity of their having to be removed
It will be understood therefore that when the door
with danger of upsetting or spilling.
forming side walls 30 and 31 are in the position shown in 10
It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that vari
FIGS. 3 and 4 that the box will be closed and when they
ous changes may be made in the invention without de
are in_the position of FIG. 5 parallel with the end walls
parting from the spirit and scope thereof and therefore
the invention is not limited by that which is illustrated
in the drawings and described in the specification, but
only as indicated in the accompanying claims.
What is claimed is:
l. A device of the character described comprising a
12 and 13 that access can be had over the retaining walls
36 and 37 to the interior of the box.
If desired, receptacle containers 38 may be added, a
pair of such being shown connected to the interior of the
closure-forming wall 30, in which one or more receptacles
39_for polish or the like may be held.
Instead of the box of FIGS. 1-5, a box similar to that
hollow generally vrectangular box having top, bottom, side
and end wall structure, said side Wall structure at one
of FIGS. 6-9, inclusive, may be provided, such box 10' 20 side of the box being mounted midway its length upon
having a top wall 11', end walls 12' and 13', a rear wall
14', an open front 15' and a bottom 16', all correspond
`ing to the similar parts of the preceding figures, and with
an upright axis and being rotatable about said axis ap
proximately 180° to expose each surface thereof, a holder
for equipment mounted on said one of said side walls,
a combination shoe rest and handle 17’ with an inclined
said holder including shelving with a curved edge spaced
top surface 18', a heel stop 19', and side sockets 20', by
from said axis, said shelf having a maximum width cor
which the box can be gripped and transported.
The box of FIGS. 6-9 with its open front 15' only at
responding substantially to the width of the interior of
the box whereby when said side upon an upright axis is
rotated said shelf may be moved alternately between the
one side of the same has a holder somewhat different than
that of the preceding figures. Instead of the holder within
the box being accessible from opposite sides as in the pre
ceding ñgures it is only accessible through one side, the
interior and exterior of said box to conceal or expose
30 respectively by a mere rotation of the side wall struc
ture the contents of the box on said shelf, a combination
open side 15'. The holder is provided with a wall 40
rest and handle mounted on the top of said generally
`forming a closure for the open side 15', such wall being
rectangular box, said rotatable side wall structure serv
of a length and breadth to lill such opening between the
fing to support the top wall and the combination rest and
sides 12' and 13' and the top Wall 11’ and the bottom 35 lhandle mounted thereon.
" 2. The structure of claim 1 including means for retain
A door or closure forming wall 40 has a laterallyex
Ltending hinge-forming block or projection attached to its
rear central upper surface, and the top wall 11' has an
ing the side wall structure mounted upon an upright axis
in a'position that the holder carried by said side wall
`structure will .be located in a fixed position within the
opening 42 in which a pivot pin 43 is located and is re 40 box.
ceived in an opening 44 in the block 41.
3. The structure of claim 2 in which said last men
Beneath the center of the closure-forming wall 40 in
,tioned means includes a magnet.
alignment with the openings 44 depends a pin 45 from a
4. The structure of claim 1 having a shelf carried by
horizontal shelf-forming bottom wall 46 so that the clo
wall structure and above the shelving.
sure 40 may be rotated a half-circle or approximately 45
5. The structure of claim 4 in which said shelving is
180° such rotation being limited by a magnetic stop 47.
>slotted to permit the gripping of the underside of an ob
The shelf forming bottom wall 46 is attached to the
ject supported thereon.
closure-forming wall 40 and has its outer marginal edge
6. The structure of claim 1 in which said wall struc
equidistant from the central axis defined by the pins 43
-ture 4is provided on one side with multiple horizontal
and 45, and which distance is the distance between such 50 shelf members and upright compartment-defining wall
central axis and the ends of the closure member in order
that the shelf 46 may be disposed substantially without
7. The structure of claim l and multiple horizontal
,the box or contained within the same. About the outer
shelf members carried in vertically spaced relation to
marginal edge of the shelf 46 is an upright retaining wall
saidaxis and attached to said wall structure for perform
48, the lower edge of which is attached to the shelf 46 55 ing a supporting Vfunction and with said wall structure
and the ends of which are attached to the closure wall
mounted 0n said axis serving _as closure means for said
40. Such retaining wall preferably is transparent in order
_that the contents of the holder or container thus provided
References Cited in the file of this patent
may be readily seen, with light admitted through such
transparent retaining wall. The structures of the several 60
ñgures may be of clear or transparent plastic or other
Sickler ______________ _- Dec. 16, 1890
maerial, or if preferred transparency may be limited.
Hecht ________________ _... .Tune 8, 1920
In order to provide a stop for the rotation of the holder
a metal plate 47 may be attached to each of the tops 11
and 11’ and a magnet 49 may be attached to one of the 65
Great Britain ________ _.- Sept. 1, 1937
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