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March 27, 1962
Filed March 5, 1960
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March 27, 1952
Filed March 3, 1960
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FIG. 5
FIG. 6
m, Emma, MAW @5921”,
United States Patent 0 " ice
Patented Mar. 27, 1982
‘FIG. 3 is a view in section of the auxiliary unit taken
along line 3—3 of FIG. 2;
FIG. 4 is an exploded sectional view taken along line
Rudolph R. Kleiner, 14 Codwise Ave., and Jerome Zar
cone, 176 Memorial Parkway, Bldg. 3, Apt. 813, both
4-4 of FIG. 2 showing details of a particular mounting
means employed to hold the auxiliary unit on the drum
of New Brunswick, NJ.
Filed Mar. 3, 1960, Ser. No. 12,556
5 Claims. (Cl. 84-411)
FIG. 5 is a plan view of another embodiment of the
auxiliary unit of the invention.
FIG. 6 is a view in section of the embodiment of FIG.
This invention relates to an'auxiliary drum head unit
of limited dimensions adapted for ready application at
5 taken along line 6~—6 of FIG. 5;
and about the small batter area of the head of a drum.
FIG. 7 is a plan view of still another embodiment
of the invention and
FIG. 8 is a cross section view taken along line 8—8
The auxiliary unit of the invention is particularly
adapted for the purposes of immediate repair or rein
forcement of the limited area of a drum head struck by
the heater in the type of bass drums employed in so
called dance bands. With such bass drums at pedal-actu
of FIG. 7.
Referring to the drawings and particularly to FIGS.
1 through 4, a replaceable auxiliary unit 12 is shown
ated beater strikes the drum head continuously at a small
positioned on the batter head 11 of bass drum 10. The
batter area and as a consequence rapid wear and deteri
auxiliary unit 12 as shown, is held in place by a plu
rality of screws 14 of the sheet metal screw type which
oration is induced This has required frequent drum
head replacements which are expensive and inconvenient. 20 pass through the peripheral portion of the auxiliary unit
12 and are tightened into bushings 16.
The auxiliary unit of the present invention is small and
The bushings 16 are located in the batter head 11
may be carried by the drummer ready for instant appli
around the principal batter area to be covered. The
cation in the event of drum head rupture or deterioration
‘bushings 16 are of a relatively soft material such as for
during playing. In this way replacement of the drum
head is avoided with attendant advantages in time and 25 example brass. The threads of screws 14 ‘gain a pur
In accordance with one embodiment of the invention
the auxiliary unit comprisesa ?at laminate of ‘an area
somewhat larger than the batter area of a pedalsbeater
type ‘bass drum. Such a laminate may comprise 'a plu
rality of layers joined at their ?at boundary surfaces.
One of said layers comprises a small auxiliary drum head
or vellum affixed at the outside of said auxiliary unit.
Another of said layers may be of softer, resilient mate
rial adapted to be adhesively affixed at the batter area
of the main drum head.
Such an auxiliary‘ unit, properly af?xed, does not
muffle the tone of the drum but actually enances the
same. Furthermore, the auxiliary units can be made
chase in the inside surface of the bushings as the screws
14 are tightened into them to hold the unit 12 on the
‘batter head.
As shown in detail in FIGS. 3 and 4 the auxiliary
unit is of laminated construction. Auxiliary unit 12 com
prises a thin protective layer 19 positioned adjacent the
batter head surface 11. In the illustrated embodiment
layer 19 is ?annel cloth and is cemented by an adhesive
21 to a relatively thicker support layer of resilient mate
rial 18. In the embodiment the resilient layer 13 is of
a ?exible plastic compound such as rubber .045" thick.
Supporting layer 13 is recessed around the periphery
of its outer surface to accommodate a ?at, ring frame
17. In this embodiment, the outer diameter of frame 17
from several suitable materials and also provided in 40 is slightly larger than that of supporting layer 18. The
outer periphery of the frame projects into the grooved
many different shapes. A drummer experienced in the
portion of a clamp 13 (note the detailed section of FIG.
use of these units can obtain a wideirange of sound
effects therewith which, according to his judgement, are
Frame 17 provides rigidity to the replaceable auxiliary
desirable in various performances.
According to certain of the embodiments of the in 4.5 unit. The frame 17 can be of several strong relatively
vention a ?at laminate is provided including 'a thin,
?at frame for added support and rigidity. The small,
auxiliary drum head is securely affixed to» the frame by
?exible materials and in the embodiment of FIGS. 1-4,
comprises a flat ring of laminated ?brous material
clamping or by adhesive.
being cemented to the surfaces of the recessed edges
An intermediate layer of
bonded with a thermosetting plastic resin, the frame
harder, resilient material is recessed to accommodate 50 in the supporting layer 18.
Positioned adjacent the outer surfaces of frame 17
the frame and support the auxiliary drum head or
and resilient layer 18 is an auxiliary drum head or batter
batter layer. A softer inner layer is then interposed to
layer 15. In the particular embodiment, auxiliary batter
protect the drum head from abrasion by the resilient
or drum head layer 15 comprises a .010 inch thick ?lm
‘ layer.
The auxiliary unit can then be a?ixed over the batter 55 of polyethylene. This layer or ?lm is stretched across
area above referred to by adhesive disposed on the inner
frame 17 such that‘ it overlaps the periphery of the said
frame. It is held in place by the tight ?tting, circular
surface of the said softer inner layer. 01', it can be
affixed by screws ‘disposed in openings in the auxiliary
clamp v13>. The auxiliary head may be made of several
unit which ‘are tightened in soft bushings disposed in
tough ?exible drum head materials such as, for example,
60 the polyethylene illustrated in FIGS. 1-4, a vinyl equiva
- holes punched in the drum head.
With the ‘auxiliary units of this invention, the useful
life of a drum head can be greatly prolonged and drum
head failures during performances may be substantially
lent, a metal as illustrated in FIGS. 5-8, or of skin which
is often used for drum heads.
In the embodiment of FIGS. 1-4, circular clamp 13
comprises the same material as frame 17.
As shown
The invention is described in detail in the following 65 vin FIG. 3, the clamp 13 is of U-shaped cross section.
Circular clamp ring 13 thereby presents a U-shaped
portions of thehspecifications and. reference is to be
circumferential groove into which frame 17 and the
'made to the accompanying drawings in which:
overlapping edges of batter layer 15 ?t tightly. The
FIG. 1 is a pictorial representation ofa bass drum
sides of the groove bear against the extended surfaces of
showing a ?at, plate~lil<e auxiliary unit embodying the
invention, aliixedon the drum head;
70 frame 17 and hold the-edges of batter layer 15 securely
in place. As shown in FIG. 2, clamp ring 13 is cut
FIG. 2 is an enlargedplan view. of the auxiliary unit
shown in FEG. l;
through along a diameter. thereof to permit assembly.
The auxiliary unit 12 is held on the batter head by
screws 14 which pass through openings in the periphery
of auxiliary unit 12.
The screws are inserted into said
bodiment, the several laminations or layers are cemented
together at their boundary ?at surfaces.
Frame 37 comprises laminated plywood. The frame
is ?tted into recesses presented by a rubber supporting
openings or holes during assembly of the auxiliary sec
tion 12. They are generally held from dropping out by 5 layer 38 and cemented in place at interfaces 40. Batter
erratic ?bers of the ?annel 19 which engage the screw
layer 35 is cemented in place on the outer surfaces 42.
threads. In this way the auxiliary unit can be carried,
of support layer 38 and frame 37. A pressure-sensitive
ready to be mounted in place on a drum head.
adhesive is also used at the inner and outer surfaces 41 of
For mounting, the package is removed and the screws
flannel 3?. The inner adhesive surface 41 is covered
are turned and tightened into the bushings 16 on the 10 during assembly with a disposable ?lm or thin sheet
batter head 11 as above-described. Before pressing the
(not shown) and the outer surface is a?ixed to the
?annel layer 19 against the batter head 11, the surface
inner side of support layer 38. When the replaceable
of the ?annel to be mounted adjacent thereto, may
auxiliary unit 32 is to be used, the disposable ?lm is
be coated with a slow drying, gummy pressure sensitive
removed and the auxiliary unit is pressed in position
adhesive 21.
on the surface of the drum head 11".
The batter layer 15 of the auxiliary unit is directly
In some circumstances, depending on the experience
subjected to the beating of drumsticks or batter arms
and judgment of the musician, the principal batter area
and protects the resilient layer 18 from wear and abra
of the drum head may be removed before the replace
sion. The resilient layer 18 supports frame 17 and
able auxiliary sections of this invention are positioned for
the batter layer and also serves as a stress equalizer, 20 use. The embodiment of FIGS. 1-4 is particularly ad
spreading the force imparted by the ‘batter arm or drum
vantageous for such application because the bushings 16
stick over the batter head therebeneath. Flannel layer
of FIG. 4 can be mounted in the ‘batter head around
19 eliminates abrasion of the drum head 11 which the
the cut-away area to be covered. The replaceable aux
supporting layer 18 would cause if it were in direct
iliary sections are secured in place over the cut-away
contact therewith.
25 area. The batter head is then tuned by the musician in
The batter layer 15 can also be~a decorative layer
accordance with the sound effects he requires.
and can be embossed, printed or painted for aesthetic
Details of the drum head auxiliary section have been
effects. Also, the circular shape indicated in FIGS. 1-4
described with reference to several particular embodi
is illustrative only; The auxiliary unit can be given var
ments. It should be understood, however, that changes
ious distinctive and pleasing shapes.
30 in the matters described may be made without depart
A modi?ed embodiment ‘of the invention has been
ing from the invention. Accordingly, reference should
be made to the claims to determine the scope of this
illustrated in FIGS. 5 and 6. In this embodiment, an
auxiliary unit 25 comprises an auxiliary drum head or
We claim:
batter layer 26 of corrugated metal in rectangular form.
Cemented thereto by means of an adhesive 27 is a rel 35
1. An auxiliary drum head unit adapted to be al?xed,
atively thicker supporting layer 28 of, for example,
to the main drum head of a drum comprising a flat lami
compacted felt. The layer of felt is in turn cemented
nate including an outer auxiliary drum head surface layer
to a main drum head 11' by means of the adhesive 2'1,
of tough ?exible drum head material, at least one inner
which is a pressure sensitive slow drying adhesive. In
layer of relatively soft material situated immediately ad
the embodiment, the auxiliary drum head layer 26 is
jacent to said tough outer layer in contact therewith,
somewhat less than .020” thick and the layer of felt
means for a?ixing said unit against the batter arearof
may be for example, approximately Ma” thick.
said main drum head to cover and protect said batter
The adhesive layer on the surface of felt 28 to be
area, said auxiliary drum head layer being of an area
mounted adjacent to the drum head 11' is covered dur
larger than the area of said batter area and smaller than
ing assembly with a disposable ?lm or thin sheet (not 45 the area of said main drum head, said auxiliary drum
shown) which remains there a?ixed until the replaceable
head unit when a?ixed to said main drum head having
auxiliary section 25 is to be used. For mounting, the
the property of loading ‘said main drum head to alter
?lm is removed and the auxiliary unit 25 is pressed into ,
the basic frequency response ‘of said main drum head
position on the batter head 11' of the drum Where it
when said auxiliary drum head surface is struck, said
adheres for use.
response being altered in the absence of substantially
The advantage of utilizing a slow-drying, gummy type
mu?iing the tone of the drum.
adhesive at the interface of batter head 11’ and the aux
2. An auxiliary drum head unit according to claim 1,
iliary unit 25 lies in the resulting facility with which the
in which said layers are af?xed one to the other at their
replaceable auxiliary unit can be removed. A permanent
?at boundary surfaces, said soft layer of material being
bond does not establish at this interface during the
a?ixed by an adhesive to said main drum head.
3. An auxiliary drum head unit adapted to be a?ixed
normal useful life'of the auxiliary unit. The unit can
to the main drum head of a drum comprising a ?at multi
be readilypulled away from the drum head and dis
layer tlaminate of an area larger than the batter area of
carded so that another can be mounted in its place.
said main drum head and smaller than the area of said
This advantage, is, of course, realized in the other em
bodiments of the invention where a slow drying pres 60 main drum head, said laminate including a ?at, annular
‘ frame having an inner open area larger than said batter
sure sensitive adhesive is used to affix the auxiliary unit
to a drum head area.
The area of an auxiliary batter layer can be con
siderably smaller than that of the supporting’ layers
provided. In such a case, the batter layer is cemented to
.the generally central portions of the layer therebeneath.
Such a scheme can provide unusual decorative effects.
It is particularly well adapted for the pedal actuated
beater situation above mentioned, where the drum head
batter area is very small.
area, an outer auxiliary drum head surface layer of tough '
?exible ‘drum head material, means for affixing said aux
iliary drum head layer to said frame, a resilient layer
situated adjacent said frame ‘and in contact with said
auxiliary drum head surface layer, ‘a layer of soft material
adjacent said resilient layer and means for a?ixing the
laminate to said main drum head with said'soift layer in
contact therewith, said auxiliary drum head unit when
70 affixed to said main drum head having the property of
loading said main drum head to alter the basic frequency
response of said main drum head when said auxiliary
drum head surface is struck, said response being altered
’ pattern. 'A'batter layer 35, a frame 37,, a supporting
in the absence of ‘substantially muffling the tone of the
layer 38, and a ?annel layer 39 are shown. In thisrem~ 75 drum.
In the embodiment of FIGS. 7 and 8, a replaceable
auxiliary section 32 is shown in an illustrative circular
4. An auxiliary drum head unit according to claim 3,
in which said auxiliary drum head layer is bonded to said
frame and said resilient layer by an adhesive, said re
silient layer having an outer recessed portion for the
reception of said frame permitting said resilient layer to
extend into the inner open area of said frame to contact
said outer auxiliary drum head layer, said resilient layer
layer, a soft layer of material continuously in contact
with said resilient layer on 'a face thereof opposite to said
frame and auxiliary drum head layer, a plurality of screws
disposed in ‘openings through said auxiliary unit and
said drum head and soft bushings a?ixed in openings in
said dmm head, said screws being tightened in said bush
ings to attach said unit to the outer surface of said drum
head over the batter area ‘thereof, said unit when affixed
being bonded to the soft layer by an adhesive applied to
to said main drum head having the property of loading
the interfaces of said soft and resilient layers and said
soft layer being af?xed to said main drum head by an 10 said main drum head to alter the basic frequency re
sponse of said main drum head when said auxiliary drum
head surface is struck, said response being altered in the
5. An auxiliary dnim head unit accordingto ‘claim 3,
absence of substantially mu?iing the tone of the drum.
in which said auxiliary drum head layer is clamped to
said frame, peripheral portions of said auxiliary drum
head- layer being bent over end portions of said frame, a 15
clamp having U-shaped end portions for receiving and
engaging the end of said frame and said peripheral por
tion of auxiliary drum head layer bent thereover, a re
silient layer having an outer recessed portion to receive
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Lebow ______________ __ Apr. 20, 1937
Gladstone ___________ __ Aug. 21, 1951
Great Britain ________________ .._ 1861
and abut said frame, said resilient layer being shaped to
?t within the inner open area of said frame to be in con
tact with the inner surface of the auxiliary drum head
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