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March 27, 1962
Filed June ll, 1959
fí’ßy f c/Mrr
Patented Mar. 27, 1962
in close sliding engagement with the plunger. A suitable
rubber sealing ring 30 is seated upon the shoulder 21
formed by the reduced portion 18.
The inner cylindrical chamber wall 14 extends above
Roy F. Carty, 920 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Filed .lune 11, 1959, Ser. No. 819,746
7 Claims. (Cl. 10S-_155)
the upper end of the outer chamber wall 6, and is pro
vided with delivery ports 22 positioned slightly above
This invention relates to well pumps of the recipro
the upper edge of the outer chamber wall. The chamber
wall 14 is also provided with intake ports 23, spaced a
short distance above the bottom of the chamber and
cating plunger type for pumping fluid upwardly through
the casing of a deep well.
It is among the objects of the invention to provide a
arranged to register with elongated slot-like intake ports
reciprocating plunger pump designed to operate without
24 formed in the outer chamber wall 6.
The valve tube 18 is provided with delivery ports 26
the use of ball type check valves.
Another object of the invention is to provide a well
formed near the upper end thereof and arranged to be
moved into and out of register with the delivery ports 22.
pump equipped with a valve tube movable to open and
close intake and delivery ports at opposite ends of a 15 Near the lower end, the valve tube 18 is provided with
intake ports 27 registering with the intake ports 24 of the
pump chamber in response to movement of a plunger
along its intake and delivery strokes within the chamber.
outer chamber wall, said ports 27 being arranged to be
moved into and out of registering relation with the ports
23 of the inner chamber wall. Stop pins 28 secured to
positive opening and closing of the ports, and adapted 20 the inner and outer chamber walls extend through slots
29 formed in the valve tube 18 near its lower end to limit
to minimize wear and leakage.
the sliding movement of the valve tube up and down
An additional object of the invention is to provide an
improved pump construction which is simple and eco
between the walls of the inner and outer chambers 14
A further object of the invention is to provide an im
proved valve mechanism for deep well pumps insuring a
nomical to manufacture, strong, durable, highly efficient
in operation, and most servicable in use.
The invention
vantage, some of
inafter explained
bodiment of the
has other objects and features of ad
which, with the foregoing, will be here
in connection with the illustrative em
invention shown in the accompanying
and 6.
The plunger 19 is of suiiicient length to reach to about
the level of the intake ports 23, when it reaches the end
of its inward or delivery stroke. A bolt 31 is screwed
through the bottom of the chambers and into the shank
12. It will be noted that the bolt 31 extends axially up
drawings forming part of the present specilication. It 30 wardly through a guide opening in the bottom of the
is to be understood that the invention is not limited to
the structural features shown in the drawings, as the in
plunger 19 to a point near the upper end of the inner
chamber wall 14. The head 32 of the bolt 31 defines the
upper limit of movement of the plunger; and provides
vention may be embodied in other forms, and the struc
means by which the pump assembly may be lifted bodily
tural details may be variously modified, within the scope
of the appended claims.
35 from the well when the pump is released from the hold
down iitting 13.
In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this
speciiication and wherein like numerals refer to like parts
The plunger 19 is attached to the lower end of the
throughout the same,
pump rod 33 that extends to the top of the well, in con
FIG. 1 is a vertical midsectional view of a pump em
ventional manner, As the plunger is moved downwardly
bodying the invention,
40 into the pump chamber through the reduced neck portion
FIG. 2 is a transverse sectional view taken upon the
2t) of the valve tube 1S, said tube is moved downwardly
line 2-2 of FIG. l,
between the inner and outer cylindrical chamber walls 6
FlG. 3 is a transverse sectional view taken upon the
and 14 until the upper ends of the slots 29 seat upon the
stop pins 23, as shown in FIG. l of the drawing. In
FIG. 4 is a transverse sectional View taken upon the 45 this position of the Valve tube 18 the delivery ports 26
line 3--3 of FIG. 1, and
line ¿l-ßl of FIG. l.
register with the delivery ports 22 of the inner chamber
Referring to the drawings, the numeral `6 designates
wall 14, and the intake ports 27 are positioned below the
the outer wall of a cylindrical chamber of a size adapted
intake ports 23, so that the said ports are closed by the
to be lowered into a well casing 7. Preferably the cyl
valve tube. As the plunger 19 is moved outwardly from
inder wall 6 is provided with a suitable casing seal 8 se 50 the position shown in FIG. l, its lirst movement will
cured to the outer surface of the cylinder and having a
cause the valve tube 1S to be raised to the limit permitted
rubber gasket 9, or other suitable sealing means arranged
to eiiect sealing engagement with the casing 7, in con
ventional manner. The bottom of the chamber is closed
by the slots 29 and stop pins 28, thereby causing the
intake ports 27 to register with the ports 23, and at the
same time closing the delivery ports 22 as the ports 26
as at 11, and is provided with a threaded shank 12 ar
are moved out of registery therewith.
ranged to be screwed onto a conventional hold-down
In operation, as the plunger 19 is moved upwardly
'fitting 13.
from its innermost position shown on FIG. l, the intake
An inner cylindrical chamber is mounted within the
port 23 is opened, and oil, water or other liquid is drawn
chamber wall 6, with its cylindrical wall 1d concentrical
by suction from the casing 7 below the seal 8 into the
ly positioned in spaced relation to the surrounding wall 60 pump chamber. At the start ol' the ensuing inward
6 of the outer chamber. The bottom of the inner cham
stroke, the valve tube is shifted to close the intake port
ber seats upon the bottom of the outer chamber. A collar
23 and open the delivery port 22. Further inward move
16 spaces the lower ends of the chambers; and the assem
ment of the plunger forces liquid from the chamber into
bly is held in place by rivets 17.
the casing 7 above the seal 8. As reciprocation of the
A valve tube 18 is mounted for sliding movement
plunger is continued, liquid is alternately drawn into the
within the annular space between the cylindrical walls 65 chamber from below the seal 8 and displaced into the
d and 14 of the chambers. At its upper end, the valve
casing above the seal, the valve tube being shifted to
tube 18 is oi' reduced diameter forming a neck 20. Pref
alternately open and close the intake and delivery ports
erably the neck 20 is slit or otherwise arranged to yield
by the frictional gripping engagement of the neck 20
ably engage the outer surface of a tubular plunger 19.
70 with the plunger. The sealing ring 30, plus the added
A wrap around spring 25 is applied over the reduced and
grip exerted by the spring 25, prevents any material leak
slit neck portion of the plunger to hold the neck portion
age past the plunger. Also, the lit between the valve
tube and the inner and outer chamber walls 14 and 6
the valve tube and arranged to yieldably engage the
is sufficiently close to prevent material leakage therepast.
Air trapped in the top of the plunger 19 is compressed
by the operation of the plunger to give added force to
displace liquid from the chamber.
plunger and provided with spring means for holding the
neck in slidable gripping engagement therewith.
5. A deep well pump as defined by claim 1, wherein a
'bolt is secured to the bottom of the chamber and posi
The alternate opening and closing of the intake and
'tioned axially therein, said bolt extending upwardly into
delivery ports by movement of the valve tube makes
'the plunger through an opening in the bottom thereof
:and being provided with a head arranged to be engaged
iby the bottom of the plunger at the end of its upward
unnecessary the use of ball-type check valves required
in well pumps of ordinary design heretofore commonly
used, thereby obviating the expense, maintenance, and
ineñiciency incident to their normal use in deep-well
pump operation.
movement within the chamber.
6. A deep well pump comprising a cylindrical pump
chamber arranged to be lowered into a well casing and
lf desired, detents 33 may be formed within the neck
portions 20 of the valve tube 18 to engage grooves S4
provided with spaced concentric inner walls, said walls
having intake ports positioned in registering relation near
formed in the outer surface of the plunger 19 near its
ends. The detents 33 positively engage the grooves 34
` their lower ends and the inner wall extending above the
outer wall and having a delivery port positioned above
the top of the outer wall, a valve tube mounted for
reciprocating movement axially of the chamber between
the concentric walls thereof, means limiting the move
closing position.
20 :ment of the tube relative to the chamber walls, said tube
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
"having an inlet port positioned to register with the inlet
1. A deep well pump comprising a pump chamber hav
ports of the chamber walls when the tube is in its inner
ing spaced concentric inner and outer side walls provided
most position, and having a delivery port positioned to
with intake and delivery ports positioned near the lower4
register with the delivery port of the inner wall when
and upper ends of the chamber respectively, a pump rod.
the tube is at its outermost position, a plunger mounted
connected to the chamber, said rod extending into the
for reciprocating movement within the chamber, a power
chamber and being arranged to lower the chamber intol
operated reciprocating pump rod connected to the plunger
a well casing from the top of a well, a plunger connected
and arranged to extend to the top of the well, means
to the pump rod and arranged to be reciprocated thereby
connecting the plunger to the valve tube arranged to
within the chamber, a valve tube slidably mounted for
reciprocating movement with the space between the con- 30 impart limited reciprocating movement to said tube to
alternately open and close the intake and delivery ports
centric side walls of the pump chamber and provided
in time with the reciprocations of the plunger, and seal
with valve ports formed near the upper and lower ends
ing means, upon the outer chamber wall arranged to
thereof, said valve ports being positioned to register alter
effect sealing engagement with the well casing at a level
nately With intake and delivery ports formed in the
lower and upper portions of the chamber walls respec 35 between the intake and delivery ports.
7. A deep well pump as defined by claim 6, wherein
tively as the valve tube is reciprocated, and means con
the valve tube has a reduced and longitudinally slit neck
necting the valve tube to the plunger for actuating the
portion slidably engaging the plunger and is provided
tube to alternately open and close the intake and delivery
with spring means for yieldably holding the neck in grip
ports as the plunger is reciprocated within the chamber.
ping engagement with the plunger for imparting move
2. A deep well pump as deñned by claim 1 provided
ment to the tube during initial portions of intake and
with a seal meunted upon the outer surface of the cham
delivery strokes thereof, and permitting sliding movement
ber and arranged to effect sealing engagement with the
of the plunger past the tube during the remainder of
Lcasing at a level between the intake and delivery ports.
said strokes.
3.. A deep well pump as deñned by claim 1, having
at the start of the movement of the plunger 19, thereby
insuring movement of the valve tube to and from its inlet
-_hold-down means connected to the
_chamber and provided with sealing
the outer face of the chamber and
ealing engagement with the casing
lower end of the
means secured to
arranged to etîect
at a level between
the intake and the delivery ports.
4. A deep weil pump as detined by claim l wherein
the means connectingV the valve tube to the plunger com
prises a reduced and longitudinally slit neck formed upon
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