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March 27, 1962
1. w. BlANCHl, JR, ET AL
Filed Oct. 15, 1959
lcmo w BIANCHI JR. é.
Patented Mar. 27, 1952
Icilio W. Bianchi, .lr., Epson Course, Brookhaven, N.Y.,
and (Iarl Leslie ‘Erickson, East Patchogue, N.Y.; said
Carl Leslie Erickson, assignor to Icilio ‘W. Bianchi, Jr.
Filed Oct. 15, 1959, Ser. No. 846,624
3 Claims. (Ci. 206-4514)
base onto which is folded an intermediate ?at portion
or sheet 20, and then an upper ?at member 21. It is
to be noted that the fold at line 15 is arranged short of
the free marginal edge 22 of the base or panel 20, there
by providing a space 20a between said edge 22 and the
edge 15.
Extending upwardly from fold line 15 there is pro
vided a section or side Wall 23 so that it runs substantially
This invention relates to a display box or container.
parallel with edge 22 and the bottom panel 19, but short
More particularly, it relates to a carton, or container 10 of the length thereof as shown. There is also provided
a face piece 24 extending laterally of scoring 16 which
for a ?oral piece such as a corsage and the like.
is scored along its longitudinal center 25 so as to permit
Heretofore, in the sale of ?oral pieces they were
the formation of a depressed area above the member 20.
packed and shipped en masse in boxes, without regard
Said section or face piece 24 is scored at 17 to form a
to individual'unit show pieces. To make the ?oral piece
more attractive to the purchasing public they are in 15 raised portion or extension 26which is of substantially the
same length and width as section 23.
dividually prepared for immediate sale. Under such
A tab or extension 27 is provided continuing from
circumstances, there was little provision for preserving
score line 18 to permit adhesion thereof to the bottom
the show piece except in a refrigerator.
member 20 by any means; thus presenting a composite
In order to facilitate and enhance the sale of corsages,
they are individually prepared with the stem of each 20 unit as shown in FIGS. 1 to 4 inclusive.
It is understood that the formation of the lower part
corsage being immersed in a vial containing water and
11 is described herein for purposes of example only.
then packed into an attractive box or container.
it may be a unitary member or base formed by injection
TWith the above in view it is an object of the present
molding as in the case of plastic products. Furthermore,
invention to provide an attractive miniature show case
25 the base may be of one piece having an upwardly extend
for a ?oral piece, such .as an individual corsage.
ing middle section relative of the base adapted to hold
Another object .of this invention is to provide a box
the stem of the corsage or of a vial 31a, and a marginal
for holding and preserving a corsage therein, over a
relatively extended period of time without the corsage
area acting as a support for the cover member or remov
aole part or lid 12.
One other object .of the present invention is to pro
vide a container adapted to hold a corsage in ?xed posi
are provided cross cuts or slits 29 and 30 which permit
Another object is to provide an attractive box having
an upper removable portion adapted to permit visibility
of the contents of the container.
A more speci?c object of the present invention is to
provide a box for a ?oral piece, comprising a base por
Toward the lower margin of the face piece 24, there
the intermediate portion 31 to be raised above the face
piece and provide an anchoring means for a vial 31a or
stem of a corsage passed underneath and intermediate
35 section 31. It is to be noted that the length of the cross
slots 29 and 39 may be varied depending upon the thick
ness of the stem or the diameter of the vial holding the
tion adapted to hold such ?oral piece in prone position
stem between the recessed line 25 and the anchoring
and an upper removable transparent cover member for
means 31.
The shape of the face piece 24 as shown in such that
said base portion permitting exhibition of a corsage and 40
the upper marginal edge extends from the center line or
the like ?xed to the base portion.
fold 25 downwardly from the fold lines 16 and 17 re
Other objects and features of the present invention
spectively, while the lower marginal edge extends from
will become apparent from the following detailed descrip
the center line or fold 25 upwardly toward fold lines 16
tion taken in conjunction with the accompanying draw~
ings in which:
45 and 17.
invention showing in outline part of a corsage held
Also, the side walls 23 and 26 may be slantingly and
vertically disposed with respect to the sheet 20 or they
may be slightly tilted so as to converge at a plane extend
FIG. 1 is a side view of a preferred embodiment of the
FIG. 2 is an end view of the embodiment.
FIG. 3 is a top plan view of FIG. 1 with the cover
FIG. 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4—4 of FIG. 3,
but with the ?oral piece removed, and
FIG. 5 is a plan extended view of a blank from which
ing from center line 25.
It is to be noted that the upper part comprising wall 23,
face piece 24, wall 26 form a platform which can be
tilted sidewise to the left or right of the center line 25
and which has a depressed longitudinally centered area
on which the stem portion of a corsage or vial 31a can
55 be ?rmly held by passing such stem or a vial holding such
the embodiment of the present invention is made.
stem in the water in the vial between the face piece and
Referring now to the drawings wherein like numeral
the cut out raised intermediate anchoring means 31.
references refer to like parts throughout, there is shown
It will be further noted that the lower portion 1? has
a container 10 comprising a lower part or tray 11 and
a margin which is adapted to support the upper, remov
an upper removable transparent part or lid 12.
The lower part 11 comprises a flat bottom 13 of any 60 able part or cover 12 which is transparent to permit
visibility of the corsage as shown in FIGS. 1 to 3. Said
suitable material such as stiff cardboard or paper or
cover 12 is of one piece, blown into the desired shape.
corrugated carton material. Said base 13 may be of
It is of suitable light weight and made from synthetic
any suitable shape, but as shown is of a rectangular or
plastic material such as of acetyl cellulose. The cover
oblong shape and may be scored or perforated at certain
65 furthermore is of sufficient height to provide for any
areas notably at 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, as shown in FIG.
suitable sized corsage, and has rounded corners, thereby
5 of the drawings, forming foldable lines thcreat to ob
permitting visibility of the contents when assembled with
the lower part. Said cover is provided with smooth
fully described.
downwardly extending walls, 33, 34, 35 and 36 and is
When the blank is initially formed or cut and in one 70 provided with a horizontal marginal edge 37 which is
tain a ?nished product which will be hereinafter more
piece, as shown with the scored folding lines 14 to 18
inclusive, the bottommost member or panel 19 forms a
adapted to fit and rest on the marginal edges or exten
sions of the lower portion.
From the foregoing description taken in conjunction
cross slits at an area beyond the lower half thereof pro
with the accompanying drawings, it will be noted that
viding upwardly extending retaining means with respect
there is provided a container of rugged construction and
esthetic appearance to hold and show a corsage thereby
presenting an attractive unit which is intended to promote
sales in the ?oral fashion ?eld. Furthermore, it is to be
noted that the lower unit is so constructed that it will
?rmly retain a small vial containing water and into which
to face member for accommodating a corsage, and a
the stern of a corsage piece, for example an orchid, ex
tends so that the piece is fresh, even after display, over 10
an extended period and which can then be removed and
A container of the type made according to the present
invention will support and hold a corsage no matter in
what position the container is laid or placed.
While a preferred embodiment of the present invention
has been illustrated and described, it is to be noted that
modi?cations as to arrangement of parts, use of materials
and change of form may be made without departing from
the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.
We claim:
transparent cover member forsaid lower portion adapted
to rest on the marginal edges of said lower portion to
provide a storage area for the corsage, said cover member
having sides adapted to rest against the longitudinal edges
of the member.
3. A container for a floral display piece comprising a
base member having upwardly extending marginal lateral
walls set in from the longitudinal sides of the base mem
ber to form supporting sides, a face piece extending
inwardly from said sides and having a middle bent in
longitudinal line to permit said piece to be bent down
wardly toward the base, said face piece further having a
pair of spaced cross slits across the longitudinal line form
ing upwardly extending retaining means with the rest of
the face piece whereby a ?oral piece can be retained
between the face piece and the retaining means, and a
removable transparent cover having side walls adapted
to rest against said lateral walls and a continuous hori
zontal extension adapted to rest on the longitudinal
1. A container for a ?oral piece and the like compris
of the base.
ing a base member, a raised member above said ?rst
member, said raised member having a central depressed
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
midline, a section of said raised member being cross slit 25
forming upwardly movable retaining means with respect
to the rest of the midline of said raised member to permit
Bloomberg __________ __ June 17,
the insertion therebetween of a ?oral piece stem, and
Wagner _____________ -._ Nov. 17,
a removable transparent cover, said cover having laterally
Myers _______________ .._ June 1,
extending marginal edges adapted to rest on the base
Young ______________ .._ June 14,
member and being contiguous therewith.
2. A container for a corsage and the like comprising
a base member having a pair of opposed walls extending
inwardly and laterally of the longitudinal edges of the
member, said base member having a raised face between
said walls and being contiguous with the walls, the longi
tudinal center of said member being depressed to form a
central recess, said face member having a pair of spaced
Gould ________________ __ May 9, 1939
Mclellan et a1. ________ __ May 9, 1944
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