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March 27, 1962
Filed March 30, 1960
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
March 27, 1962
Filed March 30, 1960
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
March 27, 1962
Filed March 50, 1960
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
Ralph H. Thomas, Clark, N.J., assignor to Bristol-Myers
Company, New York, N. ., a corporation of Dela
Filed Mar. 30, 1960, Ser. No. 18,651
1 Claim. (Cl. 229-43)
This invention relates to a self-suspending box of paper
or the like for accessory use with retail display shelves 10
in order to provide additional shelf space in the merchan
dising of small articles.
Patented Mar. 27, 1952
displayed on lower shelves and which can be used for
shipping articles.
These and other features of the invention contributing
satisfaction in use, economy in manufacture and adapt
ability 'to various conditions will be more fully under
stood from the following description of a preferred em
bodiment of the invention when taken in connection with
the accompanying drawings, wherein identical numerals
refer to identical parts and in which:
FIG. 1 is a rear perspective view of the box prior to
attachment of the rear side wall extension ?aps;
FIG. 2 is a top and side perspective view of the box with
the closure ?ap in partly folded position to de?ne cover
Shelf or counter space for the help-yourself type of sell
flap panels;
ing such as found in many drug stores and other retail
FIG. 3 is a top and side perspective view showing the
stores is overcrowded. The large number of small articles 15 box with the cover flap partly folded to de?ne the ?rst
of different brands displayed on the shelves of retail stores
cover ?ap panel and to place the adhesive means carry
makes it difficult to add additional articles without dis
ing panel in registration therewith, with the masking strip
placing the articles already on the shelves. The problem
partly removed;
is made more acute in many retail stores wherein floor
FIG. 4 is a side and top perspective view of the box
space is fairly well utilized so that it is difficult to install 20
on a shelf;
additional shelving or counter space. This lack of shelf
FIG. 5 is a plan view to reduced scale of a one-piece
or counter space makes it particularly difficult to have
box blank that may be used in forming the box of FIGS.
new and relatively untested articles prominently displayed.
The problems outlined above are solved and further
The embodiment of the invention as illustrated in FIGS.
advantages are obtained with the provision of the novel, 25 1 to 5 comprises a generally rectangular box 10, of rela
inexpensive box construction of this invention which is
also referred to herein as a shelf extender. In general, this
box which is of paper or equivalent construction, is of
tively light and ?exible paper material or the equivalent.
The rectangular box 10 which for the present purpose is
elongated and relatively shallow has a bottom 12, a front
rectangular form and provided with a cover flap having 30 14, a back 16, opposed sides or ends 18, 18, rear side
pressure sensitive features. The box which can contain
?ap extensions 20, 20 which form continuations of the
small articles such as bottles containing medicines, pack
sides or ends and are ‘adapted to be secured together in
ages of adhesive tapes, cosmetics, toilet goods, and hair
back of the box by partly slit sections 46, 46. The op
preparations can be conveniently displayed to provide for
sides also have forward side ?ap extensions, 38, 38
help-yourself type merchandising, by attachment to a dis 35 posed
which are adapted to be secured between the infolded
play surface such as a shelf, counter or the like without
front 14. An integral closure ?ap 24, forms a continua
interfering with articles which are placed on the attach
tion of the top edge of the back wall 16 and is of sufficient
ing shelf or on shelves below the attaching shelf.
width to provide, in addition to complete closure, a free
It is a general object of this invention to provide a
foldable marginal panel 26, adapted to be inwardly folded
simple, inexpensive paper box having a cover ?ap that 40 against the front wall 14 when the box is closed. Panel
may be easily employed in ?rmly attaching the box to
26 can also assist in giving structural stability to the box
a shelf by pressure sensitive adhesive means.
when mounted on a shelf 8 so as to prevent tilting and
A further object of the invention is to provide a box of
also to assist in securing the rear side ?apextensions 20,
this type with a homogeneously attached cover or closure
In addition to panel 25, the cover ?ap, 24, has two
?ap having a plurality of longitudinally foldable panels, 45 2%.
additional panels which are dimensioned so as to register
including a panel having pressure sensitive adhesive means,
with each other when folded; one of said panels 52 is ad
wherein the pressure sensitive adhesive means are dis
jacent to the back 16 whereas the other panel 32. carries
posed downwardly or inwardly, i.e., the same surface of
the pressure sensitive adhesive means 34 and the masking
the paper as the inside of the back portion of the box,
for attachment to a shelf. This arrangement of the ad 50 strip 36.
The blank, as shown in FIG. 5, may be formed of any
hesive strip does not interfere with the printed surface
sheet material such as cardboard, metal foil,
containing advertising matter or instructions; also, the
stiffened fabric, treated papers and the like. The pres
pressure sensitive adhesive holds on to the box much bet
sure sensitive ‘adhesive means 34 can be that of a tape
ter by being applied to the inside of the flap since as is
(as shown in FIG. 1) having pressure sensitive adhesive
conventional with many paper boxes, the outside or ex
posed surfaces thereof are coated to improve the appear
ance of the box whereas the paper in the inner part of the
box is uncoated and provides a better surface for the
adhesive; still another integral panel on the cover ?ap
55 means on both sides and which has been secured to the
panel 32 or the pressure sensitive adhesive can be ap
plied directly to the panel 32. The masking strip 36 is
preferably made somewhat longer than the pressure sensi
tive adhesive means 34 so that a projecting end of the
beyond the pressure sensitive adhesive carrying panel can 60 masking strip may be conveniently grasped for tearing
give support to the back portion of the box both for pre
the same away from the adhesive layer. The masking
venting the box from tilting on counters whose thickness
strip 36 may be made of holland cloth, glassine, parch
is not equal to or greater than that of the back wall of the
box and also to assist certain types of box construction
in holding together.
Additional objects of the invention are to provide a
box of this kind with a readily detachable masking strip
on the exposed pressure sensitive adhesive so that the
ment paper and the like which will adhere to the adhesive
coating, but will readily peel therefrom.
The shelf extender of this invention can be sturdily
mounted and can easily support up to about 5.5 pounds
of articles when the box is one such as described in FIGS.
1-5 wherein the box has internal dimensions of 10 inches
box may be conveniently handled as an article of man
between the sides (width); 4 inches between the front and
ufacture which can act as an extender of the shelf space 70
without interfering with the articles displayed on the shelf
to which it is attached nor obstructing the view of articles
back (length) and wherein the front is 1.5 inches high
and the back is about 2.75 inches high. In a box of
those dimensions the adhesive containing panel is about
1.75 inches long and about 9.75 inches wide with a sub
stantial area of the inside surface of the panel 32 covered
with the pressure sensitive adhesive means 34. It is pref
erable that the paper be about 0.03 of an inch in thickness
when it possesses the above mentioned dimensions. Of
course, the shelf extender can be larger or smaller in its
various dimensions from those speci?cally mentioned
cover ?ap panel 52 is equal to the length of the adhesive
carrying cover ?ap panel 32. The masking strip 36 is
then removed from the pressure sensitive adhesive means
34 and the shelf extender box 10 is ready for attachment
to the shelf 8. The attachment to the shelf is preferably
accomplished by ?rst lining up in adjacent relationship
the top of the marginal cover ?ap panel 26 with the top
of the shelf 8, as in FIG. 4 and then bending outwardly
and downwardly the panels 32 and 52, after the masking
herein. The fact that the pressure sensitive ‘adhesive is
on the inside of the cover ?ap permits greater weights to 10
strip 36 has been removed, and subsequently applying
be supported by the box than if the pressure sensitive ad
pressure with the hand to the ?rst cover ?ap panel 52 to
attach the box as‘shown in FIG. 4.
What is claimed is:
hesive were on the outside of the cover flap. The pres
sure sensitive adhesive means can be operable over a
wide temperature range such as down to freezing and up
to about 150° F. Other blanks than that which is shown
in FIG. 5 can also be used in this invention provided that
they employ a cover ?ap‘ such as that shown by nu
meral 24.
In a self~suspending box comprising a rectangular paper
box having a bottom, back, front, and opposed side walls,
a cover ?ap, said cover flap being homogeneously integral
with the top of said back, the improvementiwhich com~
prises having a ?rst longitudinal foldable scoring line
The blank as shown by FIG. 5 is assembled by bending
upwardly the scoring surrounding all sides of the bottom 20 between the back and cover ?ap for the outward folding
of said cover ?ap, said cover ?ap having homogeneously
12, namely, foldable score line 64 between the front and
integral ?rst, middle and marginal panels, said panels
bottom, foldable score lines 66, 66 between the sides and
being de?ned by said ?rst longitudinal foldable scoring
bottom and foldable score line 68 between the back and
line and by two additional longitudinal foldable scoring
bottom of the box. The forward side extension ?aps 38
of sides 18, 18 are bent inwardly, the panel 58 of front 14 25 lines on said cover ?ap, wherein the scoring line between
the middle and marginal panel registers with the scoring
is bent inwardly and downwardly at the scored line 60
between the box back and cover ?ap upon out-and
and the front free margin 40 is bent upwardly at the
down folding of the scoring line between the ?rst and
scored line 62 and secured by tongue 42. The scored
middle panel, the width of the ?rst panel and the width
line 62 is preferably an intermittently perforated or die
of the middle panel being equal to each other and the
score line. The rear side ?ap extensions 20, 20 are bent
total width of both being sut?cient to provide a cover
inwardly behind the back 16 on the foldable score lines
for said box, the said marginal panel having a width
about equal to that of the height of the box back and
adapted to be infolded within the box against the front,
sembled, as shown in FIG. 1.
To attach the shelf extender box to a shelf or counter 35 said middle panel having pressure sensitive adhesive means
on its inside surface, said pressure sensitive adhesive means
the marginal cover ?ap panel 26 and the panel 32 carry
44, 44 and attached together by the cooperating cut slits
46, 46 at which stage of assembly the box is fully as~
being substantially coextensive with said middle panel and
ing the pressure sensitive adhesive means 34 are bent out
a masking strip over the said pressure sensitive adhesive
wardly and downwardly against the back 16 as shown
in FIG. 3. This is facilitated by the score line 30 which
is preferably intermittently perforated between panels 52
and 32. The adhesive means carrying panel 32 and the
panel 52 adjacent to the back are then bent downwardly
and outwardly at about a 90° angle from the back 16 on
the foldable scored line 48 immediately above the back
and the foldable scored line 50 beyond the adhesive strip
panel as shown in FIG. 4. The foldable scored lines 48
and 50 register with each other since the length of the ?rst
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