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March 27, 1962
Filed April 8, 1959
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Jerome A. Greenbaum
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March 27, 1962
Filed April 8, 1959
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March 27, 1962
Filed April 8, 1959
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Jerome A. G‘reenbaum
March 27, 1962
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Filed April 8, 1959
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Fig. 8
Jerome A. Greenbaum
United States Patent O?lice
Jerome A. Greenbaum, 1170 NW. 79th St, Miami, Fla.
Filed Apr. 8, 1959, Ser. No. 855,083
4 Claims. (Cl. 273-126)
The present invention generally relates to a game de
vice and more particularly to a game device having utility
Patented Mar. 27, 1962
FIGURE 9 is a perspective view of the projectile or
disk which is adapted for use on an ice surface; and
FIGURE 10 is a fragmental perspective view of a modi
?ed form of target member.
Referring now speci?cally to the drawings, the numeral
it) generally designates the game device of the present in
vention which includes a pair of longitudinally elongated
parallel side rails 12 and 11.4- which are supported at longi
tudinally spaced intervals by depending supporting legs
when playing various types of highly entertaining and in
triguing games which require the use of certain skills by 10 16. The rails 12 and 14 are interconnected at one end
the players and which will develop such skills as well
as develop the players ability to take advantage of cer~
tain conditions which exist so that the player or players
by an end rail 18 and the other ends of the rails are
spaced freely from each other and are each provided with
an inwardly extending block 29. An elongated resilient
strap 23 extends between each block 20 and the legs
have the greatest facility for recognizing advantageous
situations and then taking advantage of the same would 15 16 adjacent to but spaced from the end. rail 1%. The
straps 28 are parallel to the rails 12 and i4 and there is a
normally win the game.
strap 28 adjacent each rail 12 and 14 with the strap 28
The primary object of the present invention is to pro
being spaced therefrom and forming a resilient cushion.
vide a game device in the form of an enlarged playing
Each leg 16 to which the end of a resilient strap 23 is
area bounded on three sides by a resilient cushion to
attached is also provided with an inwardly extending re
gether with a movable projectile or shooting disk which
silient line 30 connected to eyes 32 at diametrically op
rolls along a supporting surface and which will rebound
posed points on a resilient tire 34 which is also provided
towards the area from whence the same was projected
with caster wheels 36 supporting the same from a sup
and includes an upwardly extending pointer for indicating
porting surface such as a ?oor surface or the like. The
certain information on an overhead member together
with target members suspended from an overhead mem 25 end rail 18 is provided with a hook 3% for engagement
with an eye-member 40 on the tire 34 when the same is
her which may be engaged by a horseshoe on the shoot
moved to the position illustrated in dotted lines in FIG
ing disk or projectile.
URE l.
Another object of the present invention is to provide a
Adjacent the end of the framework remote from the tire
game device which may be played on any suitable sup
porting surface and which may also be played on ice 30 34', there is a movable superstructure generall designated
by numeral 42 and which includes four upwardly extend
wherein the projectile is provided with a pair of runners
ing corner legs 44%- interconnected by horizontal members
for sliding engagement with the ice.
45 extending transversely of the rails 12 and 14 and
A feature of the present invention is to provide an
end members 43 interconnecting the members 46.
apparatus particularly adapted for use in playing a politi
cal game closely stimulating the actual election of a presi 35 Crossed braces 5o extend between the longitudinally
dent whereby electoral votes are awarded players upon
meeting of certain conditions for engagement of the pro
jectile with certain areas.
Yet another feature of the present invention is to pro
aligned corner posts or members 44. The lower end of
each corner post or member 44 is provided with a caster
erally inexpensive to manufacture and maintain.
These together with other objects and advantages which
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details
wheel 52 which engages a supporting surface alongside
of and below the rails 12 and 14 respectively. The end
rail 48 is provided with letter indicia 54 and the rail
46 facing outwardly or toward the free end of the rails
12 and 14 is provided with numerical indicia 56.
Supported within the con?nes of the members 46 and
48 is an enlarged rectangular panel 58 de?ned by a pe
the various components thereof;
of parallel straps 68 running in another direction
with there being provided supporting hooks 7d at the
vide a game device which is simple in construction, easy
to use, well adapted for its intended purposes and gen
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter 45 ripheral frame dii. Peripheral frame 66 is supported
by support rods 62 journalling the panel 58 for rotation
described and claimed, reference being had to the accom
about a horizontal axis. The upper surface of the panel
panying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like
58 is provided with a map 64 of the United States and the
numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:
other side of the panel 58 is provided with a plurality of
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the game device
parallel straps on running in one direction and a plurality
of the present invention illustrating the relationship of
FIGURE 2 is an end elevational view of the construc
points of intersection of the straps 66 and 68. The straps
tion of FIGURE 1;
66 are in alignment with the numerical indicia 56 on
FiGURE 3 is a side elevation of the superstructure at
the rail 46 While the straps 68 are in alignment with the
one end of the game device illustrating the structure 55
alphabetical indicia 54 on the rail 48. Thus, any one of
FIGURE 4 is a plan view of the superstructure with
the supporting board for the target members being in
the hooks 76 may be orientated by providing or indicating
the coordinates of such hook by use of a letter and
Supported from the hooks ‘76 is a plurality of rods 72,
FIGURE 5 is a sectional view taken substantially upon
74 and 76 each of which is provided with a hooked end
a plane passing along section line 5-5 of FIGURE 4
for engagement with the hooks or loops 70 which may
illustrating the latch mechanism for holding the support
be in the form of eyes. The lower end of the member
72 is provided with a loop shaped member 78 forming a
ing board in position;
target while the member 74 is provided with an inverted
FIGURE 6 is a plan view of the projectile illustrating
65 channel-shaped member 80 having spaced free ends and
the structure thereof;
the member 76 is provided with a generally triangular
FEGURE 7 is a vertical sectional view taken substan
shaped member 82. One pair of corner members 44 is
tially upon a plane passing along section line 7——7 of
provided with an enlarged panel $4 extending there
FiGURE 6 illustrating the details of construction of the
between with the panel having various indicia 86 thereon
70 indicating the states, the number of electorial votes, the
FIGURE 8 is a plan view of a modi?ed form of the
present invention;
capital city and other chief cities together with indicia
for recording the score and the winning political party.
Also, the rail 46 is provided with an aperture 88 receiving
The shooting disk or projectile 104 travels along the
?oor playing area and approaches and engages the re
silient tire 34 or rubber cushion strap 134. When the
shooting disk or projectile 104 engages the tire 34, it will
release the long hook 38 engaged with the eye member
40 secured to the tire for projecting or shooting the disk
back towards the target loops 78, 80 and 82. The map
a lock pin 90 having a knurled knob 92 on the outer end
thereof and having a washer 94 rigid thereon slidable in
the opening 88. A retaining member 96 closes the outer
end of the opening 88 and retains compression spring 98
therein for urging the locking dowel 100 on the pin 00
into an opening or aperture 102 in the peripheral frame
60 of the panel 58 thus locking the panel 58 in position.
‘A projectile or shooting disk generally designated by
numeral 104 is provided for manual movement and in
cludes a supporting base plate 106 having a plurality of
side of the serving panel 58 is turned up only to deter
mine what state is to be played and the target loops are
10 suspended from the hooks 70 in accordance with the in
structions printed on the panel 84- as to the location of
the capital and chief city. The overall diameter of the
rubber tire 120 with rim 110 is 13 inches with the bracket
122 being 6 inches in height. The horseshoe 132 has an
supporting casters 108 mounted thereon. Secured to the
base plate 106 is a pneumatic tire rim 110 which is held
in position by fastening bolts 112. The rim 110 is pro
vided with a central hub 114 to which is rigidly secured
15 inside opening of 31/2 inches and overall width of 7
an upstanding standard 116 which terminates adjacent
the undersurface of the panel 58. A pair of brackets 110
are mounted on an in?atable tire 120 carried by the rim
110 and a pair of upwardly inclined supporting members
122 are connected to the brackets 118 and are intercon~
inches. The over-all height of the shooting disk 104
with the superstructure mounted thereon is twelve inches.
The indicator standard 116 is expandible and collapsible
and is attached to the metal tire rim directly at the rear
of the horseshoe 132. The target loops hang 11 inches
off the ?oor playing area. When the device is to be used
on an ice ?oor or ice surface, the casters 108 may be re
placed with sled runners 136 or sawed off ice skates (not
depression 126 and a generally inverted V-shaped fastener
shown). Of course, an arti?cial ice ?oor surface may
128 extends through the transverse member 124 and is 25 be provided by any suitable refrigeration unit thus en
held thereon by retaining nuts 130. The fastener or re
abling the game to be effectively played.
nected by a transverse top member 124. The center of
the transverse member 124- is provided with a V-shaped
tainer 128 extends through the bight portion of a gen
erally U-shaped horseshoe 132 which is maintained hori
zontally on the transverse member 124 by the U-shaped
In playing an exemplary game, the players are divided
into teams or political parties and the shooting disk 104
is projected over the ?oor playing area with enough speed
fastener 128. The elevation of the horseshoe 132 is such 30 to rebound off the rubber rebound cushion tire 34 or
that it will engage and be hooked into one of the target
strap 134 at the far end and possibly o?c the sides of the
members 78, 80 and 82 if the projectile 104 is properly
?oor playing area so that it comes to a stop underneath
manipulated by rolling the same longitudinally in between
the superstructure 42.
At this point the side of panel 58
the guide rails and then having the same roll back towards
consisting of an outlined map 64 of the United States
the free end of the playing ‘area. In FIGURE 10, rod 35 showing the boundaries of each State faces downwardly‘
72’ has an offset lower end ‘73' removably supporting a
the indicator standard 116 then will point out one of the
triangular loop 78' for engagement by horseshoe 132'.
In FIGURES 8 and 9 there is illustrated a slightly
modi?ed form of the invention. The structure of the
side rails 12', 14', end rail 16’ and superstructure 42' is 110
the same. Also, the resilient straps 28' are the same as
the corresponding structure in the device of FIGURE 1.
States and by referring to panel 84, the positioning of
the target members 78, 80 and 82 on the hooks 70 is de
In order to win the indicated State, the team must ?rst
engage the horseshoe 132 with one of the targets desig
nating the chief cities and then the target designating
However, extending between the legs 16' is a resilient
the capital city. This procedure continues until one of
strap 134. In the construction of the projectile 104’ the
the teams or parties wins whose electoral votes total a
base plate 106' is provided with a pair of runners 136 45 predetermined number. Suitable provisions may be pro
for engaging an ice surface (not shown) for facilitating
vided for breaking a tie vote in the event this should oc
sliding engagement of the projectile 104’ on the ice sur
cur. If the target designating a capital city is engaged
face. In each form of the invention, foul lines 138 may
before a target designating a chief city, the shooting
be provided and also a graduated scale 140 may be pro
party has completed its turn and the next team or party
vided on the side rail 14-’.
50 takes its turn. This also ocurs if a state has already
1 Generally, the game device of the present invention
been taken or if the standard 116 points to a portion of
employs a ?oor playing area of 10 feet by 22 feet. The
the map 64 not occupied by a state.
height of the superstructure is 7 feet and the width thereof
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
being 10 feet 6 inches and the length 6 feet. The pivotal
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
‘frame or panel 58 mounted on the superstructure is rec 55 modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
tangular ‘and forms a serve and target area which bridges
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention
the ?oor playing area and may be eight feet by ?ve feet
to the exact construction and operation shown and de
eight inches. The ?oor playing area may be constructed
scribed, and accordingly all siutable modi?cations and
of any suitable material such as wood, linoleum con
equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope
crete, formica, metal or any smooth and level ?oor ma 60 of the invention as claimed.
terial. The side rails and end rails are preferably two
What is claimed as new is as follows:
inch by four inch members with the superstructure frame
1. A game device comprising a ?oor playing area de
work being two inch by ‘two inch members. The foul
lines are optional and also broken lines 142 (see FIGURE
8) are optional for purpose of shortening the length of
?ned by longitudinal side rails disposed in spaced parallel relation on a ?oor area, a transverse resilient cushion
forming one end of said playing area with the transverse
the ?oor playing area for straight-away and rebound
cushion interconnecting the side rails, a longitudinally
shooting into the serve and target areas. The shooting
extending resilient cushion attached to each of the side
disk 104 incorporates four caster wheels and a piece of
rails, the end of said side rails remote from the transverse
cushion being open and forming a serve area and a tar
three-ply plywood forms base plate 106 which is circular
and slightly smaller than the diameter of the tire which 70 get area, a projectile movably supported on the floor area
whereby the same may be moved longitudinally of the
may be ‘a 3.50 by 8 inch tire of two-ply construction nor
?oor area into engagement with the transverse cushion
mally used on'scooters. For attaching the caster wheels
108, the caster bolts (not shown) may extend through
whereby the transverse cushion will project the projec
the plywood and the bottom side of the tire 120 and are se
cured with butter?y nuts (not shown) inside ‘of the tire. "
tile back towards the area from which it was projected
whereby this area also forms a target area, a superstruc~
ture supported above the serve and target area, and de
bers being disposed in laterally spaced relation and in
tachable target members suspended from said superstruc
ture for interlocking engagement with the projectile where
by a target member is picked up by the projectile when
ber on the projectile whereby the projectile will pick up
it returns toward the target area for providing a score,
serve area for indicating a score.
said superstructure being provided with an invertible panel
with one side of the panel having a multiplicity of hooks
3. The structure as de?ned in claim 1 wherein said
proectile includes a base plate with a pneumatically in
thereon for supporting the suspended target members, each
?ated tire mounted thereon, said base plate including
of said target members being in the form of a loop for
cluding means for engagement with the hook-like mem
a target member when the projectile returns towards the
swivel casters for suporting the base plate during move
engagement by the projectile, said projectile including 10 ment of the projectile.
a horizontally mounted horseshoe for engagement with
said loops.
2. A game device comprising a playing area having
a playing surface, side rails disposed in parallel spaced
4. The structure as de?ned in claim 1 wherein said
projectile includes a base plate with a pneumatically in
?ated tire mounted thereon, said base plate including a
pair of parallel runners mounted thereon for supporting
relation on the playing surface of the playing area, an 15 the base plate during movement of the projectile.
end rail interconnecting the side rails thus enclosing an
open ended playing area having a serve area remote from
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the end rail, cushion means extending along the inner
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interconnecting the ends of the cushion means extending 2 O
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