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April 3, 1962
Filed Jan. 12, 1960
United grates Patent
Patented Apr. 3, 1962
Wesley Zabransky, 84 Washington Ave,
Journalled within the housing box 10 are front
and back ball bearings 20, 21v ?xed against the inside
Little Ferry, N.J.
Filed Jan. 12, 1960, Ser. No. 2,046
3 Claims. (Cl. 51—5)
housing box, and extending through said front wall in
horizontally spaced parallel relation, and in spaced paral
walls of the front and back walls 19 and 2.2 of said
lel relation to the brush spindle 17, are additional brush
spindles 23, 2:4, 25. The outwardly-extending ends of
My invention relates to pipe cleaning tools, and is di
the brush spindles 17, 23, 2d and 25 each carry a chuck
rected particularly to improvements in power tools for
26 for replaceably receiving wire brushes 27, 28, 29, 30
cleaning the end portions of copper conduit and ?ttings, 10 of Various shapes and sizes for cleaning the ?ttings.
such as used by plumbers, pipe ?tters and refrigeration
Spindles 17 and 23‘ carry aligned sprockets 31 within
mechanics, prior to soldering junctions.
the box It) interconnected by a chain 32; spindles 23
In the installation of copper or brass pipe and ?ttings
and 24 carry aligned sprockets 33 within said box in
in plumbing, air-conditioning and refrigerating systems,
terconnected by a chain 34; and spindles Z4 and 25
and the like, it is necessary to remove burrs and clean
carry aligned sprockets 35 within said box inter
the end portions of the pipe and ?ttings just prior to solder
connected by a chain 36. Thus the spindles 17, 23, 24
ing and/or sweating the junctions in order to make a
and 25 each rotate at low speed and in the same direction
solid, leak proof joint. This operation is generally per
driven by the motor 13 through the gear reduction box 16.
formed manually with the use of ?les, emory paper, sand
Means is also provided for grinding the burrs from
paper or wire brushes.
The use of such hand tools not 20 cut ends of conduit. To this end there is journalled
only is time consuming and inef?cient but the loss and
through ball bearings 37 secured against the insides of
misplacement of these small tools is also a frequent in
the end walls 38, 39 of the housing box 10‘ a longitudinally
extending grinding wheel spindle 4d. The drive shaft 14
It is accordingly the principal object of my invention
of the motor 13 carries a sprocket 41 in alignment with
to provide a portable power-driven pipe and ?tting cleaner
a like sprocket 42 secured on the grinding wheel spindle
that eliminates the de?ciencies of prior manual cleaning
40, said ‘sprockets being joined by a chain 43‘. The out
wardly extending ends of the grinding Wheel spindle 4i)
Another object of the invention is to provide a self~
are provided with chucks 44 within which. are replaceably
contained power driven pipe cleaner of the above nature
?tted grinding wheel 45 and wire brush 46 for cleaning
which is readily adaptable to cleaning pipe of any size 30 the pipe.
from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter, and which can
Since the grinding wheel spindle 4G is driven directly
be used simultaneously by two workmen if necessary.
by the motor 13, rather than through the gear reduction
A more particular object of the invention is to pro
box 16 as in the case of the brush spindles 17, 23‘, 24
vide a pipe cleaner of the character described which com
and 25, the grinding wheel 45‘, and wire brush 46, will
prises a rectangular housing in the form of a tool box 35 rotate at high speed for ef?ciently removing burrs from
with a carrying handle on top, and containing an elec
out lengths of conduit. A grinding wheel 45‘, and a
tric motor coupled to directly drive a grinding wheel
wire brush 46 at each end of the housing ill permit simul
spindle journalled through the ends of the housing box
taneous use by two workmen if necessary. Similarly,
and ?tted with grinding wheels at each outer end, and a
the four wire brushes 27, 28, 29 and 30' at the front
plurality of wire brush spindles coupled through a gear 4-0 of the housing box it} permit conduit or ?tting cleaning
reduction box to the output shaft of the motor and jour
operations by two men simultaneously if necessary. A
nalled to extend in horizontally spaced relation through
supply of wire brushes of various sizes for cleaning various
the front of the housing box, each wire brush spindle
sizes of pipe from about % inch in diameter to about 4
carrying on its outer end an exchangeable wire clean
inches in diameter can conveniently be stored Within
ing brush.
Yet another object of my invention is to provide a
portable pipe cleaner of the above nature which will be
simple in construction, fool-proof in operation, desir
able in use and inexpensive to manufacture.
45 the housing box 10 when not in use.
While I have shown and described herein only one
form in which the invention can conveniently be em~
bodied in practice, this embodiment is presented by way
of example only and not in a limiting sense. The inven
Other objects, features and advantages of the inven 50 tion, in brief, is limited only by the scope and spirit of
tion will be apparent from the following description when
the following claims.
read with reference to the accompanying drawings. In
What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
the drawings, wherein like reference numbers denote cor~
Patent is:
responding parts throughout the several views:
1. A portable power driven conduit and ?tting cleaner
FIG. 1 is 1a perspective view of a portable power driven 55 comprising, in combination, a rectangular housing box,
pipe and ?tting cleaner embodying my invention, and
an electric motor secured within said housing box, a
FIG. 2 is a plan view thereof with the top cover
grinding wheel and wire brush wheel spindle journalled
removed to show internal construction.
from end to end within said housing box and having end
Referring now in detail to the drawings, 19 designates
portions extending through the end walls thereof, a grind
a rectangular housing box, preferably constructed of 60 ing Wheel and a wire brush wheel means removably con
heavy sheet aluminum, having a top cover 11 removably
necting said grinding wheel and ‘wire brush wheel one each
secured thereon in any convenient manner. The top cover
to the ends of said grinding wheel and wire brush spindle,
11 is provided ‘with a central carrying handle 12. Se
a plurality of wire brush spindles journalled in spaced
cured within the housing box 10 in the upper right hand
parallelism and ‘extending from front to back within said
corner (FIG. 2) is a 1/3 horsepower motor 13, the drive 65 housing box and having end portions extending through
shaft 14 of which is journalled through a support bear
ing 15 and connected to the input shaft of a 10 to 1 gear
the front wall thereof, a plurality of wire brushes, means
removably connecting said wire brushes one each to the
outwardly-extending ends of said brush spindles, means
reduction box 16. The low speed output shaft 17 of
the gear reduction box 16 constitutes a brush spindle
within said housing box for driving said grinding wheel
which is journalled in a ball bearing 18 ?xed against the 70 and wire brush wheel spindle from the drive shaft of
inside of the front wall 19‘ of the housing box 10 and
said motor at high speed, said last-mentioned means com
which extends through said front wall.
prising a sprocket on the drive shaft of said motor, a
sprocket on said grinding Wheel and Wire brush wheel
spindle, and a belt interconnecting said sprockets, and
means within said housing box for driving said brush
spindles from the output shaft of said motor at low
speed, said brush spindles driving means comprising a
gear reduction box mounted in said housing box and hav
ing its input shaft connected with the drive shaft of
said motor, one of said brush spindles constituting the
low speed output shaft of said gear reduction box, and
belt drive means interconnecting adjacent pairs of said
brush spindles.
2. A portable power driven conduit and ?tting cleaner
as de?ned in claim 1 wherein said grinding and wire brush
wheel connecting means and said wire brush connecting
means each comprises mechanical chuck.
3. A portable power driven pipe and ?tting cleaner
as de?ned in claim 2 including a carrying handle ?xed to
the top of said housing box.
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