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April 3, 1962
Filed Dec. 15, 1959
United States Patent 0 " lC€
Salvatore Vento, 454 Glenbrook Road, Glenbrook, Conn.
Filed Dec. 15, 1959, Ser. No. 859,648
1 Claim. (Cl. 248-—293)
Patented Apr. 3, 1962
‘clothes line mounted outdoors on pulleys so the clothes
may all be attached at one location and the clothes line
moved with the attached clothes in a well known manner.
The ?attened ends of U-shaped member 1 have angle
brackets or attaching members 2 pivotally secured thereto
by rivets or other suitable means having the rivets en
gaging one of the arms of a bracket and attaching it to
one of the ?attened ends of the U-shaped member. Each
particularly to a holder for a clothes basket.
?attened end or attaching portion on the U-shaped mem
According to the invention, a holder is provided for
the usual wicker type clothes basket so the basket ?lled 10 ber has one of the brackets secured thereto. vThe other
arm of each angle bracket 2 is attached by screws or the
with wet clothes may be supported on the outside of a
like to the outside edge of a porch railing or window sill,
porch railing or window sill so clothes in the basket may
as shown at 3 in FIGS. 1 and 2. These angle brackets 2
be attached to an overhead clothes line. Large pieces of
have the outer face of the other arms engaged with the
laundry, such as sheets and spreads may be attached to
the clothes line without having to hold them while ‘being 15 surface of the window sill or porch railing when attached
thereto. TheU-shaped member extends from the window
attached to the line. The holder facilitates holding a
sill or porch railing in substantially horizontal position
clothes basket under the end of a clothes line to hold wet
when in position for use in holding a clothes basket.
clothes like sheets and spreads while they are attached to
A supporting leg or strut 4 may be formed of tubular
the clothes line.
The holder provided by the invention has a U-shaped 20 pipe or the like, with the upper end 5 formed with a ?at
tened end portion 6 pivotally secured to the straight end
member connected to a porch railing or window sill by
of attaching bracket 7 by a rivet or the like. Attaching
angle brackets for swinging movement between a substan
The invention relates to article holder members and
bracket 7 is formed of a metal strip having the opposite
tially horizontal basket supporting position and a depend
end looped about the outer surface of U-shaped member
ing position folded against the building on which it is
mounted. A supporting leg or strut is pivotally connected 25 1 in the central portion. Bracket 7 has frictional engage
to the central portion of the U-shaped member by a strap
ment with U-shaped member 1 so it may be moved with
leg 4, about member 1 in adjusting ‘the position of the leg
and member 1. Supporting leg 4 has the lower end 8
end portions formed in obtuse angular relation so that the
formed and extending in obtuse angular relation to upper
portion connected with the U-shaped member extends
downwardly in a more vertical direction while the lower 30 end 5. This angular form of leg 4 provides for the upper
end 5 extending downwardly in nearly vertical relation to
end extends in a more horizontal direction than the upper
clear the side of a basket supported by U-shaped member
end and carries a holding piece on the free end for engag~
1. Lower end 8 of leg 4 then extends in a more horizontal
ing a portion of the building below the U-shaped member
encircling the member. The supporting leg has opposite
in a position between the vertical planes of the brackets
relation under the bottom of a basket supported in the
supporting the U-shaped member. The supporting leg 35 holder toward the side of the building below the window
sill or porch railing so as to engage the building and
cooperates with the U-shaped member and angle brackets
support U-shaped member 1 in substantially horizontal
to engage the building and support the U-shaped member
in substantially horizontal position to etfectively hold the
Supporting leg 4 has a cap member or holding piece 9
usual clothes basket ?lled with wet clothes with the open
upper edge just above the window sill or porch railing on 40 mounted on the lower free end to engage the side of the
building. Cap or engaging member 9 may be in the form
which the holder is mounted. When the holder is not in
of a rubber foot of the type used on the lower ends of
use, it may be folded by moving the supporting leg on its
stool and chair legs for providing a suitable form of fric
pivot into a position adjacent the U-shaped member and
tion surface on the end of the leg to eifectively hold the
then moving the U-shaped member downwardly against
45 leg in position against the outer side of the building. Leg
the building on which it is mounted.
4 carries the weight of the clothes basket supported in
The angle portions of the supporting leg facilitate sup
port of the U-shaped member while clearing the bottom
member 1 at the outer intermediate portion and distri
of a basket supported in the holder.
butes it lengthwise through the leg to the building where
end cap 9 is engaged therewith. This serves to hold leg
FIG. 1 shows the holder mounted in position on a 50 or strut 4 and U-shaped member 1 in adjusted position to
hold a basket full of clothes in position, so the clothes may
building in perspective illustrating how it holds a clothes
be conveniently attached to a clothes line.
basket under a clothes line.
When the holder is used loop or U-shaped member 1
FIG. 2 shows the holder in folded position in perspec
is supported in the horizontal position shown in FIG. 1,
FIG. 3 is a plan view of the holder in basket supporting 55 with supporting leg 4 extending downwardly and inwardly
to engage the side of the building for supporting the outer
portion of the member rigidly in position. The holder
FIG. 4 is a side elevation of the holder as shown in
will project outwardly from the side of the building on
FIG. 3, and
which it is mounted so as to receive and hold the usual
FIG. 5 is an enlarged detail view taken on line 5——5
of FIG. 3 illustrating the strap or attaching bracket for 60 wicker clothes basket filled with wet clothes to be hung
on a clothes line for drying. The holder is usually mount
the supporting leg and its mountin‘I on the central portion
ed to extend outwardly from a window sill or porch railing
of the U-shaped member.
under'the end of a clothes line attached to a pulley se
A foldable clothes basket holder made according to the
cured to the building with an endless clothes line'extend
invention has a loop or U-shaped member 1 formed of
In the drawing:
tubular pipe or the like, into substantially semi-elliptical 65 ing outwardly from the building to another pulley. The
shape to conform to the shape of the upper outside por
tion of the conventional wicker clothes basket used by
housewives for holding clothes for carrying to and from
holder engages one side of the clothes basket while the
opposite side engages the porch railing or window sill
between the angle brackets}. With this arrangement
large pieces of wet laundry such as sheets and spreads
of the tubular pipe are ?attened to provide attaching por 70 may be attached to the clothes line overhead by lifting
one corner and attaching it to the clothes line while the
tions. The U-shaped member is particularly adapted for
holding a clothes basket near and substantially under a
remainder is supported in the basket. Then successive
the areas where clothes are washed and dried. The ends
portions of one edge of a sheet or spread may be lifted
up and attached to the clothes line without having to lift
or hold the entire weight of the sheet. This operation
provides for the weight of the sheet or spread to be held
by the clothes basket except for that portion lifted up for
with one of said ?attened terminal portions of said'U
attachment to the clothes line. As successive portions of
the edge of the sheet or the like are attached to the clothes
tion and pivotally movable on said brackets into a down
line, the line will be moved outwardly away from the
building carrying the article secured thereto so the oppo
shaped member and the other ends of said angle brackets
being detachably connected with a support for mounting
said U-shaped member in substantially horizontally ex
tending relation from said support in article holding posi
wardly extending position adjacent said support when not
in use, a strap member encircling said U-shaped member
in the central portion thereof and slidably engaged there
site side will be withdrawn from the basket so it will hang 10 with, an elongated tubular prop having one end ?attened
from the line until the entire article is removed from the
basket. In this way, large pieces of laundry can be con
veniently attached to a clothes line for drying without
danger of having portions hang down and pick up dirt
from a door or other surface under the clothes line: It
also eliminates the necessity of the person hanging the
clothes on the line, having to hold the entire weight of
the piece of laundry until it is completely attached to the
clothes line.
When the holder is not in use, it may ‘be folded against
the building on which it is mounted. The leg is moved
on its pivotal connection with the U-shaped member from
its extended supporting position into a position adjacent
the U-shaped member when the U-shaped member may
be moved about its pivotal connections with angle brackets 25
2, U-shaped member 1 is moved downwardly into a folded
position adjacent the building where it is out of the way so
as not to interfere with movement of people or other
things adjacent the side of the building in the vicinity of
the holder;
The invention claimed is:
A foldable holding bracket comprising a U-shaped
member formed of an elongated tubular pipe section hav~
ing the terminal portions ?attened, a pair of angle brack
ets, one end of each bracket having a pivotal connection 35
and pivotally secured to said strap member, said prop
having opposite end portions extending in obtuse angular
relation to each other, and a holding piece mounted on
the opposite end of said prop whereby the upper end of
said prop will extend downwardly in substantially vertical
relation from said U-shaped member in said horizontal
relation and the lower end will extend inwardly towards
said support to embrace the lower end of a basket sus
pended in said U-shaped member and said holding piece
will engage the support below and between said angle
brackets and cooperate with said prop in holding said
U-shaped member in horizontal position, said prop being
movable on its pivot to be adjacent said U-shaped member
for pivotal movement of said U—shaped member on said
angle brackets into folded position.
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