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April 10, 1962
Filed May 13, 1960
FIG. 5
"Y Rib?»
United, States Patent 9
Patented Apr. 10, 1962
readily understood in connection with the following speci
?cation and drawings, in which:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view, partially in section,
illustrating a typical installation of the present invention.
Robert B. Warner, 42706 N. 3rd St. E.,
Lancaster, Calif.
FIGURE 2 is an exploded view of the invention illus
trating the elements comprising the device vand their as
Filed May 13, 1960, Ser. No. 29,112
4 Claims. (Cl. 4-185)
FIGURE 3 is a vertical sectional view of the invention
taken along line 3—3 of FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 4 is a sectional view illustrating installation
construction which may be economically manufactured
of the mounting bolt into wall studs or a solid wall.
and is suitable for a variety of installation conditions.
FIGURE 5 is a sectional view illustrating the installa
The hand grip or handle of the present invention is
tion of the mounting bolt in a hollow wall.
designed for attachment to the wall adjacent ‘a bathtub,
The preferred embodiment of the invention, as shown
within convenient reach of the bather, to provide a hand
hold which may be grasped by the bather in order to pre 15 in FIGURE 1, may be located on the center line of the
tub 1 between the two water faucet handles 2 and 3, at
vent slipping or falling. A variety of safety hand holds
This invention relates to a safety handle or ?xture for
bathtubs and in particular a novel handle of improved
for bathtubs have been proposed heretofore, including
rails, ?exible ties or chains, and extended handles adapted
for attachment to the tub or tub ?xtures. Notwithstand
a height within easy reach of a person entering or leav
ing the tub. Since a person must grasp the handle to
lift himself from the tub, it should be attached to a wall
ing these diverse designs, there has not been developed, 20 at the end of the tub. In a typical installation, this may
be conveniently located against end wall 4 immediately
heretofore, a hand hold having a swiveling action that
would afford a feeling of security to the bather and would
further have universal mounting features adaptable to a
variety of installation situations. The present device, by
virtue of its novel construction, meets these requirements
and in addition is economical to manufacture.
As is well known, many accidents occur to persons in
a bathtub, especially bathtubs of the type commonly
known as “built-in” tubs, in which the outer edge of the
roll rim, or the exposed front of the tub, is extended
downwardly to the ?oor level to form an apron.
a tub provides practically no means, in convenient reach
of the bather, to be gripped by the hands to prevent slip
ping while entering or leaving the tub, or to aid the bather
in raising or lowering the body to a sitting position.
Certain prior attempts to provide hand hold means
have employed stationary handles or rails for this pur
above the tub faucet 5.
The device comprises an open or ring-like handle 6,
as shown in FIGURE 2, which may be conveniently at
tached to swivel block 7 by means of swivel pins 8 and
9. Handle 6 is of a size as may be conveniently grasped
by all of the ?ngers of the hand to provide ‘a sure grip.
Swivel block 7 is proved with a pair of tapped holes, one
of which is shown at 10, the other (not shown) being co
axially‘centered at the opposite end of swivel block 7.
The threaded end portion 11 of swivel pin 8 is adapted
to mate with tapped hole 10. Swivel pin 9 is similarly
provided with threaded end portion 12 so that it maybe
screwed into its mating tapped hole in block‘7. Swivel
35 pins 8 and 9 are provided with transverse slots 13 and 14,
respectively, to accommodate‘ a conventional screwdriver
of suitable size to permit assembly or adjustment. Han
dle 6 is provided with pivot portions having swivel pin
pose. However, experience has shown that a flexible or
holes 15 and 16 through which pass swivel pins 8 and 9,
movable hand hold is signi?cantly more suitable for this
purpose. An attendant advantage of a movable hand 40 respectively, when the device is assembled. The un
threaded portion of the swivel pins 8 and 9 serve as jour
hold is that it may be moved out of the way when not
in use and therefore will not interfere with free movement
nals about which handle 6 may turn.
?ngers extending within the handle, while placing the
ing bolt 19 passes through washer 20, bushing 18, central
opening 17 of swivel block 7, and the aperture of escutch
eon plate 21. Mounting bolt 19 is terminated on'one
Swivel block 7 is further provided with central open
of the bather or with the operation of faucets, shower
apparatus or other appliances. There is provided by the 45 ing 17 through which passes bushing 18. Bushing 18 has
an overall length which slightly exceeds the thickness'of
present invention, a hand grip mounted for rotation about
swivel block means 7 to provide clearance for pivotal ro
an axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tub and
tation as will be more fully discussed hereinafter. In as
for rotation about a second axis transverse of the ?rst
sembling the device, a pivot shaft in the form of a mount
axis. The handle can be gripped by either hand, the
other hand on the side of the tub.
By pulling on the
handle and pressing with the other hand, the bather may
easily and safety enter or leave the tub or move the body
to or from a sitting position. This novel design is of par
end by cap nut 22 and on the opposite end by any one
of a variety of fastening means, which typically may be
ticular service to invalids, cripples and persons of heavy 55 toggle nut 23 and toggle bar 24.
The front edge of washer 20 may be beveled to pro
weight, providing them with a means whereby they may
vide a smoth and attractive surface. Similarly, the ex
assist themselves while getting into or out of the tub. In
posed edge of escutcheon plate 21 may be beveled; it be
addition to its being compact, rugged of simple construc
ing understood that escutcheon plate 21 may be of vari
tion and inexpensive to manufacture, the device of the
present invention is easy to assemble and install. There 60 '-ous shapes and sizes as will provide a pleasing 'and at
tractive appearance.
is also provided by the present invention means for attach
The toggleatype fastening means shown in the embodi
ing it to a variety of wall constructions.
ment of FIGURE 2 is particularly suitable for attaching
it is therefore an object of the invention to provide an
the safety handle of the invention to a tiled or plastered
improved safety handle for bathtubs which will accom
wall panel; the manner in which this type of installation
modate a variety of installation conditions.
It is another object of the invention to provide a bath 65 is accomplished is illustrated in FIGURE 3. An aperture
27 is formed in the exterior wall ?nish 25 which may be
tub safety handle which is compact, rugged and of simple
either plaster or tile and contiguous aperture 28 is formed
construction and can be economically manufactured, as
in the subwall 26 which may be, for example, plaster
sembled and installed.
board, through which one end of mounting bolt 19, carry
‘It is another object of the invention to provide a hand
hold having a swiveling action and which will lie closely 70 ing toggle nut 23 and toggle bar 24, is inserted.’ The
toggle bar 24 is initially aligned along the axis of mount?
adjacent to the wall when not in use.
ing bolt 19, in a well-known manner, to permit its inser
These and other objects of the invention will be more
tion through apertures 27 and 28; these apertures being
effectively anchors the safety handle assembly in a man
somewhat larger in diameter than the toggle fastener as
sembly. The toggle bar is then caused to pivot on toggle
nut 23 until it is perpendicular to the axis of mounting
bolt 19 to engage the adjacent surface of subwall 26.
Mounting bolt 19 is then screwed into toggle nut 23 by
‘turning cap nut 22 in order to complete the installation.
Relieved area 21’ of escutcheon plate 21 is provided to
ner to support substantial force applied to the handle 6
and with a minimum of weakening of the wall structure.
Cap nut 22 or 32 and handle 66 may be made to have
various ornamental shapes and surface ?nishes in order
to make the entire construction attractive in appearance.
While a particular embodiment of the present invention
has been shown and described, it will be obvious to those
skilled in the art that changes and modi?cations may be
accommodate slight irregularities or uneveness in the sur
face of the wall ?nish 25.
10 made without departing from this invention in its broader
Cap nut 22 is preferably'of an ornamental shape and
aspects, and, therefore, the aim in the appended claims
has an internally threaded bore 22' engaging the threaded
is to cover all such changes and modi?cations as fall
end of mounting bolt 19. Cap bolt 22 is screwed into
bolt 19 until it solidly engages washer 20 which is urged
against bushing 18’. Bushing 18 is then urged against 15
escutcheon plate 22. As has been mentioned heretofore,
the length of bushing 18 exceeds the thickness of swivel
block 7; typically, bushing 18 is 0.015 inch longer than
pivotally rotate about the longitudinal axis of mounting 20
bolt 19 without binding or causing a loosening or dis
handle means carried by said handle support means;
said handle support means comprising a pivot shaft
having a portion adapted to extend outwardly from
said wall and substantially parallel to the longitu
dinal axis of said tub;
assembly of the device. Escutcheon plate 21 holds handle
6 away from ‘the wall 25 by an amount sufficient to aid
in grasping the handle by extending the ?ngers through
the ring-like opening therein. It should be noted that 25
escutcheon plate 21 may, if desired, be omitted since it
is not altogether essential in which case the end of bush
ing 18 would hear directly against the wall surface. How
ever, in the preferred embodiment shown, an escutcheon
of a size conforming to approximately the diametral di
mension of the swivel bar is employed and serves as a
thrust bearing surface for the end of bushing 18. Pivotal
rotation about the axis of bushing 18 plus rotation about
the axes of swivel pins 8 and 9 provide two degrees-of
swivel means mounted on said pivot shaft exteriorly of
said wall for rotation in a plane transverse to said
pivot shaft;
and means for pivotally connecting said handle means
to said swivel means for rotation of said handle
means about an axis transverse to said pivot shaft,
so that said handle means may be gripped and rotated
about said transverse axis and in said transverse
plane by the user of the bath tub to facilitate egress
from the tub.
2. A bathroom safety ?xture as de?ned in claim 1;
wherein said swivel means comprises a block member
The construction shown in FIGURE 4 is employed for
attaching the device to a solid wall or to a wall stud.
Lag bolt 31 is provided with external threads permitting
it to be screwed directly into wall surface 30 which, for
example, may be plaster and into wall stud 29. End 31' 40
of lug bolt 31 is threaded to mate with the threaded bore
of cap nut 32.
l. A bathroom safety ?xture, comprising
handle support means adapted to be secured to a wall
adjacent to and above a bathroom tub;
the width of swivel block 7.. This will allow handle 6 to
freedom to handle 6.
within the true spirit and scope of this invention.
What is claimed is:
To facilitate installation, cap nut 32 may
be temporarily replaced with a turning nut having suit
able wrench ?ats. Thereafter, the turning nut may be
removed from lug bolt 31 to permit the escutcheon plate, 45
the swivel block and bushing, and the washer to be assem
bled on lug bolt 31, after which cap nut 32 is placed
The construction shown in FIGURE 5 is somewhat
similar to that shown in FIGURE 3 except that it may
be employed where access to the opposite side of the wall
is available. In the installation illustrated in FIGURE
5, a hollow wall or partition 33, comprising ?rst wall
‘surface 34 and second wall surface 35, is provided with
apertures 36 and 37 through which tie bolt 38 may pass. 55
Threaded end 40 extends beyond aperture 37 so that nut
41 and washer 42 may be placed thereon. The elements
comprising the handle are assembled over the opposite
end of the tie bolt 38 in a manner similar to that described
previously after which they are retained in place by a cap 60
screw mating with threaded end 39.
Each of the securing means described hereinabove
having a central opening for receiving said pivot
said handle means comprising a handle having pivot
portions located adjacent opposite sides of said block
member for pivotal connection to said block member
by said pivotally connecting means.
3. A bathroom safety ?xture as de?ned in claim 2;
wherein said pivot shaft comprises a mounting bolt
adapted for attachment to said wall;
said handle support means comprising fastening means
for securing said bolt to said wall and for retaining
said block member on said bolt.
4. A bathroom safety ?xture as de?ned in claim 1;
wherein said handle means comprises an open handle
with its ends located on opposite sides of said swivel
means so that the ?ngers of the bath tub user can
pass through and grasp said handle;
said pivotal connecting means pivotally connecting the
ends of said handle to said opposite sides.
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