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April 10, 1962
Filed May 27, 1960
X! 22 20 24 2.6‘
l l/ '1‘
iinited grates iiatent @5 ‘ice
Karl E’. Draxler, 3231 Kelton Ave, Los Angeles, Calif.
Filed May 27, 196i}, Ser. No. 32,426
6 Claims. (Cl. 311-35)
The invention relates to an adjustable bracket for a
Patented Apr. 10, 1962
table top and arm 13 has an extended ?at surface to bear
against the sub~top 2.
Base 11 at opposite sides thereof, has openings 15 and
16 each to receive a screw as indicated at 17, or 18, in
FiGS..3 and 4. The outer end of base 11 has a slot-like
opening 19 which leads to and intersects a somewhat
circular opening it} in the raised rim or bead 21. Bead
21 has an outer sloping wall 22 and a rounded end or
sliding table top and more particularly relates to im
terminal portion 23 which de?nes the circular opening
provements in the sliding table top construction of my 10 20. The end 23 ?ts crescent shaped annular notch 24
Patent 2,307,396 issued January 5, 1943, in the sliding
table top bracket of my Patent 2,659,641 issued Novem
ber 17, 1953, and in the adjustable bracket of my Patent
2,723,891, issued November 15, 1955.
An object of the present invention is to provide a uni
tary bracket having an adjustable bracket arm which
operates on a different principle than heretofore, ‘and
which is cheaper to manufacture.
This is accomplished by providing a unitary bracket,
preferably in the form of a metal stamping, wherein the
junction of the forward end of the base and the offset
portion leading to the bracket arm serves as a knee or
pivot point, with fastening means in the bracket adjacent
around the head of a screw 25, providing a swivel coupling
between the head of screw 25 and base 11. The sloping
wall 22 provides a bearing surface for the outer half of
notch 24, with end 23 having loose engagement with the
inner half of notch 24 so that base 11 can tilt with respect
to the axis ‘of screw 25. When the screw 25 is screwed
out, the inner half of notch 24 engages rounded end 23 to
push the base 11 outwardly. Base 11 is thus forced in
or out as the screw 25 is screwed in or out. The rounded
end 23 is offset outwardly from the plane of base 11 by
one half the height of notch 24, so that the base of the
head of screw 25 is ?ush with the inner surface of base 11
as shown in FIG. 5, whereby the base 11 will be in con
tact with the table top 1 when the screw 25 is screwed
at the outer end of the base to tilt the bracket arm to an 25 all the way in the table top.
adjustable spacing with the table top to thereby accom
The outer end 29 of the base 11 slidingly receives the
modate sub-tops of different thicknesses while maintain
notch 24 in the screw 25 whereby the outer end of base
ing proper tolerance between the felt pad covering on the
11 is supported at a height depending on the depth to
sub-top and the underside of the table top.
which the screw 25 is screwed into the table top, it being
For further details of the invention, reference may be
illustrated in FIG. 3 as screwed all the way in with the
made to the drawings wherein FIG. 1 is a side view in
outer end 29 of base 11 ?ush with the underside of table
elevation of a sliding table top having an array of brack~
top 1 whereas in FIG. 4 the outer end 29 of base 11 is
ets according to the present invention.
separated from the table top 1 by space 36, due to the
FIG. 2 is a bottom plan view on line 2-2 of FIG. 1.
fact that screw 25 is not screwed all the way home with
FIG. 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional view through
the result that the outer end 30 of the bracket arm in
one side of the table, showing the bracket in one position
FIG. 4 is closer to the table top in the case of the thinner
of adjustment for a sub-top of certain thickness.
sub-top 31 indicated in FIG. 4. This action results from
FIG. 4 is a view corresponding to FIG. 3 showing the
the fact that the juncture of the base 11 with the upright
bracket in another position of adjustment for a thinner
12 as indicated at 37 serves as a knee or pivotal support
about which the base 11 and the bracket arm 13 pivot
FIG. 5 is an enlarged sectional view through line 5—5
under action of the screw 25. This pivotal action is
of FIG. 4.
facilitated by the loose swivel coupling between the por
FIG. 6 is a perspective view of the bracket with both
tions 22 and 23 of the base and the notch 24 in the head
sets of fastening means removed.
of the screw 25.
FIG. 7 is a perspective view of the adjustable fastening 45
The sub-top 2 or 31 has a felt pad 32 or 33 respectively
means for the outer end of the base, as also shown in
glued to it as described in my former patents. In channel
the knee, and a fastening means of an adjustable height
FIG. 5.
FIG. 8 is a sectional view on line 8—-8 of FIG. 6.
14, against the inner side of oifset 12 is a rubber bumper
34, to receive and cushion the edge of the sub-top.
Referring in detail to the drawings, the table top 1, as
Various modi?cations may be made in the invention
in my former patents, slides on a sub-top 2 mounted on
without departing from the spirit of the following claims.
a pedestral 3 or the like, having a base 4 suitably fastened
by screws or the like indicated at 5.
I claim:
1. A sliding table top device comprising a relatively
The table top 1 is illustrated as being rectangular al
stationary sub-top and a set of spaced brackets for the
though other shapes may be employed. On the underside
underside of the sliding table top, each of said brackets
of table top 1 are arranged, centrally on each side, one 55 comprising a unitary metal member having a base, an
offset downwardly extending from said base and a bracket
or more brackets, four being shown at 6, 7, 8 and 9. In
arm projecting laterally from the lower end of said offset,
some cases, the opposite brackets like 6 and 8, as shown,
the junction of each base with its offset acting :as a pivotal
may be shorter than brackets like 7 and 9, the latter being
on the longer dimension of the table top 1 as shown in 60 support for adjusting the gap between the table top and
the bracket, and each of said bases having fastening
FIG. 6, each bracket like 6 to 9, as indicated at 11}, is a
means for securing the same to the table top and includ
metal stamping having a somewhat triangular base 11, a
ing means on the outer end of the base for adjusting the
lateral offset 12 and an elongated bracket arm 13, and
spacing between the outer end of the base and the table
lengthwise through them is a channel, see FIG. 8. The
to pivotally adjust the base about its said pivotal sup
bracket is stamped to provide an oifset hollow rib or chan 65 port, to thereby adjust the position of the bracket arm
nel indicated at 14 which extends the full length of and
with respect to the table top.
along the middle of base 11, offset 12 ‘and bracket
2. An adjustable bracket for a sliding table top, said
arm 13.
bracket comprising a base merging into an olfset merging
The base 11, oifset 12 and bracket arm 13 are a unitary
into a bracket arm extending offset from and substantial
member, having body portions extending laterally on op 70 ly parallel to said base, the junction of said base with
posite sides of raised rib 14. The body of base 11 has
an extended ?at surface to lit the ?at under-side of the
said offset acting as a pivot for adjusting the gap between
the table top and said arm, said base having fastening
means adjacent said pivot for fastening said base to the
table top, said base having an outer end having a rim
de?ning a circular opening, said base having a marginal
slot ‘opening into said opening, a screw having a head
?tting in said opening, said head having an annular recess
embracing said rim and forming therewith a swivel
3. An adjustable bracket according to claim 2, said
rim being raised and rotatably supporting said head in
position With the under surface of the base of said head 10
in substantially the same plane as under surface otsaid
base of said bracket.
said base, said bracket arm, said oifset and said base be
ing a unitary member having a longitudinal central rib
forming a channel extending lengthwise through said
bracket arm, said ‘offset and said base, said base at opposite
sides thereof having apertures for fastening means ad
jacent said oliset, said base having an outer end having a
circular opening, a screw having a head having a recess
rotatabl-y ?tting said opening, said base having an entrance
slot admitting said head of said screw into said opening.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
4. An adjustable bracket according to claim 2, said
base, said offset and said arm being in the form of a uni
tary metal stamping having a hollow rib extending length 15
wise therethrough.
5. An adjustable bracket according to claim 2, said
base, said oifset and said arm being in the form of a
unitary member having a hollow rib extending lengthwise
therethrough, and a resilient cushion ?tting in said rib 20
against said offset.
6.‘ An adjustable bracket for a sliding table top, said
bracket comprising a metal stamping having a base merg
ing into an offset, and the latter merging into a bracket
arm extending offset from and, substantially parallel to 25
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