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April 17, 1962
w. J. CLEE
Filed June 30, 1960
mlléczm J.‘ Clee
I79- 9
f; 11»_ may
United States Patent 0 "ce
Patented Apr.v 17, 1962
are applicable'not only to top mountings but also to side
mountings provided with means for angular adjustment
William J. Clee, 3745 Brownsville Road, Trevose, Pa.
Filed June 30, 1960, Ser. No. 39,930
of the bar for elevation and windage. The pairs of in
ter?tting seating surfaces may however be arranged in
vertically spaced, and horizontally parallel relation, with
1 Claim. (CI. 33-50)
the seats in the supports open toward the telescope sight.
This invention relates to telescope gun sight mounts
Other objects and advantages of my invention will ap
of the type having a mounting bar provided with means
pear or be pointed out in the following speci?cation taken
for attaching it at its ends to a gun’frame in such a K in connection with the accompanying drawings,~ in
manner as to permit vertical and lateral angular adjust 10 which—
ment of the bar in relation to the bore of the gun barrel
FIG. 1 is a side elevation of a ri?e having a tele
for elevation and windage corrections, the bar having
upwardly projecting arms for detachably clamping a tele
scope sight mounted thereon in accordance with my in
scope in a ?xed position above the gun barrel.
FIG. 2 is a section taken on the line 2—2 of FIG. 1;
The principal object of the present invention is to pro 15
vide a telescope gun sight mounting of the general type
referred to having means to enable the quick detachment
FIG. 3 is a section similar to FIG. 2, but with the
telescope sight removed;
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary side elevation similar to FIG.
of the telescope sight from one gun and attachment to
I, but with the telescope sight removed;
FIG. 5 is a fragmentary top plan view of the struc
either of a number of others, as, for example, from a
large caliber ri?e to one of smaller caliber, or vice versa. 20 ture shown in FIG. 4;
FIG. 6 is a enlarged section taken on the line 6—6
With this improvement ahunter can carry two or more
ri?es of di?erent calibers having attached thereto cor
of FIG. 4;
FIG. 7 is a side view of the end of the mounting bar
rectly adjusted mounting bars provided with uniform seats
for a pair of clamping rings or collars attached to a sin
shown in FIG. 6, with the pivot screw removed;
FIG. 8 is an enlarged section similar to FIG. 3;
gle telescope sight, and quickly mount the sight on either 25
FIG. 9 is an enlarged section of the telescope sight’
of the guns When required, without the need for any re
and mounting clamp, as shown in FIG. 2;
adjustment of the mounting bar on the particular gun.
FIG. 10 is a fragmentary top plan view of the rifle
It’is of the utmost importance in the use of a single
shown in the previous views with the mounting bar re;
telescope‘ sight for several guns that the sight be capable
of transfer from one gun to another in the quickest pos
30 moved, and with one of the vertical adjustment nuts in
sible time, as, for example, in the event of the appear
' correct position;
FIG. 11 is a transverse section through a modi?ed
ance of large game when the sight is attached to a ri?e
of small caliber.
form of telescope supporting arm ‘and adjacent clamping
‘In previous telescope gun sight mounts of the type re
ferred to, of which I am aware, considerable time is re
quired in effecting the transfer of the sight from one gun
to another because of the number of manipulations re:
member; and
FIG. 12 is a detail sectional view of a further modi
?ed form of my invention.
Referring to the drawings in which like numerals des-'
quired in the operation, not only rendering the telescope
igna-te like parts in the several views, 10 indicates the
sight dif?cult to attach to the mounting bar but neces
intermediate portion of a conventional modern ri?e to
sitating that the bar be angularly adjusted for elevation 40 the frame portions 12 of which is attached a telescope
sight mounting bar 14 above and in normal alignment
and windage after attachment of the sight to the gun.
In my‘ improved telescope gun sight mount the up
with the herein the barrel 13 and on which is mounted
wardly projectingcarms for supporting the telescope sight
a conventional telescope sight 16. The mounting" bar
are provided with laterally open pairs of seats having
also is similar to conventional designs, except that it is
plane surfaces for inter?tting engagement with corre— 45 provided with distinctive improved clamping means for
thetelescope sight.
I v
sponding similarly formed projecting surfaces of the ad
jacent‘cla’mping members for holding the telescope sight
In order to provide for angular adjustment, the mount
normally in alignment with and above the'gun bore.
ing bar 14 is not attached directly to the frame portions
Thus, assuming that the bar has been correctly ‘adjusted
12 of the gun 10, but is pivotally and removably attached
for ‘elevation and windage, and that the telescope sight; 50 at one end 18 by means of transversely extending screws
has been clamped with the sighting hairs in correct posi
20 to a block 22 which is rigidly secured to the gun
tion, it is necessary only to place the clamping members
frame 12 by means of screws 24, or other suitable means.
in the seats in the arms and thread a single screw in the
As illustrated, this block is on the forward portion of the
rear of each of the arms into a registering opening in the
frame 12, _but may be placed on the rearward portion
adjacent clamp, or to apply a nut to a single stud. The 55 and thus reverse the position of the mounting bar, if
telescope sight will then be in correct position and con
desired. The inner‘ faces 'of the heads’of the screws 2Q
dition for the gun on which it has been installed. Con~
are recessed to form inclined surfaces 26 (FIG. 6) dc;
signed for coengagement at their bottom edges with com
versely; when it is reqvii'edlo transfer the sight to- al.1
other gun’it is ‘necessary/“only to: back the rear screws
plernentary inclinedsurfaces 28 vundercutin the top of
out of the clamps and secure them with the correspond 60 the block 22 on opposite sides of the block, and there:
ing scrswsiin. thastlrpst?na arms of the mounting bar
in the‘ other‘ gun_._
few seconds.
by rigidly but removably securing the mounting bar 14
entire "transfer can be made‘inra ' r to the frame .13‘ .As 5h0W? in FIG. tithe mounting bar.
The inter?tting'seating surfaces of ‘the supports and
clamping members are preferably arranged in vertically
14 is in normal axial alignment with the gun barrel, but ‘
‘ it may be laterally adjusted in either‘ direction by back
ing out one of the screws 20, which are in threaded en
aligned pairs of plane surfaces in V or similar formation
with plane seats in the upright supports arranged in lat
gagement with the mounting bar 14, and driving the op
posite screw inwardly. The mounting bar is recessed
erally divergent relation open toward the telescope sight
so that the projecting portions of the sight supporting
clamps will be automatically seated with the telescope
on each side, as indicated at 30 to permit limited in
ward movement of the heads of the screws 20, in ad?
justing the telescope sight for windage correction. When
sight in correct position for use on the gun to which 70 the screws are tightened against the block 20 a narrow
it has been attached. The advantages of my invention
space 32 is left between the mounting bar and the block
3,0 29 7 516
22, to permit a slight vertically pivotal movement of
the bar in adjusting the telescope sight for trajectory
clamping members 54 with V-shaped edges 68 to guide
the clamping members to their central position in the
The opposite end of the mounting bar 14 is of lesser
thickness than the end attached to the block 22 and is
arms 48, as well as to more positive locking engage
ment between the clamps and arms.
vertically counterbored on each side to a substantially
From the foregoing description it will be seen that with
any number of guns having correctly adjusted mount
48 may be provided with V-shaped grooves 66 and the
equal depth, as indicated at 34 (FIGS. 1, 4 and 5) there
by forming a ?at relatively thin end portion 36 having
therein a circular opening 38 (FIG. 5) to ?t loosely over
a vertical stud 40 anchored in the gun frame 12.
ing bars 16 attached as shown in FIGS. 3 and 8 and with
the telescope sight correctly clamped in members 54 and
10 69, a quick transfer of the sight from one gun to either
of the others can be very quickly eifected by withdrawing
the single headed screws 56 in the arms 48, seating the
telescope sight on the other gun and inserting the single
screws 56 of the mounting bar 14 of that gun in the
cular nuts 42 and 44 are mounted on the stud on each
side of the end portion for clamping it to the gun frame
in vertically adjustable relation thereto. These nuts are
partially inclosed in the counterbores 34 which hold them
and the mounting bar against lateral movement. The
mounting bar 14 is vertically adjusted to correct eleva
tion of the telescope sight 16 by threading the nuts 42
openings 58 in the clamping members 54, these manipula
tions requiring only a few seconds.
The inter?tting plane seating surfaces in the supports
48 and on the clamping members ‘54- may be laterally
and 44 in the direction desired and thus moving the
parallel, as indicated at 50a and 52a, respectively in FIG.
mounting bar 14 on its pivotal connection with the screws
20 at the opposite end of the bar. The nuts 42 and 44 20 12. -Also single studs 70 and wing nuts 72 for engage
ment therewith may be substituted for the threaded open
may be provided with peripheral sockets 46 to be en
ings 58 in the clamping members 54 and the screws
gaged by a slender tool (not shown) or with other suit
56 in the supports 48. The nuts may be anchored to the
able means to facilitate manual rotation of the nuts.
supports against loss by wires or cords 74, or other suit
For supporting the telescope sight a pair of upstand
ing and laterally oifset arms 48 are formed integrally 25 able means. Portions 76 or all the inter?tting seating
surfaces of the supports and clamping members may be
with or otherwise rigidly carried by the mounting bar
of V-forrnation 78, as indicated at 66 and 68 of FIG.
14 in longitudinally spaced relation between the block
11 to guide the clamping members into central-relation
22 and the vertical stud 40. These arms have uniform
in the seats of the supports.
pairs of plane clamp seats 50 in V or similar formation
In addition to the advantages mentioned, my entire
one above the other and diverging toward the center
improved telescope sight mount is simple and economical
line of the ends of the mounting bar, these seats being
open to receive correspondingly shaped projecting plane
surfaces 52 on a pair of telescope clamping members
in construction; also my improved means of adjustments
of the mounting bars renders such adjustments quicker
and more secure than is provided in similar previous de
54, inserted laterally, in precise inter?tting relation. Sin
gle headed screws 56 are inserted horizontally in the 35 vices of which I am aware.
Obviously, various changes and modi?cations may be
arms 48 midway between the seats 50, and after seat
made in my improved telescope sight mount without de
ing of the clamping members 54 these screws are in
parting from the spirit and scope of my invention. There
serted in aligned threaded openings 58 in the clamping
fore, it should be understood that the embodiment of my
members 54. The clamping members 54 and their com
invention shown and described is intended to be illustra
plementa'ry members 60 have semicircular openings 62
tive only, and restricted only by the appended claim.
corresponding to the diameter of the portion of the tele
I claim:
scope sight 16 to be engaged, the two members being
In a telescope gun sight mount, the combination of a
rigidly clamped about the telescope sight, after rotary
telescope mounting bar having means for attaching it to
adjustment to bring the cross hairs into correct relation,
by means of screws 64, the two clamping members form 45 a gun frame in ?xed longitudinal relation with the gun
barrel and provided with a pair of integral telescope
ing a 'unitary collar rigidly but detachably mounted on
supports having therein pairs of longitudinally aligned,
the telephone sight 16.
outwardly diverging seats in substantially right angular
An essential feature of my improved gun sight mount
relation; and a telescope gun sight having a pair of col
resides in the arrangement whereby thevclamping mem
bers 54 remain rigidly attached to the telescope sight 50 lars rigidly attached thereto, said collars having laterally
projecting seating portions formed in outwardly converg
and in which the mounting bars 14 on the various guns
ing relation for inter?tting engagement with the diverg
to which the sight is to be detachably mounted have pre
ing seats in said supports; and headed screws for threaded
viously been correctly adjusted for elevation and Wind
insertion in said supports and collars for drawing the out
age, so that when the V-shaped portions of the clamp
wardly converging portions of said collars into rigid in
ing members have been inserted in the complementary
ter?tting engagement with the diverging seats in said
V-shaped seats in the supporting arms 48, the telescope
sight will be automatically placed in correct position,
without the need of any further adjustment, irrespective
Of whether the V-shaped seats in the arms 48 are open
in a lateral or a vertical direction.
The plane seating surfaces 50 on the supports 48 may
be in any laterally divergent relation which will per
mit precise inter?tting engagement with correspondingly
shaped telescope clamping members inserted laterally of
the mounting bar. Also, as shown in FIG.11, the arms 65
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