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April 17, 1962
Filed NOV. 18, 1958
404403771 <7‘. lPs/sA/m/
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its-iterated Apr. 17, 1962 I
By this means the infant can be amused by seeing the '
various ?gures positioned around the rim 14 of tub 11
so that his attention is diverted from the bathing process.
In other cases the infant may reach out and remove the
Angnsta G. Reishin, 2026 (Pecan Ave, Eroeh‘zyn, NFL
Filed Nov. 18, 1958., Ser. No. 774,541
2 Claims. (Cl. 46-32)
toys or ?gures from the rim, or replace them at his pleas
ure while he is being bathed. Also, the infant may play
with the ?gures by ?oating them in the bath water. After
the bathing has been completed the toys may be placed
This invention relates to an infant’s bath tub with toys
or the like.
It is known that a great number of infants are un
manageable when being bathed, due either to fear of the 10
on the rim for convenient storage.
In some embodiments wall 13 of tub 11 may be su?ié :
ciently thick so that slots 15 may be formed in the top
edge of the wall itself to accommodate the pegs 16 of the
various toys and ?gures.
pleasing for the infant as well as for the mother, it is
Another means for securing the toys and ?gures on rim
desirable to distract the attention of the infant and to
15 14 of the tub 11 is to provide a suitable metallic bar 18
amuse him while he is being bathed.
within said rim at the upper end of wall 13. Instead of
In order to satisfy these requirements, I have invented
pegs 16 being positioned on the bottom of the toys and
a novel infants’ bath tub which is provided with toys or
?gures, there is now provided a metallic element 19 se
toy ?gures‘ of human or animal shape, which the child
cured thereto, as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4». In this em
may play with or look at while he is being bathed. These
bodiment, either one or the other of bar 18 or element 19
toys and ?gures are adapted either to be positioned on or
is magnetized while the other element is made of mag
at the upper rim of the tub or to ?oat in the bath water.
netically permeable material, whereby the toys and ?gures
Still other objects and advantages of my invention will
can be positioned at random anywhere along the top of
be apparent from the speci?cation.
rim 14 so that the positioning of said toys or ?gures is not
The features of novelty which I believe to be charac
restricted to any particular place on the tub. Bar 18 may
teristic of my invention are set forth herein and will best
either be molded integrally into bead 19 when tub 11 is
be understood, both as to their fundamental principles and
being fabricated, or else said bar may be applied within
as to their particular embodiments, by reference to the
rim 14- by rolling or otherwise curling the end of said rim
speci?cation and accompanying drawings, in which:
over and around said bar.
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view, partly in phantom
outline, of the infants’ bath of the present invention, 30 Although the peg and slot means and magnetic means
have been shown for releasably mounting the toys and ?g
showing various toys and ?gures positioned on the rim or
ures, on or near the top of the bath tub, it is understood
?oating on the bath water;
that other suitable means, such as clamps, hooks, strings,
FIG. 2 is an enlarged section view, partly in elevation,
or the like, for releasably holding said elements, is contem~
taken on line 2—2 of FIG. 1;
water and soapsuds, or annoyance with the washing proc
In order to make this necessary occasion more
FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary view, partly in phan 35 plated within the purview of the present invention.
In the speci?cation, I have explained the principles of
tom outline, of the infants’ bath shown in FIG. 1, illustrat~
my invention, and the best mode in which I have contem
ing another form of the invention for mounting the toys
plated applying those principles, so as to distinguish my
and ?gures thereon; and
invention from other inventions; and I have particularly
FIG. 4 is a section view, partly in elevation, taken on
40 pointed out and distinctly claimed the part, mode or com
line 4-4 of FIG. 3.
bination which I claim as my invention or discovery.
Referring now to the drawing in detail, PEG. 1 shows
an infants’ bath tub, generally designated 11, comprising
While I have shown and described certain preferred
embodiments of my invention, it will be understood that
modi?cations and changes may be made without departing
tending integral wall ‘13 connected peripherally to said
bottom. The upper edge of wall 13 is formed into a 45 from the function and scope thereof, as will be clear to
those skilled in the art.
curved integral rim 14, as shown particularly in FIG. 2.
It is claimed:
Bath tub 11 may have any suitable shape other than the
1. An infant’s bath tub comprising a bottom wall and
elliptical form, while rim 14 may extend straight out
an upwardly extending integral wall for containing bath
wardly from the perimeter of said wall. Wall 13 and
water, a rim formed at the top of said wall, a plurality of
bead or rim 14 may be formed at any suitable material,
toy elements, said toy elements each having a peg depend
but preferably of a hard or semi hard plastic material,
a generally elliptical ?at bottom 12, and an upwardly ex
ing therefrom, a plurality of spaced apart apertures
such as rubber, polyethylene, or other suitable material
that may be extruded or molded into the suitable shape
requisite for infants’ baths.
formed in said rim, said pegs cooperating with said aper
tures in the rim to releasably support said toy elements
Rim 14 has a plurality of spaced apart slots or aper
tures 15 extending through the top thereof. Each aper
2. An infant’s bath tub according to claim 1 wherein
each of said toy elements is made of a material that ?oats
on water that is contained in the tub.
ture 15 is adapted removably to receive and retain a peg
16 (FIG. 2) of any one of a plurality of toys or ?gures:
ship A; bird B; airplane C; giraffe D; ?reman and ladder
E; ?sh F; ?sherman G; and baby H (FIG. 1). Pegs 16
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
of each toy or ?gure is secured thereto by suitable me
chanical means, while in some embodiments said pegs may
be formed integrally with said toys or ?gures, depending
Van Meter ___________ __ Sept. 24, 1918
upon the substance of which the latter are made. In the
case of plastic toys or ?gures, pegs 16 may be molded in 65
Piken _______________ __ Aug. 20, 1940
Wallace _____________ __ June 30, 1950
Rice _________________ .__ Oct. 18, 1955
Meyers ____________ __,__ July 24, 1956
tegrally therewith. ‘Furthermore, each of the ?gures may
be made of such materials such as wood or plastics which
would be non-toxic to infants and which would have ?oat
ing properties so that they would remain on the surface of 70
the bath water 17, as is the case with the duck ?gure K,
shown in FIG. 1.
France _______________ __ Oct. 10, 1951
Great Britain __________ __ Aug. 6, 1958
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