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April 17, 1962
J, “cl-n?
Filed Aug. 10. 1960
United States Patent G ice
Jan Tichy, Prague, Czechoslovakia, assignor to Zavody
V. 1. Lenina, Plzen, Czechoslovakia
Filed Aug. 1t), 1960, Ser. No. 48,633
Claims priority, application Czechoslovakia Aug. 13, 1959
2 Claims. (Cl. 53-492)
Patented Apr. 17_, 1962
sleeve 5 performs an intermittent reciprocatory motion
between the two positions illustrated.
Movement of the sleeve 5 is actuated by a supporting 7 Y
column 12 on which the sleeve is ?xedly fastened and
which is vertically slidable in the stationary frame 13 of
the machine. The column 12 is laterally o?set from the
path of the mandrel 4 and also carries a ?at bracket 14
which is spaced from the closed top of the sleeve 5 by
a distance sufficient to permit the mandrel 4 to pass there
The sidewalls of the sleeve 5 have a down
The present invention relates to a device for the pro 10
wardly open slot 21 adjacent the column 12.
duction of wrappers for cigarettes and like articles.
The rearward end of the sleeve 5, as viewed in the
This invention relates more particularly to machines
of movement of the chain 3 and the driver ‘2,
for packing cigarettes or similar articles into paper or
carries a lug 15 from which a ?xedly fastened lifting hook
metal foil wrappers. On known machines for continu
16 depends. The lug 15 and hook 16 cooperate with a
ously packing a number of cigarettes arranged in several
hold-down arm 17 and a detent 16 which are pivotally
layers, the wrapper is produced by ?rst cutting a rectan
gular wrapping foil or blank from a strip wound on a
bobbin. The blank enters the packing station from above,
mounted on the top face of the mandrel 4.
A second shaping or forming sleeve 6 is pivoted to the
machine frame by a pin 7. Pivotal movement of the
and is bent around a hollow mandrel or around the pre
sleeve 6 is actuated by an arm 8 ?xedly fastened to ?ie
arranged articles which are conveyed in a horizontal 20 sleeve 6 and hingedly secured to a rod 10 by a pin
direction. With the aid of stationary or movable shaping
19. The movement of the rod 10 is cam-actuated in a
sleeves, ?rst the short sides and thereupon the long sides
manner well known and not further illustrated. The bot
of the blank are bent, so that the short sides are placed
tom of the sleeve6 is slotted for passage of the driver 2.
inside the wrapper.
The afore-described apparatus operates as follows:
The resistance of the wrapping material against bend
ing varies. The bending resiliency of the wrapping ma
In the ?rst position of the Work station illustrated in
FIG. 1, the sleeve 6 is pivoted into a position in which
terial exerts its in?uence after the bend has been e?ected,
the longitudinal axis of its passage is aligned with corre
and the short side walls do not stay in contact with the
sponding am'al passages in the trough 11 and the mandrel
long side walls. The walls are liable to be de?ected from
4 in the direction of movement of the driver 2. The
their desired position by their resiliency when the wrappers
sleeve 5 is upwardly displaced by the column 12 from a
are formed loosely or when they are empty. The short
position of alignment of its passage with the passages of
side walls are de?ected when some of the cigarettes near
the other sleeve 6 and of the mandrel 4. The blank 9
the sides of the packet are taken out and such cigarettes
rests on the aligned horizontal top faces of the mandrel
cannot then be returned to the wrapper.
4 and of the sleeve 6, and is located under the bracket
The present invention aims at removing the aforemen 35 14. The hold-down arm 17 is raised by the lifting hook
tioned disadvantages of the heretofore known methods
16. The mandrel 4 is in a position adjacent the trough
for producing cigarette wrappers. According to the main
11. The driver 2 is near the entrance opening of the
feature of the present invention the ?nal shaping of a
mandrel 4, pushing the cigarette pack 1 ahead of itself.
blank into a wrapper by means of a hollow mandrel takes
place around the packed cigarettes in a device comprising
two shaping sleeves adapted for relative movement. To
As the movement of the chain 3 with the driver 2 con
tinues to the position of the apparatus illustrated in FIG.
enable one sleeve to carry out its bending operation, the
way in the mandrel 4, the column 12 and the rod '10 move
3, in which the cigarette pack 1 is approximately half
other sleeve performs a rocking movement and is with
jointly downward until the sleeve 5 reaches a position
drawn for a period of time su?‘icient for the ?rst bending
of axial alignment with the mandrel 4. The downward
operation to be carried out. Only when the latter opera 45 movement of the rod 10 causes the sleeve 6 to pivot
tion is ?nished, does the other sleeve return to its opera
tive position to perform its bending operation.
The preferred embodiment of the present invention is
illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:
FIG. 1 shows the work station of a cigarette wrapping
machine at the beginning of the wrapper shaping opera
counterclockwise as viewed in. FIG. 2 whereby an open
gap is formed between the two sleeves.
The rearward edge of the bracket 14 is closely spaced
50 from the mandrel 14 in an axial direction when the lat
ter is in the position shown in FIGS. 1 and 2. The
downward movement of the bracket 14 causes the for
tion, the view being in elevational section;
ward portion of the blank 9 to be bent downward by the
FIG. 2 shows the apparatus of FIG. 1 in an interme
bracket edge as shown in FIG. 2. The depending por
diate stage of the shaping optration; and
55 tion of the blank partly enters the slots 21. The pivot
FIG. 3 shows the same apparatus during the ?nishing
ing movement of the sleeve 6 withdraws the support fur
nished to the blank 9 in the position of FIG. 1, and per
A pack of cigarettes 1 consisting of several layers is fed
mits the blank to be bent.
from a storage trough 11 into the Wrapping station by
As downward movement of the sleeve 5 begins, the
the front wall of a driver 2 mounted on a continuously 60 hook 11 permits the hold-down arm 17 to drop on the
moving driving chain 3, and is pushed into a hollow
blank 9. The arm secures the position of the rearward
portion of the blank 9 on the top face of the mandrel 4
elongated mandrel 4. The bottom walls of the trough 11
while the forward portion is bent downward by the edge
and of the mandrel 4 are slotted to permit entry of the
of the bracket 14. The longitudinal inner side walls of
driver 2. The mandrel 4 carries out an intermittent hori
zontal reciprocatory motion in the direction of its longi 65 the wrapper are simultaneously formed by the descend
ing vertical walls of the sleeve 5.
tudinal axis. A foil or blank 9 of wrapping material is
While movement of the chain 3 with the driver 2 con
placed on top of the mandrel 4 in a known manner. A
tinues towards the position shown in FIG. 3 in which the
shaping sleeve 5 is seen in FIG. 1 above the hollow man
front face of the cigarette pack 1 is approximately ?ush
drel 4. The sleeve 5 has an open bottom and envelops
a portion of the hollow mandrel in the positions of the 70 with the frontal opening of the mandrel 4, the front por
apparatus illustrated in FIGS. 2 and 3. The shaping
tion of the latter is moved horizontally into the‘ open
space de?ned between the closed top of the sleeve 5
and the bracket 14. The slotted bottom of the mandrel
By the stepwise shaping of the wrappers, the short
side walls of the wrapper are not placed inside the pack,
4 thus moves over the rearward edge of the bracket 14
but between the inner and outer long side walls, whereby
and the dependent portion of the blank 9 shown in FIG.
cigarettes may be taken out of the wrapper and again be
I claim:
1. In a wrapping machine for cigarettes and like ob
2 is bent rearward over the lower front edge of the man
drel 4. The front portion of the cigarette pack abuts
against the bottom of the wrapper.
Simultaneously with the forward movement of the man
jects, in combination, a mandrel; ?rst and second bending
drel 4, the sleeve 6 is pivoted back into the posi
sleeve means, said mandrel and said sleeve means each
tion in which its passage is axially aligned with the man~ 10 having an axis, and said mandrel and sleeve means being
drel 4 and the sleeve 5 for receiving the cigarette pack
formed With axial passages therethrough; actuating means
1 with the wrapper partly formed about it as the chain
for moving said mandrel and said sleeve means towards
3 moves the driver 2. The short side walls of the
wrapper are bent from the blank portions previously
and away from an aligned position in which the passages
thereof are aligned in a common aligned axis and said
mandrel and said ?rst bending sleeve means are at least
held in the slots 21 as the mandrel 4 engages the sleeve 5.
The forward movement of the mandrel 4 into the
position illustrated in FIG. 3 causes the lug 15 to engage
partly axially coextensive, said actuating means including
cigarette pack 1 being pushed by the driver 2.
axis; and conveying means for axially conveying said
means for moving said ?rst sleeve means transversely of
the detent 16 whereby the hold~down arm 17 is lifted
said aligned axis toward and away from said position,
from the partly formed wrapper blank 9, thus releasing
means for moving said mandrel axially relative to said
the wrapper from the mandrel 4 and permitting it to be 20 ?rst sleeve means, and means for pivoting said second
conveyed toward the sleeve 6 under the pressure of the
sleeve means about a pivot transverse of said aligned
The shaping of the wrapper is ?nished as the pack of
objects sequentially through said mandrel, said ?rst sleeve
cigarettes passes through the sleeve 6 which is equipped
with bending members 20 which bend the remaining lon
gitudinal side walls of the Wrapper. After the pack has
passed the sleeve 6, the latter swings downward in order
means, and said second sleeve means.
2. In a machine as set forth in claim 1, said mandrel
and said second sleeve means having respective axially ex
tending external faces, said faces jointly constituting a
to clear the way for the next wrapper.
The next blank 9 is then taken off a bobbin, cut to the
desired length, and positioned as seen in FIG. 1 so that
it partly rests on the hollow mandrel 4 and partly on
support for a Wrapper blank when said mandrel and said
second sleeve means are in said aligned position, said
support being formed with a gap, and said ?rst sleeve
means including bending means for bending a blank sup
ported on said faces into said gap transversely of said
common axis, and said actuating means being adapted to
pivot said second sleeve means away from said aligned
the top face of the sleeve 6 which is in its horizontal po
sition while the sleeve 5 is in its raised position. The
next cycle begins.
The movements of several parts of the wrapper
position thereof while said blank is being bent into said
shaping mechanism, namely the hollow mandrel 4, the
shaping sleeve 5 and the forming sleeve 6 are syn
chronized so as to provide for an uninterrupted shaping
of wrappers with simultaneous, continuous supply of
cigarette packs.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Great Britain ________ -_ Nov. 10, 1954
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