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April 17, 1962
c. w. VOGT
Original Filed Sept. 21, 1956
Uited States
Patented Apr. 17, 1962
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a reinforcement mem
ber; and
Clarence W. Vogt, Kettle Creek Road, Weston, Conn.
Original application Sept. 21, 1956, Ser. No. 611,231
Divided and this application Apr. 8, 1959, Ser. No.
3 Claims. (Cl. 206—56)
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of the con
tainer showing the pull tab.
In the illustrative embodiment of the invention herein
shown and described, the packages formed by the equip
ment comprises a container 24} (FIGS. 1 and 2) having
This invention relates to the art of packaging and more
a base member 21 and a cover member 22, each de
sirably formed from a relatively thin sheet of thermo
particularly to packages for comminuted ?owable mate 10 plastic material such as “Saran,” polyethylene, poly
rial that is form remaining, yet moldable when packaged
vinyl resin or the like. The base and cover members 21
and readily disturbed, such as ?our, pancake or cake
and 22 are trough-shaped as shown, each illustratively
mixes, gelatinous materials or the like.
triangular in cross section having side walls 23, 24 and
This is a division of my U.S. application Serial No.
25, 25 extending from their apices 27, 28 and substan
611,231, ?led September 21, 1956, (now abandoned), 15 tially parallel end walls 29, 31. ,The mouths 32, 33
which is a continuation-in-part of copending applications
of the base and cover member are desirably of the same
Serial Nos. 594,152, ?led June 27, 1956, now Patent No.
size and each has an outstanding peripheral ?n 34, 35
2,935,233 and Serial No. 599,632, ?led July 23, 1956,
now Patent No. 2,974,452.
which is an integral part thereof.
When the base and cover members 21 and 22 are jux
As conducive to an understanding of the invention, it 20 taposed with their ?ns 34, 35 in engagement and secured
together to form ?n seals, a parallelepiped will‘be formed
age, it is desirable that packages be rectangular in shape,
having ?n seals along the side walls thereof and extend
preferably in the form of a parallelepiped. Where in
ing diametrically across the end walls thereof.
dividual packages are formed that are triangular in cross
As shown in FIGURE 4, a portion of the ?n 35 of the
is noted that for ease in handling and economy of stor
section and which are then juxtaposed to form a package 25 cover member 22 at the end thereof as at 35a is not
that is rectangular in cross section, the packaging opera
tion is much more time consuming than it would be if
sealed to the associated portion of ?n 34 of base mem
ber 21 to provide an integral tab for ready opening of
the, completed package in the manner hereinafter de~
the rectangular package were formed in a single opera
tion and in addition would require much more wrapping
Desirably the base and cover members 21 and 22 are
Where a container is formed from sheet material and
of complementary con?guration so that the resultant
requires mechanism for end folding the material, the
package will be square in cross section.
forming operation is time consuming and adds greatly to
In order to prevent deformation of the package in the
the cost of the ?nished package. In addition, there is
case of packaging comminuted and ?owable form re
the likelihood that some of the material being packaged 35 taining, but deformable material such as flour, cake
will be trapped between the end folds with resultant waste
mixes, gelatinous mixtures and the like, a reinforcement
when the package is emptied.
members 41 is desirably provided. This member, as
Where containers are formed from sheet plastic that
shown in FIG. 3 is a relatively stiff substantially U~shaped
is molded into rectangular form with lateral ?ns for seal
strip of cardboard, for example, having a substantially
ing of a cover member thereon and the sheet must be 40 rectangular cross piece 42 desirably coextensive with a side
relatively thick to permit stretching to the desired shape
wall of one of the trough-like members 21 and 22 and rec
without rupture, as the ?n portion, which is unstretched,
tangular legs 43 desirably coextensive with the end wall
would be relatively thick, it could not be bent ?ush
of the completed container, said end walls 43 desirably
against the container and might crack or tear. As a re
being diagonally scored as at 44 to permit ready bend
sult, in assembling a multi-unit package having a num
45 ing thereof for facility of removal of the container in
ber of individual containers, as they cannot be closely
the manner hereinafter described from the mold in
juxtaposed, the multi-unit packages would have relatively
which it is ?lled.
great bulk. In addition, the cost of the relatively thick
The member 41 may be coated with wax. It is to be
plastic sheet adds greatly to the overall cost of the com
noted that the portion 35a of the ?lm 35 of the cover
pleted package.
50 member is not pressed against the associated portion of
Accordingly an object of the invention is to provide a
the ?n 34 of the base member and hence will not adhere
package that may readily be opened without the use of
thereto. However, the ends of the cover member will
extra pull-strips, perforation or tearing of the plastic ma
adhere to the wax coated surface of the legs 43 of the
erial and without deformation of the package except for
reinforcement member and an air-tight bond will still be
the portion thereof which is opened.
55 formed even at the region of the unsecured portion 35a.’
According to the present invention, the container com
In the embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, the cross
prises trough-shaped base and cover members of rela
piece is positioned in the base member 21 so as to extend
tively thin sheet plastic, each of said members having a
parallel to and rest against the side wall 23 thereof. With
the cross piece so positioned the portion 45 of the legs 43
?n extending laterally from the mouth thereof. The base
and cover members are preferably triangular in cross 60 between the score line 44 and the apex 27 of the base
member will rest against the end wall 29 and the portion
46 of the legs 43 above the score line 44 will extend be
yond the mouth 32 of base member 21 and rest against
In a preferred embodiment a U-shaped reinforcement
the end walls 31 of the cover member 22, the ends 47
member has its cross piece extending parallel to a side
wall of one of the members and has its legs extending 65 of legs 43 resting against the side wall 26 of the cover
member adjacent the end wall 31 thereof.
parallel to and lying ?ush against the end walls of the
The width of legs 43 at the ends 47 thereof preferably
base and cover members.
is slightly less than its width at its opposed end so that
FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of a container
the protruding portion 46 will be slightly tapered to facili
embodying the present invention;
tate removal from the mold in ‘which the package is
FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along line 2—-2 of 70 formed.
section and of complementary con?guration so that when
juxtaposed they will form substantially a parallelepiped.
FIG. 1;
By reason of the unsecured portion or tab 35a, it is a
trough-shaped member, being spaced from the associated
portion of the ?n of the other member.
2. The combination set forth in claim 1 in which the
legs of the reinforcement member has a wax coating and
apex of the leg 43 of the reinforcement member 41 in
cover member 22, the plastic material may be stretched
until it is clear of the portion 46 of said leg 43. Such
stretching without tearing of the material is affected by
reason of the fact that the plastic bonds releasably to the
wax coating on the leg 43 of the reinforcement member.
Thereupon, the portion 46 may be bent outwardly along
score line 44 to provide a mouth for removal of the 10
contents of the package.
When the desired quantity has been removed from
the package, the leg portion 46 may be moved inwardly
and the plastic material restored to again close the
which the portion of said legs extend at one end of said
readily simple matter for the package to be opened.
Thus, by pulling the portion 35a (FIG. 4) toward the
the plastic material adheres to said coating.
3. A package for form-retaining material still in mold
able form, comprising trough-like base and cover mem
bers, each of thermoplastic material, each of said members
being substantially triangular in cross-section and having
substantially parallel end walls and an outstanding ?n at
the edges of the end and side walls of said members re~
mote from the apices thereof, said ?ns being secured to
gether to de?ne ?n seals extending along the juxtaposed
15 side edges of the base and cover members in which the
material is contained and substantially diagonally across
As the packages thus formed have no end folds, no
the end Walls thereof, and a substantially U-shaped rein
trapping will occur of any of the material being packaged.
forcement in the package, said reinforcement having a
As many changes could be made in the above package
rectangular cross piece and a pair of rectangular legs, said
without departing from the scope of the claims, it is in
tended that all matter contained in the above description 20 cross piece extending parallel to a side wall of the pack
age and said legs extending parallel to the end walls of
or shown in the accompanying drawings shall be inter
the package, portions of said end walls extending from
preted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.
one of the members into the other member, the periph
I claim:
1. A package of the character described comprising
trough-like base and cover members, each of thermo
eries of said extending portions resting against the side
N) Cal' Walls of said other member adjacent the end walls thereof.
plastic material, each of said troughs being substantially
triangular in cross section and having substantially parallel
end Walls and an outstanding ?n at the edges of the end
and side walls of said troughs remote from the apices
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
thereof, said ?ns being secured together to de?ne ?n seals 30 2,217,455
extending along the juxtaposed side edges of the resultant
receptacle and substantially diagonally across the end
Walls thereof, a substantially U-shaped reinforcement
member in said receptacle, said reinforcement member
having a rectangular cross piece and a pair of rectangular
legs, said cross piece extending parallel to a side wall of
the receptacle and said legs extending parallel to the
end Walls of the receptacle, a portion of said legs extend
ing from one of the troughs into the other trough, the
peripheries of said extending portion resting against the 40
side wall of said other trough adjacent the end wall there
of, a portion of the ?n of the trough-shaped member into
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